How to apply helb loan for first time and subsequent 2023

How to apply helb loan in Kenya. In 1995, the higher education loans board was founded in Kenya. It’s main function is to give loans as well as

scholarship to students in higher institutions in Kenya. In this article, we will let you know the requirements for helb application, how to apply for the first time and subsequent application. Without further ado, here is how to apply helb loan for the first time and subsequent application.

The requirements for helb application are:

1.National identity card or birth Certificate – Bank account ( i recommend KCB or Equity to receive your loan as fast as possible)

2. Kra pin, you can obtain one in ciber or apply online.

3. Details of your parents ( have a copy of their identity cards)

4. An email address

5. Have at least two guarantors (with a copy of their Identity cards)

How to apply helb for first time

-first, you’ll have to create your account on helb website. Here you’ll require to fill your full names, ID number, email address, and password. Make sure to keep your password for future use.

-Helb will then send you an activation link in the email address you’ve just used.

-use your created credentials to login to your Help Portal.

-pick the type of loan you are applying for. In this case, you’ll take FIRST TIME UNDERGRADUATE

-read the form carefully and fill it completely as prompted.

– print two copies of the document you’ve just filled in.

– Sign your signature then go ahead and collect the required signs.

– attach the documents requested -take your copy to either a huduma centre or anniversary towers around you.

  • -Helb will respond to your application within a month given that you’ve submitted every requirement.
  • -Click to visit the HELB Portal

Lastly, i wish you all the best in the application process. You are free to ask anything in the comment section as you’ll get the answer.

First time Helb applicants to click on register

Click register in Helb student portal for first time applicants.

How to apply subsequent helb via online, USSD, and app

Subsequent helb is an application done by the students who had already received helb loan and require another loan. We will let you know how you’ll apply 2nd or subsequent loan in 3 ways.

Requirements for subsequent helb application

-One must be in a recognised higher institution.

– since the application is subsequent, you must have applied for the helb loan in the past. Maybe it’s your second, third or fourth time but not your first time to apply.

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Subsequent helb application via phone app

-Visit the Google play store to download the helb app. Download and install app.

-open the app and fill in the required information -go through the instructions given and understand them.

– you’ll be provided with an application form, select then open it.

-fill in the required information completely then submit.

Subsequent helb application via USSD cord

Using USSD cord is another method for subsequent helb application. Here is the full procedure.

-dial the cord *642# on your phone, tablet or any gadget with your line.

-pick the 1st option then press the button ‘send’ – you’ll encounter the next page to fill your birth date, identification number, and your full names.

-create a 4 digit PIN then confirm.

– finally, you’ll receive a pop up notification to confirm your application once you’re done.

Subsequent helb loan application

How to apply subsequent helb online

Here you’ll sign in your helb portal using your username and password.

Make sure to select the kind of loan you are applying for. Thereafter, fill all the required details then submit your application.

Common questions on helb loan application

When is helb disbursement?

Disbursement process is the process the follows helb allocation. Oncé your helb is allocated, you should wait for one month for disbursement process unless their are delays. If the process has taken so long, you can contact helb for consultation.

How do i apply subsequent loan using USSD cord

As we’ve provided the USSD cord for subsequent application is *642# then read the guidelines we have provided above.

What is subsequent helb application

This is the loan application that is available for students who wish to benefit for the loan again. It is normally applied after the first time, maybe it’s the 2nd ,3rd or 4th. You should apply for subsequent loan if you wish to benefit from helb again.

To conclude things, I’ll first thank you for reading our article. We. Make sure to follow the above instruction and your helb loan application will be successful. We also wish you all the best in your application process and studies.

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