How to switch from Windows 7 and 8 to windows 10

Currently, windows 7 is now out of date and Microsoft require holdouts to switch to windows 10 so that their devices can run smoothly and securely. In case your laptop or PC is older and still using windows 7, you can

purchase windows 10 on Microsoft website.

Luckily, it is not necessarily to pay for it since a free Microsoft update that ended in 2016 is still working to some users. You can try it when you find yourself staying indoors for a long time. Users who have not upgraded to windows 10 may not be able to get technical support and security fixes or updates from Microsoft.
This exposes their devices to serious issues of malware and viruses. Experts recommend windows 10 to many users. Many users have now switched to windows 10. Currently, Microsoft has reported more than a billion users globally. The following procedure will guide you on how to upgrade to windows 10.

  1. Visit the Microsoft website.
  2. Click on download tool under the subject create windows 10 installation media.
  3. When you have completed, open the download then accept license terms.
  4. Choose upgrade this pc now, when you are upgrading the PC. (When updating another device, select create installation media for another PC, then save the installation files.)
  5. Follow the prompts.
  6. When done with the upgrade, open settings>windows update> activation, then you’re done with activation of windows 10 digital license.
    It is important to know that windows 7 or 8 home license can only be upgraded to windows 10 home, then windows 7 and 8 pro to be updated to windows 10 pro. (The upgrade of windows Enterprise is not available. other users can also experience blocks depending on their device.)
    The use of media creation tool in upgrading is not meant for every users, though it works for many yet. When in need of best windows 10 experience, for example signing in without password via windows hello. You will need to buy a current windows 10 PC (or the version after July 2015) with every hardware upgrades.
    If you are either a student or a university faculty member, downloading windows 10 without any payment is possible via your school’s software offering.

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