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Best degree courses for self employment

Best degree courses for self employment, compiled here. The main reason as to why, one would want to be equipped with a certain set of skills, is so that he/ she can put it into practice. With putting into practice, comes the idea of making money out of it. This brings up the business idea, with the ultimate goal being to provide service and to make profit.

In universities, those who qualify are usually given their degrees, this degrees are the proof that indeed the individual has the relevant skills. However, as much as most people want to be employed, some actually want to practice self employment. They want to manage their business, and run them according to how they know best. Sole proprietorship, is incredible since, you’ll be accountable to you. There are certain courses, that will enable you to achieve this motive, that is if you want to employ yourself in the field that you’ve studied. In this article, we’ve identified this courses and listed them for you. Enjoy.

Barchelor of Nursing

You’ll never go wrong with nursing. It’s the crème dela crème of the industry. People fall sick every single day, thus your work will be to take care of them. You can be employed at the hospital, or you can start your own clinic. Most people prefer to go through their local clinics, first before going to the hospital, this is brought about due to a variety of reasons. It could be due to monetary issues, since at the local place, it’s quite cheaper, faster services since at the clinics they’ll be attended to very fast, unlike in hospitals where there are huge ques, among other valid reasons. Therefore, with nursing, you can establish, either a clinic or a dispensary which will run smoothly, if you provide quality and affordable services.

Best degree courses for self employment in Kenya.

Bachelor of information and technology

We’re living in a technology based era. Everything is digitalized, this cuts across through almost all spheres, be it communication, education, business among others. This is a clear proof, that with a degree in information and technology you can run your business. Cybers, are all over in our cities, thus, you can decide to open your cyber where you’ll be able to help those who are computer illiterate. Through this, you’ll do a variety of things from typing, printing to managing media accounts. With this chores, comes some good form of payment, that is if you’ll be patient, hardworking and run the business with good ethics.

Besides opening businesses, you can further your knowledge in information technology and learn a specific thing to specialize in. For instance, you can use the knowledge in coding to create websites and apps for companies and yourself. You can earn via apps and sites with your knowledge in coding. Therefore, this course is an asset, it will definitely deserves to be in this list of best degree courses for self employment.

Image showing information technology

Bachelor of pharmacy

Pharmacy, is such a competitive course. With a degree in it, you can practice self employment, through first, applying for a license, so that your business can be registered. The registration process, is vital because through it, your business will be regarded as formally legal. You’ll then open a pharmacy shop, where you’ll be prescribing drugs to your clients, with the skills and knowledge that you got from school. Furthermore, you’ll be able to read the doctors prescription then administer it. It’s such an incredible course , you should definitely consider it. All the best.

Pharmacist arranging drugs

Bachelor in electrical engineering

This one deserves to be on our list of best degree courses for self employment in Kenya. You can be employed or decide to work as a self employed after taking your license. Electricity is used almost everywhere in Kenya hence there is high demand of electrical engineers. You can do professional wiring for buildings then get paid good income. You can still be called in case of any electric fault or in case of any assistance needed. Therefore, professional electrician are needed in our lives as things have changed. You can also fix showers and more other properties that will require your skills.

Best degree courses for self employment. Image showing electrical engineer in action.

Bachelor degree in Veterinary medicine

This is also one of the best degree courses for self employment. This course deals with animals and faming. With your certificate, you can apply for license and become a professional veterinary Doctor as you earn a living. You can open your own place where you’ll be offering consultation services as well as selling animal medicine. You can also use this idea in your own benefit to become a professional farmer. In areas where animal farming is taking place, people with knowledge in artificial insemination, animal diseases, and more are needed. You can be self employed as long as you have received your license.

Best degree courses for self employment in Kenya. Image showing Veterinary Doctor in action

Mechanical engineering

This is also a wonderful degree course for self employment. Mechanical engineering deals with vehicles and related. There are many cars and vehicles that require services. As a mechanical engineer, it is not necessarily to go and look for a job. You can just create your own garage then offer services to vehicles as you generate income. You can also sale vehicles spare parts and get money as a self employed individual. You can consider this course in your list of best degree courses for self employment.

Bachelor of business management

Business management, is an enterpreniual course. You’ll get to learn a lot business skills through this course, you’re guided on the fundamental pillars of the business and the market at large. So, with this skills you can be able to run any type of business, whether, a hotel, a shoe, fashion, shops among others.

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It’s such a diverse field, with the right mindset, and zeal you can be rest assured that with years of experience you’ll be the jargon in the field. Furthermore, you’ll be exposed on processes of legalizing your business, how to register businesses, the procedure used among other fundamental things to use to ensure the smooth running of the business. Most importantly, before graduating, you are taken for an internship, so that you can learn a lot of things directly from the source. You can be an entrepreneur with this course, what you’ll need is capital and a great business idea.

Best degree courses for self employment.

Bachelor of hospitality and tourism

Hospitality, is such an incredible course. You’re usually taught a lot of things, in the recreation field. As much as work is important, rest is also needed, so most people usually go for trips to take a break from realities of life. This is where, your business opportunity comes in handy. With a degree in tourism and hospitality, you can open a restaurant which offers all the services, ranging from food, beddings to relaxation facilities. Trust me, you’ll make a good amount of money with this.

The beauty of it all is that, during attachment process in campus, you’ll be required to work in an actual setting, so this is when you’ll get all the relevant skills and the necessary connections. It’s best if you are pro- active, because with this at hand, you’ll really sail to greater heights. To the extent that when you actually open your own business setting, you’ll be already informed on how to run it smoothly.

Best degree courses for self employment in Kenya.

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those are the best degree courses for self employment in Kenya. You can pick the one that you are passionate with. It also depends if you’ll meet the requirements of those courses. You can apply the courses at

6 Most marketable C plain courses in Kenya

Most marketable c plain courses in Kenya. Education is very vital. Honestly, we can never underrate the power of education. Knowledge expands our view point on almost everything, it also determines who we eventually become. The more educated you are, the better you become, and the more valuable in the society you’ll be seen. So learning should be a working progress in our life. Often individuals, who end up not passing in their Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education ( KCSE) tend to believe that they are failures. This is a pure lie, since you can still be someone great in the society. To facilitate your knowledge equipment, there are a variety of courses that one can take. If you’re looking for this courses, then look no further because I have your back. Below are the most marketable courses one can do in Kenya with a C plain grade.

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Clinical medicine, is a very competitive course in the industry. With it at hand, you can be guaranteed that you’ll not lack a job. You can work both in the private and in the public sector, so picking it is a plus, however, it’s not a walk in the park since you’ll be required to work hard and read extensively. All this, will be worth it at the end, because it’s rewards are usually so sweet, with years of experience and expertise you may end up the crème dela crème of the Industry. The best school that can scale you up to this heights, is KMTC, you should consider it.

Best C plain courses in Kenya. Image showing clinical medicine experts.


A diploma in nursing will do you justice. It’s one of those courses that, if you work smart in it you’ll eventually succeed. So, when you have a C plain grade and you think you’ve failed to enroll in a university, then not all doors are closed, you can still enroll in a diploma nursing course. The best school that offers this is Kenya Medical Training College ( KMTC). You’ll be exposed to a lot of knowledge, good exam testing skills because, their exams come directly from Kenya National Examination Council( KNEC). Furthermore, they undergo some deep practical training before being certified, this makes them to outstand. You should definitely consider taking a Diploma in Nursing.

Image showing nurses


Teaching, is an entire career on it’s own, since every year students come to be taught. You’ll never lack students unlike in business where you may lack customers. This training is offered in Teacher’s Training Colleges ( TTCs), therefore you’ll be properly equiped with the skills to manouver. You can end up being a public school teacher, where you’ll be recognized by the government of Kenya and paid by them. Moreover, you can be a private school teacher, or even a more prominent position! This being, a teacher in an international school! Can you imagine how working in such a school will open up your mind, you’ll not only have fun but also be empowered.


With the current world, technology is everything, advancements are being done every dusk and dawn. Therefore a diploma in Information and Technology will place you at a better view point. You’ll be able to perform a variety of functions, running from performing excel operations to publishing stuff. An added advantage is that you may choose to do a variety of things after obtaining the diploma. Either you can choose to upgrade and do a diploma, go into practice or be a teacher, so that you can teach those who want to pursue diploma in Information and Technology. You should consider taking that diploma in Information and Technology.

Best C plain courses in Kenya. Image showing information technology experts in action.


Electrical engineering, is among the best courses in the country. Whether it’s done In terms of a degree or a diploma. The beauty with it is that, it is a very competitive course. You can’t lack something to work on, you’ll be able to work at a variety of places, gain exposure and meaningful connection. To spice everything up, pioneers in electrical engineering, often organize webinars and seminars, where engineers in the field get to be exposed and they have discussions with their mentors. Thus, if you are wondering which course to do and you’re passionate about, electrical fixing and making then you should take this course without doubting.


Food, is part of our life. Actually it is life, because without it we can’t survive for long. With the current generation, it’s very important to have a healthy diet, that’s where professionals in nutrition and dietetics are needed. So that they can give good recommendations. If you are passionate about, healthy meals then you should consider taking a diploma in Nutrition and dietetics. You can also advance on it after receiving the diploma, this will place you on a better level. Consider it .

Best C plain courses in Kenya. Image showing food and dietics experts in action.

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Those are the Top 6 marketable C plain courses in Kenya. You can apply for the above courses in

12+ Best high schools in Western Kenya to learn

Best high schools in western Kenya, here is a list of both boy and girl schools. Western Kenya has a several schools that grab the top 100 position in Kenya national exams. When we talk about western Kenya, we have rounded up counties like kakamega, busia, Vihiga, bungoma, and Trans Nzoia. Those are the counties that makes up the western region. Every county has 2 national schools, boy and girls national schools. However, in our list of best High schools in Western Kenya, we have combined all the schools. We have also some extra county schools doing quite well in performance , and other progress. The best schools in western region should be able to post good results. Moreover, the infrastructure or facilities for learning matters a lot. Some of the following schools have also great teachers who are examiners. Without further ado, here are the best high schools in Western Kenya.

Best boy schools in Western kenya

To balance things up, we will start with a list of best boy Schools in western Kenya. Thereafter, we will also let you know the best girls schools in Western Kenya. So, let’s get the ball rolling

Friends School Kamusinga

This school deserves to open our list of best high schools in western Kenya. Kamusinga is not only the best in western Kenya, but it’s also among the best schools in Kenya. Therefore, making it to this school is worth celebrating. To join the school, one should be able to score highly in KCPE (at least 380 and above.) The school has been performing well over the years and you can be sure to go to the university through hard work. Additionally, kamusinga has enough facilities for learning, the library with adequate learning materials. Also, you’ll be able to access good Laboratories for practical’s.

Friends School kamusinga beautiful gate
kamusinga high school wonderful gate

Kakamega high school

Kakamega high school is a popular School in kenya. It is one of the greatest schools with enough learning resources. This school does well in both education and co curricular activities. It is renowned for nurturing talent in sports like rugby, football, and more. We have several talented sports persons in Kenya who learned in the school. You can make this school as your choice and succeed in both academics and talent.

Best high schools in Western Kenya. Kakamega high school great gate
Kakamega high school beautiful gate

St Joseph’s boys kitale

St Joseph’s boys is also among the best schools in Kenya. This school in Trans Nzoia county has been doing incredibly well in academic performance. You will absolutely make it in this school just like many who achieved greatness. It is also a great choice for you.

St Joseph's kitale with a great entrance.
st Joseph’s kitale, among the best boy Schools with great kcse performance

Chavakali high school

Chavakali high school is now a popular school to many. The school has managed to come up and maintained top position in academics. Making it to Chavakali high school is one of the greatest achievements. In this school, you will be able to learn as well as nature your talent. In 2013, it was at position 8 nationally. Today, it has maintained at top 100 in the country. You can make this great institution as your school of choice.

Best high schools in Western Kenya. Chavakali high school latest tall building
chavakali high school wonderful administration block

St Anthony boys kitale

This is not a national school but it’s doing better than many national schools. The school is not a national school by name but in terms of resources and academics, it’ll offer you with the best. This school has been performing well over the years. In 2021/2022 kcse exams, it almost took the best boy school in Trans Nzoia county from it’s competitor, St Josephs kitale. At Anthony is a great competitor to at Joseph’s, Kitale. As a focused student, it’s great choice and you’ll pass highly just like students in national schools.

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St Anthony boys with it's well designed landscape.
st Anthony kitale, best performing extra county school in Kenya and western Kenya

Butula high school

This is a national school located in Vihiga county. Butula has been doing well in academic performance over the years. This school has taken many students to top universities in Kenya. In addition to that, you’ll be able to access enough facilities in Laboratories, library, and more. It’s a great school to learn and achieve your dreams.

Best high schools in Western. Butula high school wonderful gate
wonderful gate of Butula national school

St peters Mumias

This is another great school in western region. Though not a national school but doing incredibly well. The school has been outstanding in both academics and co-curriculum activities. In addition to that, this school has great learning facilities, including modern Laboratories.

St peters Mumias students taking their exams with seriousness.
Busy students at st Peter’s Mumias, image from

Kibabii boys high school

This school really deserves to be in this list of best high schools in Western Kenya. The school is located in bungoma county near kibabii university. This school has been performing well in the recent years. For instance, in 2021 KCSE exams it scooped the second best school in western Kenya after friends School Kamusinga.

Kibabii high school has a cool environment for learning.
kibabii high school, one of the best extra county school

St peters seminary

This is a popular school since time immemorial. This school in kakamega county has been posting great results though not a national school. The school has adequate resources just like a national school. You can still make it like many students who have been making it over the years.

Best girls schools in Western Kenya Here is a list of the best girls schools in Western Kenya. We have rounded up all categories of schools.

St peters seminary has been posting great results.
St peters seminary, one of the best performing schools in Western Kenya

Best girl schools in Western Kenya

st brigits Kiminini

St brigits Kiminini is located in kitale, Trans Nzoia county. This school deserves to open our list of best girls schools in western Kenya. The school has maintained a great performance trend over the last years. It has proved to be the best in performance for a long time. When we talk about the best schools in Kenya, we can also talk about at brigits Kiminini. Moreover, this school has enough infrastructure and highly disciplined students. You can make this as your choice as a girl. You can be sure of guarantee success through hardwork and determination.

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Lugulu girls high school

Lugulu girls is a national school located in bungoma county. This school has been among the top schools in Kenya. In 2020/2021 national exams, it was the 11th best school in kenya. What a great achievement from this girls school. You can also join and achieve your dreams in this school.

Best high schools in Western Kenya. Lugulu girls gate and pavement offering best way for movement and reduce mud
Lugulu girls, one of the best performing girls school in Kenya

Bunyore girls high school

Bunyore girls high school is a national school located in Vihiga county. This school has been posting wonderful results over the years. The school has enough learning facilities hence making it a great choice for focused students.

Bunyore girls tallest building to accommodate enough students and spacious.
Great learning resources in Bunyore girls

Butere girls high school

This is a girls national school located in kakamega county. The school deserves to be on our list of best girls schools in Western Kenya. Apart from it’s great academic performance, the school has enough facilities. You can make Butere girls as your school of choice, you won’t go wrong.

Best schools in Western Kenya. Butere girls gate, it's among the coolest high school gates.
Lovely gate in Butere girls national school

Final word

Those are the best schools in Western Kenya. You’ll discover that the girls list has a few options. We did our research and those are the girls schools that are doing well for now. Hopefully, more girls schools will come up and get into our list. You can also comment the schools that you think to deserve to be added onto the list. For now, you can consider those schools and falcomdaily wish you success in your next chapter.

8 best self employment courses in Kenya

8 best self employment courses in Kenya. Most of people learn up to higher institutions with hopes of getting employed. Due to inadequate job opportunities, they end up living a jobless life. The issue of unemployment is due to the courses they venture in while in higher institution. Therefore, it’s wise to pick a universal course that you can either employ yourself as well as work for an employer. The most marketable self employment courses in Kenya include, Pharmacy, Electrical Engineering, Nursing, Education e.t.c. When someone undertake one of those courses, he or she may end up getting self employment and earn a living. One can start to run chemist for Pharmacy course or open private schools for Education courses. This article gives you the best self employment courses in Kenya.


Pharmacy is a well known paying self employment course in Kenya .The course being a clinical health science, it is involved in preparation and standardization of drugs. After completion of the course ,one need to gain wider experience and finally apply for license. Being a pharmacist you can use you’re knowledge of medicine to become a research scientist, Medical science liaison among many other profession. Through pharmacy courses, one can open up a Pharmacy and sell medicine to patients. You will also help patients to read doctors prescription.

Pharmacy selling drugs.
pharmacist selling drugs

Electrical engineering

Electrical Engineering is one of good course that help one enter in self employment. One always need to attain a job for two or three years after graduation. This helps one to gain experience. Here one can start a business in solar power installation unit. AS an electrical Contractor you need to get a license first before the job.

Best self employed courses. Electrical engineering fixing an electronic
an electric engineer in action

Nursing course

A nurse can easily venture into self employment. Nursing is one of the best self employment courses in Kenya. As a nurse you can provide individuals with home based care through self employed . Moreover, In-home nurses can also take care older patients who are still living independently .You can also provide for care for those recovering from certain elective surgeries. Furthermore, you can work as nurse consultant, nurse consultant often specialize in certain areas .The areas may include health specialization like fertility consulting, lactation consultation e.t.c

Nurse serving a patient
a nursing offering consultation services

Education courses

Education is also among our 8 best self employment courses in Kenya. Having undergone education training, one can gain management skills and knowledge. The knowledge can help graduates to start up their own schools. Through acquisition of management skills, one can manage the school effectively. One can also use the skills to start up tuition programs which is very beneficial to learners. In addition, one can also start teaching learners through the use of online learning as they earn their income.

A teacher training students in class. Education being one of the best self employment courses.
A Teacher teaching

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Veterinary medicine

Veterinary Medicine is one of the well known paying self employment courses. After the completion of the training, one may gain further skills and experience. Once you have gained the experience fully one can then look for license. The demand for Veterinary service is high. One can work as independent Veterinary service provider or independent cconsultant.

veterinary doctor treating a cow

Mechanical engineering

Mechanical engineers can easily venture in self employment opportunities. This list of 8 best self employment courses wouldn’t be complete without including this course. Once you have completed your training, you would have developed your skills .The skills will help you to work effectively After the experience, the next step is to obtain a mechanics license. When you have obtained the license, you can come up with you business or company easily.

8 best self employment courses. Mechanical engineer fixing a vehicle.

Software Engineering

Software Engineering is among the best courses that easily help one to get self employment. Software engineers work is to develop software. You can sell the developed software to clients and companies. Additionally, one can identify a problem in any software and easily address the issue through designing a new software that is necessary thereby solving the issue. Software engineers can sell software to clients and even to companies, therefore earn income through self employment.

8 best self employment courses. Software engineer creating softwares to sell for companies.
software engineer can sell softwares to companies and clients

Web design and development

Web designers are able to earn more money through self employment. Web design is a well known courses as it enables one to get self employment. Once you’ve completed of the course, you would have acquired the skills and experience. Therefore, the next step of Web designers is to obtain a license. Today, the demand for web designing and development is high, hence it’s a lucrative job .Through the course one can come up with websites and help people to create website. You can also design banners for businesses and earn your income.

8 best self employment courses. Website developer creating sites
web developers and designers can create and sell websites

Those are our 8 best best self employment courses in Kenya. Hence, you now know were you’ll start from if you need a self employed career. some of the above courses can still secure you with jobs to the government. All the best in your career selection.

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You can apply those courses on or on a specific institution directly.

Best boy high schools in Kenya

10 best boy high schools in Kenya 2022, latest ranking. After completing your primary school, it’s now time look for the destination. In Kenya, there are at least five thousand high schools and it can be overwhelming when it comes to selection the best high school. We consider the best school by it’s performance, facilities, highly experienced teachers, and more.

A best school should be able to maintain a good performance in a number of years. Additionally, the school should have good facilities and enough learning resources. We are going to let you know the best boys schools in Kenya after conducting our research. The schools below have experienced teachers while some are examiners in the Kenya national exams. Moreover, the schools have enough facilities like libraries, laboratories and more. Without further ado, here are the best boy schools in Kenya.

Alliance high school

Alliance high school has been many student’s dream school. This school in kiambu county is one of the best boy high school in Kenya. Many pupils pick this school as their school of choice during secondary school selection. However, just a few normally make it to this great school. This school normally admits the top students in the country, hence one has to work hard to secure their chance. This school has quality facilities for learning, including modern Laboratories, libraries, and more. The school has also maintained a great performance over the years.

Best boy high school, Alliance high school outstanding gate.
Alliance high school gate.

Kapsabet high school

Kapsabet high school is an academic giant in Kenya, taking many students to University. The school is situated in Nandi county, about 40km from eldoret town. This school has been performing well in the past. In KCSE 2021/2022, the school was denied the first position by Kenya high. Kapsabet high school is one of the best places to nurture students career path. Additionally, the deputy president of Kenya was a student in the school. You can make Kapsabet high school your school of choice and begin your journey to the university of choice.

Best boy high school, Kapsabet high school modern facilities.

Nairobi school

This is another giant school in Kenya. Nairobi school is located in Nairobi county. It was founded in the year 1902 by the British settlers in Kenya. The school has been posting good results, including 2019 were it was among the top in the country. Nairobi school has enough resources for both academic, and co-curriculum activities.

Best boy high school, Nairobi school cool environment.

Moi Kabarak high school

This is a mixed private school that was founded in the year 1979. This school was a project of the second president of Kenya, Daniel Arap Moi. The school has been an academic giant over the years. Moi Kabarak has adequate resources for students. You won’t go wrong by making this school as your choice.

Best boy high school, Kabarak high school tall buildings

Starehe Boys center

This is one of the most popular schools in Kenya. This School has enough resources to ensure quality education is provided. Starehe high school is located in Nairobi city, Starehe constituency in particular. Making it to Starehe high school is worth celebrating. You can make Starehe your school of choice, it won’t go wrong.

Best boy high school, Starehe Boys center cool environment.

Maseno school

This is one of the oldest schools as well as among the best boy high schools in the country. The school was established in the year 1906 by the missionaries. Maseno school has been posting great results in the national exams. Moreover, it has enough facilities in place hence students have guaranteed access to academic materials. In 2015, this school managed to be the third best in the Kenya National Exams.

Mang’u high school

Mang’u is also one of the best boy schools in Kenya. The school was founded in the year 1925. This school has maintained a good performance over the years. Moreover, the school has enough facilities, and infrastructure for learning. The third president of Kenya, Late Mwai Kibaki was an alumni in this school. If you are looking for the best, this school can be a great choice, you won’t regret.

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Maranda high school

This is another great school in Kenya. Maranda high school is located in Siaya county. The school has been performing well in the recent years and still doing well nationally. For instance, this school recorded an exemplary performance in 2015. The school managed to be the second best nationally in kcse exams.

Friends school kamusinga

Kamusinga is another big name when we talk about the best school in Kenya. This school has maintained its top performance over the years. In addition to that, the school has adequate resources for students. This school is a giant and you can be sure of a successful academic journey once you’ve secured a chance.

Kamusinga school outstanding gate.

Lenana school

This is another giant national school in Kenya. This school was formed in the year 1949. The school has been among the top institution over the years. Additionally, Lenana school has great environment and facilities for academic. It is also doing well In curriculum activities. Therefore, making this school as your choice isn’t regrettable.

Final word

Those are our top 10 best boy high schools in Kenya. Though, those are not only the giant schools in Kenya. We have some that are coming up and doing incredibly well. We have schools like, Kanga boys, Murang’a high, Chavakali high, Kisii School, Meru school and more. You can also share your views on the comment section, thank you for reading with US.

Top 10 best national girl schools in Kenya 2022

Best 10 national girls schools in Kenya. A successful institution will seek balance between academics and co- curricular activities. In other words, besides achieving good results, best national schools have unmatched approaches to developing other abilities .they have became the most preferred in provision of quality education and excellence. They have a reputation of being a center of excellence in Kenya. Every girl sitting KCPE exams has a dream of getting admitted to one of these national schools. Following are the top 10 best national girls schools in Kenya.

Alliance girls high school

This school deserves to open our list of best 10 girls national school in Kenya. Alliance girls is a public national school located in Kiambu. being founded in 1948 by the alliance of protestant mission hence named the alliance.

Its is the first institution of higher secondary education for African girls in Kenya. It emerged top in the 2011 KCSE examinations. Today, the school is still among the best schools in Kenya. Visit

Top national school in academic over the years.

kenya high

This school started in 1910 as a Nairobi European school. In 1931 it became a girls institution for only European however in 1961,the management admitted the first African girl. It became a multiracial education Centre. Since it has been a regular feature in Kenya’s most diversified schools.

In 2020, it topped in Kenya national exams, it attained a mean score of 10.467. This school has been consistent in performance. Last year, it was the second best school in the country. You can consider this school located in Nairobi as your school of choice. Visit

Best performing school in the recent years with academic friendly environment.

Maryhill girls national school

Located in Thika, it was founded in 1933 by some great missionary women. It acquired its name from Mary the mother of Jesus and the hill they are standing on their location. It has a student population of 1616 students currently.

It offers seventeen subjects under the 8-4-4 system. In 2018 it had a performance index of 76.826[ A-]making it one of the best. Visit

Moi girls Eldoret

Its an outstanding elite institution and among the top national high schools in Kenya. Established by Europeans to cater for white settlers. It aims to prepare students make a positive contribution to the community development and achieving values of patriotism, self esteem, self confidence adaptability and teamwork with sense of purpose and self discipline.

in the past ten years there performances have rivaled some of the traditional academic giants. In 2020 I emerged the second with a mean score of 9.65 points this has made them the best among the best. Visit

Pangani girls national school

It started in 1932.its was first named Duchess of Gloucester after prince Alice. Since the introduction of the 8-4-4 system, Pangani girls high has been performing extremely well. It is an ideal spot for KCPE top achievers.

It has the top best teachers in Kenya. Combining with the best institutional facilities this has made it became unstable giant as far as academic excellence is concerned. Their best overall performance was in 2020 KCSE exams where they achieved a permanency index of 9.56. it has a vision of developing students academically socially spiritually and morally. Its driven towards providing education with adequate skills for the holistic development of the girl child to excel in the highly competitive world. Its founded on truth and excellence visit

Best girls national school for developing students academically, socially, and spiritually.

Nakuru girls national school

Established in 1920’s exclusively for the children of the white settlers. However currently its a national school where every girl wishes of getting a spot. Its a center of distinction in per suit of educational excellence. It aims at providing comprehensive teaching, learning and talent maturing environment through hard work resilience and integrity. Its best performance was seen I 2019 when the school attained a mean score of always stands to be the best.

Best girls national school for teaching and naturing talents.

St Brigit’s girls high school – kiminini

St Brigit’s, kiminini is another top girls national school in Kenya. It is situated in saboti constituency, Trans nzoia county. The school have been performing well over the years. In addition to that, the students have good discipline. It recorded a mean of 9.47 in the last KCSE results.

You won’t go wrong if you make this your school of choice. Undoubtedly, this school has grown and now considered as among the best girls national schools in Kenya. It managed to be on top twenty nationwide with a mean grade of 9.47

Top 10 girls national school with discipline and cool environment

Loreto high school Limuru

Loreto high is a popular school in Kenya. This national school is located in Kiambu county. In 1936, this school was founded by Catholic missionaries from Ireland. The school has enough learning resources and their performance is also incredible. Visit

Best girls national school with enough learning resources

Asumbi girls high school

Asumbi high school is another top girls national school in Kenya. This school founded in 1936 is situated in homabay county. Surprisingly, the institution started as a lower boarding primary school and has grown fast to become a top national school.

The school attained a mean of 9.569 in last year national exams. Visit

Best girls national school that developed faster.

Kipsigis girls national school

Kipsigis girls is another giant when we talk about best girls national schools. This school established in 1955 is located outside Kericho town. This school is among the best schools in rift valley part of Kenya as well as in the whole country.

In last year’s KCSE exams, kipsigis girls recorded a mean of 9.08. Therefore, this school has proved it’s consistency over the years. It is a great choice, surely you won’t regret. Visit

Final word

The above schools are our best 10 national girls schools in Kenya. There is tight competition but this are the best schools today. You have seen the schools post great performance. We have not selected according to last years kcse results alone. Also in the past years, this schools have been outstanding. Lastly, I wish you a good luck in your education.

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How to file kra nil returns in iTax portal

In Kenya, filling your kra pin is necessary to avoid paying penalty fee. You can avoid those changes by filling your kra before the deadline. If you are a Kenyan citizen processing a valid kra pin, then you are required to declare your annual income yearly. If you are not employed, for instance you are a student. You can file nil returns on your kra portal without failure. Hopefully, you will learn how to file your nil returns in this article. Before we take you through the process of filling, you must know what is required.

requirements for filling nil returns

Before we take you through, the following things are very important. Make sure that you have;

How to file kra nill returns. Image showing where to select the nill returns menu.
the kra Portal for filling nil returns, select file nil returns.

Your kra pin number
Your kra pin number is a crucial requirement when filling your returns. In case you have forgotten your kra pin, you can request for a new one.

Your iTax password
This is another crucial requirement before filling your returns. The iTax password is required before gaining access into your iTax kra account.

Kra pin certificate
It is useful since you might require some information from your pin certificate.

Kra iTax account
You must gain access into your account to file the nil returns.
If you have the above requirements, we can now take you through the process of filling nil returns.

Process of filling nil returns

• Insert your kra pin or user ID, then click on the CONTINUE button to proceed.

• An empty tab will be opened, you will put your password and answer the simple arithmetic as you click enter.

• Given that you entered the right information, you will gain access to the website. On the red menu bar, click on returns icon. A drop down will then appear, choose File nil returns.

• You will gain access to a new page. On that page, fill as indicated below.
-on ‘type’ tab, fill self
-on “tax payer pin” put your kra pin
-on “tax obligation” fill income tax resident.
-click submit

• When your information is successfully submitted. You will come across an e-return acknowledgement receipt. Download the receipt and you would have successfully filled your returns. You can either email yourself or print the receipt for safety purposes. This is how you can file kra nil returns in Kenya, success in your filing process.

How to file kra nill returns. Image showing where to enter password and pin.

how to file subsequent nil returns on iTax mobile app

It might not be your first time to file the iTax form, then you can use the iTax Mobile App to file subsequent returns.
Steps to file subsequent returns

  1. Download the app on Google Play
  2. Log in with your iTax password and pin.
  3. Select file nil returns
  4. Choose resident or non resident individuals.
  5. Click Submit
    We hope that you are now comfortable in filling your nil returns. We wish you all the best!!

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