7 Best football games for Android 2023

7 Best football games for Android 2023, compiled here. Billions of people are soccer fans across the globe. Therefore, we have football games to entertain every soccer fans. We have a lot of football games for Android which is great. However, you may be overwhelmed on picking the best football games for Android.

We have compiled a list of 7 best football games after conducting our research. We have tried out a lot of games and trust me, many games aren’t that great. If you are a soccer fan who knows top footballers like Messi, Ronaldo, Mbape, Neymer, Benzema, and many others. You’ll need a football game that’ll look real to enjoy it. A good football game should have good graphics, licensed with top players, and more other features. In other words, one would need a football game that’ll look real. We have selected the 7 best football games for Android 2023 after conducting our research. Hence, below are our selection;

eFootball 2023

This football game is one of the top android football game, bringing tight competition to other mobile games like FIFA mobile. The eFootball 2023 was previously known as PES football but it lost the ‘PES’ from it’s name. This game has wonderful graphics that have impressed many. You will absolutely enjoy playing this android game. Despite FIFA mobile having many licensed players, eFootball is very enjoyable. You can still unlock a number of player packs. Moreover, it features outstanding controls, local multiplayer, online multiplayer, and more.

7 best football games for Android 2023. Image showing how eFootball 23 looks like in Google play.
image from Google.com


– It has wonderful graphics

-it is licensed with a good number of players

– You have options to play with either human, or AI.


– It is not compatible with some Mobile phones .

FIFA mobile: FIFA world cup

This is another wonderful android football game. It works like FIFA mobile game with similar features. This version of FIFA mobile has world cup teams from group stages. You will enjoy playing with different nations as you bring the world cup 2022 in form of a game. This game has all the players in 2022/23 representing their respective nations. You can pick a nation then play from group stages to winning the world cup. Besides the world cup, you can still play the career mode where you’ll be leading your own team to victory. You have options to unlock players, buy players, exchange players, and more in your career team. It is not made up of world cup only, you will enjoy the two sides. It is an enjoyable game indeed.

7 best football games for Android 2023. Image showing FIFA mobile, FIFA world cup.


-It has wonderful graphics

-Licensed with a lot of latest players in 2023

-It is compatible to many android phones

– It takes less storage space


– The leagues only allows you to play with human beings, which may give you opponents with premium players(very strong players). Hasn’t include AI option.

Dream league 2023

Dream league has been competing well in terms of android games. The game has been improving over the years and now we have the dream league 2023 which has a lot of wonderful features. The idea of the game itself is enjoyable, where you’ll be required to grow your dream team to become one of the world best team. This game has about 8 leagues, and different cup competitions. You can sign players and train them to greatness. The game has wonderful features, including graphics, controls, and a number of licensed players.

Image showing Dream league 23 display.
Download dream league 2023 from Googleplay


– You’ll be given an easy league as you develop to proceed. – It has good graphics and controls.

– Compatible with many android phones

– You’ll get premium players for free. Not necessary to pay money in order to get the best players.


– It requires a quite larger storage space compared to FIFA

EA sports FIFA 2023

This is another gorgeous game you’ll enjoy playing. In fact, it is the latest version of FIFA mobile game, designed for 2023. The game has maintained all the wonderful features that the previous FIFA mobile game had. You will enjoy its wonderful graphics, controls, and more. The game has all the necessary license, including players. It has up to 50,000 players as you’ll see all the familiar players.

7 best football games for Android 2023. Image showing how FIFA 23 looks like.

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– It requires on a small storage space

– It has great graphics and controls

– You’ll get a lot of licensed players


– You will be facing online opponents in most of the games.

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Top 11 be football manager

This is also a wonderful football game for Android phone. This game is somewhat a little bit different from the mentioned ones. Here you’ll be acting as a manager them use your managerial tactics to lead your team to victory. Unlike the above mentioned football games where you participate actively in playing. Here you’ll just implement your tactics as the players use them leading to victory. It is an enjoyable game, as many have also loved it. The game has good ratings in the playstore with more than 10 million downloads.

7 best football games for Android 2023. Image showing top 11 football manager display.


– Has great graphics card

– It is easy to play


– No option to control your players.

Football Strike

Football strike is another enjoyable football game for Android. The game mainly focuses on set pieces, that’s what makes it a little different. You have an option to face friends in multiplayer face to face free kick face-offs. Alternatively, you can also succeed in career modes. In this one, you will get to different stadiums across the globe. You will be facing different challenges in those stadiums, either as a goalkeeper or player. You will win different medals when you progress well in the career mode. This game from Miniclip has a simple and great gameplay, you’ll absolutely enjoy it.

Image showing football Strike display.


– Has great graphics

– Compatible with many android devices

– It is free of charge to download


– No option to play as a full team.

Score hero 2023

Score hero is another great game in 2023. The game has wonderful graphics and controls. The idea in the game is that, you’ll have your own team and lead it to greatness. The game is compatible in many mobile devices and it’s a great option for many. The game is enjoyable, and many have loved it. It currently have a rating of 4.4 from at least 2 million reviews.

7 best football games for Android 2023 image showing how score hero looks like.


– Has great graphics

– Compatible with many mobile devices


– Not licensed with very many players.

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Final Word

Those are the 7 best football games for Android 2023. However, our list may be subjected into change. Such that, we may have better football games coming up to compete for the best position and supremacy.

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