how to get free internet in Kenya/ 10+ ways

How to get free internet in Kenya /10+ latest ways. Internet has now become somewhat essential in our daily lives. Many services are now offered online, including shipping online, making calls, online education, working online, an and more. Therefore, you can see for your self how internet is very important. We have three major communication companies in Kenya, namely Safaricom, Telcom, and Airtel.

Those are the three companies we are going to focus in this article. The mentioned companies have come up with great offers on free internet. Here, you’ll be able to know how to get free internet in Kenya from those three companies. Let’s dig in. Free Safaricom bundles We will open our list with Safaricom which is one of the most successful company in Kenya. You can get free internet from Safaricom using the following 7 ways.

Free Safaricom bundles

The following are some of the ways the ways you can get free Safaricom bundles in Kenya.

When you purchase new Safaricom bundles

You can get free Safaricom bundles by purchasing new Safaricom line. This is a tactic Safaricom is using to attract new clients. If you have a Safaricom line already, you can still purchase another one to get the bundles.

Downloading mpesa app

Almost every customer of Safaricom uses Safaricom mpesa to send money in Kenya. Therefore, with your Safaricom line you can get free bundles by downloading the app. The mpesa app is available in Google play and you can use it to get free internet bundles. What you have to do is make sure your line is registered to Safaricom mpesa. Thereafter, download then install mpesa app to your android. Once you enter the required details in the app, including your phone number. You will get free Safaricom bundles of about 500 mbs.

Safaricom app advertisement

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Free birthday bundles

This is another fantastic way to receive free internet bundles in Kenya. Safaricom will always give it’s active customers free bundles on their birthdays. Make sure to keep your Safaricom line active during your birthday. The bundles are given to main Safaricom line that you registered First with your identification card. You will receive a message from Safaricom Once they give you the data bundles. However, sometimes you won’t get the message, but you can check your data bundles balance and you’ll notice extra 1 GB bundles.

How to get free internet bundles in Kenya. Free Birthday bundles message

Safaricom zuri refferal bundles

You can also get free Safaricom bundles through Zuri refferal program. Safaricom Zuri is a WhatsApp number that help Safaricom users online. The number help users in several services, including buying bundles, SMS, manage subscriptions, and more. Just text anything on Safaricom Zuri number. You will be given different options where you’ll select option 5 (tell a friend). You can reffer as many friends as you can. You’ll get a total of 50 mbs per referral.

How to get free internet bundles in Kenya. Image showing Safaricom zuri advertisement.
Safaricom zuri refferal program

Free viusasa data pass

You can also get free viusasa bundles and enjoy free internet. Just dial *544# then pick option 7 to access this wonderful offer. You will get free 100 mbs to watch your favourite show on viusasa. You can choose your favourite programme to use the data, including news data pass, soap data pass, and elimu data pass.

Free opera mini data

Opera mini has partnered with Safaricom to offer free internet bundles. Just download the new version of opera mini and install. You will be given free 50 mbs on daily basis to use on some sites like Facebook, crypto currency, betika, odibet, and more.

How to get free internet bundles in Kenya. Image showing opera mini free bundles advertisement.

Free nyakua bonus data

This is one of thy latest Safaricom offers. Dial *544# then pick option 0 to access the offer. Option 0 is the nyakua bonus, you can check your daily spend, balance, and more. Once you reach your nyakua daily target, you are given free nyakua bonus. It depends with the target and amount they have offered to you. Just subscribe to nyakua bonus deal. Free Airtel bundles I have some of the ways to get free Airtel bundles for both new and used Airtel lines. You can get free bundles in your Airtel line through the following ways.

How to get free internet bundles in Kenya. Image showing nyakua free bundles advertisement.

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Airtel bundles

This is one of the ways to get free internet in Kenya through your Airtel line.

Download Airtel app

The Airtel app performs a number of operations on your Airtel line. It is an official app for Airtel customers to easily access some operations. You can download it and install to receive free Airtel bundles. The Airtel app is found in Google play store.

Airtel bundles for new users

This is a second way to get free internet bundles in your Airtel line. New Airtel lines will receive free bundles guaranteed. This offer is used to welcome new Airtel users as well as make new lines active. Just buy new line and activate to get free internet. Free Telkom bundles You can also get free internet in Kenya on your new or old Telcom line. Here are some of the ways to get the free bundles in your Telcom line.

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Telcom free bundles

we have made our research on ways to get free internet bundles in Kenya via Telcom line. Check the following two ways.

new Telcom line

New Telcom lines are given free bundles guaranteed to make the lines active. It is also a way of welcoming new Telcom users. Just buy and activate new Telcom line to get the free bundles.

Free madaraka bundles

This is also a way to get free bundles in Kenya. Madaraka bundles offer is available to both new and loyal customers. In Madaraka bundles, you will be getting 1 GB every month plus 100 minutes.


Those are the ways on how to get free internet in Kenya. You can try them out those offers before they expire. Also note that the list may be subjected to change since some offers mentioned above may expire while some may come up. All the best.

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