12+ best Swahili songs for reels on tiktok, and Instagram.

12+ Best Swahili songs for tiktok, Instagram reels/edits, compiled here. There are millions of songs in the world but only a few make it to trend on tiktok, Instagram, and YT shorts. Tiktok has also made some songs to be a trend in the town. Some are used for popular dance reels, travel reels, and more. We have made our research from Tiktok, Instagram, and YouTube shorts to come up with the following best trending songs on those platforms. The following songs have also been used by popular tiktokers who have been trending. That means, selecting the best background song will make your videos catchy and trendy. So, here are 12+ best Swahili Songs trending on tiktok, Instagram, reels. You can also use them for the best output.

12+ best Swahili songs for Tiktok, Instagram reels. Popular Swahili artists who songs have been featured in trendy reels.

Yamebadilika by komando wa Yesu

This is a gospel Swahili song that has been trending on tiktok. The song has great lines which many tiktokers have fallen for, it’s a great song. This song can be used in a number of reels ranging from dances, worship, and more.

Amor by Rayvanny

This is another popular Swahili song on tiktok. If you have been active on tiktok, you might have come across this song. This song have been used by tiktokers like dancer Moya David on their dance videos. The song has really bring out the best output for him and many others, it can also work for you. The song has fantastic tune, and a creative tiktoker will get the best output. The song can do well in any reel, it just requires a creative tiktoker or vlogger.

Moyo by Mbosso ft Costa Titch and Phantom

This song was released on July 2022 by Tanzanian singer Mbosso, alongside Costa Titch, and Phantom. Amazingly, it has gone viral on Tiktok videos and photo edits. It has also been used by celebrities, for instance the Wasafi CEO, Diamond. The song is now used by many individuals to share their selfie videos, photo edits, and reels. Part of the song chorus “ aaaah, Moyo niache nifurahi, nilipotoka majanga noma nishai. Moyo nyumbani sitaki kuwahi. Maana mpaka Kwa mangi ananidai…” has now become Tiktokers favourite.

Mwambieni by Zuchu

This is another great Swahili reel song on Tiktok, Instagram, videos. The song really deserves to make this list of best Swahili songs on Tiktok, Instagram reels. The song was released by Tanzanian popular singer, Zuchu. Many tiktokers have loved the lyrics “Mwambieni, mwambieni…” it’s a common frase in those short video platforms.

Why by Diamond

This is another popular song on Tiktok from popular Tanzanian singer, diamond. The song has been used by popular tiktokers, including dancer Moya David. Many have loved those outstanding dance moves with this song in the background. The song has also become a great Swahili hit outside Tiktok.

Sugar by Jay Melody

We can’t talk about the 10 best Swahili songs on Tiktok, Instagram, without including this one. The song has fantastic tune and many viewers will absolutely love it.

Nakupenda by Jay Melody

This Swahili song by jay melody has been a trend on Tiktok you will it on Tiktok dances since it’s being used on a number of dance challenges. Moreover, tiktokers are also using this song song to express their love. It’s a great love song with lovely lyrics to express ones feelings. You can also try it in your love reels or any other.

Hadithi by Diamond platinumz ft Barnaba

This song has also been trendy on reels. Diamond is absolutely a great Swahili artist and his songs have been trending online. This song has great flow to make wonderful reels or photo edits.

Number one by Rayvanny ft Zuchu

This is a love song From popular as well as great Swahili singers, Zuchu and Rayvanny. The song has great flow and the voice of Zuchu is awesome. The song has been used in a number of trending videos on Tiktok. You can also use it in your reels to make those videos more catchy.

Nga’ri Nga’ri by lava lava

This is also a common Swahili song on Tiktok. The common phrase used by many tiktokers is “Najiamini Niko pekee yangu ndo maana natamba…”

Mtasubiri by Diamond and Zuchu

This is one of the latest collaboration popular Swahili singer/ songwriter Diamond. Many of his collaborations are always on top and this is one of them. The song talks about the love story between diamond and Zuchu. They are trying to express how some people are against their love. They are passing message to haters that they will wait, but they’ll not breakup easily as they expect.

Utu by Alikiba

This song is wonderful in bringing the best output on videos. Utu has been used by many tiktokers in a number of Trendy video reels. You can also use it in your videos, viewers will fall for that nice voice in the song.

Dai Dai(instrumental) by Fathermoh ft Karen

This is one of the latest songs that is being used regularly on Tiktok. Tiktok has made a number of songs more popular and this is one of those songs. Many people have loved the phrases in the lyrics that has made the song very popular.

Those are our 12+ best Swahili songs for reels on Tiktok, Instagram, and more. You can also use those songs in photo edits. All the best!

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