12 best defensive midfielders worldwide 2023

12 Best defensive midfielders worldwide, season 2022/2023. A defensive midfielder plays an important role in modern football. Many football clubs have succeeded a lot since they have some of the best defensive midfielders in the top. Looking at the best clubs in the world and those that dominant in UEFA champions League, a defensive midfielder is a key player.

Defensive midfielders work is to help the defenders then move forward to link ball with the attackers. Therefore, this position is not a joke, it needs strength, good defensive skills and more. We have made our list of 12 best defensive midfielders in the world based on their stats and achievements. Here is the list of 12 best defensive midfielders in the world.

Joshua Kimmich

Bayern Munich is a top team and with players like Joshua Kimmich and others, you’ll achieve more. Joshua Kimmich is like a heart to Bayern Munich. In other words, he is one of their main players. Thanks to his determination and hardwork. He normally contribute a lot in the team’s win. Kimmich has won a number of trophies with Bayern Munich, including the league trophy and UEFA champions League. Today, he is considered as one of the great passers in the league.

Best defensive midfielders in the world. Image of Joshua Kimmich for identification.

Ngolo Kante

Ngolo Kante is a brilliant player who has never go down in terms of performance. He normally have a place in Chelsea squad due to his massive contribution. In 2020/2021 UEFA champions League, he was the talk of the town. Ngolo Kante really delivered a lot for the club as they won the UEFA champions League. He made a great defensive work by breaking attacks. Though he had a long term injury in 2022/23 season which made Chelsea dropped a lot. He also has speed with the ball on his feet.

12 best defensive midfielders in the world. Image of ngolo Kante for identification.

Jude Bellingham

Jude Bellingham is undoubtedly one of the best defensive midfielders in the world. He has delivered a lot for his team Borrusia Dotmund and country, England. Due to his output, many teams have been looking forward to secure his signature, including Liverpool FC. Jude Bellingham is also win a lot of duels besides his sprinting skills.

12 best defensive midfielders in the world. Image of Jude Bellingham for identification

Thomas Partey

Thomas Partey is also a great defensive midfielder and he relly deserves to be included in this list. He made a great improvement in Arsenal as they almost get into UEFA champions League. However, he got an injury along the way as Arsenal suffered a lot due to his absence. Thomas Partey then returned to arsenal squad in season 2022/2023. he really made a great impact on arsenal success in the season. He is fit and many are anticipating a lot since he is a great fighter for the team. He normally win possession and stand out when playing against tough opponents.


Casemiro has been a main player for Madrid in a long time. He has played with top players in the world and won a lot of trophies with the club. Last season, real Madrid won the UEFA champions League final against Liverpool. Casemiro has always started for real Madrid during that 2021/2022 UEFA champions League. He joined Manchester United and the team has really improved with Casemiro always on the starting 11 squad. He was called for Brazil national team and represented them well in the world cup. Being one of the main player in the team, he really deserves to be part of this list.

Image of Casemiro for identifying him.


Fabihno deserves to be in this list of top defensive midfielders in the world. He has contributed a lot in Liverpool, including the trophies won by the club. This 28 year old defensive midfielder has made many tackles for the club. He has a place in Liverpool squad despite the squad depth in Liverpool team. Fabhino has won many balls for Liverpool, also Brocken attacks. He has won a number of trophies with Liverpool and still determined to win more.

Image of fabhino to identify him.
fabhino from Premierleague


Manchester city has a number of great midfielders and Rodri is one of their top players. He normally has a place in the Manchester city squad. Besides contributing in defensive work, he also help to regain procession for the team. Rodri has really made a lot of achievements with Manchester city, he also won the premier league in 2021/2022 season.

Declan Rice

Westham has really been one of the toughest opponent to a number of teams in the premier league. Declan Rice is a main player in the squad, attracting interest from several clubs. The clubs have tipped westham a lot of money in order to get the services of the play but the club won’t let him go. The club has benefited from Rice, he is a good carrier of the ball and passer. This 23 year old has great energy and composure, more is expected from him.

Marcelo Brozovic

Marcelo Brozovic is an inter Milan player who has been performing incredible in the defensive midfielder position. He is a great playmaker and no other defensive midfielder in Serie A has had more touches than him since 2015. He is a brilliant player who contributed a lot in inter Milan. Brozovic lead his team to win the league trophy with the club in 2020/2021 season.

Best defensive midfielders in the world. Image of Marcelo Brozovic for identification

Aurellen Tchouameni

Tchouameni is an incredible defensive midfielder playing for real Madrid. He is one of the most expensive signings in LA Liga in season 2022/2023. He is a great playmaker, backing up the defensive line as well as moving forward to support the attack. This player represented his national team, France in the world cup 2022 till they got to the finals

12 best defensive midfielders in the world. Image of Aurellen Tchouameni for identification.

Sergio Bousquets

Sergio bouquets is one of the best defensive midfielders in the world. He has been great for a long time, sharing the same pitch with world class like iniesta, and Xavi Hernandez. He has great experience in the defensive midfielder position. Today, he is still ranked as among the best with his metronomic passes and fighting for procession.

12 best defensive midfielders in the world. Image of Sergio Bouquets for identification

Kalvin Phillips

Kalvin Phillips is a great defensive midfielder who has been performing well in the past years. In leads United, he was incredibly hence securing a chance to play for his national team, England. He attracted interest from several clubs while in leads United. Currently, he was signed by Manchester city for about 50£ in the beggining of season 2022/2023. He has adapted well in Manchester city and in the coming years, he’s expected to make more achievements with city.

Those are our 12 best defensive midfielders in the world, season 2023. However the list may be subjected to change depending on their stats and achievements. But for now, those are the best defensive midfielders. Time will tell if some will maintain or flop while others may come up. At the end of the season we’ll look at the overall stats as the list may be subjected to change.

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