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How to move your goalkeeper in FIFA 2022.

How to move your goalkeeper in FIFA 2022. Your goalkeeper positioning is very important when playing FIFA. Moving your keeper away from the goal is one of the smartest way to catch your opponent off guard. Moreover, your goalkeeper will have a better chance to save any possible goals. You might have top rated players in your FIFA 2022 ultimate team. However, knowing some tricks and hints is also important to give you more wins.

One of the good feeling in playing FIFA is maintaining a clean sheet. It is important to know the time when you need to move your goalkeeper. We will let you know when and how to move the goalkeeper. When to move your goalkeeper There are two scenarios when you are required to move your goalkeeper. You can move your goalkeeper during corner kick, to the direction of strikers foot or during one on one scenario.

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Importance of moving goalkeeper during a one on one situation

Moving your goalkeeper during a one on one situation will caught your opponent off guard. Your goalkeeper might reach for the ball before your opponent shoot. Moreover, your opponent may be caught off guard and hit the ball to the goalkeeper arms hence save.

A goalkeeper being moved a few yards forward during one on one situation to save the ball.
a goalkeeper moved a few yards forward to save one on one situation

Move goalkeeper in FIFA during corner kicks – The Importance.

When corners are taken, it’s important to move your goalkeeper from his line or a few yards forward towards the penalty spot. This movement will minimize the number of headers that are likely to be scored. Goalkeepers in FIFA 22 are exceptional when they are out to save crosses. This means, giving them a headstart they’ll make crucial corner saves. Therefore, your opponent will only have two options, either make short corner and a perfect one to the far post. Those alternatives will give your keeper time to retreat to the goal post hence making it less risky for you.

photo from fifa

Move goalkeeper in FIFA to the direction of strikers foot- importance

This is one of the challenging part. Normally, we normally leave for the AI to move to the direction where the opponent might strike. You can also take the role of the computer by moving the keeper to the direction that you feel the opponent will shoot the ball. We are mostly given full control of the keeper direction during penalty shootout. If you are good in that, you can opt to take the control during the game. Some players like Haland, Lukaku, are left footed, maybe you can move your keeper on the left side when they shoot. You might also read your opponent most preferred direction he/she likes to shoots. After knowing the above three occasions when you are supposed to move your goalkeeper. Let me take you through the process of moving your goalkeeper.

How to move goalkeeper in FIFA. Goalkeeper moved to the direction of strikers foot/ shot.
photo from FIFA

How to move your goalkeeper in FIFA 22 ultimate team

In FIFA 22, you can move your goalkeeper using the R3 button, located on the right analogue stick of the controller. Thereafter, push the stick to any direction you want your goalkeeper to move. Once you release the R3 button, the goalkeeper will automatically get to his natural position. However, it depends with the situation before the keeper take the position.

How a goalkeeper has been moved to save the ball.
photo from fifa

You can access this move in every game mode. However, you should be careful when playing with artificial intelligence team which normally detect and react to any move as quick as possible. That is our guide on how one can take control of the goalkeeper in FIFA 22. Make sure you have the above trick in your fingertips and apply where necessary. You might also take time to fully adapt, but when used at the right time and place, it will give you the best outcome.

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Best football reel songs for Tiktok, Instagram, and YT shorts

Image showing great footballers in history. They have been featured in best football reel songs.
Great footballers in history having a number of reels on internet

Tiktok and Instagram reels are some of the popular trend on internet today. Offcose reels aren’t complete without adding background music. Background music will attract, entertain and make your reels more catchy. Therefore, making football reels with appropriate song is necessary. If you are wondering what are the best songs for making those football reels. In this article, we have compiled at least 10 songs that will bring the best outcome. As a football fan, you may have encountered best dribbles, passes, and great goals. Some of the songs are not football songs but can make great reel songs for soccer. The following are the best reel songs for soccer reels.

Russ Millions by big shark

Big shark songs are outstanding in the music industry. Russ Millions is one of his greatest song, with its awesome tune and lyrics it deserves to be recognised. You may have encountered some football reels with this song in the background. Indeed, this some will bring the best outcome when used well. We have shared our own football reel video after adding this song in the background. The video will impress many football fans due to the quality passes as the song will make the video more attractive. Undoubtedly, this song will work in a number of videos. It doesn’t matter if you are a fan of an England team, la Liga, serie A, or others. You won’t go wrong with this reel song in those videos.

Practice makes perfect (slowed) by SR

This is another great reel song for football reels. From the title ‘Practice makes perfect’ is absolutely true. Practice is necessary almost everywhere including football. The tune can be used when a player is dribbling, outstanding passes, or anywhere on soccer videos. It all depends with your creativity. Therefore, You can use this reel song in your videos to bring the best output.

Such a whore by JVLA

This song can make your reels to be more outstanding. We all love to see those popular footballers like Messi, Ronaldo, Salah, Neymer, and others dribbling. I can say that this song will impress on those dribbling videos. It is just a matter of proper timing and creativity. This reel song mostly fit videos in dribbling occasions. It will match well, you can try it out.

Ainsi Bas La Vida by indila

This song is another amazing song for football reels. It’s opening instrumental are great for making background music. Though this song is not an English song but will make your football videos great. Moreover, India’s voice is so nice and you’ll absolutely love this masterpiece. We have shared the tiktok version below.

Love Nwantinti by CKay ft Axel

This song is another popular reel song for football reels. The song can work well in a number actions on those soccer videos. It can be used on dribbling videos, passes, as plus more other actions. You can check the video below from 2022 UEFA champions League group stage, PSG against Man city. You can try this song on more other videos, it will work for sure.

Fearless by Tule

We cannot talk about the best reel songs for football videos without including this song. This song is great when it comes to making background music for soccer reels. Football games should be taken courageously and with no fear. Looking at the lyrics of the song, its a brilliant way to pass vital message in your videos. The lyrics of the songs are “ we all know that it’s not fear/it’s not fear/it’s not fearless…” that part of the lyrics is the most appropriate to use. You can also include it in your tiktok or Instagram videos.

Malaa by notorious

This song was released 6 years ago but it’s still outstanding today. This amazing song can make great football reels. Many are using this song to create their reels since it gives the results that we yearn for. In YouTube, this song has up to twenty million views. If you are looking for the best songs to create your football reels, consider this one in your list. Malaa has outstanding instrumentals to ensure your tiktok/Instagram videos have the best outcome.

Heat waves by glass animals

This is another awesome reel song for making soccer reels. The song has up to two hundred and eighty nine million views on YouTube. This song was made for football, it is normally used in playlist of FIFA. Sometimes you might feel so low when your team has lost. This song reminds us that tough times won’t last forever. Those who are feeling low, go for this song as it will boost your mood.

Papoutai by stromae

Football has no expiring date, and every die hard football fan knows this. Same to football reel song, we can use songs that were released up to 10 years ago. This song was recorded in 2012 by Belgium musician stromae. In 2013, this song was the best selling single in Belgium and France. With the available of tiktok and Instagram today, you can use this song in your football reels. The song has an outstanding lyrics and tune. Infact, this song is one of my favourite songs, i really love the performance in the video. The best best part to use in your soccer reels is the chorus section.

Polozhenie guitar

Polozhenie guitar has no specific lyrics but is made up of guitar like beats. The beats can make great background music for those soccer reels. I have encountered it severally to some of the trending reels on Instagram and tiktok. Apparently, you’ll absolutely love the magical outcome once you’ve used this song in your football reels. Just take a try and see for yourself, it won’t go wrong. This song mostly work well in football reels that involves slow actions on the pitch like popular footballers greeting each other, interacting, moment of respect and more. just be creative and it’ll deliver.

Other football reel songs are;

  1. 1. Safari new by Gagan roy
  2. 2. Rrage by paaus and Lukrative
  3. 3. Write this down by Nieve ft Soulchef

Final word

those are the best Reel songs for tiktok, Instagram and YT shorts. You can use them in your football videos. As we are approaching the new season. Thereafter, we get to the world cup 2022 in Qatar. Football reel songs will make any catchy video you might encounter to be more outstanding. In case you don’t know we’re to start from, we have illustrated for you in our YouTube channel. We have used the above reel songs to come up with fantastic football reels. Take a look at our YouTube channel by visiting the the link below

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