10 tallest goalkeepers in EPL 2023

Top 10 tallest goalkeepers in EPL 2023, compiled here. Football is one of the most popular sport in the world. This sport is now like a career to many in the world. In football goalkeeper position is one of the critical area. The height is not a factor for being the best goalkeeper. Some goalkeepers are tall while others on the average height of human. The following are the 10 tallest goalkeeper in the English premier League

Fraser Foster

He is the tallest and one of the skilled goalkeeper in the English premier league. Gerard was born in 1988 in England. Fraser height is 201cm. Currently in Tottenham Hotspur in the premier league. Fraser has good goal keeping skills like diving , handling , kicking and position. He has won titles like golden glove ,player of the season in Celtic and Norwich and premier league player of the month.

10 tallest goalkeepers in EPL. Image showing Fraser Foster.

Asmir Begovic

One of the competent goalkeeper in the English premier league. This age 35 player currently in Everton. Asmir has also played for Chelsea ,AC Milan and Bournemouth in his club career . Asmir in his football career has archived honours like the English premier league cup while in Chelsea, became Bosnian footballer of the year and Canadian player of the year . the player has also participated in the world cup championship representing Bosnia in 2014 . Currently he recorded to be at a hieght of 199cm.

Image showing Asmir Bergovic

Lucas Bergstrom

Amidst the young raising goalkeepers in the English premier league. This age 20 player from Finland currently plays for Chelsea .He has recorded a height of 205 cm . Lucas is bringing out a world account in being among the best sweeper goalkeeper.

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10 tallest goalkeepers in EPL. Image showing Lucas Bergstrom.

Robin Olsen

Robin is one of the skilled goalkeeper from Sweden . Olsen 33 years old player currently plays for Aston villa in the English premier league. Back year later he has played for Everton , Sweden national team , Sheffield united and other just to mention a few . Olsen has a record of 198 cm in terms of height . Robin has archived variety of title like Swedish goal keeper of the year among the individual titles ,the denish cup and super Liga .Robin rating in terms of movement, attacking , goalkeeping mentality defence and skills is medium.

Wayne Hennessey

This is one of the talented goalkeepers in the English premier league. Currently he plays for Nottingham forest . Wayne’s recorded height is 198 cm . Hennessey has also played for Wales national team , crystal palace and Burnley . He has archived title like the player of the year in Wolverhampton wanderers , football league two player of the month and others . In terms of attacking and goalkeeping Hennessey is perfect .This age 35 average rating is 73.

10 Tallest goalkeepers in EPL. Image showing Wayne Hennessey.

Illan meslier

This is one of the talented footballer from France . Illan was born in 2000 and has a height of 197 cm . Currently he plays for Leeds united for premier league club as a goal keeper . Participated in world cup competition in France national team . This 23 year old player has attained title like being the young player in leeds united and EFL championship . Currently he has 5 clean sheets and an overall rating of 77 . Illan has a medium work rate but a high potential.

Image showing illan Meslier.

Robert Sanchez

An experience Spanish footballer playing in the position of goalkeeper . Robert Sanchez is a former Brighton and hove Albion club player. This age 25 player was signed by Chelsea in August, 2023. He has a height of 197cm, hence one of the 10 tallest goalkeepers in EPL.Robert has varieties of titles like UEFA national league runners up . Robert played for the Spain national team . Robert is perfect in goalkeeping , an average potential of 82 and rating of 79.

10 tallest goalkeepers in EPL. Image showing Robert Sanchez

Jack Butland

This is an English talented footballer who plays the position of goalkeeper . Currently he plays for Manchester united in the English premier league. His on loan from Crystal Palace. Jack has a recorded height of 196 cm. In terms of title jack has recorded titles like England player of the year ,stoke city player of the year and UEFA European under 17 championship. He has also played for the England national team during world cup and stock city. He has a medium working rate. Jack potential is 72 and rating also 72.

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10 tallest goalkeepers in EPL. Image showing Jack Butland

Emiliano Martinez

Amidst the professional footballer from Argentina this is one of the best . Currently Martinez is playing for Aston villa club in the English premier league in the position of a goal keeper . Amiliano was born in 1992 and has height of 195 cm. That height makes him one of the 10 tallest goalkeepers in EPL. He has archived variety of titles some of them are golden gloves and best goalkeeper in the FIFA world cup ,Aston villa player of the season those are individual titles. Other titles are like the FIFA world cup championship FA cup and FA community shield . Other teams that he has played for are Argentina national team and arsenal. The overall rating is 85 and he has a potential of 85 . He is good in goalkeeping.

10 tallest goalkeepers. Image showing Emiliano Martinez.

Alphonse Areole

This is a talented footballer who plays in the position of goalkeeper. He was born in France in the year 1993. Alphonse has a height of 195 cm. Currently he plays for west ham united. Moreover, he has also played for the France national team during the FIFA world cup , Fulham , real Madrid and Paris saints Germain. He has archived some honours like the player of the season in Fulham , FIFA world cup championship in the France national team and other titles. Apparantly, Areole has a rating of 80 and potential of 81.

10 tallest goalkeepers in EPL. Image showing Alphonse Areole.

In conclusion

Those are the 10 tallest goalkeepers in EPL. However, they are just a few since there are more other tall goalkeepers in EPL. Thank you for reading with us, we will appreciate if you’ll follow our Facebook page, falcomdaily updates.

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