6 Best Dribblers in Laliga

6 Best dribblers in laliga, compiled here. This article focuses on the best dribblers from Laliga teams. La Liga is a league that is found in Spain. Some of the best players in the world are found in this competitive league. Moreover, a good number is also representing their countries in the world cup, and other international trophies. In this article, we will focus on the best dribblers in La liga. We compiled our list from their stats on complete dribbles.

The following players have impressed this season in terms of dribbling, and also leading to goal contributions. Without further ado, here is our list of 6 best dribblers in La Liga. They include:

Vinicious Junior

Vinicious Junior, is the king of dribbling and deserves to be one of our 6 best dribblers in Laliga. He is known for his skills in dribbling, his pace, how he plays, everything about him is just par excellence. He is a Brazilian who plays for the Brazilian National Team, and for a Laliga Team known as real Madrid. He plays as a winger and we all can attest that, he’s really doing good at it. He was born in Sao Goncala, in Brazil and his football career has been seen way before, when he was 16 years. He was then signed as a member when he was of 18, and ever since then he has been doing extremely well.

Best dribblers in La liga. Image showing Vinicious Junior

Ousman Dembele

Ousman Dembele, is a footballer from French. He plays for France national team and Barcelona, a team in Laliga. He plays the role of a winger, he is 25 years of age. His skills are outstanding, that’s one of the reasons as to why he was bought by Barcelona for about €105 Million, by then he was considered as the most expensive player alongside Paul Pogba. He has done such a great job while in this team, consequently it is noted that he scored five goals at the youth level. He made his international move in 2016, and was part of the squad that won 2018 FIFA world cup.

Ousman Dembele image

Samuel Chikweze

Samuel Chikweze, is one of the 6 best dribblers in Laliga that could never be left out, his dribbling skills are close to perfect. They have been seen becoming better gradually. He is a Nigerian, and plays for the Nigerian National Team as a winger, and the Spanish Club Villarreal. He was born at Umuahia , in Nigeria and he is 23 years old. His footballer journey can be seen from as early as when he was 8 years old, he was mentored by Hon. Victor Opugo. He has grown to be one of the best players, upto date.

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Best dribblers in La liga. Image showing Samuel Chikweze.

Joao Felix

Felix, is a professional Portuguese footballer, he plays for the Portugal National Team and club Atletico Madrid, for LaLiga. Currently, he has been loaned to Chelsea FC. He plays as a forward, the beauty with him is the fact that he is diverse, he can also play as a winger or attacking midfielder. He is prominently known for his attacking skills, his vision and above all his decision making, I have no doubt that with sufficient practice and exposure, he will be the greatest footballer ever.

Image showing João Felix

Nabil Fekir

Nabil Fekir, is an excellent football player. He deserves to be one of the 6 best dribblers in Laliga. He is a French national football player, thus he plays for France National Team and a club known as Real Betis when it comes to Laliga, as a forward. He studied at Lyon, and earned his way up to the top during 2019, when he was promoted to the senior squad. It is in his second season, that he was spotted for his amazing skills. He was even named The Ligue One Young Player of The Year. Isn’t that incredible? Indeed when you put in effort and you give it your best, you’ll truly be noted and appreciated. Indeed hardwork pays.

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Best dribblers in La Liga. Image of Nabil Fekir.

Luka Modric

Luka Modric, had to be included in this list no matter what. He is a croetian Captain, who leads the Croetia National Team, he plays mostly as a central midfielder , but he can also do attacking midfielder or defence midfielder. He has invested in most of the skills, and that is what makes him to stand out from the rest. Moreover, he plays for Real Madrid in LaLiga as a midfielder, his dribbling skills are top notch. They are so noticeable to the extent that, one can be able to spot them with ease. He is infact regarded as the best Croatian footballer ever, he was born in 1985. With 37 years of age, he seems to be aging like fine wine, with each year he gains more and more experience.

Best dribblers in La liga.

Furthermore, we can trace his football journey, since when he was 16 years, with practice and consistency he has been lifted to higher positions. For sure, nothing is ever impossible, every dream can be achieved regardless of how big it is. All that you have to do is to work hard, be consistent, passionate and most importantly be patient.

Final Word

Those are not only the best dribblers in Laliga. Other best dribblers including, Pablo Gavi, Yannick Carrasco, Nico Williams, and Enrique Barja.

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8 Most valuable young footballers under 20

8 Most valuable young footballers under 20, compiled here. In terms of archiving once destiny age has never been a factor. A large number of young footballers have risen in the field of football.

Some are now participating in great league hence making a tremendous world account. Age is just a number ,hard work is the key to success and never giving up on your dreams makes someone to hit his target at the correct time. Many young players have risen up and now are highly valuable in the field of football. This are some of the players who are young in the profession of football but are highly valuable:

Jude bellingham

Jude Bellingham is amidst the young player who have started to make a world account . The 19 year old player plays for Bundesliga club Borussia Dortmund as a midfielder. In addition to that, he has also played for the England national team. His archivements are like Bundesliga goal of the match, rookie of the month, young player of the season and other just to mention a few. Jude has played under 15,16,17and 21 for England. He has also became the youngest goal scorer in a competitive match. In 2022 FIFA world cup and the UEFA Euro cup in 2020 jude represented the country in those tournaments.

8 most valuable young footballers under 20, Jude Bellingham.

Jamal musiala.

Jamal Musiala is one of the upcoming legends in the profession of football. This 19 year old player born in German plays as a winger or as an attacking midfielder. He plays in the Bundesliga club buyern Munich. Jamal has played for Germany national team as he represented them in the FIFA world cup in 2022 and UEFA champions in the year 2020. Jamal has won titles like being the German best national player of the year and rookie of the month. Jamal has an incredible styles and can play good in both lines, also he is confident. He deserves to be part of this list, 8 most valuable young footballers under 20.

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Fablo gavira

This is one of the professional player from Spain. Gavira plays for Barcelona laliga club. This age 18 player plays central midfield. Apparently, Fablo has won many titles, including the kopa trophy and the golden boy. Also he has participated in the UEFA national league and the world cup tournament representing Spain.

8 most valuable young footballers under 20, Pablo Gavi

Eduardo camavinga

One of the young star footballer in la liga league. This 20 year old has made an impressive skills in football. Eduardo plays for real Madrid. This young player has also played for the France national team representing the FIFA world cup. This midfielder has won great titles like in real Madrid are la liga trophy, super Copa, UEFA champions league and UEFA super cup . individual trophy are like UNFP player of the month. This player is soon becoming a record holder in the world of soccer.

Pedri gonzalez lopez.

This is one of the young professional footballer from Spain. Pedri plays as a central midfielder in Barcelona la Liga league. He has also played for the Spain national team. Pedri has many titles in his career for example summer Olympics silver medals, supercopa and others. Individual trophies are like golden boy, kopa tophy, UEFA Europe championship young player, IFFHS world best youth just to mention a few. Currently he is 20 years.

Florian richard wirtz

This is one of the young professional player from Germany. Richard is a dynamic midfielder, he show a lot of passion in the field . currently he plays for Bayern Leverkusen in Bundesliga club. Wirtz has played for German national team representing them in the FIFA world cup qualifiers. This 19 year old player has archive many like UEFA European championship under 21 championship, individual titles are like fritz Walter medal twice, Bundesliga player of the match and others just to mention a few. Soon he is becoming a wo legend in the football world .

8 most valuable young footballers under 20, Florian Witz

Harvey elliott.

Harvey Elliott deserves to be in this list 8 most valuable young footballers under 20 years. He is also one of the best young professional footballer in the Premier League. He plays as a central midfield or Winger forward. He currently plays for Liverpool in the English premier league. Besides that, he has also played for fulham and England national team. Harvey Elliott was recently mentioned as one of the highest scoring tenager in EPL 2023 and Liverpool. The last tenager to score more goals per minute in Liverpool is Reheem Steerling. This 19 year old player has won variety of titles like, UEFA super cup, FIFA club world cup, FA community shield and others in Liverpool. Moreover, he has an individual title of Blackburn rover goal of the season. Surely this is a upcoming hero in the field of soccer.

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Alejadro Garnacho

Alejandro Garnacho is undoubtedly one of the 8 most valuable young footballers under 20. Amidst football pro from Spain, Alejadro is becoming a legend in the English premier league. Currently, Alejandro Garnacho plays as winger. He is in Manchester united first team. He previously played for Atletico Madrid, Spain, Argentina among others. In his football career he has archived some titles like FA youth cup in Manchester united. Additionally, he has an Individual trophy jimmy Murphy young player of the year just to mention a few. Indeed talent can make one shine even at his younger age as not expected by the public.

8 most valuable young footballers under 20, Alejandro Garnacho.

Final Word

Those are the 8 most valuable young footballers under 20 years. However, they are just a small example of youngstars and maybe sooner they’ll be the legends in the next few years. when one embraces his talent surely he can not fail. There are many other player who are growing but this are just a small number.

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