Kalee Musiq Biography, Career, and Life.

Kalee Musiq biography, Career, and life discussed here. Nowadays, content creators are growing without relying on Traditional Media. The young generation can now share their talents and make income on platforms like YouTube, Tiktok and more. Gone are the days when individuals would opt to economic activities or formal employment to get income.

We have a number of commedians in Kenya who succeeded without depending just via YouTube and other social platforms. The likes of Vinnie Baite, Crazy Kennar, Cartoon Comedian, Kalee Musiq and more others. In this article we will narrow to Kalee Musiq by informing you on his biography, career, and life. Kalee is one of the sensational comedian who grew from scratch via YouTube, and internet. Without further ado, here is Kalee Musiq Biography, Career, and Life.

Kalee Musiq age and place of birth

Kalee Musiq was born and raised in Kimilili, Bungoma county. This great comedian from Kimtiong village was born in 12th December 1993. Thereafter, Kalee Musiq has been traveled places, including the capital city of Kenya, Nairobi.

Education Background

Kalee Musiq went to primary and did his KCPE in the year 2006. He begun his secondary school in the year 2007 and did his KCSE exams in 2010.


Kalee Musiq love for comedy begun back in primary. He was given a chance to showcase his talent in drama festival. This great commedian really impressed many, and also gained enough experience. He continued with his comedy life to high school level, where he started shaping his career.

Today, kalee Musiq has made a sensational comedy career with his counterpart, Vinnie Baite. They made a content that really impressed many, till they were called on popular TV shows like “The Trend” on NTV. What makes their comedy great, is it’s uniqueness and creativity. The two made content called “Story Za Jaba” where each had a particular role. Kalee Mysiq role was to make the story more interesting with his popular slang “Aje sasa.” And how he pretends to be naive and coming up with questions for Vinnie Baite to answer.


Kalee Musiq worked hard to become a popular comedian together with Vinnie Baite. Kalee Musiq impressed many to be called on popular TV show called “The Trend” on NTV. They performed on the show as many loved their work. Moreover, they were also been featured on 10 over 10, Citizen television. They also attended a show on TV47, what a great achievement.

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Betpawa Kenya review, bonuses, and jackpot.

Betpawa Kenya review, bonuses, and jackpot. Betting, is growing day in day out despite the tough taxes being imposed on them, this is due to the good mechanism that the bookmakers use, which enable them to make profit in the midst of all the challenges they face. Betpawa is one of the best bookmakers that provide bets this is due to the fact that, it offers it’s service in six countries, they include; Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Nigeria and Ghana.

With the variety of countries that it works with in the African continent, it has a variety of laws and regulations that govern each country, so as to ensure it’s marketable and convinient for the people. In Kenya, it uses Betpawa, which is managed by Nanovas International ( K ) limited.

The fact that it has specialized in football, does not mean that it’s only focus is on football, it offers a wide variety of other games such as tennis, rugby, basketball, cricket, futsal, American football among others. To enable you understand Betpawa better, here is Betpawa Kenya review, bonuses, and jackpot.

Betpawa Legality and safety

For any activity to be considered as legal, it has to be in accordance with the laws of the country. Thus, betpawa, is legal in Kenya and safe, it has been registered by the Betting Control and Licensing Board (BCLB) under the Betting, Lotteries and Gaming Act, moreover an age limit has been set, so as to ensure that those who engage in the activity are not minors, in that children who are still in school can not be able to access such services, this is usually to bar future risky consequences. So it allows members who are aged 21 and above only to participate, since it is considered that when a person attains this age, they are able to make meaningful decisions since they are mature enough.

Betpawa benefits and promo

Betpawa has massive promos for their members, this is one of the features that makes it to stand out, it offers a refer to a friend promo, where you get to be recognized and awarded for referring a friend of yours to them, such an incredible mechanism right? You’ll be able to be awarded upto cash bonuses for such an amazing gesture. The more you refer friends to it, the more you will be awarded.

You should definitely try betpawa! Their benefits, are also on another level, just by being a member you can be granted a variety of benefits like placing a live bet, using low amounts of cash for betting, among others, this deals are often so incredible to ensures you enjoy. You can choose betpawa as your bookmaker, it is the real deal trust me.

Imagine showing promotions from Betpawa and benefits

Betpawa Jackpot

Betpawa, offers jackpots, in this arena, the bookmaker is able to award it’s users with huge prizes, which range from assets to cash. One is usually required to win 13 games for the jackpot but you can also be awarded if you get 11 to 12 games right, that’s to encourage members to participate. If one is lucky to predict, the games so well,to the extent that the outcome comes with all the thirteen games right, they can earn upto ten million Kenyan shillings.

The winner is usually contacted, through the details that they gave, then they’ll be welcomed to their offices and awarded their rewards. To encourage others, they can give testimonies of how they’ve participated and how they won, they also tend to encourage others to continue trying their luck without giving up, as their time will surely come soon.

Image of Betpawa jackpot offer

Mobile Betting Versions

Although, betpawa does not have an app like other bookmakers, trust me it will impress you with it’s efficiency. It has features that will drive you so well, when you visit their website you won’t mind having an app, since things have been simplified out for you. It’s well laid out, to ensure that you won’t face any difficulties. It’s betting version, is the latest one, which is well designed to serve you, thus you shouldn’t have any worry, when it comes to manouvering through the betpawa betting website.

Customer Support

Betpawa, appreciates the presence of customers, and that’s why it provides the best customer care support. The bookmaker ensures that there are individuals who will help their clients throughout the day Incase of any problem, it’s usually through a live chat menu. Furthermore,, one can reach them through, Facebook, Twitter, email, their telephone number and WhatsApp.

Reviews from many individuals, it can be clearly seen that the feedback is usually on time or rather there’s little or no delay. They also state that, their services are usually 24/7, this is such a rare concept, since most bookmakers lack the ability to be 24/7. Consequently,, many individuals have embraced betpawa, since they are usually attended to on time, without having to wait for so long for a reply from their customer service.


• It’s user friendly. In that one doesn’t have to call another individual to help him/her when manouvering through their website, since it is very easy to understand.

• It offers a 24/7 service, such a necessity, since in the current society we all want to be attended to urgently, time is so valuable.

•It is available in a variety of countries, therefore, even when changes their location, to another country he/ she can still continue to participate in the betting.

•It is efficient.

• It has low minimum stake amount, therefore you won’t need a huge amount to take part, with your money which could be as low as twenty shillings you can still take part.

• It has very good odds.


•It does not have a cash out feature, since it has not cooperated with banks, the members tend not to have a cash out feature.

• It has few spots variety.

• It does not have a mobile app, unlike other bookmakers, betpawa does not have the app feature which other private bookmakers have.


in conclusion, that is our view for today on Betpawa Kenya review, bonuses and jackpot. Hopefully, this upcoming platform will come up with more offers. You can share your views on comment section. Anyway, i wish you all the best in.

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Odibet bonuses, offers and free bets.

Odibet bonuses, offers, and free bets for both new and loyal customers. First, betting, isn’t a walk in the park, it is challenging like any other form of gambling. To ensure that betters don’t face it rough bookmakers came into place to provide some few betting odds. An example of such a bookmaker is Odibet, one of the most amazing private bookmaker.

This great company is owned by Kareco Holding Limited ,located in Nairobi Kenya. Odibet has a slogan that has helped it to be bigger and better,# Bet extra ODInarily. In the phrase, you can tell that it is a very marketable phrase since it markets the company to all. It has a variety of features that makes it to stand out from the rest betting companies. To be able to understand it well let’s dive into it since we’ve classified their details into subtopics. They include:

Odibet legality and safety

In a country where rules are stipulated, it is the duty of every citizen to abide by them. Thus, ODIBET has legalized it’s activity according to the Betting, Lotteries and Gaming Act Cap 131 of Kenyan laws, it’s license number is 0000116, which was authorized and monitored by the Betting, Control and License Board( BCLB). It has grown over the years, as many individuals keep downloading their app and participating in it, this is usually due to their extensive way of marketing. ODIBET really goes a long way to ensure that it has marketed itself in the industry and the people are aware about it. Therefore it is very safe to use ODIBET as it’s fully recognized by the government of Kenya.

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Odibet bonuses, offers on free deposit

Odibet has impressive bonuses, and offers, which attract more customers, both new and existing customers to get cash refunds on their first deposit. This is usually for amounts starting from 49 bob and above, mpesa charges are also included in the refunding system. When paying for the bet you are usually required to pay through their paybill mpesa system. During this process, mpesa transactions cost are catered for by the customer. Therefore,, during the refund process even the mpesa transactions cost will be sent back to the customer by ODIBET. A clear illustration is when you send 200 shillings and the transaction cost is ksh.6, you’ll be refunded ksh.206.

Image  showing Odibet bonuses, offers on free deposit
odibet free deposit bonuses

Odibet bonuses, offers on data bundles

In a society where, almost everything is digitalized, gifting someone bundles is the real deal, since they can now be able to stream the internet with no difficulties. So, when you are a new registered member after making your deposit, you’ll be required to place a bet. Thereafter, if it goes through you’ll get 7mb + 7 sms for free. The real deal happens after this, where you’ll be entered into the draw which takes place daily and the winners get to go home with 2GB data. The data will only be for 48 hours, the winner usually receives a notification message when they’ve won the data and when the duration will elapse.

Visit odibet dashboard with free bundles
login to your odibet account with free bundles

Free bet offer to beginners for promotion

As a way of welcoming the new member, ODIBET will allow you to place a free bet with ksh.30. All you are required to do is to select the bet you want to place. Thereafter, enter the Mobile number used for registration, followed by password then click submit free bet, and boom you’ll be done.

Odibet bonuses, offers on free bet to newbies.
new members to get free bets on odibet

Odibet bonuses, offers – refund 50% lost bets

Such a rare concept right? This is it’s distinguishing factor from the rest, through ODI you can recover half of your money. However,, this is limited to only amounts below ksh.200, thus if you had placed ksh.100 you’ll be compensated back ksh.50. Indeed, better half a bread than no bread at all.

Odibet rend back money/ cashout to lost bets
You Will be refunded on lost bets

Visit Odibet.com


  • • It has good odds.
  • • It enables one to use any affordable amount that they have.
  • • It enables users to recover 50% of the amount they paid, when their bets fail.
  • • It is well designed to enable the consumer to understand how to navigate through the ODIBET website.
  • • It offers free bundles to consumers, thus one can be able to both bet and to get bundles, which can be even upto 2GB, such a mind-blowing deal. • It offers free betting after registration, we’ve talked about this above, and if you read through it you’ll be able to clearly understand how things are done.
  • • It allows fast deposit and withdrawals, through ODI, you can be able to deposit your cash without delays, like wise you are in a good position to withdraw your money easily, so Incase of any emergency you can get your cash and solve your issues out with ease.
  • •You may send withdrawal request at any time, and the process will be done instantly with no delay.


• It is very addictive, we all know this for a fact that, any form of gambling is often addictive.

• It lacks a physical premise to make live bets.

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Top 10 best national girl schools in Kenya 2023

Best 10 national girls schools in Kenya. A successful institution will seek balance between academics and co- curricular activities. In other words, besides achieving good results, best national schools have unmatched approaches to developing other abilities .they have became the most preferred in provision of quality education and excellence. They have a reputation of being a center of excellence in Kenya. Every girl sitting KCPE exams has a dream of getting admitted to one of these national schools. Following are the top 10 best national girls schools in Kenya.

Alliance girls high school

This school deserves to open our list of best 10 girls national school in Kenya. Alliance girls is a public national school located in Kiambu. being founded in 1948 by the alliance of protestant mission hence named the alliance.

Its is the first institution of higher secondary education for African girls in Kenya. It emerged top in the 2011 KCSE examinations. Today, the school is still among the best schools in Kenya. Visit Alliancegirlshigh.sc.ke

Top national school in academic over the years.

kenya high

This school started in 1910 as a Nairobi European school. In 1931 it became a girls institution for only European however in 1961,the management admitted the first African girl. It became a multiracial education Centre. Since it has been a regular feature in Kenya’s most diversified schools.

In 2020, it topped in Kenya national exams, it attained a mean score of 10.467. This school has been consistent in performance. Last year, it was the second best school in the country. You can consider this school located in Nairobi as your school of choice. Visit Kenyahigh.ac.ke

Best performing school in the recent years with academic friendly environment.

Maryhill girls national school

Located in Thika, it was founded in 1933 by some great missionary women. It acquired its name from Mary the mother of Jesus and the hill they are standing on their location. It has a student population of 1616 students currently.

It offers seventeen subjects under the 8-4-4 system. In 2018 it had a performance index of 76.826[ A-]making it one of the best. Visit Marryhillgirls.ac.ke

Moi girls Eldoret

Its an outstanding elite institution and among the top national high schools in Kenya. Established by Europeans to cater for white settlers. It aims to prepare students make a positive contribution to the community development and achieving values of patriotism, self esteem, self confidence adaptability and teamwork with sense of purpose and self discipline.

in the past ten years there performances have rivaled some of the traditional academic giants. In 2020 I emerged the second with a mean score of 9.65 points this has made them the best among the best. Visit Moigirlseldoret.ac.ke

Pangani girls national school

It started in 1932.its was first named Duchess of Gloucester after prince Alice. Since the introduction of the 8-4-4 system, Pangani girls high has been performing extremely well. It is an ideal spot for KCPE top achievers.

It has the top best teachers in Kenya. Combining with the best institutional facilities this has made it became unstable giant as far as academic excellence is concerned. Their best overall performance was in 2020 KCSE exams where they achieved a permanency index of 9.56. it has a vision of developing students academically socially spiritually and morally. Its driven towards providing education with adequate skills for the holistic development of the girl child to excel in the highly competitive world. Its founded on truth and excellence visit Panganigirls.sc.ke

Best girls national school for developing students academically, socially, and spiritually.

Nakuru girls national school

Established in 1920’s exclusively for the children of the white settlers. However currently its a national school where every girl wishes of getting a spot. Its a center of distinction in per suit of educational excellence. It aims at providing comprehensive teaching, learning and talent maturing environment through hard work resilience and integrity. Its best performance was seen I 2019 when the school attained a mean score of 9.52.it always stands to be the best.

Best girls national school for teaching and naturing talents.

St Brigit’s girls high school – kiminini

St Brigit’s, kiminini is another top girls national school in Kenya. It is situated in saboti constituency, Trans nzoia county. The school have been performing well over the years. In addition to that, the students have good discipline. It recorded a mean of 9.47 in the last KCSE results.

You won’t go wrong if you make this your school of choice. Undoubtedly, this school has grown and now considered as among the best girls national schools in Kenya. It managed to be on top twenty nationwide with a mean grade of 9.47

Top 10 girls national school with discipline and cool environment

Loreto high school Limuru

Loreto high is a popular school in Kenya. This national school is located in Kiambu county. In 1936, this school was founded by Catholic missionaries from Ireland. The school has enough learning resources and their performance is also incredible. Visit Loretolimuru.sc.ke

Best girls national school with enough learning resources

Asumbi girls high school

Asumbi high school is another top girls national school in Kenya. This school founded in 1936 is situated in homabay county. Surprisingly, the institution started as a lower boarding primary school and has grown fast to become a top national school.

The school attained a mean of 9.569 in last year national exams. Visit Asumbigirlshigh.sc.ke

Best girls national school that developed faster.

Kipsigis girls national school

Kipsigis girls is another giant when we talk about best girls national schools. This school established in 1955 is located outside Kericho town. This school is among the best schools in rift valley part of Kenya as well as in the whole country.

In last year’s KCSE exams, kipsigis girls recorded a mean of 9.08. Therefore, this school has proved it’s consistency over the years. It is a great choice, surely you won’t regret. Visit Kipsigisgirls.sc.ke

Final word

The above schools are our best 10 national girls schools in Kenya. There is tight competition but this are the best schools today. You have seen the schools post great performance. We have not selected according to last years kcse results alone. Also in the past years, this schools have been outstanding. Lastly, I wish you a good luck in your education.

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The Richest football clubs in Kenya 2023

The richest football clubs in Kenya, know the latest rank. Normally, football is loved by many, often when there are matches in the field. The field will be crowded since most individuals will come to spectate, even if it’s being aired out on televisions, many people will be glued on their screens just to know how the match is going down.

The radio gang also isn’t left behind, they often do a good job to ensure the local Individual can enjoy the game. Thus, those individuals who are talented are often picked and grouped into clubs, this clubs make a lot of money through football since a player can even earn upto ksh. 100,000. Let’s sample and analyze some of the richest football clubs in Kenya:

Gor Mahia football club – the richest football club in Kenya with estimated net of 60 million

Research shows that, Gor Mahia is the richest football club in Kenya, it has an estimated worth of upto sixty five million. It makes upto thirty million songs in the gate, during matches when people come to watch their games. It has such a massive audience during it’s matches, what a great support to this great team. Moreover, it has a sponsorship contract from Tuzo Kenya, with this at hand they are able to make upto twenty nine million from selling their shirts. Such a lucrative job opportunity.

To top it all up, they own a piece of land, as we all know, land appreciates thus they can be able to make more money from it in future, Kogalo has stated that they’d love to build a stadium using that land which is worth four million Kenyan shillings. Indeed Gor Mahia deserves to top our list of the richest football clubs in Kenya.

Gor mahia brand new bus. It's a financially stable and one of the richest club.
Gor mahia with an attractive brand new bus.

AFC Leopards football club – The Richest football club in Kenya with loyal fans

AFC, is one of the best football clubs in Kenya, actually it lies in the same group as Gor Mahia, the two claim to have the largest fun base group in the country. It has an estimated worth of fifty two million shillings.

Additionally, it had sponsorship deal with the sugar manufacturing company, known as Mumias Sugar, then moved to sportpesa. Today, this club has signed sponsorship deal with one of the top betting companies in Kenya, betsafe. Betsafe has offered everythig to the club. Assets are one of the best things one can invest in, thus AFC, has a bus which is estimated to be around six million, this helps them to cut out transport fees as much as possible, since they’ll be able to travel from one place to another with their own means of transport. Their jersey business is also doing great, enabling them to make upto two million with around twenty five million from gate fees. Clearly they are eating with big spoons from football.

One of the richest football clubs in Kenya with their new shirts having sponsors betsafe signature.
AFC Leopards with their new home shirt with betsafe signature.

Tusker football club – one of the richest football club in Kenya and 2021/2022 FKF champions

Tusker, also one of the richest football clubs in the country. The team has an estimated worth of about forty five million shillings, it has its sponsorship from the reknown East African Breweries Limited in Kenya. It’s name was derived from that brewing company, they have generated a slang name from the company service, also known as ‘ the brewers.

The liquor makes upto thirty million, while the sale of jerseys making upto one million. Tusker, also sales their players off with a profit, like the other year the team made upto four million from selling Brian Mandela to Santos football club in South Africa. This is a win- win situation, since both parties benefit, the player is connected to a good team, the team receives a good player who will take the game to the next level, and the home team receives money to welcome other new footballers and to develop on its own as a whole. In addition, other home team members will be encouraged to play better, so that they can also be connected to bigger international teams in future.

Tusker has many young young players in there first team, some are given a chance to play for some minutes as substitutes and others full time. This is incredible to develop and use young talents. Impressively, tusker won the 2021/2022 Kenya premier League title. What an achievement from tusker since it’s their 13th title.

Richest football club in Kenya winning the 13th FKF Premier League title.
Tusker FC, 2021/2022 FKF premier League champions

Sofapaka football club – The club that nurture and sale unknown players

Batoto Ba Mungu, as they are often referred to are doing a good job, they make upto fifty million shillings. the club has overtime built strategies on how to get more fans which has been consistently working, they sell their gate tickets upto five million from the spectators. Furthermore, they have a sponsorship with betika, betting company which is estimated to make upto 50 million a year.

What makes them to stand out, is the fact that they get unknown players, nurture them into ideal footballers then later offload them with a profit to a better football club which will help them grow. With this mechanism, local talent is usually spotted and supported until it achieve it’s highest goal.

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visit www.betika.com

One of the richest football clubs in Kenya sponsored by top betting company, betika.

Thika United football club – Top club with great sponsors, Brookside dairy

As the name states, you can clearly tell where this club is situated at. It is based at thika, it has an estimated worth of about twenty million shillings. Like the top football clubs, Thika united also had a sponsorship which is from Brookside dairies in Kenya. With the sale of jerseys being a noble entrepreneurship business in the sports field, the team has also ventured into it, it makes upto one million shillings from this business. Therefore, the team has been able to organize itself so that it can grow bigger and better. Consequently, the team does an amazing job of absorbing local talent and putting it into great use.

Most often we may fail to recognize or rather take for granted the talent that our children have. So, to curb this the team decided to make it their obligation to ensure that they, help their local talented footballers.

Thika United shirt with brookside dairy

To wrap it all up It’s crystal clear that indeed football pays. You can check for yourself on those networth of the richest football clubs in Kenya and their great sponsors.

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