List of wrestlers who died on ring, plus the reasons behind their death.

Despite professional wrestling entertains, Several WWE superstars died on ring before. Though it is a rare occasion for them to die on their line of duty unless otherwise.

When such occasion occurs, it leaves the world in a flabbergasted state. The number of dead is not accurately recoded but this article will point out a few and the cause of dead.
Malcom kirk
His nickname was “King Kong Kirk” named due to his weight. He was a great wrestler and weighed 350 pounds. This man did his wrestling career during the 70s and 80s but the unexpected happened before his 51st birthday. On august 24th, 1987, Malcom kirk involved in a march against a fellow gigantic wrestler known as big daddy.
The unexpected happened when King Kong fall to big daddy for his finishing skill called “The big splash”. King Kong was not able to rise up from the mat after his finishing skill and his body began turning blue due to lack of oxygen. He was quickly taken to a local hospital but he was pronounced dead. They then reported that king Kong had pre-existing heart conditions that contributed to his death.

Jesus Javier Hernandez silver
This professional wrestler begun his career in the year 1990 but was cut short after three years. In 26th, October 1993, Hernandez had a tag team match where the script was written that he was to take a bump on his head. The bump was to make him look like he had Brocken his neck after taking it. Unfortunately, that was what happened to him, as he collapsed after taking the bump. Unluckily, he died before he was loaded to the ambulance. His dead was terrifying, so sad for such incident to a talented superstar who could fulfill his dreams.

Plum Mariko
Mariko, a professional female wrestler who was fun favorite especially to Japanese audiences. She was battling brain traumas during her career though those days head injuries were not seriously taken. She experienced her last head trauma on 15th august 1997. She had a tag team match alongside command Bolshoi against Reiko Amano and Mayumi Ozaki. Mariko was knocked by Ozaki so as to pin her for a win. Unluckily, she was not able to rise from the mat. It was believed that Mariko died due to swelling of brain and pre-existing head injuries.

Gary Albright
Gary Albright was a strong man from colossal and weighed about 350 pounds. He was likely to succeed in his career because he was build and trained by Billy Robinson, wrestling masters, and Lou Thesz. In a match between him and Lucifer Grimm, he was smacked with ace cutter then he collapsed. Wrestlers and medics rushed into the ring so as to revive him but they couldn’t. they reported that albert died due to heart attack linked to coronary artery blockage and enlarged heart, he also suffered from undiagnosed diabetes.

Luther Lindsay
Though this name might look unfamiliar, but he was a great wrestler in 1950s and 60s. Lindsay broke the racial barriers to be the first black wrestler to compete against the whites in south then he became a fan favorite. Lindsay died on the ring when he had a match with charlotte. His death occurred after pinning the opponent then driving them both into the mat. He remained in the mat even after the referee counted to three. Lindsay body was then collected from the top of his opponent then taken to the dressing room, as they learned that he was already dead. Lindsay died due to a sudden heart attack.

Jeanette Wolfe
When wrestling started in 1950s, some women begun stepping into the industry. The likes of Mildred burke were one of the women in the industry by then. In 1951, Mildred burke began looking for her successor. She began grooming Janet Boyer who was 18 year by that time. She begun working as Jeanette Wolfe, but unfortunately, she died after six months of her career. She was in a tag team match with other WWE superstars, including Mae young of England. Though she had complained of a headache before. After tagging out, she looked confused and dazed while standing on the apron. Suddenly, she fall down and never come back as she was pronounced dead. The cause of the death was ruled to be brain hemorrhage.

Mike Dibiase
Mike Dibiase, his adoptive son known as “The Million Dollar Man” (Ted DiBiase). This man was a prolific wrestler with a lot of title during those days, he was famous as “Iron” MikeBiase. His life was cut short in 2nd July 1969 when he had a match with Mountain Main Mike in Texas. He suffered from a heart attack during that match, it was sudden that the WCW and WWE legend, late Harley Race couldn’t revive him as he was pronounced dead in hospital.

Perro Aguayo Jr.
Perro Aguayo Jr was a great wrestler with modern strategies. He created his reputation as a skillful wrestler in Triple-A, CMLL, and libre promotions. His life was cut short when he was involved in a march against Rey Mysterio and Extreme Tiger. The match was like a routine until Rey performed his normal dropkick sending him to the ropes, then his famous 6-1-9, but it was fortunate that Aguayo’s body went limp. He was confirmed dead in hospital after several attempts to revive him. It was reported that he had suffered a cervical stroke because of multiple vertebrae injuries.

Owen Hart
Owen Hart was the brother of Bret Hart, a WWE legend and his father “Hart Dungeon” as his teacher. He was a fun favorite by involving in matches with great names in the industry, for example Legendary Stone Cold Steve Austin. He worked with the Rock as the entire WWE fan base acknowledged him. His death occurred when he fall from the rafters and couldn’t sustain those injuries.

Who died in WWE 2020?
Many wrestlers have died over the years, including Eddie Guerrero’s death. In 2020, WWE lost one famous wrestler known as Shad Gaspard. His death was witnessed on 19th may 2020, when he drowned in ocean.
What caused Eddie Guerrero’s heart attack?

Several wrestlers had died on the ring including Eddie Guerrero who died because of heart attack. His heart attack was as a result of narrowing of blood vessels hence limiting oxygen into the heart. Also read Guide to earn on your YouTube channel and the minimum requirements.

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