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5 best ball handlers in NBA 2022/23

5 best ball handlers in NBA 2022/23, compiled here. Talent, can take you places. But when talent, hardwork and discipline meet, then trust me you’ll be able to achieve anything you want. In the current century, talent can really help someone, with your talent you can be able to access so many things.

Most importantly, not forgetting the fact that you can be sponsored or even be paid. So, if you know that you are talented in something then try as much as possible to cultivate that, so that you can perfect your skills. And if you are a parent or a guardian, then you notice that your child has a talent, please don’t underlook that, try as much as possible to ensure that you help your child realize the power and importance of a talent. In games, most particularly in the basket ball team, the best players are usually recognized and appreciated. Therefore, we have identified the 5 best ball handlers in basketball right now in the NBA. They are as follows;


Kyrie Irving, is an American professional basketball player, he plays for the Brooklyn Nests of the National Basketball Association. In the 2011 NBA draft, he was selected as the Cleveland Cavaliers, with the first overall pick. That’s how he earned the tittle, Rookie of the year. About Irving, he was born in 1992, at Melbourne in Australia.

He’s the father to Elizabeth Azurieh Irving. His journey has been , from Boston Celtics, 2017, Cleveland Cavaliers 2011 and Brooklyn Nets 2019. He has also gained a variety of names, one of them being ankletaker. Irling, used to play college basketball, at Duke Blue devil’s before joining, the cavaliers. It’s an encouragement, to all other individuals to ensure they start small,it is those small steps that will eventually reap great harvest.


James Harden, is an all time amazing basketballer. He is the best of the best, hence we must include him in our list of 5 best ball handlers in NBA. He is also the most prolific scorers, as well as the top scorer of the team . He was born in 1989, at Los Angeles in California, United States. He’s currently in a team known as, Philadelphia 76ers where he’s really doing an amazing job for the team. Enabling them to scale up. His weight is about 100 kg. His love for basketball ball was noticed way back, since he was in highschool at Arizona state, where he used to play for the school for the college basketball.

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He did an exemplary job, hence he was nicknamed Pac 10 player of the year. That was back in the year 2009. And in the same year he was selected, as the third overall pick by Oklahoma city thunder in the NBA draft. It is through this that he played so well that he was named as the NBA sixth man of the year, with the Thunders. Moreover, he helped them reach the National Basketball Association Finals.


Stephen Curry, is an American professional basketball player. He was born in the year 1988, on March 14th in Akron, Ohio United States. He is the husband to Ayesha Curry, and the father to, Riley Elizabeth, Canon W, Jack Curry and Carson Curry. He is currently, a player for the Golden State Warriors of NBA. And his salary is estimated to be around 45.78 Million USD. This is a clear Indication to all the young people that, indeed talent pays , so you shouldn’t be discouraged at all, but rather work smart and perfect your art. Stephen, is regarded as the all time best player and the best shooter in the history of NBA. His track record is full of achievements, he has been named as the NBA most valuable player twice, has won four NBA championships, and received various Star game award.

5 best ball handlers in basketball. Image showing Stephen Curry.


Trae young, is a professional American basketball player, he was born in 1998, in Lubbock Texas, United States. And the child to Candice young and Rayford Young, he weighs about 74 kgs. Trae started his journey way from highschool, where he played College basketball for the Oklahoma Sooners. Overtime he has seen to be making great steps and is currently playing for, Atlanta hawks at the position of point guard. He has been named Ice Trae. In the 2018 NBA draft, he was drafted by the Dallas Mavericks with the fifth pick. Later, he then traded to Atlanta Hawks.

5 best ball handlers in NBA. Image showing trae young.


Luca Doncic, is a Scolevian basketballer. He plays for the Dallas Mavericks of the National Basketball Association. He was born on 28th February 1999, Ljubljana Slovenia, and weighs about 104 kgs. He was first a youth player for union Olimpijia before joining the youth academy of Real Madrid.

He led Madrid to the 2018 EuroLeague tittle wining the Euro League MVP. Consequently, he was named the ACB most valuable player and won back to back, he was also awarded ACB best young player award. He clearly depicted that regardless of your age you can still succeed and be the best.

5 best ball handlers in NBA. Image showing Luka Doncic

Final word

Those are the 5 best ball handlers in basketball. However, the list may be subjected into change depending on the performance of the mentioned players. Other players may also improve to get into our list. You can comment your views below, we will highly appreciate.

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6 best strikers in premier League right now

6 best strikers in premier League right now, compiled here. The English Premier League is one of the most competitive league in the world. Some of the best players in the world come from the EPL. Clubs in have been making big signings as some players have also been released to other leagues during the transfer window and now we can see the results. Our focus today will be on best premier League strikers till now. We made our list according to the strikers contribution in the team.

A better striker should not only have good finishing ability but also can assist, and create chance when things are tight. This list have included every striker, it doesn’t matter if one plays as a false nine or permanent striker. We have come up with the overall performance of the players then ranked depending on their impacts on the team. Without further ado, here are the 6 best premier League strikers right now.

Earling Haland

Earling Haland is an incredible player even before coming to Manchester city. He was a fantastic player which made city to sign him at the beginning of 2022/23 season. He has proved his worth by making a great impact in the squad. Haland has scored a lot of goals for Manchester city making him in the frontline of golden boot race. This player waste no chances inside the box. Besides his finishing ability, he can also carry the ball forward with his incredible speed. He is one of the players whose difficult to mark hence a great threat to defenders. He really deserves to open this list of best strikers in EPL.

6 best strikers in premier League, image of Earling Haland.
Earling Haland of Manchester city

Harrie kane

Harrie kane is another wonderful player who has enjoyed a successful career in Tottenham Hotspur. He has always be on the frontline of scoring and making assists for the club. This player was desired by a number of teams but Spurs found it difficult to release him. Indeed, he is a player to keep with his level of consistence. He is currently on the golden boot race, what an incredible player to make this list of 6 best premier League strikers.

Image showing Harrie Kane.
Harrie Kane of Tottenham Hotspur

Gabriel Jesus

Gabriel Jesus was signed to arsenal from Manchester city at the beginning of 2022/23 season. He has proved his worth in the club giving arsenal hopes to return back to the champions League. No doubt that he is the main player for Arsenal improvements. Currently, arsenal is lethal as they held the top 4 position strongly. In fact, there are high chances for them to qualify for the champions League again after more than 5 years. The club is also in the premier League title race. Gabriel Jesus is one of the main players for Arsenal FC when it comes to winning and goal contributions. The player is currently among the top scorers and he’s still scoring. He has been recently called for the world cup. He really deserves to be included in our list of 6 best strikers in EPL right now.

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6 best strikers in premier League, image of Gabriel Jesus.
Gabriel Jesus, one of the best strikers in PremierLeague

Roberto firmino

The world will not forget easily the reign of Mohamed Salah, Sadio Mane, and Roberto firmino. The mentioned players were among the dangerous front three in the world. Currently, Sadio Mane went to Bayern Munich but firmino has stand up out for his club, Liverpool. Roberto firmino has saved Liverpool several times in terms of goals and assists. He is now on top form with his scoring ability and creativity. Recently, there have been a lot of discussions on why he has been left out of Brazil squad for the world cup. According to many, this player has had a great season and deserves a place. Roberto firmino deserves to be included in this list of best strikers in EPL, he is absolutely one of the best.

Image of Roberto Firmino
Roberto firmino of Liverpool

Ivan Toney

Ivan Toney is another incredible forward. He came with his team Brentford from relegation to the premier League. Thanks to his hardwork with the help of team mates to make the club stay in the premier. Toney has been on great form since arriving to the EPL. He has been doing well in scoring goals as well as a playmaker for the team. Due to his performance, he was once called for international duty.

Ivan Toney of Brentford

Alexander Mitrovic

Alexander Mitrovic is a main player for his club, Fulham FC. He made the club to come from relegation to premier League. Now, he is helping the team to perform while in the EPL. He is a top goal scorer for his club and also competing with other players in golden boot race. Mitrovic can score in any team including the big six when given a chance.

6 best strikers in premier League, image of Alexander Mitrovic.
Alexander Mitrovic of Fulham


Those are the 6 best strikers in EPL right now. However, our list may be subjected to change. It depends on how the player may perform. Some players may improve to come up into our list while some may go down. Additionally, If you’re playing FPL, you can try your luck with those players. They make several goal contributions. You can share your views on the comment section and follow our Facebook page falcomdaily updates.

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10 best dribblers in EPL.

10 Best dribblers in EPL. English premier League has produced a number of best dribblers in the world over the past years. The EPL will never forget some of the iconic dribblers like Steve Mcmanaman, Thieri Henry, Eden Hazard, Ryan Giggs, and many more. Today, great dribblers are coming up while some EPL defenders are being terminated by this wonderful dribblers. In this article, falcomdaily have compiled a list of best dribblers in EPL from the records. A great dribbler should be able to make a great number of complete dribbles. After checking from the records, here are the best dribblers in EPL.

A Saint-Maximin

Allan Saint-Maximin is a France player who plays for Newcastle United. He is currently the best dribbler in EPL. He normally troubles the defenders in EPL teams including the big six clubs in EPL. His dribbles are not easy to predict, thanks to his pace and strength. This player in incredible in terms of dribbling and really deserves to open up our list.

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10 best dribblers in EPL. Image showing Allan Sainet-Maximum

Mohamed Salah

Mohamed Salah is an Egyptian player who plays for Liverpool fc He plays as a winger and has achieved a lot for the club. No doubt that Mohamed Salah has contributed a lot for Liverpool success. He is a great dribbler who also has great pace. Sometimes, his dribbles will result to a goal or create chance. This player really deserves to be on this list of best dribblers in EPL.

Image showing Mohamed Salah

Bernado Silva

Bernardo Silva is another wonderful dribbler in EPL. The player knows how to hold the ball in his feet. No surprise that he is one of the 10 best dribblers in EPL. If you are a fan of football and have watched several games of Manchester city. You will notice how Bernardo Silva is gifted with dribbling skills.

Image showing Bernardo Silva

Bukayo Saka

Bukayo Saka is one of the successful youngest players in EPL. He is one of the main players of Arsenal FC. The player has created reputation, and he has always been called to England national team. Many of the chances in arsenal has been created by this incredible player. He is a top dribbler in EPL and many have witnessed.

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Riyad Mahrez

Riyad Mahrez is an incredible dribbler in EPL. He came into limelight in English premier League when Leicester city was promoted. He did an incredible job in the club during the 2015/2016 season. They managed to carry the premier League title with Mahrez being one of the main players. He was then sold to Manchester city where he is still a main player with his wonderful dribbles. He has enjoyed his success in the club with city dominating the EPL title. In the records, Mahrez has made a lot of complete dribbles. He really deserves to be in our list of 10 best dribblers in EPL.

10 best dribblers in EPL. Image showing Riyad Mahrez

Son Heung-Min

This is another world class player in football. Son can dribble the ball very first then score goals. He managed to carry the golden boot in 2021/2022 season. This player has great records of complete dribbles over the years. He deserves to be part of our list.

10 best dribblers in EPL. Image showing som Heung min

Rehem Sterling

Sterling is a main player in Chelsea football club. He begun his Chelsea career in 2022/2023 season. He begun from where he left in Manchester city. Still a great dribbler who scores goals and create chances. He plays for his county, England competing favourably with other top players. Sterling has had a great success in his former club, Manchester city. He is also outstanding in his country, England.


Trosard is a Belgium player who plays for Brighton and Hove Albion in England. He is a great forward who has a great impact in his team. Brighton is one of the toughest upcoming club in England. The team is still troublesome to the big six clubs with Trosard being their main player. He has contributed highly to Brighton success with his wonderful dribbles.

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10 best dribblers in EPL. Image showing Trossard

Winfred Zaha

Winfred Zaha is an Ivory Coast player who plays for England team, Crystal Palace. The player is a great dribbler who attracted big clubs over the past years. He is an admirer of many couches since he normally delivers. Winfred Zaha has wonderful dribbles that results to positive outcome like goals, chances, assists, and more. He really deserves to make up in our list of 10 best dribblers in EPL.

Sancho Jordan

Sancho signed to Manchester United from Borrusia dotmund. Though Manchester United slightly went down but Sancho is still doing a great job. According to statistics, he is among the players who have made complete dribbles. If you watch games that features Sancho, you might see how incredibly he is when it comes to dribbles. He is a great dribbler when the ball is passed to him. We had to include him in this list of 10 best dribblers in EPL.

10 best dribblers in EPL. Image showing Jason Sancho


The above list is our list of 10 best dribblers in EPL. We made our list based on complete dribbles by the above players. However, our list may be subjected to change in case a player has come down or new one may improve.

12+ best Swahili songs for reels on tiktok, and Instagram.

12+ Best Swahili songs for tiktok, Instagram reels/edits, compiled here. There are millions of songs in the world but only a few make it to trend on tiktok, Instagram, and YT shorts. Tiktok has also made some songs to be a trend in the town. Some are used for popular dance reels, travel reels, and more. We have made our research from Tiktok, Instagram, and YouTube shorts to come up with the following best trending songs on those platforms. The following songs have also been used by popular tiktokers who have been trending. That means, selecting the best background song will make your videos catchy and trendy. So, here are 12+ best Swahili Songs trending on tiktok, Instagram, reels. You can also use them for the best output.

12+ best Swahili songs for Tiktok, Instagram reels. Popular Swahili artists who songs have been featured in trendy reels.

Yamebadilika by komando wa Yesu

This is a gospel Swahili song that has been trending on tiktok. The song has great lines which many tiktokers have fallen for, it’s a great song. This song can be used in a number of reels ranging from dances, worship, and more.

Amor by Rayvanny

This is another popular Swahili song on tiktok. If you have been active on tiktok, you might have come across this song. This song have been used by tiktokers like dancer Moya David on their dance videos. The song has really bring out the best output for him and many others, it can also work for you. The song has fantastic tune, and a creative tiktoker will get the best output. The song can do well in any reel, it just requires a creative tiktoker or vlogger.

Moyo by Mbosso ft Costa Titch and Phantom

This song was released on July 2022 by Tanzanian singer Mbosso, alongside Costa Titch, and Phantom. Amazingly, it has gone viral on Tiktok videos and photo edits. It has also been used by celebrities, for instance the Wasafi CEO, Diamond. The song is now used by many individuals to share their selfie videos, photo edits, and reels. Part of the song chorus “ aaaah, Moyo niache nifurahi, nilipotoka majanga noma nishai. Moyo nyumbani sitaki kuwahi. Maana mpaka Kwa mangi ananidai…” has now become Tiktokers favourite.

Mwambieni by Zuchu

This is another great Swahili reel song on Tiktok, Instagram, videos. The song really deserves to make this list of best Swahili songs on Tiktok, Instagram reels. The song was released by Tanzanian popular singer, Zuchu. Many tiktokers have loved the lyrics “Mwambieni, mwambieni…” it’s a common frase in those short video platforms.

Why by Diamond

This is another popular song on Tiktok from popular Tanzanian singer, diamond. The song has been used by popular tiktokers, including dancer Moya David. Many have loved those outstanding dance moves with this song in the background. The song has also become a great Swahili hit outside Tiktok.

Sugar by Jay Melody

We can’t talk about the 10 best Swahili songs on Tiktok, Instagram, without including this one. The song has fantastic tune and many viewers will absolutely love it.

Nakupenda by Jay Melody

This Swahili song by jay melody has been a trend on Tiktok you will it on Tiktok dances since it’s being used on a number of dance challenges. Moreover, tiktokers are also using this song song to express their love. It’s a great love song with lovely lyrics to express ones feelings. You can also try it in your love reels or any other.

Hadithi by Diamond platinumz ft Barnaba

This song has also been trendy on reels. Diamond is absolutely a great Swahili artist and his songs have been trending online. This song has great flow to make wonderful reels or photo edits.

Number one by Rayvanny ft Zuchu

This is a love song From popular as well as great Swahili singers, Zuchu and Rayvanny. The song has great flow and the voice of Zuchu is awesome. The song has been used in a number of trending videos on Tiktok. You can also use it in your reels to make those videos more catchy.

Nga’ri Nga’ri by lava lava

This is also a common Swahili song on Tiktok. The common phrase used by many tiktokers is “Najiamini Niko pekee yangu ndo maana natamba…”

Mtasubiri by Diamond and Zuchu

This is one of the latest collaboration popular Swahili singer/ songwriter Diamond. Many of his collaborations are always on top and this is one of them. The song talks about the love story between diamond and Zuchu. They are trying to express how some people are against their love. They are passing message to haters that they will wait, but they’ll not breakup easily as they expect.

Utu by Alikiba

This song is wonderful in bringing the best output on videos. Utu has been used by many tiktokers in a number of Trendy video reels. You can also use it in your videos, viewers will fall for that nice voice in the song.

Dai Dai(instrumental) by Fathermoh ft Karen

This is one of the latest songs that is being used regularly on Tiktok. Tiktok has made a number of songs more popular and this is one of those songs. Many people have loved the phrases in the lyrics that has made the song very popular.

Those are our 12+ best Swahili songs for reels on Tiktok, Instagram, and more. You can also use those songs in photo edits. All the best!

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10 FIFA mobile pro tips/ways to be a pro

10 FIFA mobile pro tips/ways to be FIFA pro, find all information here. You are having fun in fifa mobile game but looking forward to improve your play. You need to master some basics in order to succeed. Therefore, in this article, I have rounded up the 10 things you need to know in order to improve your play. Thanks to our experts for recommending the following, I hope it will be helpful to you. Without further ado, the following are 10 FIFA mobile pro tips you need to know.

10 FIFA mobile pro tips. Image showing how the latest version of FIFA looks like
image from fifa

Maintain your defence shape

Sometimes you may be attacked by the opponent. Don’t drag your. Defenders from their positions. Instead, you can use the midfielders to support your defence. Use your defenders where necessary, or only if their are no midfielders to support them. This will reduce the possibility of your opponent to get free space and score you.

Always be calm even after conceding a goal

Sometimes you might concede a goal then starting rushing things up to return back into the game. Unfortunately, this is not recommended even in real football. Just be calm and attack, also avoid minor mistakes. Don’t rush things with miss passes which may lead to more goals against you.

Be patient in your play

It is also a way on how to be a pro in FIFA mobile 22, patience. You can play against them and observe how they play. Don’t be too quick in performing a slide tackle. Some slide tackles may not meet your target especially when done quickly. For instance, you may perform a slide tackle wrongly then receive a red card or penalty. Penalty and red cards are some of the reasons to loose. You should perform slide tackles from the front and make sure to be closer the opponent player. Moreover, don’t rush your players to tackle, make sure to read the game and make sure tackles. Being patient also works in scoring goals at some point. Also, don’t be overwhelmed while going to score a clear chance hence might miss the target. Clear chances come once in a while, therefore don’t miss the target when you have a chance.

Get the ball and make dribble if under pressure

if the opponent is pressing you a lot, you can immediately make a dribble. I have been playing FIFA mobile and sometimes you may find an opponent who always pressure. Even before the ball settle to a your player after making a pass, he’ll send his player to pressure you with a tackle. You can confuse the opponent player by making one dribble once you get a pass to get space for passing. Also make sure to set the best dribbling style in settings. In addition to that, don’t dribble towards your opponent, you can use left or right side depending on where you’ll find space.

Master the passing art and avoid miss passes

To master passing skills, you’ll have to play a number of games and master the formation you are using. You can play a number of friendly tournaments to improve your passing. It will also help you to be a pro in FIFA 22.

Move your player on sides/avoid front move towards opponent

When the ball is in your possession. Normally, you use the control pad to move the player. Your opponent may also move his players towards you so that he/she may snatch the ball from you. Instead of moving towards him since you’ll make his work easier. You can move your player either left or right sides, to easily avoid the opponent. In some cases, they may also foul you which is an advantage to you. You can move player on sides then pass the ball, avoid front move towards your opponent. Move forward if you have free space and no opponent player is coming from front.

Try to shot even from a distance

You can make a shot even if your player is outside the goalkeeper box. Make sure that make a strong shot on corners or top corner where you may get a goal. Your may also get a corner if the opponent goalkeeper is good enough. A corner is a bonus to give the opponent pressure or can score.

improve your team with better players

This is also one of the 10 FIFA mobile pro tip. You also need a better team to succeed in FIFA mobile. However, you should know how to play well then get better players. Better players will improve your team performance. You can get better players through daily login rewards, purchasing them, using FIFA coins to sign one, and more.

10 FIFA mobile pro tips/ways to be a pro. Image showing some of the best players on FIFA mobile.
image from FIFA

Play with wingers

Having good wingers who have pace is a big advantage. When selecting your wingers, make sure to select the best wingers. Sometimes you need to look at your wingers and pass ball to them if they are free. Wingers can run from the far end to make a cross or even score when close to goals. When the wingers cross will land to your player, you can easily score a goal.

clear the ball from box when you see danger

When many of your opponent players are in your goalkeeper box. Don’t start making passes inside your box unless it’s a sure pass. Once the opponent snatch the ball, he/she can easily score you. Therefore, clear the ball where necessary to reduce pressure in the box and allow some of your players to come from front.

Final word

The above are our 10 FIFA mobile pro tips. You can try them out while playing the FIFA mobile game. You can also share your views in the comments section.

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Best Places to watch football online for free

Best Places to watch premier League/football online for free. In the past, Football fans used had to pay money for subscription on their television so as to watch live games. Thanks to the development of internet as it has solved such problems. Nowadays, you don’t need to go to a cenema or pay to access football channels and watch live matches on TV. You can still watch football matches in your smartphone for free. In this article, we have sampled the best places to watch football matches for free. The following is our list after conducting our research.

This website is wonderful for watching football online for free. One advantage of this website unlike some, you will also watch premier League online with just your Bundles. You won be changed any amount to watch the football matches. Moreover, you will also access more other league games, like la Liga, Bundesliga, and more. Visit to watch football matches, no subscription or payment required.

6 Places to watch premier League/football online for free.
use totalsportek if you don’t need app/less storage to install

Koora Live streaming (

This is also a wonderful place you can watch football online for free. Just Search on Google koora Live streaming. The website has less ads hence good user experience guaranteed. It also has good quality videos for users. It’s absolutely one of the best places to watch football online for free.


This is also one of the best places to watch premier League/football online for free. Besides watching, you will also get premier League/football highlights in case you missed to watch the game. However, to access more of epicsports services, you’ll have to join their telegram channel. You won’t access everything on their websites. In their channel, you’ll get links for watching football online. Moreover, you’ll also get football highlights. Visit

6 Places to watch premier League/football online for free. Display of epicsports
join epicsports telegram channel to get links for Live streaming and highlights videos.

Hessgoal is a great place to watch premier League/football online for free. You can watch a number of football matches in hessgoal. However, they stopped showing premier League matches. It is a great website to watch a number of football matches. No lagging, and it also have few ads with good user experience.

Inside hessgoal website.
Hessgoal website for those who don’t need app.

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Live football tv app

This is also a fantastic place to watch live football online for free. It is an android app where you can access a number of football matches. Some apps may also offer live football services but this is the best app have came across. It has good user experience and won’t be lagging a lot like some live streaming apps. You can download this app on Google play store. You will discover that this app has some of the best reviews from individuals who have tried it.

6 Places to watch premier League/ football online for free. Good display of Live football tv app.
Good display of Live football tv app

PTV sports live streaming TV

You can also watch live football from this app with your bundles. No subscription or money is needed to watch the matches. It has a number of league matches, ranging from premier League, La Liga, bundesliga, and more. Some apps have poor reviews since they are not that good to watch football comfortably. The PTV sports live streaming TV is great to watch your favourite sports. Moreover, it has good reviews in Google play from those who have tried it.

6 Places to watch premier League/football online for free. How PTV sports streaming looks like
PTV app with best reviews

Football Live streaming plus

This is also a wonderful app to watch live football matches. The app has good user experience to allow you to watch matches comfortably. You can download it on Google play store and start watching football for free. Impressively, this app has great ratings in Google playstore from individuals who have tried using it.

Logo of football live streaming plus app
watch football on football live streaming app

Final word

Those are the best places to watch premier League/ football online for free. Some websites like supersport will change you to watch matches. With the above apps, no changes applied but you’ll only need bundles to stream. Therefore, you can select the best way for you from the above. If you’ll love to download one of the apps to access football matches as fast as possible. Though, you may not have exhausted your storage space, then you can use Website or telegram channel.


this is also a great Place to watch football online for free. You can visit their site and watch a number of games including the premier league. This platform is great and offers a number of football matches.

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15 best musicians in Kenya 2022

15 best musicians in Kenya 2022. Which artist have been able to deliver this year. We have compiled a list for you based on the number of songs they have released and have been trending. A best musician should be consistent in releasing hits. Therefore, after conducting our research, we have compiled a list for you. Here are the best musicians in Kenya, list of elite and upcoming artist.

Otile Brown

Otile Brown has been doing well this year and he deserves to open our list of best musicians in Kenya 2022. He has been entertaining fans from Kenya to Africa at large with his great hits. Recently, Otile Brown has also made major collaboration with Harmonize in song called Woman. This song has been trending all over as Otile Brown hard a major role in the song. Previously, Otile Brown has also collaborated with Alikiba, Jovial, and Sinaipei Tande. All those collaborations have succeeded with over 5 million views on YouTube. With his consistence, and creativity we can also expect another great song in the coming future.

Best musicians in Kenya. Image for identification, otile Brown
Otile Brown

Khaligraph Jones

Kgaligraph Jones is another best musician in Kenya and Africa at large. He has released several trendy songs. In 2019, he won the Afrima Award of best male artist in East Africa. Khaligraph Jones is still outstanding, his latest song this year was a big trend on social media, the song is Sifu Bwana. He made a collaboration with famous, and top Kenyan artist, Nyashiski. Kgaligraph Jones has also released other trendy songs like, Wavy with famous African artist, Sakode. Moreover, he made a collaboration with Krisper in the “Ndovu kuu” song. Thanks to this artist for entertaining his fans massively this year.

Best musicians in Kenya. Image for identification of Khaligraph Jones
Khaligraph Jones

Sauti Sol

Sauti sol have been a great artists for a long time. They are among the best musicians in Kenya to the whole Africa. In fact, sauti sol were on another level some years back, by being nominated in awards like The Afrima Awards and more. We can say, they would have maintained the top position but this year they haven’t done much compared to their prime days. There latest trendy song is Nairobi, which was a collaboration between soul generation and Mejja.

Best musicians in Kenya. Image for identifying sauti Sol
Sauti Sol, Instagram


Meja have been in the music industry for a very long time. He has been outstanding this year with at least 5 songs that are trending. His recent songs have been more of collaborations as he also mentored young upcoming artists. He was featured in the following top songs, Usiniharibie moods, usherati with Krispper ft X ray taniua, and more.

Best musicians in Kenya. People to identify mejja


Nyashiski is another great artist with wonderful songs in the market. He has been outstanding in over the years including this year. He made a collaboration with Khaligraph Jones this year in year in the song, Sifu Bwana.

Best musicians in Kenya. People to identify nyashiski


Jovial is a top artist who we must include in our list. The male gender has dominated the music industry in Kenya. However, this lady has struggled to have a place in 2022. Her songs have been trending this year. Thanks to her major collaborations that made her stand out. Jovial and Otile Brown have made collabo in two different songs that became a trend in town. For instance, her song Jeraha with Otile Brown made waves. In addition to that, they previously made a collaboration in another song, such kinda love which also did well.

Image showing Jovial
Jovial, from Instagram

Best upcoming artist in Kenya

A number of artists are also coming up with trendy songs. A best upcoming artist should be consistent in making new hits. Moreover, their music should impress many fans, plus the awards they get nominated or given also matters. In our list of best musicians in Kenya, here is a separate list of the best upcoming artists.


So far, iyanii has been so wonderful this year. He has been releasing heat after heat all for himself. His trending song is Pombe, getting up to 4.5 million views on YouTube. Moreover, Pombe had also a dance challenge on tiktok. Thereafter, he has a second trendy song called Furaha. The song has about 1.5 million views and still counting. Iyanii has also made a first collabo with major artists and it’s pombe remix with Mejja and others.

Best musicians in Kenya. Image of Iyanii

X ray sipangwingwi

This is also a fantastic musician in Kenya. Since he came into limelight, he has never disappointed his fans. His famous hit is sipangwingwi with Trio Mio. Moreover, he has other popular songs that have been trending this year. He also collaborated in Usherati with Majja, and Krispper (Ndovu kuu).  In addition to that, X-ray has been featured in more other songs with major collaborations.

X ray photo
X ray

Krispper (Ndovu kuu)

Krispper has become a talk of the town. He has been featured in trendy songs with top artists in Kenya like Khaligraph Jones, and Mejja. He is very creative and unique in his own way. Krispper really deserves to be in this list of best upcoming artists in Kenya.

Photo showing Krispper
Krispper (Ndovu kuu)

Nviiri the storyteller

Nviiri is also a great upcoming  artist in Kenya. He is from the sol generation and I think you know their reputation in the country. Being mentored by top artists like sauti sol is not a joke, he has something unique. Nviiri won an award of award of the best upcoming artist category in pulse award 2019 December.

Nviiri the storyteller image

Nikita Kering

Nikita kering is a fantastic artist who is coming up at a great pace. In 2019, Nikita Kering won the Afrima Awards of best female artist in East Africa. What a great achievement, she managed to beat top female artists in East Africa like Nandi, and Zuchu.

Nikita Kering image for identification
Nikita Kering, from Facebook

Stivo Simple boy

This is also a top upcoming artist who has proven his worth. Stevo simple boy has been lively this year. He has been the talk of the town with his creative content. His song Freshi Barida really impressed many people, including his fans. He also impressed aspiring president 2022, George Wajakoya. Thanks to his hardwork that made him get recognized.

Image of Stivo Simple Boy
Stivo Simple boy

Trio Mio

This boy is also doing a great job in the music industry. Trio Mio is still young and in school but he manages to write great songs. He has made collaboration with great artist like majja, X-ray, and more.

Best musicians in Kenya. Image of Trio Mio
Trio Mio

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Chris Kaiga

Kaiga is also a fantastic upcoming artist in Kenya. In 2019/2020 was his year since he came to limelight at that period. He released a song called Zimenice which was a great trend. In addition to that, he released another one called Chain Chain. What a successful artist he’s been with all those songs trending all over. Chris kaiga was nominated for the pulse music award, category of best upcoming artist in 2019. Chris kaiga has made collaboration with Nyashiski in a song called Hapo Tu. He is a wonderful upcoming artist for sure.

Chris kaiga image
Chris kaiga


Ssaru is also another hope for female gender. This year, Ssaru has represented the female gender well. Ssaru has made major collaborations with top artists in Kenya. Some of the trending songs she have been featured in, including Kalale. Ssaru gained a lot of popularity from that trendy song featuring top artists in Kenya.


Those are the best musicians in Keny today. However, the list may be subjected to change depending on their future performance.

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