12 Best songs for snow/winter reels 2023

Best songs for snow or winter season, compiled here. We have endless things to do in winter season. It is one of the best months to many, in some places it’s accompanied by Christmas day. Weather you are indoors lighting some fire, enjoying a ride in snow, dancing in snow, having a video shoot with a lovely dress in snow and more. Why don’t you make a great snow reel while doing those endless activities. In this article, we have put down the best reel songs for snow reels. The following songs will make those reels more catchy, take a look.

Best songs for snow reels. Image showing people enjoying snow to produce reels.

“Midnight city” by M83

This wonderful song deserves to open our list of best songs for snow reels. The song is good from the beginning till the end. Many have loved this song, with at least 376 million views on YouTube since it was released in 2011. The has also at least 11 million Shazams, it’s an incredible song for sure. You can try it out, you will love the results. Many people normally prefer it’s opening instrumental in their reels. Maybe you are riding in a skibob, snow crawler, or more. You can begin your video with a particular wonderful quote then introduce the song

“After dark” Mr kitty

This song is still outstanding despite being released in 2014. You might be needing its opening instrumentals in your snow reels. The instrumentals from the song will work well in snow activities like snowboarding, and more. You can also apply the song in love moments while in snow.


“I’m feeling lucky” Ellen once again

Getting into winter season while still healthy and prosperous is something you should be happy for and celebrate. If you just feel happy for anything, why don’t you use this song in your reels. The song has outstanding beats as Ellen did a great a great job in the lyrics with her lovely voice.

“ Feel good” Polo and Pan

You might be happy for one reason or another. Maybe you are enjoying your holiday to your best or happy for a particular achievement. You can make a great video using this song at the background. The song has a great tune to bring the best from those videos. You’ll like how they sing it, with wonderful voice as you “feel good.”

Mirror Marsa ( I think I’m falling for you)

Dathan This is also a wonderful background song for snow reels. Your viewers will absolutely like it’s instrumentals and tune. You can use it in love scenario or more. You’ll have to be creative to bring the best from this song.

“Your woman” by white town

This song by white town is outstanding. Though it was released in 2010 but what you’ll have to get back to find what you might be looking for. You might be desperately looking for the best beats while riding in snow. Then this song has wonderful opening instrumentals you might love. You may begin with a quote like, “what is this place, this is Heaven” followed by part of the song at the beginning. Trust me, many will enjoy your reels if you’ll use this song correctly.

“My type” saweetie

This 2019 song is also wonderful in creating snow reels. It has up to 137 million views till now on YouTube. Moreover, the song has been popular in many tiktok reels including Snow reels. Weather you are making those lovely dance moves in snow or more, you can incorporate this song. The song will bring the best output if you’ll be creative.

“Love Nwantinti( Remix)” by CKay ft Axel, and dj

Love Nwantinti is a popular song on tiktok. The good thing about this song is that, it can be used in a number of reels. Yes, it can also do wonders in snow reels. The song has a slow and steady tune for a number of activities. Maybe you are walking with your better half in snow, or any other activity. You won’t go wrong with this song at the background of your reels.

Dance monkey by tones and I

This is another perfect song for snow reels. The song has been wonderful since it was released. It has great instrumentals to leave your viewers smiling all the way. Moreover, the song can work in a number of activities, maybe love with partner, taking a video shoot with wonderful dress, and more. You can use dance monkey for the best output.

L’amour, Les beguettes, paris

This song had to be included in our list of best songs for snow/winter reels. This song is the only non English song in our list but it’s fantastic for sure. Everyone will want to hear the wonderful voice in your videos. You can try it out and see for yourself.

“To the moon(Gunnar remix) jnr choi, Gunnar, and sam

When the snow is less, some people may Play outside. Maybe you are practicing soccer, or doing any enjoyable activity. You can use this song, an opening like “sit by my self, taking to the moon…” will do wonders too.

While I shovel the snow by Walkman

This 2010 song by Walkman is also a great for snow reels. Walkman himself made the song while outside in the snow, therefore it is naturally mend for snow scenarios. You can also make it your background song for your snow videos. The lyrics are also great, here is the opening “ well they said, can’t please everyone/ but I am stuck on a winning streak…”

Those are the best songs for snow or winter reels. You can use them on your Tiktok, Instagram, or more in creating catchy background music. All the best.

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