Using WhatsApp GB, here are the risks

Here are the risks of using WhatsApp GB you were not aware of.

WhatsApp GB is now popular to many WhatsApp users due to it’s enticing features. However, you should also take cation since this version has its own risks. I am going to mention some of the crucial risks of using WhatsApp GB. Without further ado, here are the reasons why WhatsApp GB is not good for users.

One reason is that the version has WhatsApp mode unlike the official one which doesn’t have. Therefore, when caught using it you can be banned from using WhatsApp.

Also, messages that are send using this app are not secure and safe. Almost everyone what’s some privacy, but with this version, your messages can be accessed by third parties. Furthermore, this app is likely to attacked by malwares because of low security, hence may loss all your data.

Lastly, the app can’t be updated directly from play store since it’s not official.

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