10 ways to get free safaricom bundles in Kenya

10 ways to get free Safaricom bundles in Kenya, process to get with evidence of images here. Safaricom is a top company is Kenya founded in the year 1993. Safaricom has grown over the years to be used widely in Kenya. Today, safaricom has at least 36 million customers, using the line in calling, internet, sending money and more. Safaricom has come up with services for its loyal customers and also new clients. One of the best offers from safaricom is offering free internet bonuses. In this article, we have compiled a list of 10 ways to get free safaricom bundles in Kenya. Therefore, with a safaricom line you’ll get free internet bundles via the following ways.

New safaricom line

This is one of the best way to receive free safaricom bundles. Safaricom being a top company in Kenya and working tirelessly to get new customers. They have special way to welcome new members by giving free bundles to new safaricom lines. You can even buy a second safaricom line to get their free bundles for new lines.

Download the M-pesa app – ways to get free internet by Using app

Safaricom m-pesa is a popular way to send money in Kenya. Safaricom users who register in the m-pesa app for the first time are awarded free bundles. Make sure you download and install, then register your safaricom number in this app. You will be awarded free 500 bundles and sh.100 in your safaricom line and M-pesa respectively.

Safaricom advertising M-pesa app for customers.

Safaricom Zuri bundles – ways to get free internet through referal

This is also among the 10 ways to get free Safaricom bundles and access free internet. Safaricom Zuri is a programmed WhatsApp number to offer safaricom services. Users can access safaricom services via this number. Safaricom users are able to manage subscriptions, check balance, buy minutes, and more using the number. Impressively, you will be awarded 50 mbs when you refer someone to use safaricom zuri. Just text safaricom Zuri on WhatsApp, it will automatically reply. On the main menu, pick option 5(tell a friend) as shown in the image below. You can refer as many people as possible, and you’ll get 50 mbs per referral.

Get free bundles from Safaricom Zuri. Advert of Zuri by Safaricom company

Birthday bundles – Guarantee birthday bundles for Safaricom users

If you are a user of safaricom line, you will be able to enjoy a number of their offers. Safaricom normally gives guarantee birthday bundles to their customers. The bundles will be given to your main safaricom line, the first line you registered with your ID. When you are almost celebrating your birthday, make sure your safaricom line is active. You will be awarded 1 GB birthday bundles.

Evidence of customer's message for getting free birthday bundles.

Download Safaricom app

Apart from downloading the M-pesa app, you can also get free bundles from safaricom app. You will have to download and install the app in your phone. Thereafter, make sure to register on the app with your safaricom line. You will be awarded free bundles in your safaricom line after registering in this app.

Free nyakua bonuse data

Nyakua is one of the latest offers from safaricom. You can access this offer by dialling *544# then pick option 0 which is nyakua bonus. In “nyakua bonus,” you can either check your target, daily spend, free data balance, and more. All you need to do is subscribe in nyakua then reach your daily target to get the free bundles. They will give you a target, of which you can also check in “nyakua bonus.” Let’s say you have a target of 150mbs, you’ll have to reach that daily target then you’ll be given free 150mbs. All you have to do is buy bundles then attain nyakua target to receive free bundles. You can check from the image below.

Ways to get free Safaricom bundles, Safaricom advertising nyakua bonus offer.

Baze bonus

Dial *544# then select Entertainment bundles on option 6. Thereafter, You will choose option 0 which termed as “unlock baze bonus.” Here you’ll need 10 shillings credit then you’ll be awarded baze pass to enjoy 500mbs free on daily basis. The free 500 mbs will be given to you for the next 3 days. Thereafter, you can choose to continue subscribing and enjoying baze bundles for 10 shillings daily or opt out.

Ways to get free Safaricom bundles. Advertisement of base free bundles and the popular local programs to watch.

Viusasa data pass

Dial *544#, and choose Entertainment bundles on option 6. After loading USSD, pick option 7 which is named as Viusasa. The Viusasa option will direct you to another page where you’ll select the free data for the mentioned options. You can select Soaps data pass, elimu data pass, or news data pass. You will be awarded free 100 mbs to watch your favourite topic from the mentioned options. Note that the data can only be used on Viusasa. Thereafter, you can access the selected topics for free on Viusasa

Ways to get free Safaricom bundles, image showing options to choose from.
Topic you can select for free bundles

Free 50 mb opera mini data – Guarantee for latest opera mini version

Opera mini is a popular app in Kenya. In this app, you can browse, or read news. You will also get free 50 mbs safaricom bundles and access some sites. All you have to is download and install the latest version of opera mini app. When you open the app, you’ll automatically be awarded free 50 mbs on daily basis. Check the 50 mbs reward from opera mini below. The reward is guaranteed to safaricom line users. However, the free bundles from opera mini will work well on specific sites. Just to mention a few, including odibet, sportybet, Facebook via opera mini, and crypto currency via opera app.

Ways to get free Safaricom bundles, advertisement of Safaricom and opera mini partnership to give free daily bundles.

Free Facebook – access Facebook free mode with Safaricom line

This is also a fantastic way to access free internet via safaricom line. Individuals with safaricom line can browse on Facebook app without bundles. Though you will need bundles to see videos and some images. But it’s a great way to access posts, chart, or comment on Facebook without data bundles.

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