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Kalee Musiq Biography, Career, and Life.

Kalee Musiq biography, Career, and life discussed here. Nowadays, content creators are growing without relying on Traditional Media. The young generation can now share their talents and make income on platforms like YouTube, Tiktok and more. Gone are the days when individuals would opt to economic activities or formal employment to get income.

We have a number of commedians in Kenya who succeeded without depending just via YouTube and other social platforms. The likes of Vinnie Baite, Crazy Kennar, Cartoon Comedian, Kalee Musiq and more others. In this article we will narrow to Kalee Musiq by informing you on his biography, career, and life. Kalee is one of the sensational comedian who grew from scratch via YouTube, and internet. Without further ado, here is Kalee Musiq Biography, Career, and Life.

Kalee Musiq age and place of birth

Kalee Musiq was born and raised in Kimilili, Bungoma county. This great comedian from Kimtiong village was born in 12th December 1993. Thereafter, Kalee Musiq has been traveled places, including the capital city of Kenya, Nairobi.

Education Background

Kalee Musiq went to primary and did his KCPE in the year 2006. He begun his secondary school in the year 2007 and did his KCSE exams in 2010.


Kalee Musiq love for comedy begun back in primary. He was given a chance to showcase his talent in drama festival. This great commedian really impressed many, and also gained enough experience. He continued with his comedy life to high school level, where he started shaping his career.

Today, kalee Musiq has made a sensational comedy career with his counterpart, Vinnie Baite. They made a content that really impressed many, till they were called on popular TV shows like “The Trend” on NTV. What makes their comedy great, is it’s uniqueness and creativity. The two made content called “Story Za Jaba” where each had a particular role. Kalee Mysiq role was to make the story more interesting with his popular slang “Aje sasa.” And how he pretends to be naive and coming up with questions for Vinnie Baite to answer.


Kalee Musiq worked hard to become a popular comedian together with Vinnie Baite. Kalee Musiq impressed many to be called on popular TV show called “The Trend” on NTV. They performed on the show as many loved their work. Moreover, they were also been featured on 10 over 10, Citizen television. They also attended a show on TV47, what a great achievement.

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“NTV you are a bunch of jokers” Kenyans slam NTV for announcing this.

NTV is one of Kenya’s top media company. The company has a number of best TV shows including The Trend by Amina. Today, NTV announced on their official Facebook page that they will host ‘master of shembeteng’ tonight on the Trend show. Many Kenyans didn’t like it, some claimed that they were promoting nonsense. Some Kenyans also claimed that a top media company is spoiling our Swahili national language by promoting shembeteng language. Here is the post made today by NTV and some comments from Kenyans.

please leave your views about this action by NTV to air out the programm. Also comment on the reactions of Kenyans. Must read Ruto-Gachagua or Raila-Karua, which duo is the best. A survey was conducted, See the margin between the two.

Ruto-Gachagua or Raila-Karua, which duo is the best. A survey was conducted, See the margin between the two.

It has started with a bang, both William Ruto and Raila Odinga have answered the long awaited questions of who will be their running mates. They have now appointment of their running mates as Ruto picked Rigathi Gachagua representing Kenya Kwanza alliance while raila taking Martha Karua for Azimio La Umoja coalition. KTN news made a post to find out who is the most influential between Karua and Rigathi, 52% voted for Rigathi while 48% went for Martha Karua.

The following reactions were also made by Kenyans:

Radio Africa Limited also conducted a survey. According to the survey of Radio Africa, Raila-Martha Karua’s ticket took the lead Raila and Martha ticket bagged 48% support, while the deputy president and gachagua received 45% support.

Indeed we can see the margin are very small. This clearly shows how the August 9th elections will be very tough. You can share your thoughts about our opinion polls today?

Safaricom offers free 500 minutes to its clients, See how to you to access the free minutes

The main mobile service provider of Kenya, Safaricom, has come up with finger licking offers to it’s clients. The network offers a massive amount of free minutes. The mobile network operator speaking through the official Twitter page, you can enjoy the luxurious freedom to speak comfortably with loved ones, close friends, families and relatives, from the 500 free minutes provided. I clarified that I could do it myself. You can also take a look at the procedures established for accessing the service.

photo of safaricom Chief executive, Peter

Take a look at all the requirements for accessing free minutes. To get your minutes, the mobile service providers cited that you can dial *400#on your Safaricom line. Then, subscribe to Safalicom’s home fibre. You’ll be good to go. Therefore, “Imagine getting your minutes maximum of 500 minutes, who will be the first person to call?

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“kumbe mnajifanya Tu na munampenda” babu owino mocks mount Kenya for accepting Raila Odinga

Yesterday, Raila visited mt Kenya region, making several stopovers. His journey begun in Naromoru, Laikipia, then moved to Nyeri county, then Murang’a and finally to kiambu county. While in kiambu, he met githurai 45 residents where he was warmly welcomed. After the welcome, many supporters and leaders reacted. The leaders who reacted, including Babu Owino, embakasi member of parliament from ODM.

Babu Owino aired on his Facebook account, mocking the kikuyus on how they loved the ODM leader. In his post, Owino expressed how they just pretend but they like Raila. Here is Babu Owino’s post.

babu owino on Facebook

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