10+ Tallest defenders in EPL 2023

10+ Tallest defenders in EPL 2023, compiled here. Football, is one of the most loved and treasured activities in the current world. Regardless of the gender, all people love and actively participate in it. Furthermore, we have the die hard fans who can do anything for their team. Individuals can take part in it, either thorough watching, betting or even attending the live match at the stadium. If you are a football fan. You can take a look at the 10+ tallest defenders in EPL below.

Dan Burn (1.98m)

Dan Burn is a New Castle united player, who does an exemplary job. He is an English Professional footballer, whose journey can be noticed, he has been upgrading himself with each year. It can be noted that he has made 19 appearances for Darlington. Burn is of 30 years old, and has a height of 1.98m.

Tallest defenders in EPL, Dan Burn.
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Jarrel Quansa (1.98m)

Jarrel Quansa, is an English Professional footballer, who plays as a center back defender for the Liverpool club. His height is that of 1.98m, thus he could not be left out when listing the tallest defenders in the English Premier League. Jarrel is only 19 years, yet he is doing incredibly great in his football career. I have no doubt that with hardwork, exposure and practice he will be among the Greatest Of All Time.

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Image of Jarrel

Reece Welch (1.97m)

Reece Welch, plays for Everton Club in the English Premier League. His position is that of a center back defender, in which he has mastered and perfected on it. His work is one of a kind, at only 19 years, we can say he is really trying his best. Reece has so much ability and potential in him.

Tallest defenders in EPL, Reece welch

Tyrone Ming’s (1.96)

Tyrone Ming’s, is an Aston Villa player, he plays as a center back defender. Consequently, he plays for the England National Team, and has a height of 1.96m. Like any other professional footballer, Ming’s has a journey, his is quite interesting. He started it off as one who was playing non- league football with Yate, it can also be noted that he attended Southampton Academy.

Tallest defenders in EPL, Tyrone Ming's.

Charlie Goode (1.96m)

Charlie Goode, is a Brentford player. He has a height of 1.96m, he plays the position of a center back defender. Tyrone Ming’s has been holding this record of one of the tallest defenders in EPL. His educational history, is interesting since he is a graduate of Fulham Academy, he then furthered with his football journey starting off from non- league football,to where he is now, playing for the League football.

Image of Charlie Goode

Tosin Adarabioyo (1.96m)

Tosin Adarabioyo, is a Fulham player. He is an English Premier League professional footballer, who plays for the Fulham Club, as their center back defender. He has a height of 1.96m, therefore one of the 10+ tallest defenders in EPL. He started off from Manchester City and has overtime shifted.

Image of Tosin

Vigil van djke (1.95)

Vigil Van Djke, Is Dutch Professional footballer, who plays for Liverpool as a center back defender, and the Netherlands National Team. He has a height of 1.95m, we couldn’t let him off this list, he is so talented and has so much energy in him, not forgetting the fact that he is considered among the best defenders in the world!

Tallest defenders in EPL.

Joel Matip (1.95)

Joel Matip, has a height of 1.95m, he is a professional footballer who plays for Liverpool club, he is one of their best defenders. He started his professional journey, from as early as 2009 when he with Schalke 04, Matip is of 31 years. With each year, he has been noted to be improving his skills, he is the real definition of aging like fine wine.

Image of Joel matip
Tallest defenders in EPL. Image showing two tall, Virgil and matip.

Yerry Mina (1.95)

Yerry Mina, has a height of 1.95m. He is a Colombian professional footballer, who plays the position of a center back defender, in the English Premier League for Everton Club, and the Colombian National Team. He is the best of the best, he has really Sharpened his defending skills, this can be seen by the fact that he has a record for most goals , in a single World Cup season. Consequently, he has three scored goals at the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Yerry Mina, is only 28 years old, a clear Indication that he has really been giving his all in all the matches, and as the say hard work pays, it’s evident in the output, his records display all that you need to know.

Ibrahim konate

Ibrahim konate is among the 10+ tallest defenders in EPL. He has a height of 1.94 m and still young as well as energetic. Besides his incredible height, he is physically fit for this position. He is a great defender who represented his country France in world cup 2022.

Harry Maguire

This is also one of the 10+ tallest defenders in EPL. This popular Manchester United defender has a height of 1.94 metres. Harry Maguire has been representing England national team for many years. He is a great defender and among the tallest in EPL.


Those are the 10+ tallest defenders in EPL right now. However, our list can be changed with time due to common reasons. For instance, a player may transfer from EPL, new players may come to replace the above, and more others.

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