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18 Significance of vulcanicity to human activities

18 Significance of Vulcanicity to human activities, compiled here. Vulcanicity is the process through which solid, liquid, or gaseous materials are forced into the earth’s crust or onto the earth’s surface due to high temperature and pressure. Before digging into the 18 significance of vulcanicity to human activities, let’s look at the causes of vulcanicity.

18 significance of vulcanicity to human activities
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Causes of vulcanicity

Faulting it creates cracks or fissures which allows the movement of materials under high pressure and temperature.

High temperature it causes solid rocks to change into molten materials.

High interior pressure– it is released during the process of earth movements. Water coming into contact with hot materials beneath hence it turns into gaseous form.

Earth movements/ plate movements the crust is weakened hence giving way to magma.

The above are some of the causes of vulcanicity. We can now look at the 18 significance of vulcanicity below. Let’s begin with the positive significance of vulcanicity.

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Positive significance of vulcanicity

  1. The features resulting from volcanic process like volcanic plug, geysers, volcanoes, and more. They offer scenic beauty which attracts tourist hence earning the country foreign exchange.
  2. Vulcanicity can lead to production of geysers and hot springs which can be harnessed to produce geothermal power. The power can be used in both domestic and industrial purposes.
  3. Vulcanicity leads to rock metamorphism hence producing valuable minerals for mining.
  4. When volcanic rocks undergoes weathering process, it may produce fertile volcanic soils which can be used in farming. For example, tea, horticulture, coffee and more.
  5. Volcanic rocks like phonolites are valuable raw materials for building and construction.
  6. The windward side of volcanic mountain receives heavy orographic rainfall. Therefore, it encourages settlement as well as farming.
  7. Volcanic lakes are sources of fish. Therefore, they act as sources of food/fish. It’s absolutely one of the 18 significance of vulcanicity.
  8. Some mountains formed from vulcanicity are forested and ice capped. For example, Mt Kenya forming catchment areas for rivers. Therefore providing water for industrial, agricultural, and domestic purposes.
Volcanic process forming features

Negative significance of vulcanicity

In our list of 18 significance of vulcanicity to human activities, below are the negative significance.

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  1. Volcanic eruption causes the loss of both human and animal lives.
  2. Vulcanic eruption may also lead to destruction of properties, i.e buildings, transport networks, and more.
  3. Lava flow may bury minerals
  4. It may also result into emission of poisonous gases that may result into death.
  5. It causes tsunamis/sea waves that may drown coastland or island.
  6. The leeward side of volcanic mountains may experience shadow effects on the leeward side hence causing dryness which will discourage agriculture.
  7. Volcanic features like volcanic mountains, may create barrier to transport and communication hence making it expensive.
  8. Volcanic landscape form rugged nature which discourage settlement and agriculture.
  9. Lava flow may also cover agricultural land
  10. Eruption of volcanic ash and dust into the atmosphere may affect air transport.
18 significance of vulcanicity

Final Word

The above are our 18 Significance of vulcanicity to human activities. You can share your views on the comment section and in case you need help in geography and mathematics. You can find us in our email address

10 effects of earthquakes to human activities

10 effects of earthquakes to human activities, compiled here. Earthquake is a sudden and rapid movement, shaking, trembling of the earth’s crust caused by shock waves that originate below the surface of earth. Earthquakes have different sizes from the weak ones to those that are violent enough to affect human lives. Mild earthquakes are referred to as tremors. We have a number of effects of earthquakes as follows.

10 effects of earthquakes to human activities

Let’s go through the 10 effects of earthquake as follows with some of the real life examples. Below are our, 10 effects of earthquakes to human activities.

Destroy buildings

This is a common problem we had to include in our list of 10 effects of earthquakes to human activities. Earthquakes may make buildings to collapse. Normally, buildings are investments of people and also give shelter to human beings. Therefore, when the buildings are destroyed, it’ll affect human beings life. Many will loss their shelters and investments after the damage of those buildings.

10 effects of earthquakes to human activities
Image from Google.

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Damage infrastructure

When we talk about infrastructure, we talk about roads, water pipelines, gas lines, oil pipelines, and more others. When oil pipelines are broken, it may make oil to spill on the environment. Oil spills may lead to contamination of water and soils. Brocken gas lines may make gas to escape and can cause fire outbreak and explosions.

10 effects of earthquakes, image showing damaged infrastructure.

Loss of lives

The world have experienced several earthquakes over the years as thousands of lives have been lost. A good example is the earthquake that occurred in Turkey and Syria on 6th February 2023. The earthquake had a death toll surpassing 50,000 individuals. It is absolutely one of the 10 effects of earthquakes to human activities.

Restricts the development of towns

This is another great effect of earthquake. We have towns that have gone down in terms of development due to earthquakes. When an earthquake occurs in a town, a number of buildings and infrastructure will be destroyed hence limiting more buildings to be built. Besides that, a lot of resources and money is used to rebuild infrastructure and buildings that have been initially destroyed by earthquakes. Some investors may also avoid towns prone to earthquakes.

Turkey- Syria earthquake

May trigger landslide and rockslides

When large rocks and part of the earth situated uphill are subjected into earthquakes. They may be forced to dislodge and roll down to the valleys. Rockslides and landslides cause death and destroy properties downstream.

Trigger tsunamis

Surely, one of the most hazardous effect of earthquakes are tsunamis. Tsunamis mostly come about when earthquakes occur in oceans, sea, and other large water bodies. One of the most popular tsunami that occurred in the world is in 11th march 2011. That tsunami was experienced in the coast of Japan and it claimed lives of about 18000 individuals.

May cause fire

Earthquakes may also lead to fire outbreak. Normally, fires are linked to brocken electrical and gas lines. Earthquake may break electric and gas lines which may lead to fire outbreak. Moreover, the earthquake may also destroy water pipes which will limit the supply of water to extinguish the fire.

10 effects of earthquakes, image showing fire outbreak.
Fire outbreak after an earthquake

Can result into floods

Earthquakes of high magnitude may make dam walls to crack. Thereafter, the dams may collapse after sometimes making water to flow into the nearby areas hence resulting into floods.

Leads to liquefaction

Liquefaction is a process where the soils become saturated hence loosing it’s strength. Loosely packed Sediments with high water content may be subjected to constant shaking hence loosing their strength. When liquefaction occurs, it may make buildings and structures on liquefied soils to collapse or sink in the ground. An example of liquefaction is the earthquake in 1692, Jamaica. The earthquake resulted into devastation of Port Royal town. It is absolutely one of the 10 effects of earthquakes to human activities.

Raise or lower the sea level

This is also one of the 10 effects of earthquakes to human activities. Earthquakes may lead to displacement of sea flow hence lowering or may even rise the sea level. When sea level is lowered or raised, it may result to either emergence or submergence of coasts respectively.

Final word

The above are the 10 effects of earthquakes to human activities. Some places have experienced strong earthquakes earthquakes that really affected the lives of many. However, minor earthquakes or tremors have no dangerous effects. You can also share your views on the comment section.

12 solutions to aridity and desertification

12 solutions to aridity and desertification, compiled here. Aridity is the state of land being deficient in moisture, therefore leading to scanty vegetation or no vegetation at all. It is common in regions that receive rainfall below 250mm every year. Such areas have total evaporation exceeding the amount of precipitation received.

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On the other hand, desertification is the steady and slow encroachment of large areas of barren land covered with sand onto formerly productive agricultural land. Aridity and desertification have several causes as follows;

12 solutions to aridity and desertification.
Image from Google.

Causes of aridity and desertification

insufficient rainfall


relief barriers

Human activities and more.

12 Solutions to aridity and desertification

Here, we are going to look at the 12 solutions to Aridity and desertification. The solutions are as follows;

Image of aridity and desertification
  1. Afforestation and reforestation programmes. This will help to prevent soil erosion and improve catchment area through evapotranspiration.
  2. Controlling livestock numbers in drought prone areas/ controlling grazing/adopting zero grazing/ organized ranching.
  3. Irrigating the dry lands.
  4. Introducing energy saving technology to minimize overreliance on wood fuel hence reduce deforestation.
  5. Opting to alternative energy sources like water and solar which won’t pollute the environment.
  6. Setting up laws and legislation against industrial emissions in order to control it.
  7. Introduce suitable farming methods or growing of crops that are drought resistant.
  8. Adoption of soil conservation measures like contour ploughing, terracing, planting cover crops and more.
  9. water efficient technology; the water efficient technology can be promoted in industries, households, and agriculture. They include, drip irrigation, water-efficient appliances, low-flow faucets and more. This will help to reduce water consumption hence combat Aridity.
  10. Desalination ; desalination technology like distillation, and reverse osmosis can help to convert water from saltwater into freshwater. Therefore, providing offering an alternative water source for arid regions situated near coastal areas.
  11. Education and awareness ; awareness on the importance of suitable water practices, water conservation, as well as impact of aridity can help to encourage change of behaviour.
  12. International co-operation; this can be achieved through co-operation international organizations and neighbouring countries. Moreover, a country can also co-operate with experts in water conservation and management. This will help in sharing knowledge, technology transfer, and joining hands to address the issue of aridity and desertification from regional to global scale.

Final word

The above are the 12 solutions to aridity and desertification. You can share your views on the comment section. In case you need more help, you can reach us in the email address

12 significance of folding to human activities

12 Significance of folding, compiled here. Folding is the bending of Crustal rocks either upwards or downwards due to compressional force. Before taking you through our 12 Significance of folding. Below are some of the features resulting from folding:

Features resulting from folding

Ridge and valley landscape

Synclinal valley Rolling planes

Inter-mountain plateau

Fold mountains

Those are some of the examples of features formed from folding. Let us now get to the 12 Significance of folding below. Positive significance of folding In our list of 12 Significance of folding, I will begin with the positive significance as follows;

12 significance of folding
Image from

Positive significance

1) Folding results to formation beautiful sceneries. For example, snow capped mountains attract tourists hence earning the country foreign exchange.

2) Fold mountains may act as water catchment/sources of water hence providing water for domestic use/irrigation/industrial use.

3) The windward slopes of fold mountains receive a lot of rainfall that enhances agricultural activities.

4) Folding process exposes valuable minerals like petroleum and coal. Therefore, it makes mining easier and reduces the cost of mining.

5) Through metamorphism process, folding leads to formation of valuable minerals. The valuable minerals can be sold to earn the country foreign exchange.

6) Fold mountains are often forested. The forest provide timber for building and construction/ wildlife habitat/ aesthetic/ medicinal.

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The above are our positive significance of folding in this list of 12 significance of folding. Let’s now take a look at the negative significance of folding.

Feature formed from folding

Negative significance of folding

1) The leeward slopes of fold mountains create rain shadow effects resulting into aridity. Therefore, this will discourage crop farming/agriculture due to low rainfall.

2) Folded landscape leads to rugged terrain which discourage settlement since it’s expensive and difficult to construct houses on such landscape.

3) Features resulting from folding may act as barriers to transport and communication. Generally, it is difficult and expensive to construct roads and communication lines on rugged terrain.

4) Fold mountains may create fog conditions which may reduce visibility hence leading to aircraft accidents.

5) Folding process may lead to burying of some valuable minerals hence making exploitation difficult.

6) Folding may lead to fracturing of rocks, hence resulting to earthquakes or volcanic activities which may result to destruction of properties and loss of life.

12 significance of folding to human activities

Final Word

Those are our 12 significance of folding in human activities. You can share your views on comments. We have teacher/experts in geography and mathematics you can reach us via our email address for more information.

15 significance of faulting to human activities

15 significance of faulting to Human activities. Faulting is one of the internal land forming processes taught in geography. I will be taking you through the significance of faulting to human activities. Before that, you have to know the meaning of faulting. What is faulting Faulting is the cracking or fracturing of the brittle crustal rocks due to tectonic forces (tensional and compressional). Faults are cracks or fractures that develop in the crust when subjected to tectonic forces.

Image showing faulting process.

Features resulting from faulting

1) Fault scarp / escarpments

2) Block mountain /Horst / fault blocks

3) Rift valley

4) Tilt blocks

5) Fault steps

The above are some of the features formed through the process of faulting.

Now let’s see the 15 significance of faulting and how those features formed affect human activities.

15 significance of faulting and features formed to human activities

Below are the positive and negative significance of faulting and it’s features to human activities.

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15 significance of faulting to human activities.

Positive significance

  • Faulting leads to formation of features like Horst mountains and Rift valley that form beautiful sceneries. The beautiful sceneries will attract tourists, hence earning the country foreign exchange which will support the countries economy.
  • Faulting will lead to formation of lakes that will act as sources of water for both domestic and industrial use.
  • It will also lead to displacement of rocks, therefore exposing minerals that are mined.
  • Faulting leads to formation of block mountains that receive rain on the windward side. The rain will then give rise to rivers that will provide water for domestic, agricultural, and industrial use, also may generate H.E.P in presence of waterfalls.
  • Faulting creates deep faults which may act as passage for steam jets. The steam jets may be utilized to produce geothermal power.
  • The block mountains resulting from faulting may receive heavy rains on the windward side. The rains may encourage growth of dense forest which provide timber for building and construction.
  • When faulting occurs across a ridge, it may provide a dip which could form a mountain pass where transport and communication lines can be constructed.
  • Faulting leads to formation of fault scarps where springs occur at the foot of fault scarps, attracting settlements.
  • Vertically faulting across a river may cause a waterfall which may be used to generate H.E.P

The above positive significance are among our list of 15 significance of faulting to human activities. Now let’s look at the negative significance of faulting.

Negative significance

  • Subsidence of the land due to faulting may lead to loss of lives as well as destruction of properties.
  • Faulting may change direction of rivers or even make them disappear. This may interfere with agriculture to farmers who depend on those rivers.
  • Faulting will result to uneven land surfaces as a result of faults, therefore disrupting transport and communication networks.
  • It may change the river direction hence causing floods downstream.
  • Fault lines are centres of earthquakes that may lead to loss of lives and destruction of properties.
  • It leads to formation of Horst mountains that receive low rainfall on leeward side, hence discourage agriculture.

The above is our 15 significance of faulting to human activities. You can comment your views below. We also have teachers in geography, in case of any problem. You can feel free to reach us via our email, we can also teach on map work. Our email is

8+ Best high schools in Nairobi Kenya to learn

8+ Best high schools in Nairobi, compiled here. Nairobi not only serve as the capital city of Kenya, but also we have come to realize that in terms of education sector, Nairobi has got best schools that compete even outside the country. Parents or guardians should prefer their children to join one of the high schools that is located in Nairobi hence good outcome . This are some of the 8+ best high schools that have pulled interest of both parents and even learners.

8+ Best high schools in Nairobi Kenya (boys’ high schools)

We will start this list with the best boys schools in Nairobi Kenya. Below are the best boys schools in Nairobi Kenya.

Nairobi school

Nairobi school is one of the 8+ best high schools in Nairobi as well as the whole country. It is a boys’ school and a boarding school located near Kangemi. Offering compulsory subject,technical and humanities thus giving a learner wide range field he may have interest on. Its well structured with buildings that facilitate learning process .It has been producing best candidates, some in the top position in the national examination .The school is also a force to recon with on matters co-curricular activities giving it many to prefer it.

8+ Best high schools in Nairobi Kenya. Image showing Nairobi high school infrastructure.

Starehe boys high school.

Here comes nice dreams when talk about Starehe Boy’s center national school, even the school name brings a clear image of its look out. Starehe has persistently produced great scholars all over Kenya and outside as well. Its has been ranked for long time among best performing and top schools in Kenya. Starehe has stand out not only in academia but also in co-curricular activities. It has a center for talented boys aims at offering homely support.

8+ Best high schools in Nairobi Kenya. Image showing wonderful environment of Starehe boys school.
image from Facebook

Lenana high school .

Lenana school is a national school in Nairobi, Kenya that accept students who do well from primary. The school routinely has a best look out in national exam where by it has been ranked as one of the best performing schools in Kenya ,It has been since ranked highest in the category of schools with large environment thus learners and teacher are able to carry out scientific research within the compound. Rugby talented learner never regret to join Lenana school. It has produced best team in rugby that has won many trophies even internationally. Many former students have gone on to represent national team in international tournaments. Thus it natures students talents other than classwork.

Strathmore high school .

This is also one of the 8+ best high schools in Nairobi Kenya. Strathmore is a boy day secondary school in has been one of the recently best performing school nationwide. Each year when we come to result announcements by the ministry of education. The school is always among the top schools with it’s students being mentioned among the best. Its well equipped with very competent management team. And also have qualified and experienced teachers providing positive learning environment that benefits students. In terms of co-curricular activities, it’s not left behind hence helps students to explore various interest.

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Image showing great facilities of Strathmore school.

8+ Best high schools in Nairobi Kenya (girls high schools)

Here we will take you through the best girls Schools in Nairobi Kenya. Let’s get the ball rolling.

Kenya high school

Always for every opportunity that comes around, girl child was never left behind, talk about undefeated shining, competitive school well known as Kenya High. This the richest school that every parent desire that one day her daughter will join. Why? this is a public girl’s school that has never missed on top three schools in the country lately. it also produce top students in the country. furthermore, ninety percent of their candidates always achieve a direct entry mean grade to universities. It also well represented in co-curricular activities where their students perform better beyond the country, this is a dream fulfilling school.

8+ best high schools in Nairobi Kenya. Girls with Uniform of Kenya high school.
Image showing wonderful gate of Kenya high school.

Pangani school

Pangani is a prestigious national girl’s school popularly known across the country. As an academic giant, it has held a good run in academic performance for so many years even producing one of the top ten best students in the country. Some former students are the great politician and managers in many offices .Thus being a school that produce great people to the society, nation and even outside the country. Pangani has an association that emphasize on providing wholesome education to students, building them emotionally, physically as well as intellectually. Has a good administration and teaching staff that cooperate well to uplift the girl child academically. They also participate in sports, music and other co –curricular activities. Hence it deserves to be one of the best school in the country.

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8+ Best high schools in Nairobi Kenya. Image showing wonderful infrastructure of Pangani girls.

Starehe girls high school

When comes like brother to sister think of Starehe girls high school that has pulled many girl’s desire to join. This is a school of high class level where top girls from primary school being admitted join. Here, girls are being sharpened further hence giving out high competition to best boys school and other high schools when it comes to Kenya national exams.

This school helps bright girls from poor backgrounds where they support them to fullfil their dreams. The girls in starehe never fail to be among the top best students. Other than the academics ,they take part in sports, music, clubs activities, and after school programs thus providing an opportunity to build team work skills, bond with other students and explore various interest. It’s well structure allowing teachers to create a framework for what they want their students to learn and how they should go about doing so. It is absolutely one of the 8+ best high schools in Nairobi Kenya.

8+ Best high schools in Nairobi Kenya. Image showing lovely building of Starehe girls.
Starehe girls students celebrating their school

State house girls high school

State house girls high school is also one of the 8+ best high schools in Nairobi. The school has maintained a good run in performance at Kenya National Examinations. It has also been producing top students in the country. It’s a girls boarding and extra county school but have best qualities comparing it to some national schools. It is well equipped with experienced teaching staff, who always work hard to ensure learners have sharpened their minds plus positive behaviour. It offers co- curricular activities such as drama, various types of sports activities. Activities outside academics help those learners who have talents that are important besides classwork.

Best high schools in Nairobi Kenya. Image showing girls from statehouse girls presentation.

Buruburu girl

Majority are aware that Buruburu girls is in Nairobi . This is one of the best performing schools in Nairobi and also in the whole country. Having great number of students being admitted also turn out in large qualifying to universities. It’s well structured for better accommodation of students alongside school staff members. The school is also a force to recon with matters co-curricular activities . All these has been achieved as a result of good facilities for learning. When given a chance here you’ll never regret in future as it’s has been a center for girl’s bright future. It is absolutely one of the 8+ best high schools in Nairobi Kenya.

Best high schools in Nairobi Kenya. Beautiful facilities of Buruburu girls.
Best high schools in Nairobi Kenya. Image showing buruburu girls infrastructure.
image from Google

Final word

Those are just a bunch of who have dominated for many years to mention in terms of best in academic, in featuring talented learners on other than class work and also structural outlook. Thus giving many parents including learner get attracted there. They have shown and have no signs to lower back but even improve better than before. All the best in your academic progress.

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12+ Best high schools in Nyanza Kenya to learn

12+ Best high schools in Nyanza Kenya to learn, compiled here. Nyanza, among the eight region of kenya is a host for many best performing high schools . Its composed of six counties namely, Homabay ,Kisii ,Kisumu ,Nyamira ,Migori together with Siaya county . Both the gender schools and mixed schools have been doing exemplary well in the national examination competition . Some even have gone to an extend outside the country . The schools have produced alumni who are great leaders in the country . Weather you have completed your Knec exams, or you just want to know the best Schools in Nyanza Kenya. Here are some of the schools in nyanza region:

Best boys’ high school in nyanza region .

Maranda high school .

This is one of the gorgeous schools in the nyanza region . Stepping inside this great historical school is like halfway to the university . The school has hold a record in terms of national examination. This has been facilitated by presence of good facilities for learning . One who is given a chance to get in this great school has no chance of regretting in future .

Best high schools in Nyanza Kenya, image showing Maranda high school wonderful entrance.
Maranda school, wonderful school to achieve dreams

Maseno School

This is another wonderful high school in Nyanza region, located in Kisumu county. Maseno School has been an academic giant over the years not only in Nyanza but also nationwide. Maseno School is one of the oldest national Schools in Kenya. As a top national school, expect adequate learning resources, and infrastructure. It deserves to be in this list of 12+ best high schools in Nyanza region to learn.

Maseno School Adequate learning resources.
Maseno School, one of the academic giant

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Kanga high school .

It is one of the schools renowned for nurturing talent . The school provides a maximum support to student who have talent in the co- curriculum activities . In terms of the academics, the school also has good structure that are good for learning . Presence of fully installed laboratory for any experiment . Facilities for learning are also sufficient hence learning progress is smoothly going on .

Best high schools in Nyanza Kenya. Image showing Kanga high school great students with teachers.
Kanga high school, wonderful school with great learning resources

Orero boys high school.

This is one of the school which has hit the target in terms of performance. The school provides a conducive learning environment that enhances reading . In 2018, they made it to the top ten list nationally in the national examination . Also in the co- curriculum activities they made it out to the national competition in handball . The school is an extra county but still manage to bring out a stiff competition with the giant school.

Best high schools in Nyanza Kenya. Image showing Orero boys facilities.
Orero boys, one of the top performing schools in Kenya

Kisii high school .

Kisii high school is one of the ancient schools in Keny. Up to now, this school still maintains the top position . This school holds a title of being a national school in kisii county. The school has fully equipped laboratories that are suitable for all experiment . Likely they are not left behind in co-curriculum activities outside classwork.

Best high schools in Nyanza. Image showing kisii high school environment.
kisii school for curriculum and academics success

Mbita high school .

A national school locatated in Homabay county . The school has good and well equipped laboratory that is good for experiment. Once you get inside this school you have the highest probability for fulfilling your dream . You will achieve greatness in this school, provided you’ll work hard. In terms of the co curriculum activities they are not left behind. They give out good outcome .

Best high schools in Nyanza Kenya. Image showing Mbita high school learning environment.
Mbita high school

Agoro Sare high school

Among the awesome schools in the 8-4-4 system. Agoro Sare is an extra county school in Nyanza region. This is one of the school that compete to be among the top in nyanza region . The school provide a good learning environment for the students . Agoro Sare has set a record of producing best grades .

Agoro Sare facilities.
Agoro Sare high school

Best girls school in nyanza region .

Asumbi girls high school .

This is one of the gorgeous school in the nyanza region . The school hold a title of being a national school in Homabay county . In terms of performance , they always do the best . Sometimes even leading in the county . The chances of making to University are higher once given an opportunity to join this school . It has good infrastructure that enhances learning . Also they are giving good outcome in terms of the co curriculum activities .

Asumbi girls lovely environment.
Asumbi girls, one of the top performing school in Kenya

Rang’ala girls school

Amidst the 12+ best high schools in the nyanza region, then this is one of them . The school has given out an excellent performance in the academics . It has complete laboratory that can handle any experiment for students . The school also gives out an exemplary result in the sporting activities. They are capable of reaching higher levels in games and sports activities.

Best high schools in Nyanza region. Image showing rang'ala girls beautiful gate.
Rang’ala high school wonderful gate

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Kisumu girls high school

This is also a great girls school in Nyanza region. This school has been posting good results over the years. Additionally, Kisumu girls has good learning resources. You will be able to access great library materials, laboratories, and more. It’s a wonderful school that deserves to be in this list.

Best girls high schools in Nyanza Kenya. Image showing Kisumu girls wonderful environment.

kisumu girls, national school in Kisumu

Sironga girls high school .

Making it towards the latter so as to reach the next level this is one of the school that one should admire . Starting from the building ,they are fully loaded with learning materials . The school also manage to compete with other giant school for the top position . They do well in academics . The school has not left the co- curriculum activities whereby do well also . This is a dream come through school .

Best high schools in Nyanza Kenya. Image showing sironga girls wonderful environment.
Sironga girls high school wonderful environment

Nyabururu girls high school .

Among the improving schools in terms of the national exams, this is one of the recently that have been recorded in the history of National exams for secondary education. For the past few years the school has been improving gradually in the national exam . This school now has brought out a stiff competition to other giant school . This is a dream fulfilling school . Thus they have all proved that Nyanza is not left behind in the education sector .

Nyabururu girls, national school in Nyanza

Nyakach girls high school .

The school is among the extra county that compete for the top position in the region . They have also made it in sporting activities. In football ,they have made it up to the East Africa competition. The school has good buildings that initiate the cognitive process . You can achieve anything in this great School.

Nyakach girls good buildings.
image showing nyakach girls

St Mary’s Lwak girls high school

This is a school of it’s own standard. In fact making it to this school is not a joke since it has high standards . The school has edifice that are equipped with learning material which enhance smooth learning . The school also do well In terms of the Kenya National Exam . We had to include it in this list of 12+ best high schools in Nyanza region.

Best high schools in Nyanza Kenya. Image showing st Mary's Lwak girls lovely gate.
st Mary’s Lwak, lovely gate

That is our list of 12+ best high schools in Nyanza Kenya. Other than the mentioned above, there are more schools which also do well not only in terms of academics, but also in sports thus naturing learners and touch the need of every learner . Making Nyanza region to produce best students and best talented people who shine outside Kenya.

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8 Best degree courses for self employment

8 Best degree courses for self employment, compiled here. The main reason as to why, one would want to be equipped with a certain set of skills, is so that he/ she can put it into practice. With putting into practice, comes the idea of making money out of it. This brings up the business idea, with the ultimate goal being to provide service and to make profit.

In universities, those who qualify are usually given their degrees, this degrees are the proof that indeed the individual has the relevant skills. However, as much as most people want to be employed, some actually want to practice self employment. They want to manage their business, and run them according to how they know best. Sole proprietorship, is incredible since, you’ll be accountable to you. There are certain courses, that will enable you to achieve this motive, that is if you want to employ yourself in the field that you’ve studied. In this article, we’ve identified this courses and listed them for you. Enjoy.

Barchelor of Nursing

You’ll never go wrong with nursing. It’s the crème dela crème of the industry. People fall sick every single day, thus your work will be to take care of them. You can be employed at the hospital, or you can start your own clinic. Most people prefer to go through their local clinics, first before going to the hospital, this is brought about due to a variety of reasons. It could be due to monetary issues, since at the local place, it’s quite cheaper, faster services since at the clinics they’ll be attended to very fast, unlike in hospitals where there are huge ques, among other valid reasons. Therefore, with nursing, you can establish, either a clinic or a dispensary which will run smoothly, if you provide quality and affordable services.

Best degree courses for self employment in Kenya.

Bachelor of information and technology

We’re living in a technology based era. Everything is digitalized, this cuts across through almost all spheres, be it communication, education, business among others. This is a clear proof, that with a degree in information and technology you can run your business. Cybers, are all over in our cities, thus, you can decide to open your cyber where you’ll be able to help those who are computer illiterate. Through this, you’ll do a variety of things from typing, printing to managing media accounts. With this chores, comes some good form of payment, that is if you’ll be patient, hardworking and run the business with good ethics.

Besides opening businesses, you can further your knowledge in information technology and learn a specific thing to specialize in. For instance, you can use the knowledge in coding to create websites and apps for companies and yourself. You can earn via apps and sites with your knowledge in coding. Therefore, this course is an asset, it will definitely deserves to be in this list of 8 best degree courses for self employment.

Image showing information technology

Bachelor of pharmacy

Pharmacy, is such a competitive course. With a degree in it, you can practice self employment, through first, applying for a license, so that your business can be registered. The registration process, is vital because through it, your business will be regarded as formally legal. You’ll then open a pharmacy shop, where you’ll be prescribing drugs to your clients, with the skills and knowledge that you got from school. Furthermore, you’ll be able to read the doctors prescription then administer it. It’s such an incredible course , you should definitely consider it. All the best.

Pharmacist arranging drugs

Bachelor in electrical engineering

This one deserves to be on our list of 8 best degree courses for self employment in Kenya. You can be employed or decide to work as a self employed after taking your license. Electricity is used almost everywhere in Kenya hence there is high demand of electrical engineers. You can do professional wiring for buildings then get paid good income. You can still be called in case of any electric fault or in case of any assistance needed. Therefore, professional electrician are needed in our lives as things have changed. You can also fix showers and more other properties that will require your skills.

Best degree courses for self employment. Image showing electrical engineer in action.

Bachelor degree in Veterinary medicine

This is also one of the 8 best degree courses for self employment. This course deals with animals and faming. With your certificate, you can apply for license and become a professional veterinary Doctor as you earn a living. You can open your own place where you’ll be offering consultation services as well as selling animal medicine. You can also use this idea in your own benefit to become a professional farmer. In areas where animal farming is taking place, people with knowledge in artificial insemination, animal diseases, and more are needed. You can be self employed as long as you have received your license.

Best degree courses for self employment in Kenya. Image showing Veterinary Doctor in action

Mechanical engineering

This is also a wonderful degree course for self employment. Mechanical engineering deals with vehicles and related. There are many cars and vehicles that require services. As a mechanical engineer, it is not necessarily to go and look for a job. You can just create your own garage then offer services to vehicles as you generate income. You can also sale vehicles spare parts and get money as a self employed individual. You can consider this course in your list of 8 best degree courses for self employment.

Bachelor of business management

Business management, is an enterpreniual course. You’ll get to learn a lot business skills through this course, you’re guided on the fundamental pillars of the business and the market at large. So, with this skills you can be able to run any type of business, whether, a hotel, a shoe, fashion, shops among others.

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It’s such a diverse field, with the right mindset, and zeal you can be rest assured that with years of experience you’ll be the jargon in the field. Furthermore, you’ll be exposed on processes of legalizing your business, how to register businesses, the procedure used among other fundamental things to use to ensure the smooth running of the business. Most importantly, before graduating, you are taken for an internship, so that you can learn a lot of things directly from the source. You can be an entrepreneur with this course, what you’ll need is capital and a great business idea.

Best degree courses for self employment.

Bachelor of hospitality and tourism

Hospitality, is such an incredible course. You’re usually taught a lot of things, in the recreation field. As much as work is important, rest is also needed, so most people usually go for trips to take a break from realities of life. This is where, your business opportunity comes in handy. With a degree in tourism and hospitality, you can open a restaurant which offers all the services, ranging from food, beddings to relaxation facilities. Trust me, you’ll make a good amount of money with this.

The beauty of it all is that, during attachment process in campus, you’ll be required to work in an actual setting, so this is when you’ll get all the relevant skills and the necessary connections. It’s best if you are pro- active, because with this at hand, you’ll really sail to greater heights. To the extent that when you actually open your own business setting, you’ll be already informed on how to run it smoothly.

Best degree courses for self employment in Kenya.

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those are the 8 best degree courses for self employment in Kenya. You can pick the one that you are passionate with. It also depends if you’ll meet the requirements of those courses. You can apply the courses at

6 Most marketable C plain courses in Kenya

Most marketable c plain courses in Kenya. Education is very vital. Honestly, we can never underrate the power of education. Knowledge expands our view point on almost everything, it also determines who we eventually become. The more educated you are, the better you become, and the more valuable in the society you’ll be seen. So learning should be a working progress in our life. Often individuals, who end up not passing in their Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education ( KCSE) tend to believe that they are failures. This is a pure lie, since you can still be someone great in the society. To facilitate your knowledge equipment, there are a variety of courses that one can take. If you’re looking for this courses, then look no further because I have your back. Below are the most marketable courses one can do in Kenya with a C plain grade.

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Clinical medicine, is a very competitive course in the industry. With it at hand, you can be guaranteed that you’ll not lack a job. You can work both in the private and in the public sector, so picking it is a plus, however, it’s not a walk in the park since you’ll be required to work hard and read extensively. All this, will be worth it at the end, because it’s rewards are usually so sweet, with years of experience and expertise you may end up the crème dela crème of the Industry. The best school that can scale you up to this heights, is KMTC, you should consider it.

Best C plain courses in Kenya. Image showing clinical medicine experts.


A diploma in nursing will do you justice. It’s one of those courses that, if you work smart in it you’ll eventually succeed. So, when you have a C plain grade and you think you’ve failed to enroll in a university, then not all doors are closed, you can still enroll in a diploma nursing course. The best school that offers this is Kenya Medical Training College ( KMTC). You’ll be exposed to a lot of knowledge, good exam testing skills because, their exams come directly from Kenya National Examination Council( KNEC). Furthermore, they undergo some deep practical training before being certified, this makes them to outstand. You should definitely consider taking a Diploma in Nursing.

Image showing nurses


Teaching, is an entire career on it’s own, since every year students come to be taught. You’ll never lack students unlike in business where you may lack customers. This training is offered in Teacher’s Training Colleges ( TTCs), therefore you’ll be properly equiped with the skills to manouver. You can end up being a public school teacher, where you’ll be recognized by the government of Kenya and paid by them. Moreover, you can be a private school teacher, or even a more prominent position! This being, a teacher in an international school! Can you imagine how working in such a school will open up your mind, you’ll not only have fun but also be empowered.


With the current world, technology is everything, advancements are being done every dusk and dawn. Therefore a diploma in Information and Technology will place you at a better view point. You’ll be able to perform a variety of functions, running from performing excel operations to publishing stuff. An added advantage is that you may choose to do a variety of things after obtaining the diploma. Either you can choose to upgrade and do a diploma, go into practice or be a teacher, so that you can teach those who want to pursue diploma in Information and Technology. You should consider taking that diploma in Information and Technology.

Best C plain courses in Kenya. Image showing information technology experts in action.


Electrical engineering, is among the best courses in the country. Whether it’s done In terms of a degree or a diploma. The beauty with it is that, it is a very competitive course. You can’t lack something to work on, you’ll be able to work at a variety of places, gain exposure and meaningful connection. To spice everything up, pioneers in electrical engineering, often organize webinars and seminars, where engineers in the field get to be exposed and they have discussions with their mentors. Thus, if you are wondering which course to do and you’re passionate about, electrical fixing and making then you should take this course without doubting.


Food, is part of our life. Actually it is life, because without it we can’t survive for long. With the current generation, it’s very important to have a healthy diet, that’s where professionals in nutrition and dietetics are needed. So that they can give good recommendations. If you are passionate about, healthy meals then you should consider taking a diploma in Nutrition and dietetics. You can also advance on it after receiving the diploma, this will place you on a better level. Consider it .

Best C plain courses in Kenya. Image showing food and dietics experts in action.

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Those are the Top 6 marketable C plain courses in Kenya. You can apply for the above courses in

12+ Best high schools in Western Kenya to learn

Best high schools in western Kenya, here is a list of both boy and girl schools. Western Kenya has a several schools that grab the top 100 position in Kenya national exams. When we talk about western Kenya, we have rounded up counties like kakamega, busia, Vihiga, bungoma, and Trans Nzoia. Those are the counties that makes up the western region. Every county has 2 national schools, boy and girls national schools. However, in our list of best High schools in Western Kenya, we have combined all the schools. We have also some extra county schools doing quite well in performance , and other progress. The best schools in western region should be able to post good results. Moreover, the infrastructure or facilities for learning matters a lot. Some of the following schools have also great teachers who are examiners. Without further ado, here are the best high schools in Western Kenya.

Best boy schools in Western kenya

To balance things up, we will start with a list of best boy Schools in western Kenya. Thereafter, we will also let you know the best girls schools in Western Kenya. So, let’s get the ball rolling

Friends School Kamusinga

This school deserves to open our list of best high schools in western Kenya. Kamusinga is not only the best in western Kenya, but it’s also among the best schools in Kenya. Therefore, making it to this school is worth celebrating. To join the school, one should be able to score highly in KCPE (at least 380 and above.) The school has been performing well over the years and you can be sure to go to the university through hard work. Additionally, kamusinga has enough facilities for learning, the library with adequate learning materials. Also, you’ll be able to access good Laboratories for practical’s.

Friends School kamusinga beautiful gate
kamusinga high school wonderful gate

Kakamega high school

Kakamega high school is a popular School in kenya. It is one of the greatest schools with enough learning resources. This school does well in both education and co curricular activities. It is renowned for nurturing talent in sports like rugby, football, and more. We have several talented sports persons in Kenya who learned in the school. You can make this school as your choice and succeed in both academics and talent.

Best high schools in Western Kenya. Kakamega high school great gate
Kakamega high school beautiful gate

St Joseph’s boys kitale

St Joseph’s boys is also among the best schools in Kenya. This school in Trans Nzoia county has been doing incredibly well in academic performance. You will absolutely make it in this school just like many who achieved greatness. It is also a great choice for you.

St Joseph's kitale with a great entrance.
st Joseph’s kitale, among the best boy Schools with great kcse performance

Chavakali high school

Chavakali high school is now a popular school to many. The school has managed to come up and maintained top position in academics. Making it to Chavakali high school is one of the greatest achievements. In this school, you will be able to learn as well as nature your talent. In 2013, it was at position 8 nationally. Today, it has maintained at top 100 in the country. You can make this great institution as your school of choice.

Best high schools in Western Kenya. Chavakali high school latest tall building
chavakali high school wonderful administration block

St Anthony boys kitale

This is not a national school but it’s doing better than many national schools. The school is not a national school by name but in terms of resources and academics, it’ll offer you with the best. This school has been performing well over the years. In 2021/2022 kcse exams, it almost took the best boy school in Trans Nzoia county from it’s competitor, St Josephs kitale. At Anthony is a great competitor to at Joseph’s, Kitale. As a focused student, it’s great choice and you’ll pass highly just like students in national schools.

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St Anthony boys with it's well designed landscape.
st Anthony kitale, best performing extra county school in Kenya and western Kenya

Butula high school

This is a national school located in Vihiga county. Butula has been doing well in academic performance over the years. This school has taken many students to top universities in Kenya. In addition to that, you’ll be able to access enough facilities in Laboratories, library, and more. It’s a great school to learn and achieve your dreams.

Best high schools in Western. Butula high school wonderful gate
wonderful gate of Butula national school

St peters Mumias

This is another great school in western region. Though not a national school but doing incredibly well. The school has been outstanding in both academics and co-curriculum activities. In addition to that, this school has great learning facilities, including modern Laboratories.

St peters Mumias students taking their exams with seriousness.
Busy students at st Peter’s Mumias, image from

Kibabii boys high school

This school really deserves to be in this list of best high schools in Western Kenya. The school is located in bungoma county near kibabii university. This school has been performing well in the recent years. For instance, in 2021 KCSE exams it scooped the second best school in western Kenya after friends School Kamusinga.

Kibabii high school has a cool environment for learning.
kibabii high school, one of the best extra county school

St peters seminary

This is a popular school since time immemorial. This school in kakamega county has been posting great results though not a national school. The school has adequate resources just like a national school. You can still make it like many students who have been making it over the years.

Best girls schools in Western Kenya Here is a list of the best girls schools in Western Kenya. We have rounded up all categories of schools.

St peters seminary has been posting great results.
St peters seminary, one of the best performing schools in Western Kenya

Best girl schools in Western Kenya

st brigits Kiminini

St brigits Kiminini is located in kitale, Trans Nzoia county. This school deserves to open our list of best girls schools in western Kenya. The school has maintained a great performance trend over the last years. It has proved to be the best in performance for a long time. When we talk about the best schools in Kenya, we can also talk about at brigits Kiminini. Moreover, this school has enough infrastructure and highly disciplined students. You can make this as your choice as a girl. You can be sure of guarantee success through hardwork and determination.

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Lugulu girls high school

Lugulu girls is a national school located in bungoma county. This school has been among the top schools in Kenya. In 2020/2021 national exams, it was the 11th best school in kenya. What a great achievement from this girls school. You can also join and achieve your dreams in this school.

Best high schools in Western Kenya. Lugulu girls gate and pavement offering best way for movement and reduce mud
Lugulu girls, one of the best performing girls school in Kenya

Bunyore girls high school

Bunyore girls high school is a national school located in Vihiga county. This school has been posting wonderful results over the years. The school has enough learning facilities hence making it a great choice for focused students.

Bunyore girls tallest building to accommodate enough students and spacious.
Great learning resources in Bunyore girls

Butere girls high school

This is a girls national school located in kakamega county. The school deserves to be on our list of best girls schools in Western Kenya. Apart from it’s great academic performance, the school has enough facilities. You can make Butere girls as your school of choice, you won’t go wrong.

Best schools in Western Kenya. Butere girls gate, it's among the coolest high school gates.
Lovely gate in Butere girls national school

Final word

Those are the best schools in Western Kenya. You’ll discover that the girls list has a few options. We did our research and those are the girls schools that are doing well for now. Hopefully, more girls schools will come up and get into our list. You can also comment the schools that you think to deserve to be added onto the list. For now, you can consider those schools and falcomdaily wish you success in your next chapter.