6+ best strikers in premier League right now

6+ best strikers in premier League right now, compiled here. The English Premier League is one of the most competitive league in the world. Some of the best players in the world come from the EPL. Clubs in have been making big signings as some players have also been released to other leagues during the transfer window and now we can see the results. Our focus today will be on best premier League strikers till now. We made our list according to the strikers contribution in the team.

A better striker should not only have good finishing ability but also can assist, and create chance when things are tight. This list have included every striker, it doesn’t matter if one plays as a false nine or permanent striker. We have come up with the overall performance of the players then ranked depending on their impacts on the team. Without further ado, here are the 6+ best premier League strikers right now.

Earling Haland

Earling Haland is an incredible player even before coming to Manchester city. He was a fantastic player which made city to sign him at the beginning of 2022/23 season. He has proved his worth by making a great impact in the squad. Haland has scored a lot of goals for Manchester city making him in the frontline of golden boot race. This player waste no chances inside the box. Besides his finishing ability, he can also carry the ball forward with his incredible speed. He is one of the players whose difficult to mark hence a great threat to defenders. He really deserves to open this list of best strikers in EPL.

6 best strikers in premier League, image of Earling Haland.
Earling Haland of Manchester city

Harrie kane

Harrie kane is another wonderful player who has enjoyed a successful career in Tottenham Hotspur. He has always be on the frontline of scoring and making assists for the club. This player was desired by a number of teams but Spurs found it difficult to release him. Indeed, he is a player to keep with his level of consistence. He is currently on the golden boot race, what an incredible player to make this list of 6+ best premier League strikers.

Image showing Harrie Kane.
Harrie Kane of Tottenham Hotspur

Gabriel Jesus

Gabriel Jesus was signed to arsenal from Manchester city at the beginning of 2022/23 season. He has proved his worth in the club giving arsenal hopes to return back to the champions League. No doubt that he is the main player for Arsenal improvements. Currently, arsenal is lethal as they held the top 4 position strongly. In fact, there are high chances for them to qualify for the champions League again after more than 5 years. The club is also in the premier League title race. Gabriel Jesus is one of the main players for Arsenal FC when it comes to winning and goal contributions. The player is currently among the top scorers and he’s still scoring. He has been recently called for the world cup. He really deserves to be included in our list of 6+ best strikers in EPL right now.

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6 best strikers in premier League, image of Gabriel Jesus.
Gabriel Jesus, one of the best strikers in PremierLeague

Roberto firmino

The world will not forget easily the reign of Mohamed Salah, Sadio Mane, and Roberto firmino. The mentioned players were among the dangerous front three in the world. Currently, Sadio Mane went to Bayern Munich but firmino has stand up out for his club, Liverpool. Roberto firmino has saved Liverpool several times in terms of goals and assists. He is now on top form with his scoring ability and creativity. Recently, there have been a lot of discussions on why he has been left out of Brazil squad for the world cup. According to many, this player has had a great season and deserves a place. Roberto firmino deserves to be included in this list of best strikers in EPL, he is absolutely one of the best.

Image of Roberto Firmino
Roberto firmino of Liverpool

Ivan Toney

Ivan Toney is another incredible forward. He came with his team Brentford from relegation to the premier League. Thanks to his hardwork with the help of team mates to make the club stay in the premier. Toney has been on great form since arriving to the EPL. He has been doing well in scoring goals as well as a playmaker for the team. Due to his performance, he was once called for international duty.

Ivan Toney of Brentford

Alexander Mitrovic

Alexander Mitrovic is a main player for his club, Fulham FC. He made the club to come from relegation to premier League. Now, he is helping the team to perform while in the EPL. He is a top goal scorer for his club and also competing with other players in golden boot race. Mitrovic can score in any team including the big six when given a chance.

6 best strikers in premier League, image of Alexander Mitrovic.
Alexander Mitrovic of Fulham

Darwin Nunez

Nunez is also one of the best strikers in EPL. He plays for premier League side, Liverpool FC and Uruguay national team. Darwin Nunez begun on a low knot when he begun playing for Liverpool from Benfica. Currently,it seems he has catch up with the premier League. He has scored in a number of his matches for Liverpool. Besides scoring, he has also given a number of assists. He is indeed one of the best strikers in premier League.


Those are the 6+ best strikers in EPL right now. However, our list may be subjected to change. It depends on how the player may perform. Some players may improve to come up into our list while some may go down. Additionally, If you’re playing FPL, you can try your luck with those players. They make several goal contributions. You can share your views on the comment section and follow our Facebook page falcomdaily updates.

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