8 fastest players in premier League 2022/2023

8 fastest players in premier League 2022/2023, compiled here. Individual brilliance is important in team success. Having players who can run faster to get the ball or initiate counter attacks due to their speed is wonderful. Recently, transfers have been made as some premier League team have strengthened their squad with some of the fastest players. Apparently, some players who used to be fast have also been sold out.

Thanks to upcoming players who have also improved in terms of pace. In this list, we have made our research on the fastest players in Premier League. We made our list from statistics of highest speeds recorded in premier League. We have also considered the consistency of the player when it comes to making runs. The following players are still playing for their respective Premier league clubs till now. Therefore, here is the list of 8 fastest players in premier League 2022/2023.

Luis Diaz

When we talk about speed, Luis Diaz deserves to make up this list of 8 fastest players in premier League. The player is consistent in making runs that yield fruits at the end. Luis Diaz can run with the ball and a slow defender can not easily catch him. He was signed in Liverpool during the 2021/2022 season and he has win several trophies with the club, including FA, Community Shield, and more. He is a great player who is always ready to run faster and make impact in the squad.

Luis Diaz, Liverpool

Gabriel Martineli

Gabriel Martineli is a Brazilian professional footballer who plays for arsenal. Arsenal has had a wonderful 2022/2023 season with Gabriel Martineli making great contributions. This player has been on the frontline when it comes to arsenal counter attacks. He has been named severally as the Man of the match, what a player! He is absolutely one of the fastest players in premier League as well as the whole world.

Gabriel Martineli, Arsenal

Mohamed Salah

Mohamed Salah has been enjoying a successful career in Liverpool. He has been of great importance when it comes to speed in the squad. A good number of defenders have been terminated by this incredible player. With his position as a right winger, he normally make runs with the ball In front to yield something great for the club. This player is still one of the fastest players in premier League.

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Mohamed Salah, Liverpool

Kyle Walker

When we talk about 8 fastest players in the premier League. You’ll notice that the list have been dominated by wingers and strikers. Kyle Walker is a defender but he normally makes great runs in case of counter attacks against his team, Manchester city. He has stopped several strikers due to his pace, therefore a great benefit for Pep Guardiola side. This player is always on pep plans when he realises that he is going to face fast wingers in the globe.

kyle Walker, Manchester United

Marcus Rashford

This is another top player who runs faster in English premier League. Marcus Rashford has been doing well even in the past. Though his team, Manchester United begun struggling but Rashford’s speed gave the team a great boost in terms of winning. If you have been watching Manchester United matches, you might have witnessed how fast Marcus Rashford can run to catch up with the ball.

Marcus Rashford, Manchester United

Earling Haland

Earling Haland is currently one of the best strikers in the world according to current ratings. This player was signed to Manchester city in 2022/2023 season from Borrusia dotmund. He is a wonderful striker and currently he is on the frontline of golden boot race. This player has been consistent in scoring goals and his great speed is one of the weapons for his success. He normally enjoy long balls from world class players as he makes great runs to catch up with the ball. His speed has enabled him score a lot of goals for Manchester city. This player really deserves to make up our list of fastest players in EPL.

Erling Haaland, Manchester city

Anthony Gordon

This is another player who can run really fast. Anthony Gordon plays for premio league side, Everton FC. He is a top player who has pace when it comes to running with the ball. This player has recently attracted interest from top clubs like Chelsea, Spurs, on the frontline. His great success comes from his speed and strength. He can run with the ball faster and he doesn’t get exhausted easily. This player is young and he continues to improve daily in his performance. He deserves to make this list.

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Anthony Gordon of Everton

Raheem Sterling

Sterling is a Chelsea player who recently played for Manchester city. He has succeeded a lot in his former club. What makes Sterling a great player is his ability to run with the ball as well as dribble the ball forward. This player can really be a nightmare for slow defenders hence he deserves some credits. Sterling is absolutely one of the fastest player in EPL.

image showing Reheem sterling

Those are the 8 fastest players in EPL. However, the list may be subjected to change since some players may come up while others may improve. Thanks for reading as your comment will be highly appreciated. You can also follow our Facebook page falcomdaily updates.

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