Ways to earn on YouTube -100% Effective

Ways to make money on YouTube. I will give you a complete guide on effective ways to earn on YouTube.

YouTube is a popular platform across the globe and up-to five billion videos are watched daily. Becoming a you tuber is a great idea and I assure you that many of the channels mostly watched are making money.

To start earning, there are some requirements you’ll need to attain. Luckily, you are at the right place, since we are going to give you a guide to make money from your channel.

Earn via the YouTube partnership program

YouTube implemented partnership program and you tubers can earn through that program. For example, via ads that will appear on the videos you’ll upload. To qualify for the partner program, you will need to check on the following.

Ways to earn on YouTube. Image showing how you earn using YouTube partnership.
earn on your channel via YouTube partnership

Number of viewers

After achieving 1000 viewers, the next step will be checking on the number of viewers. The partner program requires a you tuber to have at least 4000 watch hours in the past twelve months. If you achieve this watch hours, you will be surely securing a place at their partner program.

Number of subscribers

To be enrolled into the YouTube partner, you are required to grab up to 1000 subscribers to qualify.

Check on your content

A good content is also a very important factor to consider. Having a good content will help you to attract subscribers as well as viewers. Moreover, having a good content will give your viewers a good watching experience.

Avoid copyright content

This is simple and direct, when uploading your videos, images, and sounds. Make sure they are not copyrighted from others. Try to be unique by using your own files to avoid copyright.
Apart from the YouTube partner program, you can also earn through the following ways. How to switch from Windows 7 and 8 to windows 10

Apart from YouTube partner program, you can also earn through other ways as indicated below.

Affiliate links

This is also another way to earn as a you tuber. You can earn some commission by reviewing a products in your channel. For instance, you will recommend a certain product to your viewers and earn when a user visits your link. On your description, you can put the link on the first few lines then talk about it on your video.

Ways to earn on YouTube. Image showing affiliate program advertisement.
earn from affiliate marketing

Become an Amazon influencer

Amazon influencer is another method you can earn on your YouTube channel or generally in social media. You can join the program and recommend some products to users then direct them to amazon via affiliate links. In case your users click on the link and makes a purchase in amazon, you will earn a certain percentage of commission.

Ways to earn on YouTube channel. Image showing advert of Amazon associate
Recommend Amazon products on your YouTube channel

You can make money from funding

If you are having strong, loyal fans. You can ask them to help in funding for your channel and purchase the required gadgets to give them a smooth viewing experience.

YouTube red subscribers

In YouTube red, the users are allowed to pay 9.99 dollars to watch ads free videos. Content creators will still receive payments even without ads. In YouTube red, the watch time matters. you can check for watch time and video engagement on YouTube analytics.

Money earned without ads on YouTube
Earn without ads on your YouTube from subscribers

In conclusion, to become a successful you tuber, make sure that you upload videos regularly. You can decide to upload every weekend or at least once in a week. You should also look for appropriate gear such as camera lighting equipment and microphone. List of wrestlers who died on ring, plus the reasons behind their death.

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