15 Best songs for travel reels/adventure

15 Best songs for travel reels/ adventure, compiled here. Traveling is part of life and billions of people travel every day for one reason or another. There are also different means of transport, ranging from air, water, walking, cars, and more. Traveling gives people a chance to explore different parts of the world. When exploring the world, or maybe enjoying some nature walk, and more. You can create some catchy reels as you share your experiences to the world.

Therefore, using the best songs in your travel reels will make your videos more catchy. In this article, I have made thorough research from top travel tiktokers and best reels about travel to come up with this list. You can go through our list and select the best song for your reels on travelling/ adventure. It doesn’t matter weather in a plane, walking on beaches, in bus, car, having a nature walk, or more. The following songs will absolutely create the best background for your reels. Without further ado, Here is our list of top 15 songs for travel/nature walk.

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15 best songs for travel reels/ adventure. Image showing Family taking video as they travel.
Create lovely videos and photos then add best reel songs in background

Feel so close by Calvin Harris

This song is absolutely great and really deserves to open up our list of best travel reel songs. The song has fantastic tune for traveling videos. You can use the beats in your reels as you expect a great output.

In the end (Mellen Hi remix) by Timer profit feat fleurie

This is another wonderful song for travel reel, it really deserves to be in our list. The song has been used in a number of travel videos on tiktok. I really loved how it makes traveling videos catchy. The song has worked for many and you are not an exceptional. Your viewers will absolutely love it’s starting beats followed by a wonderful voice. Try it and see for yourself in your travel reels.

Habits (stay high) by Towe Lo

You are traveling and having that happy feeling. Maybe you are visiting a place for the first time or enjoying a ride in a plane or somewhere else. If you are experiencing such feelings, why don’t you use this song to create your travel reels. Towe really made a wonderful song, many of your viewers will also love the background voice.

Experience by Ludovico Einaudi

Experience is a great hit that have been trending on tiktok in a number of videos. As you experience the world, you can also use “experience” song in your reels. Undoubtedly, the tune will melt the hearts of many, it is absolutely catchy. You can use this song in a variety of travel/adventure videos. For instance, nature walk in mountain, wildlife, and more.

In heat by Hentai Xander

Great song for combining different places in one video. The play and pause in the beginning of the second will do wonders in showing different places. It requires great timing as you chani pictures of great places you have captured. Be it the pictures from nature, airport, abroad, and other new places. You can use the beats of this song as you change those lovely images.

Stay by the kid larroy and Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is a popular artist across the globe. His music are always outstanding and many have become world hits. Stay is another wonderful song by Justin Bieber alongside Kid Larroy. With the combination of this two great musicians, expect something great. Stay is one song you can use in travel reels to bring the best output. You can try it for yourself and see what you’ll get.

Unstoppable by Sia

This is one of the top songs on tiktok and has been trending throughout this year. The song is not only used in travel reels but also a number of other reels. In other words, this song is flexible and it doesn’t matter which type of travel reel you have. Weather it’s nature, beach, road, snow, and more. This song will still deliver the best in those reels.

Call on me(Ryan Riback Remix) by Starnley

This single song by Stanley was released back in 2016. Traveling has no expiring date, and this song is not out of the market yet. It is a great song for travel reels and has been used by a number of tiktokers. You will love the sweet voice of Stanley, therefore include this song in your reels. Your viewers will be absolutely entertained.

Dancing in the streets of Barcelona by Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran is a great musicians and she is popular for her wonderful work. One of her greatest work is this song and the title itself shows how this music was plotted well. In this song, ed Sheeran talks about how one can close his/her eyes then pretend to be dancing in streets of Barcelona. It is a wonderful love song as well as can be used in travel love. The song will give you the best output in your travel reels especially while in airplane. Therefore, it is absolutely one of the best songs for travel reels.

Tigini by Kikimoteleba

This list of 15 best songs for travel/adventure reels is not complete without including this song. Though it’s not an English song but you’ll love it’s flow. It is a common song in tiktok and that’s why it has made up in this list. The song can be used in a number of reels, I like it’s flexibility. Tiktokers also use it traveling reels and it has worked well for many. Many travel reels have trend with this song in the background. I am sure if you are an active tiktoker, you might have come across this song. The song is wonderful and I one hundred percent recommend to you.

Safe and sound by capital cities

Safe and sound is also a fantastic travel reel song. The tune will fit well in your travel reels, maybe in a vacation or more. You can use this song to create lovely reel videos.

Paris by Chainsmokers

This song talks about traveling places and meeting new people and friends. The song is all about using your free time to travel as you enjoy life. This song will play an important role in your travel reels since it talks about having fun as you travel as well as meet awesome people. It is a wonderful song in travel reels.

Such a whore by JVLA

This song is one of the most trending great songs on tiktok. The song has been used in a number of reels like football reels, beach reels and more. Impressively, You can also use this song in travel video reels. You are just required to be creative in order to bring the best from this travel reel song.

The nights by Avinci

This is also a wonderful song and must be included in this list of 15 best songs for travel reels. will remain to be a great legend in music industry. His songs are great, “the nights” which has outstanding beats. In addition to that, the song has wonderful lyrics. The best part you can use in your travel reels is “ he said, one day you’ll leave this world behind. So live a life you will remember. My father told me when I was just a child. This are the nights that never die/ my father told me…”

Forever by Labrinth

This is another trending song on tiktok used in a number of reels. Despite the song released in 2019, it has become popular in tiktok throughout 2022. The song has a lovely tune which you can use on your travel reels. You’ll just need to be a bit creative and it’ll give you the best output.

Those are the 15 best reel songs for travel/ adventure. You can use them to create those catchy reels/shorts on Tiktok, Instagram, and more. It just require some creativity and good timing. All the best!

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