How to goalkeeper rush/move goalie in FIFA mobile

How to goalkeeper Rush/move goalie in FIFA mobile, full process here. Maybe you are enjoying FIFA mobile then discover that you really need to goalkeeper rush. Even in real football, when a goalkeeper moves few yards from the box is very important. In this article, we have done thorough research on FIFA mobile to give you accurate information. We have tried goalie rush ourselves in FIFA mobile latest version, and it has worked for us. Before giving you the procedure of goalkeeper rush, you have to know when to perform it and it’s importance. The following is the best time and importance of goalie rush.

Situations to goalkeaper rush and it’s advantages

The following are some of the situation you’ll have to move goalkeeper and their advantages.

Image from fifa

Goalkeaper rush during one on one situation

You can perform goalkeeper rush during a one on one situation. This is very important and has saved many including experts we have consulted. Your opponents may not be aware of goalkeeper rush and it may caught them off-guard. The goalkeeper will increase the chances of saving the ball when you move them forward from the post. If you know football well, you are aware of this even in real life football. Positioning is very important. Apparently, it has worked and still working for many. Move goalkeeper to cover the space forward and reduce chances of your opponent to score.

Your opponents might be very close in your box but need Goalkeaper to backup defense and collect the ball

Opponent approaching the box will increase the chances of them scoring. You can move the goalkeeper forward to cover space and take the ball if the opponent is in the goalkeeper box. Those are some of the advantages of goalkeeper rush.

How to goalkeaper rush in FIFA mobile. Image showing goalkeaper rush from post during a one on one situation.
goalkeeper rush in such Situations

How to goalkeaper rush in FIFA mobile

Here is the procedure on how to move the goalkeeper from the box. Most people know how to goalkeeper rush in FIFA using pads, using the R3 button. However, many individuals aren’t aware on how to move/rush goalkeaper in FIFA mobile. In FIFA mobile, when you sign up in the game for the first time, you are taken through a tutorial. You won’t be told how to goalie rush in most cases. Therefore, follow the following procedure to goalkeeper rush.


While your opponent is in possession near your box. Automatically, FIFA will bring the defending buttons to replace “pass” and “shoot” buttons. You’ll then slide the “2nd defender” button down. Make sure to slide down and not up to bring your goalie forward/goalkeeper rush. If you are not using buttons, you may try to double tap goalie, though we haven’t tested on non buttons yet. You can try it for your self as you enjoy the FIFA mobile game. Also make sure to upgrade to the latest version of EA Sports for better features and user experience. Thank you for reading our article of how to goalkeaper rush in FIFA mobile. We wish you a good luck, Please follow us on our Facebook page “falcomdaily updates” to know more about FIFA and football solutions.

How to goalkeaper rush in FIFA. Mobile. Image showing new version of FIFA with latest players for some clubs after transfer.
Latest FIFA version

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7 Replies to “How to goalkeeper rush/move goalie in FIFA mobile”

  1. Matthew Bunting

    Thanks a lot , I thought I tried everything for a GK rush but couldn’t find it , it’s a must move when playing in the higher leagues of H2H matches , iv lost many a goal & game playing against a team that no’s how to GK rush , I’ll be trying it out straight away & many Thanks again

  2. Tony

    Has anybody been playing fifa mobile where the GK throws the ball into his own goal…? Happened to me twice and I didn’t touch any buttons. Infuriating but funny to watch if you’re the opponent.

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