10 Best hairstyles for ladies in KENYA 2023

10 best hairstyles for ladies in Kenya, compiled here. Every women, not only young but women of all ages would like to look smart every single time. Looking good doesn’t mean wearing a nice dress alone, also nice looking hairstyles is essential to make you look attractive.

New hairstyles keep on coming each and every year, ranging from stunning short, wigs, braids design, long natural, weaves, and many others. With such a vast number of hairstyles, it can be difficult for you to select the best hairstyle for you. Therefore, we have compiled a list of best hairstyles for Kenyan ladies.

Obviously, you have once visited your stylist, and made a hair style. Hence, it’s undoubtedly that you have idea of some trendy styles. But is you have no clue, you are at the right place to discover the best and trendy styles. You can select a style that will match with the shape of your face and head. Without further ado, here are the 10 best hairstyles for ladies in Kenya that are outstanding in 2023.

Box braids

This is absolutely one of the 10 best hair styles for ladies in Kenya 2023. Even though many hairstyles are coming up but braids will never be beaten easily. Braids are fantastic and we cannot talk about lovely braids without mentioning Box braids. Box braids will make almost everyone to look fantastic. It will absolutely deliver to different types of faces and skin colour. You can check an example of box braids and how it’s outstanding in the image below.

Look fantastic with box braids
box braids hairstyle for black/Kenyan women

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Braided Bob

If you are tired of long braids but you love braids, you can go for braided Bob instead. Just like braids, this hairstyle will protect your hair from damage and also make you look attractive. You can also explore the box braids to your braided Bob. It is one of the best hairstyles for ladies in Kenya 2023.

Best hairstyles for ladies in Kenya
Love braids but tired of long ones, try Braided Bob
Best hairstyles for ladies in Kenya, Braided Bob
Braided Bob, an outstanding Bob hairstyle in 2023

Moving on top

We have a number of women who are blessed with good natural hair. Thanks to some hair oils like virgin hair fertilizer which makes hair grow stronger and faster. If you have good long natural hair, don’t waste you time and money looking for artificial hair and braids. You can curl your natural hair and wear it up. Thereafter, instead of holding with a hair tie, go for gold string, for example, Amandla Stenberg. You will look amazing with your natural hair.

Natural hair with moving on top hairstyle.
Moving on top, best hairstyle to rock with your natural hair

Faux locks

Faux locks is another great ladies hairstyle in Kenya that must be included in the list. This locks are artificial locks but will look like natural dreadlock to any lady. This design can last for long, under proper maintenance, it can take up to 8 to 12 weeks. This design is a perfect option for ladies who want dredlocks. Faux lock has a variety of ways to rock, ranging from bob, half updo, side swept, ban, and also bangs. If you love styles that look natural, you can try faux locks.

Rocking with Faux locks hairstyle.
Best hairstyle to rock your hair with faux lock

Havana twist

This hairstyle is wonderful and I highly recommend to Kenyan ladies. It is simple to install it in your head. You will create the twist using two strands. You can still make the twists thinner by tightening them. It is an admirable hairstyle you can rock with it in 2023.

Havana twist hairstyle
Havana twist, simple hairstyle to install

Marley twists

Marley twists is another best design that will require less maintenance and are protective. The style is flexible to be designed in different ways. If you aren’t sure which one is the best hair to apply in Marley twists, then you can try Marley extensions, which has a course quality. Marley twists extensions have a variety of designs, including crotchet, shoulder length, short, long, bob, and cowrie shells. With good care, Marley twist can last up to 2 months.

Best hairstyles for ladies in Kenya, Marley twist.
Marley twists, easy to maintain and durable

Abuja lines

This style have been trending for the last few years and it seems that it won’t fade anytime soon. So, what makes this design the appropriate option for many modern ladies? Thanks to the variety of Abuja styles that suits different face shapes. Moreover, it has different lengths, colours, and textures which are easy to install. You can visit any beauty shop and look for your desired Abuja style and rock with in 2023.

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Abuja lines hairstyle
Abuja lines, easil to install and fits different face shapes

Bandika lines

This is one of the 10 best hairstyle, as you’ll spend less time and avoid the pulling, chemicals, and heat effects. This lines are in cornrows plaited line form, fixed on the customers head. This style is popular since it’s simple, look very chic and requires less time to fix. Bandika style is also hard to differentiate it from other cornrow styles when it’s installed by a professional. This design also suits occasion, from casual to formal. In bandika, a hairspray is enough to go.

Best hairstyles for ladies in Kenya, bandika lines.
try bandika lines to avoid chemicals, pulling, and heat effects

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Curly wigs

This hairstyle is common in streets of Nairobi and some celebrities also love to wear this wigs. You can search on social media to see different lengths and types. This style is a perfect solution to give a youthful vibe and framing your face. The secret behind making the best solution is to pick a wig that is made from materials that don’t itch and also the one that’ll fit well in your head.

Best hairstyles for ladies in Kenya, curly wigs hairstyle.
live a youthful life with curly wigs

Kinky straight ponytail

This style will grab the attention of many as some may confuse it with natural hair. This hairstyle is ideal for ladies with medium to long hair since hair will be gathered at the back of the head and in the middle. This style will expose your facial features by keeping your hair away from the face. Besides putting it high on the head, one can also go for sides, low over your neck, loose, tight and sleek.

Kinky straight hairstyle with ponytail.
best hairstyle to grab people’s attention with kinky straight ponytail


This is an appropriate selection for those who want their meshes fixed, since they don’t want them loose or struggle to hold. Mohawk has a variety of colours to choose from, and you also have a chance to let them loose if bored with Mohawk. Maybe you can select ponytail with Mohawk. Buy beauty and more other products here on jumia

Best hairstyles for ladies in Kenya. Mohawk hairstyle.

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