The Richest football clubs in Kenya 2022

The richest football clubs in Kenya, know the latest rank. Normally, football is loved by many, often when there are matches in the field. The field will be crowded since most individuals will come to spectate, even if it’s being aired out on televisions, many people will be glued on their screens just to know how the match is going down.

The radio gang also isn’t left behind, they often do a good job to ensure the local Individual can enjoy the game. Thus, those individuals who are talented are often picked and grouped into clubs, this clubs make a lot of money through football since a player can even earn upto ksh. 100,000. Let’s sample and analyze some of the richest football clubs in Kenya:

Gor Mahia football club – the richest football club in Kenya with estimated net of 60 million

Research shows that, Gor Mahia is the richest football club in Kenya, it has an estimated worth of upto sixty five million. It makes upto thirty million songs in the gate, during matches when people come to watch their games. It has such a massive audience during it’s matches, what a great support to this great team. Moreover, it has a sponsorship contract from Tuzo Kenya, with this at hand they are able to make upto twenty nine million from selling their shirts. Such a lucrative job opportunity.

To top it all up, they own a piece of land, as we all know, land appreciates thus they can be able to make more money from it in future, Kogalo has stated that they’d love to build a stadium using that land which is worth four million Kenyan shillings. Indeed Gor Mahia deserves to top our list of the richest football clubs in Kenya.

Gor mahia brand new bus. It's a financially stable and one of the richest club.
Gor mahia with an attractive brand new bus.

AFC Leopards football club – The Richest football club in Kenya with loyal fans

AFC, is one of the best football clubs in Kenya, actually it lies in the same group as Gor Mahia, the two claim to have the largest fun base group in the country. It has an estimated worth of fifty two million shillings.

Additionally, it had sponsorship deal with the sugar manufacturing company, known as Mumias Sugar, then moved to sportpesa. Today, this club has signed sponsorship deal with one of the top betting companies in Kenya, betsafe. Betsafe has offered everythig to the club. Assets are one of the best things one can invest in, thus AFC, has a bus which is estimated to be around six million, this helps them to cut out transport fees as much as possible, since they’ll be able to travel from one place to another with their own means of transport. Their jersey business is also doing great, enabling them to make upto two million with around twenty five million from gate fees. Clearly they are eating with big spoons from football.

One of the richest football clubs in Kenya with their new shirts having sponsors betsafe signature.
AFC Leopards with their new home shirt with betsafe signature.

Tusker football club – one of the richest football club in Kenya and 2021/2022 FKF champions

Tusker, also one of the richest football clubs in the country. The team has an estimated worth of about forty five million shillings, it has its sponsorship from the reknown East African Breweries Limited in Kenya. It’s name was derived from that brewing company, they have generated a slang name from the company service, also known as ‘ the brewers.

The liquor makes upto thirty million, while the sale of jerseys making upto one million. Tusker, also sales their players off with a profit, like the other year the team made upto four million from selling Brian Mandela to Santos football club in South Africa. This is a win- win situation, since both parties benefit, the player is connected to a good team, the team receives a good player who will take the game to the next level, and the home team receives money to welcome other new footballers and to develop on its own as a whole. In addition, other home team members will be encouraged to play better, so that they can also be connected to bigger international teams in future.

Tusker has many young young players in there first team, some are given a chance to play for some minutes as substitutes and others full time. This is incredible to develop and use young talents. Impressively, tusker won the 2021/2022 Kenya premier League title. What an achievement from tusker since it’s their 13th title.

Richest football club in Kenya winning the 13th FKF Premier League title.
Tusker FC, 2021/2022 FKF premier League champions

Sofapaka football club – The club that nurture and sale unknown players

Batoto Ba Mungu, as they are often referred to are doing a good job, they make upto fifty million shillings. the club has overtime built strategies on how to get more fans which has been consistently working, they sell their gate tickets upto five million from the spectators. Furthermore, they have a sponsorship with betika, betting company which is estimated to make upto 50 million a year.

What makes them to stand out, is the fact that they get unknown players, nurture them into ideal footballers then later offload them with a profit to a better football club which will help them grow. With this mechanism, local talent is usually spotted and supported until it achieve it’s highest goal.

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One of the richest football clubs in Kenya sponsored by top betting company, betika.

Thika United football club – Top club with great sponsors, Brookside dairy

As the name states, you can clearly tell where this club is situated at. It is based at thika, it has an estimated worth of about twenty million shillings. Like the top football clubs, Thika united also had a sponsorship which is from Brookside dairies in Kenya. With the sale of jerseys being a noble entrepreneurship business in the sports field, the team has also ventured into it, it makes upto one million shillings from this business. Therefore, the team has been able to organize itself so that it can grow bigger and better. Consequently, the team does an amazing job of absorbing local talent and putting it into great use.

Most often we may fail to recognize or rather take for granted the talent that our children have. So, to curb this the team decided to make it their obligation to ensure that they, help their local talented footballers.

Thika United shirt with brookside dairy

To wrap it all up It’s crystal clear that indeed football pays. You can check for yourself on those networth of the richest football clubs in Kenya and their great sponsors.

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