Amount a government teacher pockets per month in kenya

The amount a government teacher pockets, know every details here. Teachers are now required to adopt to the new system of education and work towards moulding young talents as well as academic success. Today, i will let you know the amount of government teachers

in kenya, earns. Let’s get the ball rolling;

The Kenyan government is trying to make some changes in the system of education. They are currently introducing the CBC which they state that learners to do more of practical’s unlike the 8-4-4 system.

1. Chief Principal- This is the highest principal according to the TSC rank. The principal pockets a total of ksh.165,089 to ksh.200,928

2. Senior principal- This is the second uppermost principal in TSC rank. The principles pockets from ksh.143,748 to ksh.174,270

3. Principals and deputy Principal- this is a normal principal or highest deputy rank in a high school. This level of principal and top notch deputy earns money ranging from khs.129,527 to ksh.155,849.

4. Senior master l and deputy principal ll- this is the highest paid senior master and the second level deputy principal. They earn money ranging from ksh. 80,000 to ksh.97,290

5. Senior master ll, deputy principal lll, curriculum support officer I, senior head educator, and senior lecturer ll- ksh.69,590 to ksh.83,840.

6. Primary special needs education senior teacher, senior master lV, deputy head educator ll, secondary special needs education teacher l, senior lecturer lV – ksh.65,590 to ksh.83,840.

7. Primary special needs education teacher, senior teacher l, lecturer l, , special needs education educator (secondary), special needs education educator ll and secondary educator ll- ksh.34,600 to ksh.39,918.

8. Special needs education educator (primary schools), senior educator ll, secondary educator ll, lecturer ll,- ksh.28,323 to ksh 33,670. 9. P1- 25,690 to 30,304.

Those are the amount of money a government teacher pockets. Therefore, if you are looking forward to become a teacher, expect that amount. However, the list might be subjected to change but that’s the amount in 2022.

The above are the teachers salary, you can comment and share. Also read Kikuyu, Luhya, and Kalenjins are almost half of the countries population according to statistics.

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