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Popular apps and games. We have many apps on Google play store. In this section you’ll be able to know about those apps and games. We make research directly from those apps then give our outcome. Therefore, information here is first hand information from major games and apps like tiktok, FIFA, NBA, Facebook, Instagram, and more.

10 Best songs for baby shower short videos/reels

10 Best songs for baby shower, compiled here. This is one of the most ordained party in the human life cycle. Family and friends pay heed to lionize the oncoming birth of a new baby and flower the mother to have good wishes and love .This party help in providing support emotionally to the mother . Gift and other items are also brought to the mother that will help to take care of the new born baby . For the party to be enjoying music is one of the key parts to be done . Music entertain the guest and also strengthen the relationship between the mother and baby. This are some of the best song to played in such a party.

10 best songs for baby shower, image showing baby shower celebration.
Image from Google.

Count on me – Bruno Mars

On of the songs which embraces the theme of baby shower. The massage of bruno mars as the artist of this song is to show friendships and giving hand to people out there keeping in mind also that there are people who care for you . in fact just from the rhythm it brings a huge impact on people feeling . The song makes the bond between the mother and the child to strong . The mother also feel that the care from the outside people. it is absolutely one of the 10 best songs for baby shower.

Haven’t met you yet – Michael buble

This is amidst one of the 10 best songs to be played on baby shower party . Michael buble brings a clear theme of caring breech out a great support through his lines . This song creates a strong bond between the child and the mother ,giving the mother hopes that one day when the child grow will work hand in hand with the mother . It also bring out the virtue of unity . surely Michael brought an astronomical impact to the outside people. Hence this song should not miss to played in a baby shower party.

Blue – Beyonce

One of the songs that brings out a great change on people in a baby shower party . Beyonce the R&B singer brings clearly the feeling of being love , happiness and having fun with the one you adore the most . The mother’s love to child hardens ,also playing with the child impart a close relationship between the two. Mostly this will make one to find beauty and imperfection to the mother. The mother also feel honored. Surely this songs have enlightened many in this generation.

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Never grow up- Taylor swift

This is one of the songs that’s has a huge impact in a baby shower party . Taylor swift the American singer brings out how dependent she is towards the other partner. Taylor swift brings out the strong bond between the mother and the child . The massage of this songs is how the people will care for each other even if the outside world will be against it . The songs also bring out clear how the outside world is cruel but he can’t leave the child to be scolded. The song show the kind of support that ones need in life.

Welcome to the world – Nicolette Larson

This is one of the touching song in a baby shower party. The song demonstrate the good hospitality that the newborn is provided with. Also the parents are happy to receive a gift from heaven. According to Nicolette Larson she shows how the world is beautiful. This songs strengthen the mother bonds to child as it brings out the theme of caring , giving hand , protection and other values . This song has a great impact on the outside world in a baby shower party.

Baby – beauty

A song that shows how valuable someone is in life. The parent are eagerly waiting for the gift from heavens . They have a great expectations hence they have started to make plans for the newborn . This songs increases the bond of love and caring of the mother to child even though the child is not born. Lisa schettner a song writer from French show how delightful parents are when expecting new born babies . In a baby shower party the attendees are touch emotionally when hearing this song.

The one thing – Shakira

Amidst the song that brings feelings in a baby shower party. Shakira an artist from Colombia says how she is happy when having the best gift of her life. She also admits how lonely and purposeless she was before but now she has found the right gift in his life. This songs hardens the bond between the mother to child in a baby shower party . This show how a child is a very good gift that a parent is proud of in life.

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Beauty in the world – Macy Gray

This is also one of the 10 best songs for baby shower. Macy gray a song writer from America has made a touch of emotion from her lyrics . In her lyrics she brings out how the outside people mock them and celebrate their failure . But she comes out in clear to a positive side of the world. she tells the child to focus on the beautiful side of the world . Gray encourages the child by giving a hand when in troubles . The song show how parents are a good company to the newborn even though the world is cruel . Even though the outside world comes out to mock them in their shame it does not matter to them.

The one who loves you most – Brett dennen

Parental love is one of the greatest thing a child enjoy the most . The child feels valuable even in the public when given love from parent .Brett dennen an American song writer brings out the parental love in his lyrics. He says even when the world looks down and criticize you I will be their to stay with you . He also admits how he love the most.

Upside down – Jack Johnson

A song that brings a great impact in a baby shower party. Jack johnson an American singer in his lyrics he demonstrate how it feels when you are with the one you love . The child feels valuable since there is a protector even at worse situation. In broad enough songs has tremendous significance in a baby shower party. Songs not only keep a baby shower party gorgeous it also bring out core values that is good in human life. Those are just but a few there are many songs also which are fit in a baby shower party.

The above are the 10 best songs for baby shower short videos/reels. You can try try them out to make your short videos more interesting. To get the best output, you’ll have to be creative.

How to remove advertisements on dream league game 2023

How to remove advertisements on dream league game 2023, compiled here. Dream league is one of the most popular football games today. It has millions of downloads from Google play and a number of positive reviews. No doubt that dream league game has a lot of fans who are currently using it. If you are enjoying using this game and you are tired of advertisements. In most cases, you may encounter video ads during the half time break of your game.

Some individuals normally switch of their data in order to avoid those video ads on half time break. But falcomdaily will give you a permanent solution to avoid those video ads. Before I take you through the steps to remove advertisements on dream league game, here is what you need to know about advertisements.

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What you need to know about advertisements

It is important to know some things about those advertisements in DLS Mobile game. The following are the points to note;

  • Some video adverts will earn you some coins.

You may be looking for a way to earn more coins on your dream league game. You can select a video advertisement on the game which earns you some coins.

  • You can get rid of ads on dream league without ad blockers.

This is what I am going to help you do, getting rid of video ads without installing ad blockers. Some ad blockers may not work and you’ll also require data and space in your device to install ad blockers.

  • You can get rid of personalized ads that come after half time of every matches on DLS.

This is what I’ll also be helping you do in the steps below. Therefore, Follow the steps below keenly.

How to remove advertisements on DLS 2023/24

Here are the steps on how to remove advertisements on dream league game. Apparently, adverts normal disrupt gamers at half time break when playing DLS.

Step 1 Access your dream league game then go to your team. Example on screenshot below.

How to remove adverts on dream league game.
Image from Dream league game.

Step 2 Locate the settings icon on top left corner like in the image below.

The settings icon has been circled in our screenshot below. Step 3 After accessing the settings, you can go to advanced settings at the bottom right corner.

Step 4- You’ll see the headings, Sign in with Google, personalized ads, and personalized notification.

Locate personalized ads which is on. You can switch it to off and you’ll have removed the advertisements.

How to remove adverts on dream league game.

Final word

Those are the steps on how to remove advertisements on dream league game. Once you have competed the steps above, you won’t be distracted by those video ads during half time breaks. In case you see one, then go back and make sure that you’ve switching off.

How to set watermark in Microsoft word

How to set watermark in Microsoft word (Standard/Custom), compiled here. Microsoft word is widely used in many institutions/places. We have schools, hospitals, and more others. If you aren’t sure what watermark is, in simple words it’s a picture or word that appears faintly behind your text in the word document.

You can try to watermark the documents you have drafted. Alternatively, you can also watermark a duplicate document and compare. Microsoft word will allow you to include standard or custom watermark in your documents using some steps as follows.

What’s a Standard watermark and their importance

If you want to know how to set Standard watermark in Microsoft word, I will take you through the full steps. Firstly, a standard watermark is a type which you can’t modify the font or colour. In simple terms, it is a watermark already defined by words hence you can’t modify it. The following are some of the importance of setting a standard watermark.

1) You can pass some information using it, for example Success, Good luck, e.t.c

2) You can inform the reader what the document is about. The reader will easily see your watermark than reading through the top page to find out, for instance, name of exams, brand i.e Britam, Toyota

3) Can be used to beautify- some people find using some types of watermark to be attractive. After knowing what’s a standard watermark and some of their use. Now let’s go through the steps on how to set watermark in Microsoft word. Below are the full steps for standard watermark.

Steps on how to set standard watermark

You can identify the document you want to set the standard watermark either duplicate document or drafted one. Then use the steps below to set up your standard watermark.

Step 1 – open word document

Open the word document you intend to add your watermark.

Step 2 – Choose page layout tab

Select “ PAGE LAYOUT TAB,” you’ll click on “WATERMARK.” Button. It’ll display a list containing standard watermarks for you.

How to set watermark in Microsoft word
Image of Microsoft word display.

Step 3 – choose from available watermarks

You can now pick on the availability watermarks by just clicking on them. It will automatically apply the watermark to every page on your word document. For instance, we can select the watermark termed as “Confidential.”

How to set watermark in Microsoft word

Set Custom watermark

We can also set a custom watermark in your word document. If you don’t know what it is, a custom watermark is the type of watermark which you can modify the font, text, size, colour, e.t.c

Below are the steps on how to set watermark in Microsoft word/Custom watermark in particular.

Step 1 – open your word document

Open the word document you wish to include your watermark.

Step 2 – Go to page layout

Pick the “PAGE LAYOUT TAB” and select”WATERMARK” button as it’ll display options on Standard watermark. Go to the bottom where You’ll find the option “CUSTOM WATERMARK”

Step 3 – Select custom watermark

Choose the custom watermark option and it’ll display a dialogue box “PRINTED WATERMARK.”

How to set watermark in Microsoft word

Step 4 – Apply your watermark

You can now pick a picture as your watermark. We are not ruling predefined Text watermarks. You can type your custom text on the “TEXT BOX” located in “PRINTED WATERMARK” dialogue box. You can use “DUPLICATE” as your text format then set our size, Font, and colour. As soon as we set all the parameters, you will click “OK” to apply them.

How to set watermark in Microsoft word.

Those are the steps on how to set watermark in Microsoft word. We have included the steps for both custom and standard watermark. All the best

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How to find and replace text in word(plus shortcuts)

How to find and replace text in Word. (plus shortcuts), compiled here. You might have typed a particular text or phrase but looking forward to replace it. In this article, I will take you on steps how to find and replace text in word. I have also included some shortcuts to save your time. Below are the steps with their corresponding images.

Using find command

You can locate a particular text in your document using the “Find command.” Below are the steps you can follow if you are looking forward to find and replace text with the find command.

  • Step 1 – type =rand() on empty word document We are going to illustrate with you on the sample shown from the screenshot below. You can type =rand() then Enter to get a similar one.
How to find and replace in Microsoft word
  • Step 2 – Go to home tab or press Ctrl F You can launch the navigation pane by going to the “home tab” and select the “ find” command. You can also use the shortcut key Ctrl+F in your keyboard.
How to find and replace, find command.
  • Step 3 – search the word you intend to find You can now type the word you are looking forward to replace in the search box located on the left side of the screen. In our screenshot below, we’ve type the word we are looking forward to replace. In our example we have typed “document” and you’ll notice that word will highlight the word yellow as soon as you finish typing.
How to find and replace text in word, Search box.
  • Step 4 – you can clear and perform another search You can use the clear button to clear both the results and search as you perform another search.
  • Step 5 – you can use further options to find words In this step, you can click the “option button” to display options menu as you pick “Options.” You will come across a list of options. You can choose options like “Match case” in order to perform case sensitive search.
How to find and replace text, options dialogue box.
  • Step 6 – close the search operation when done This is the final step after you’ve find what you want to replace. You can now close the search operation by clicking the close (X) button.

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Replacing the word

You should now be good in finding words or phrases in your word document. You can now replace your existing words in your document. We can take you through the steps below:

  • Step 1 – click on replace button On your “Home tab” you’ll pick the “Replace button” in the “Editing group.” Alternatively, you can use the shortcut key Ctrl + H to launch your “Find and Replace” dialogue box.
  • Step 2 – type the word you intend to replace. Here you’ll be able to “Find and replace” the words you want. You can look in the screenshot below from the dialogue box.
  • Step 3 – click the replace button On the “Find and replace” dialogue box, click the “Replace” button. You will notice that your “replace with” word on your dialogue box will replace the searched word. You can also replace the next searched word in the occurrence by clicking “replace.” You can also replace all the words that have been found by clicking “Replace All” button. In case of you want to get the next occurrence, you’ll click on “Find next” button. Finally, click replace to replace the word found.
  • Step 4 – Use more “button” for specific search On your dialogue box, you can use “More” button in case you’re looking forward for a more specific search, for example searching the whole word, or sensitive search.
  • Step 5 – click close or cancel button Once you are done with the process of finding and replace. On the dialogue box, you’ll close the box by clicking “cancel” or Close “button”

Those are the steps to find and replace in Microsoft word, All the best!

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7 Best football games for Android 2023

7 Best football games for Android 2023, compiled here. Billions of people are soccer fans across the globe. Therefore, we have football games to entertain every soccer fans. We have a lot of football games for Android which is great. However, you may be overwhelmed on picking the best football games for Android.

We have compiled a list of 7 best football games after conducting our research. We have tried out a lot of games and trust me, many games aren’t that great. If you are a soccer fan who knows top footballers like Messi, Ronaldo, Mbape, Neymer, Benzema, and many others. You’ll need a football game that’ll look real to enjoy it. A good football game should have good graphics, licensed with top players, and more other features. In other words, one would need a football game that’ll look real. We have selected the 7 best football games for Android 2023 after conducting our research. Hence, below are our selection;

eFootball 2023

This football game is one of the top android football game, bringing tight competition to other mobile games like FIFA mobile. The eFootball 2023 was previously known as PES football but it lost the ‘PES’ from it’s name. This game has wonderful graphics that have impressed many. You will absolutely enjoy playing this android game. Despite FIFA mobile having many licensed players, eFootball is very enjoyable. You can still unlock a number of player packs. Moreover, it features outstanding controls, local multiplayer, online multiplayer, and more.

7 best football games for Android 2023. Image showing how eFootball 23 looks like in Google play.
image from


– It has wonderful graphics

-it is licensed with a good number of players

– You have options to play with either human, or AI.


– It is not compatible with some Mobile phones .

FIFA mobile: FIFA world cup

This is another wonderful android football game. It works like FIFA mobile game with similar features. This version of FIFA mobile has world cup teams from group stages. You will enjoy playing with different nations as you bring the world cup 2022 in form of a game. This game has all the players in 2022/23 representing their respective nations. You can pick a nation then play from group stages to winning the world cup. Besides the world cup, you can still play the career mode where you’ll be leading your own team to victory. You have options to unlock players, buy players, exchange players, and more in your career team. It is not made up of world cup only, you will enjoy the two sides. It is an enjoyable game indeed.

7 best football games for Android 2023. Image showing FIFA mobile, FIFA world cup.


-It has wonderful graphics

-Licensed with a lot of latest players in 2023

-It is compatible to many android phones

– It takes less storage space


– The leagues only allows you to play with human beings, which may give you opponents with premium players(very strong players). Hasn’t include AI option.

Dream league 2023

Dream league has been competing well in terms of android games. The game has been improving over the years and now we have the dream league 2023 which has a lot of wonderful features. The idea of the game itself is enjoyable, where you’ll be required to grow your dream team to become one of the world best team. This game has about 8 leagues, and different cup competitions. You can sign players and train them to greatness. The game has wonderful features, including graphics, controls, and a number of licensed players.

Image showing Dream league 23 display.
Download dream league 2023 from Googleplay


– You’ll be given an easy league as you develop to proceed. – It has good graphics and controls.

– Compatible with many android phones

– You’ll get premium players for free. Not necessary to pay money in order to get the best players.


– It requires a quite larger storage space compared to FIFA

EA sports FIFA 2023

This is another gorgeous game you’ll enjoy playing. In fact, it is the latest version of FIFA mobile game, designed for 2023. The game has maintained all the wonderful features that the previous FIFA mobile game had. You will enjoy its wonderful graphics, controls, and more. The game has all the necessary license, including players. It has up to 50,000 players as you’ll see all the familiar players.

7 best football games for Android 2023. Image showing how FIFA 23 looks like.

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– It requires on a small storage space

– It has great graphics and controls

– You’ll get a lot of licensed players


– You will be facing online opponents in most of the games.

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Top 11 be football manager

This is also a wonderful football game for Android phone. This game is somewhat a little bit different from the mentioned ones. Here you’ll be acting as a manager them use your managerial tactics to lead your team to victory. Unlike the above mentioned football games where you participate actively in playing. Here you’ll just implement your tactics as the players use them leading to victory. It is an enjoyable game, as many have also loved it. The game has good ratings in the playstore with more than 10 million downloads.

7 best football games for Android 2023. Image showing top 11 football manager display.


– Has great graphics card

– It is easy to play


– No option to control your players.

Football Strike

Football strike is another enjoyable football game for Android. The game mainly focuses on set pieces, that’s what makes it a little different. You have an option to face friends in multiplayer face to face free kick face-offs. Alternatively, you can also succeed in career modes. In this one, you will get to different stadiums across the globe. You will be facing different challenges in those stadiums, either as a goalkeeper or player. You will win different medals when you progress well in the career mode. This game from Miniclip has a simple and great gameplay, you’ll absolutely enjoy it.

Image showing football Strike display.


– Has great graphics

– Compatible with many android devices

– It is free of charge to download


– No option to play as a full team.

Score hero 2023

Score hero is another great game in 2023. The game has wonderful graphics and controls. The idea in the game is that, you’ll have your own team and lead it to greatness. The game is compatible in many mobile devices and it’s a great option for many. The game is enjoyable, and many have loved it. It currently have a rating of 4.4 from at least 2 million reviews.

7 best football games for Android 2023 image showing how score hero looks like.


– Has great graphics

– Compatible with many mobile devices


– Not licensed with very many players.

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Final Word

Those are the 7 best football games for Android 2023. However, our list may be subjected into change. Such that, we may have better football games coming up to compete for the best position and supremacy.

7 best video editing apps for free without watermark

7 best video editing apps for free without watermark, compiled here. There are a lot of video editing apps on Google play store. When it comes to selecting the best video editing app, we look at a number of features offered. One of the best features is using an app that won’t print watermark in your videos.

Many people don’t like the watermark of the brand/app on their videos. However, a few apps comes with the mentioned features. Most of the time, this feature is considered a premium feature in some apps like Viva video. Therefore, we have compiled a list of best video editing apps for free without watermark. If you are a video creator, Youtuber, Tiktoker, and more. Check the following apps for creating video’s that are free from watermark.

1. Youcut video editor

This app really deserves to open this list of 7 best video editing apps for free without watermark. The app comes with a lot of features for free.

7 best video editing apps for free without watermark. Image showing You cut app.

Key features

– Has many features for free, ranging from music, video trimmer, join many videos, background music and more.

– It’s free of charge without watermark and banner ads.

– The app is user friendly.

– Split videos into two separate videos.

– Export quality videos you can use on your Tiktok, Instagram, and YouTube account.

– Has video cropper feature

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2 Video editor- video Guru

This is also a great app to edit videos free of change without stamping watermark. This app has impressed many, imagine an app that has 4.6/5 stars from 2 million reviews. You can check it’s ratings on Google play and download if the features will impress you.

7 best video editing apps for free without watermark. Image showing how video editor- video guru looks like.

Key features

• Video crop

• Trim videos, compress, and adjust speed

• Good video quality without watermark

• Combine videos for Tiktok, YouTube, and more accounts.

• Offer different transition effects on videos

3. Filmir

This is another video editing app for free without watermark. The app comes with a number of features for free, they include, adding filters, transitions, effects, and more. Filmir is a great place to get premium look in your videos.

Key features

• You can import unlimited number of photos and videos.

• The transition between videos is smooth and unique.

• Has several fonts hence your text will stand out. • One great feature is no ads at all to interrupt.

• You can ad music in your existing file with just a simple search.

• You can get rid of watermark by going Pro or watching an ad.

• You can shoot videos using the app then edit

4 Qick

Qick is also a wonderful to edit your videos for free without adding watermarks in your videos. The app comes with a number of great features without necessarily purchasing the premium version. You can download this app on Google play store and access those great features. You will discover that the app has great ratings on Google play with a lot of downloads. The following are the key features offered by the app.

Image showing how quick app looks like.

Key features

• You can add as many photos and videos from the gallery, cloud storage and more.

• No watermark is left in your videos

• Can trim, rotate, and change video speed.

• You can add background songs in your videos for free.

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5. FilmoraGo

FilmoraGo is also one of the best app to edit videos for free with stamping watermark. The app will enable you to create a number of videos using a number of free features. The videos are of great quality to share on Instagram, Tiktok, YouTube, and more.

7 best video editing apps without watermark. Image showing how FilmoraGo looks like.

Key features

• Loaded with a lot of free features.

• It is beginner friendly.

• It allows you to make high quality videos.

6. Video editor no – watermark and CU

You can just look at the name of this app. The app has promised to offer videos that are free from watermark. You can download this app and create lovely videos as you share on that vlogging platform. The app has more other features to its clients. It deserves to be in this list of 7 video editing apps without watermark.

Key features

• Can split or combine videos.

• Remove unwanted parts on your videos

• Offer smooth transitions between videos

• Add your own logo in your videos

• Can record and add your voice or commentaries

• Crop videos to emphasize or remove some elements.

7. Video maker music video editor

This app is wonderful in creating lovely videos that are free from watermark. If you are creating a video or slideshow together with your lover, this app has Ideal features. It can also create videos to use in vlogging. The app comes with wonderful features as follows

7 best video editing apps for free without watermark

Key features

• Smooth transitions in your videos.

• Offer great animation effects in your videos

• Has great materials to use in your valentines day.

• Compress your video like professional without losing quality

• Can merge different videos or images

• Can trim video to remove unwanted parts.

• Offer Music that are licensed hence making videos popular.

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Those are the 7 best video editing apps without watermark. We have made our research from Google play store ratings. We have also installed some of the apps and tried for ourselves. You won’t go wrong with the above apps.

How to add subscriber button to YouTube videos

How to add subscriber button to YouTube videos, compiled here. To succeed in YouTube channel, you have to be quick in uploading videos for your subscribers. In other words, YouTube need consistence in order to succeed. Therefore, you can look for a way to add subscriber button automatically to your videos.

This process will save time as well as improve on the number of subscribers. In this article, I have steps you can follow to add subscriber button to YouTube videos. Let’s dig in Steps to add subscriber button on YouTube videos Before getting into the steps of adding a subscriber button in your YouTube videos. Let me take you through the requirements first.


• PNG, Gif, or Image of small size, we recommend 150 by 150 pixel.

• Image should be 1mb or less.

• Good browser like Chrome. A browser that should allow you to switch to desktop view. • Good Internet connection.

• Login credentials of your channel.

Step 1-log into your YouTube channel

Go into your browser to log into to your YouTube channel. Don’t use the mobile app since it doesn’t have some of the features of this process. You can log into your channel in YouTube website

Step 2 -change to desktop view in phones

If you are using a mobile phone, you can change into desktop view so that it can look like a desktop. The desktop view in chrome browser is situated on three vertical dots at the top right corner. Move down and pick desktop view, it’ll reload to make it look like a desktop/computer. This will allow you see every feature, so you’ll click your profile picture at the top right.

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Step 3 – Go to your channel page

After clicking on your profile picture, it’ll show you different options. Pick the first option which is named as “Your channel.”

Image showing where you'll find "you channel" button.

Step 4 – customization page

On your channel, you’ll gain access to a new page where you’ll select “Customization channel.”

How to add subscriber button on YouTube videos. Image showing customization page

Step 5 – Branding

You will gain access to the customization page where you’ll switch to “Branding.” Check from the image below.

How to add subscriber button on YouTube. Image showing Branding.

Step 5- choose video watermark

You can then scroll down and Choose “Video watermark” option. Here you can ad your gif, or image that will be displayed in your videos. Upload your image of the right size and click done.

How to add subscriber button on YouTube.

Step 6 – select image

Another step is to select the image you’ll use as subscriber button. You will be given a preview of how your image will look like in your videos.

Step 7 – select display time

Here you can pick how long the subscriber button will be displayed in your videos. You’ll have options like the entire video, at the beginning, at the end, or select your custom time. It depends on what you want.

Step 8 – publish

Once you’ve done the above steps including your preview. It’s time to publish your subscriber button in your videos.

What you need to know

• When selecting the image to use, make sure to avoid images that will lead to copyright claims.

• You can create your own images using tools like canva, or take free ones Google.

• You can try PNG or Gif as your watermark subscriber button for Better results.

• The subscriber button won’t reflect immediately. You can wait for about 48 hrs to 3 days.

• A watermark subscriber button will take you one step ahead.

12 best songs for Tiktok trending videos 2022

12+ best Swahili songs for reels on tiktok, and Instagram.

12+ Best Swahili songs for tiktok, Instagram reels/edits, compiled here. There are millions of songs in the world but only a few make it to trend on tiktok, Instagram, and YT shorts. Tiktok has also made some songs to be a trend in the town. Some are used for popular dance reels, travel reels, and more. We have made our research from Tiktok, Instagram, and YouTube shorts to come up with the following best trending songs on those platforms. The following songs have also been used by popular tiktokers who have been trending. That means, selecting the best background song will make your videos catchy and trendy. So, here are 12+ best Swahili Songs trending on tiktok, Instagram, reels. You can also use them for the best output.

12+ best Swahili songs for Tiktok, Instagram reels. Popular Swahili artists who songs have been featured in trendy reels.

Yamebadilika by komando wa Yesu

This is a gospel Swahili song that has been trending on tiktok. The song has great lines which many tiktokers have fallen for, it’s a great song. This song can be used in a number of reels ranging from dances, worship, and more.

Amor by Rayvanny

This is another popular Swahili song on tiktok. If you have been active on tiktok, you might have come across this song. This song have been used by tiktokers like dancer Moya David on their dance videos. The song has really bring out the best output for him and many others, it can also work for you. The song has fantastic tune, and a creative tiktoker will get the best output. The song can do well in any reel, it just requires a creative tiktoker or vlogger.

Moyo by Mbosso ft Costa Titch and Phantom

This song was released on July 2022 by Tanzanian singer Mbosso, alongside Costa Titch, and Phantom. Amazingly, it has gone viral on Tiktok videos and photo edits. It has also been used by celebrities, for instance the Wasafi CEO, Diamond. The song is now used by many individuals to share their selfie videos, photo edits, and reels. Part of the song chorus “ aaaah, Moyo niache nifurahi, nilipotoka majanga noma nishai. Moyo nyumbani sitaki kuwahi. Maana mpaka Kwa mangi ananidai…” has now become Tiktokers favourite.

Mwambieni by Zuchu

This is another great Swahili reel song on Tiktok, Instagram, videos. The song really deserves to make this list of best Swahili songs on Tiktok, Instagram reels. The song was released by Tanzanian popular singer, Zuchu. Many tiktokers have loved the lyrics “Mwambieni, mwambieni…” it’s a common frase in those short video platforms.

Why by Diamond

This is another popular song on Tiktok from popular Tanzanian singer, diamond. The song has been used by popular tiktokers, including dancer Moya David. Many have loved those outstanding dance moves with this song in the background. The song has also become a great Swahili hit outside Tiktok.

Sugar by Jay Melody

We can’t talk about the 10 best Swahili songs on Tiktok, Instagram, without including this one. The song has fantastic tune and many viewers will absolutely love it.

Nakupenda by Jay Melody

This Swahili song by jay melody has been a trend on Tiktok you will it on Tiktok dances since it’s being used on a number of dance challenges. Moreover, tiktokers are also using this song song to express their love. It’s a great love song with lovely lyrics to express ones feelings. You can also try it in your love reels or any other.

Hadithi by Diamond platinumz ft Barnaba

This song has also been trendy on reels. Diamond is absolutely a great Swahili artist and his songs have been trending online. This song has great flow to make wonderful reels or photo edits.

Number one by Rayvanny ft Zuchu

This is a love song From popular as well as great Swahili singers, Zuchu and Rayvanny. The song has great flow and the voice of Zuchu is awesome. The song has been used in a number of trending videos on Tiktok. You can also use it in your reels to make those videos more catchy.

Nga’ri Nga’ri by lava lava

This is also a common Swahili song on Tiktok. The common phrase used by many tiktokers is “Najiamini Niko pekee yangu ndo maana natamba…”

Mtasubiri by Diamond and Zuchu

This is one of the latest collaboration popular Swahili singer/ songwriter Diamond. Many of his collaborations are always on top and this is one of them. The song talks about the love story between diamond and Zuchu. They are trying to express how some people are against their love. They are passing message to haters that they will wait, but they’ll not breakup easily as they expect.

Utu by Alikiba

This song is wonderful in bringing the best output on videos. Utu has been used by many tiktokers in a number of Trendy video reels. You can also use it in your videos, viewers will fall for that nice voice in the song.

Dai Dai(instrumental) by Fathermoh ft Karen

This is one of the latest songs that is being used regularly on Tiktok. Tiktok has made a number of songs more popular and this is one of those songs. Many people have loved the phrases in the lyrics that has made the song very popular.

Those are our 12+ best Swahili songs for reels on Tiktok, Instagram, and more. You can also use those songs in photo edits. All the best!

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15 Best songs for travel reels/adventure

15 Best songs for travel reels/ adventure, compiled here. Traveling is part of life and billions of people travel every day for one reason or another. There are also different means of transport, ranging from air, water, walking, cars, and more. Traveling gives people a chance to explore different parts of the world. When exploring the world, or maybe enjoying some nature walk, and more. You can create some catchy reels as you share your experiences to the world.

Therefore, using the best songs in your travel reels will make your videos more catchy. In this article, I have made thorough research from top travel tiktokers and best reels about travel to come up with this list. You can go through our list and select the best song for your reels on travelling/ adventure. It doesn’t matter weather in a plane, walking on beaches, in bus, car, having a nature walk, or more. The following songs will absolutely create the best background for your reels. Without further ado, Here is our list of top 15 songs for travel/nature walk.

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15 best songs for travel reels/ adventure. Image showing Family taking video as they travel.
Create lovely videos and photos then add best reel songs in background

Feel so close by Calvin Harris

This song is absolutely great and really deserves to open up our list of best travel reel songs. The song has fantastic tune for traveling videos. You can use the beats in your reels as you expect a great output.

In the end (Mellen Hi remix) by Timer profit feat fleurie

This is another wonderful song for travel reel, it really deserves to be in our list. The song has been used in a number of travel videos on tiktok. I really loved how it makes traveling videos catchy. The song has worked for many and you are not an exceptional. Your viewers will absolutely love it’s starting beats followed by a wonderful voice. Try it and see for yourself in your travel reels.

Habits (stay high) by Towe Lo

You are traveling and having that happy feeling. Maybe you are visiting a place for the first time or enjoying a ride in a plane or somewhere else. If you are experiencing such feelings, why don’t you use this song to create your travel reels. Towe really made a wonderful song, many of your viewers will also love the background voice.

Experience by Ludovico Einaudi

Experience is a great hit that have been trending on tiktok in a number of videos. As you experience the world, you can also use “experience” song in your reels. Undoubtedly, the tune will melt the hearts of many, it is absolutely catchy. You can use this song in a variety of travel/adventure videos. For instance, nature walk in mountain, wildlife, and more.

In heat by Hentai Xander

Great song for combining different places in one video. The play and pause in the beginning of the second will do wonders in showing different places. It requires great timing as you chani pictures of great places you have captured. Be it the pictures from nature, airport, abroad, and other new places. You can use the beats of this song as you change those lovely images.

Stay by the kid larroy and Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is a popular artist across the globe. His music are always outstanding and many have become world hits. Stay is another wonderful song by Justin Bieber alongside Kid Larroy. With the combination of this two great musicians, expect something great. Stay is one song you can use in travel reels to bring the best output. You can try it for yourself and see what you’ll get.

Unstoppable by Sia

This is one of the top songs on tiktok and has been trending throughout this year. The song is not only used in travel reels but also a number of other reels. In other words, this song is flexible and it doesn’t matter which type of travel reel you have. Weather it’s nature, beach, road, snow, and more. This song will still deliver the best in those reels.

Call on me(Ryan Riback Remix) by Starnley

This single song by Stanley was released back in 2016. Traveling has no expiring date, and this song is not out of the market yet. It is a great song for travel reels and has been used by a number of tiktokers. You will love the sweet voice of Stanley, therefore include this song in your reels. Your viewers will be absolutely entertained.

Dancing in the streets of Barcelona by Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran is a great musicians and she is popular for her wonderful work. One of her greatest work is this song and the title itself shows how this music was plotted well. In this song, ed Sheeran talks about how one can close his/her eyes then pretend to be dancing in streets of Barcelona. It is a wonderful love song as well as can be used in travel love. The song will give you the best output in your travel reels especially while in airplane. Therefore, it is absolutely one of the best songs for travel reels.

Tigini by Kikimoteleba

This list of 15 best songs for travel/adventure reels is not complete without including this song. Though it’s not an English song but you’ll love it’s flow. It is a common song in tiktok and that’s why it has made up in this list. The song can be used in a number of reels, I like it’s flexibility. Tiktokers also use it traveling reels and it has worked well for many. Many travel reels have trend with this song in the background. I am sure if you are an active tiktoker, you might have come across this song. The song is wonderful and I one hundred percent recommend to you.

Safe and sound by capital cities

Safe and sound is also a fantastic travel reel song. The tune will fit well in your travel reels, maybe in a vacation or more. You can use this song to create lovely reel videos.

Paris by Chainsmokers

This song talks about traveling places and meeting new people and friends. The song is all about using your free time to travel as you enjoy life. This song will play an important role in your travel reels since it talks about having fun as you travel as well as meet awesome people. It is a wonderful song in travel reels.

Such a whore by JVLA

This song is one of the most trending great songs on tiktok. The song has been used in a number of reels like football reels, beach reels and more. Impressively, You can also use this song in travel video reels. You are just required to be creative in order to bring the best from this travel reel song.

The nights by Avinci

This is also a wonderful song and must be included in this list of 15 best songs for travel reels. will remain to be a great legend in music industry. His songs are great, “the nights” which has outstanding beats. In addition to that, the song has wonderful lyrics. The best part you can use in your travel reels is “ he said, one day you’ll leave this world behind. So live a life you will remember. My father told me when I was just a child. This are the nights that never die/ my father told me…”

Forever by Labrinth

This is another trending song on tiktok used in a number of reels. Despite the song released in 2019, it has become popular in tiktok throughout 2022. The song has a lovely tune which you can use on your travel reels. You’ll just need to be a bit creative and it’ll give you the best output.

Those are the 15 best reel songs for travel/ adventure. You can use them to create those catchy reels/shorts on Tiktok, Instagram, and more. It just require some creativity and good timing. All the best!

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10 FIFA mobile pro tips/ways to be a pro

10 FIFA mobile pro tips/ways to be FIFA pro, find all information here. You are having fun in fifa mobile game but looking forward to improve your play. You need to master some basics in order to succeed. Therefore, in this article, I have rounded up the 10 things you need to know in order to improve your play. Thanks to our experts for recommending the following, I hope it will be helpful to you. Without further ado, the following are 10 FIFA mobile pro tips you need to know.

10 FIFA mobile pro tips. Image showing how the latest version of FIFA looks like
image from fifa

Maintain your defence shape

Sometimes you may be attacked by the opponent. Don’t drag your. Defenders from their positions. Instead, you can use the midfielders to support your defence. Use your defenders where necessary, or only if their are no midfielders to support them. This will reduce the possibility of your opponent to get free space and score you.

Always be calm even after conceding a goal

Sometimes you might concede a goal then starting rushing things up to return back into the game. Unfortunately, this is not recommended even in real football. Just be calm and attack, also avoid minor mistakes. Don’t rush things with miss passes which may lead to more goals against you.

Be patient in your play

It is also a way on how to be a pro in FIFA mobile 22, patience. You can play against them and observe how they play. Don’t be too quick in performing a slide tackle. Some slide tackles may not meet your target especially when done quickly. For instance, you may perform a slide tackle wrongly then receive a red card or penalty. Penalty and red cards are some of the reasons to loose. You should perform slide tackles from the front and make sure to be closer the opponent player. Moreover, don’t rush your players to tackle, make sure to read the game and make sure tackles. Being patient also works in scoring goals at some point. Also, don’t be overwhelmed while going to score a clear chance hence might miss the target. Clear chances come once in a while, therefore don’t miss the target when you have a chance.

Get the ball and make dribble if under pressure

if the opponent is pressing you a lot, you can immediately make a dribble. I have been playing FIFA mobile and sometimes you may find an opponent who always pressure. Even before the ball settle to a your player after making a pass, he’ll send his player to pressure you with a tackle. You can confuse the opponent player by making one dribble once you get a pass to get space for passing. Also make sure to set the best dribbling style in settings. In addition to that, don’t dribble towards your opponent, you can use left or right side depending on where you’ll find space.

Master the passing art and avoid miss passes

To master passing skills, you’ll have to play a number of games and master the formation you are using. You can play a number of friendly tournaments to improve your passing. It will also help you to be a pro in FIFA 22.

Move your player on sides/avoid front move towards opponent

When the ball is in your possession. Normally, you use the control pad to move the player. Your opponent may also move his players towards you so that he/she may snatch the ball from you. Instead of moving towards him since you’ll make his work easier. You can move your player either left or right sides, to easily avoid the opponent. In some cases, they may also foul you which is an advantage to you. You can move player on sides then pass the ball, avoid front move towards your opponent. Move forward if you have free space and no opponent player is coming from front.

Try to shot even from a distance

You can make a shot even if your player is outside the goalkeeper box. Make sure that make a strong shot on corners or top corner where you may get a goal. Your may also get a corner if the opponent goalkeeper is good enough. A corner is a bonus to give the opponent pressure or can score.

improve your team with better players

This is also one of the 10 FIFA mobile pro tip. You also need a better team to succeed in FIFA mobile. However, you should know how to play well then get better players. Better players will improve your team performance. You can get better players through daily login rewards, purchasing them, using FIFA coins to sign one, and more.

10 FIFA mobile pro tips/ways to be a pro. Image showing some of the best players on FIFA mobile.
image from FIFA

Play with wingers

Having good wingers who have pace is a big advantage. When selecting your wingers, make sure to select the best wingers. Sometimes you need to look at your wingers and pass ball to them if they are free. Wingers can run from the far end to make a cross or even score when close to goals. When the wingers cross will land to your player, you can easily score a goal.

clear the ball from box when you see danger

When many of your opponent players are in your goalkeeper box. Don’t start making passes inside your box unless it’s a sure pass. Once the opponent snatch the ball, he/she can easily score you. Therefore, clear the ball where necessary to reduce pressure in the box and allow some of your players to come from front.

Final word

The above are our 10 FIFA mobile pro tips. You can try them out while playing the FIFA mobile game. You can also share your views in the comments section.

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