Best YOUTUBERS in kenya with their estimated earnings

Here are the top performing YouTubers in kenya

Many talented Kenyans have succeeded in YouTube without relying on television channels. Vlogers can trend by sharing funny comedies, travels, fashion trends, and many more. So, here are the most successful YouTubers in kenya, including their estimated earnings.

Njugush is popular to many. His real name is Timothy Kimani Ndegwa. He is a popular Kenyan comedian, currently acting in Masha Majic TV, in program called anda kava.

This great comedian features his wife and son in their channel. They have more than 516k subscribers, and over 82 million total viewers in their 672 videos. Njuguna earns an approximate of 122 shillings in every 1000 viewers.

Henry Desagu
Ithagu Kibicho, popularly known as Henry Desagu is another awesome YouTube comedian from kiambu, mwihoko. Desangu was creative by creating videos featuring daily problems a common “mwanachi” is facing. Thereafter, his YouTube channel begun growing rapidly, and today he has scooped 594k subscribers, plus 88m viewers in 359 videos. His net worth is about $33.2k-$119kk.

Crazy kennar
Kennedy Odhiambo alias crazy kennar is a young popular vlogger in Kenya. His stories mainly focuses on lives of campus students and what they go through. His channel has scooped 341k subscribers, and a total of 70 million viewers in 519 videos. This creative comedian earns up to 60,000 shillings per month. He also receives extra income from brands. Kennar makes an approximate of $4,249 per week, and $15,352 on monthly basis.

Flaqo Raz
His real name is Erastus Ayieko Otieno alias Otis is a scriptwriter, singer, comedian, and dancer. This YouTube comedian is amazing and creative. He was the first Kenyan comedian to portray different characters and bring the best. His comedies are about lives in African households and how parents raise their kids. Flaqo has 420 thousand subscribers, and a total viewers of at least 42m from 120 videos. This YouTuber earns about $226 daily, and $1584 weekly.

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Those are the best YouTubers in Kenya. Their channels are popular and have dominated the YouTube world. However, this list may be subjected to change since more YouTubers are coming up.

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