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7 best video editing apps for free without watermark

7 best video editing apps for free without watermark, compiled here. There are a lot of video editing apps on Google play store. When it comes to selecting the best video editing app, we look at a number of features offered. One of the best features is using an app that won’t print watermark in your videos.

Many people don’t like the watermark of the brand/app on their videos. However, a few apps comes with the mentioned features. Most of the time, this feature is considered a premium feature in some apps like Viva video. Therefore, we have compiled a list of best video editing apps for free without watermark. If you are a video creator, Youtuber, Tiktoker, and more. Check the following apps for creating video’s that are free from watermark.

1. Youcut video editor

This app really deserves to open this list of 7 best video editing apps for free without watermark. The app comes with a lot of features for free.

7 best video editing apps for free without watermark. Image showing You cut app.

Key features

– Has many features for free, ranging from music, video trimmer, join many videos, background music and more.

– It’s free of charge without watermark and banner ads.

– The app is user friendly.

– Split videos into two separate videos.

– Export quality videos you can use on your Tiktok, Instagram, and YouTube account.

– Has video cropper feature

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2 Video editor- video Guru

This is also a great app to edit videos free of change without stamping watermark. This app has impressed many, imagine an app that has 4.6/5 stars from 2 million reviews. You can check it’s ratings on Google play and download if the features will impress you.

7 best video editing apps for free without watermark. Image showing how video editor- video guru looks like.

Key features

• Video crop

• Trim videos, compress, and adjust speed

• Good video quality without watermark

• Combine videos for Tiktok, YouTube, and more accounts.

• Offer different transition effects on videos

3. Filmir

This is another video editing app for free without watermark. The app comes with a number of features for free, they include, adding filters, transitions, effects, and more. Filmir is a great place to get premium look in your videos.

Key features

• You can import unlimited number of photos and videos.

• The transition between videos is smooth and unique.

• Has several fonts hence your text will stand out. • One great feature is no ads at all to interrupt.

• You can ad music in your existing file with just a simple search.

• You can get rid of watermark by going Pro or watching an ad.

• You can shoot videos using the app then edit

4 Qick

Qick is also a wonderful to edit your videos for free without adding watermarks in your videos. The app comes with a number of great features without necessarily purchasing the premium version. You can download this app on Google play store and access those great features. You will discover that the app has great ratings on Google play with a lot of downloads. The following are the key features offered by the app.

Image showing how quick app looks like.

Key features

• You can add as many photos and videos from the gallery, cloud storage and more.

• No watermark is left in your videos

• Can trim, rotate, and change video speed.

• You can add background songs in your videos for free.

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5. FilmoraGo

FilmoraGo is also one of the best app to edit videos for free with stamping watermark. The app will enable you to create a number of videos using a number of free features. The videos are of great quality to share on Instagram, Tiktok, YouTube, and more.

7 best video editing apps without watermark. Image showing how FilmoraGo looks like.

Key features

• Loaded with a lot of free features.

• It is beginner friendly.

• It allows you to make high quality videos.

6. Video editor no – watermark and CU

You can just look at the name of this app. The app has promised to offer videos that are free from watermark. You can download this app and create lovely videos as you share on that vlogging platform. The app has more other features to its clients. It deserves to be in this list of 7 video editing apps without watermark.

Key features

• Can split or combine videos.

• Remove unwanted parts on your videos

• Offer smooth transitions between videos

• Add your own logo in your videos

• Can record and add your voice or commentaries

• Crop videos to emphasize or remove some elements.

7. Video maker music video editor

This app is wonderful in creating lovely videos that are free from watermark. If you are creating a video or slideshow together with your lover, this app has Ideal features. It can also create videos to use in vlogging. The app comes with wonderful features as follows

7 best video editing apps for free without watermark

Key features

• Smooth transitions in your videos.

• Offer great animation effects in your videos

• Has great materials to use in your valentines day.

• Compress your video like professional without losing quality

• Can merge different videos or images

• Can trim video to remove unwanted parts.

• Offer Music that are licensed hence making videos popular.

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Those are the 7 best video editing apps without watermark. We have made our research from Google play store ratings. We have also installed some of the apps and tried for ourselves. You won’t go wrong with the above apps.

How to add subscriber button to YouTube videos

How to add subscriber button to YouTube videos, compiled here. To succeed in YouTube channel, you have to be quick in uploading videos for your subscribers. In other words, YouTube need consistence in order to succeed. Therefore, you can look for a way to add subscriber button automatically to your videos.

This process will save time as well as improve on the number of subscribers. In this article, I have steps you can follow to add subscriber button to YouTube videos. Let’s dig in Steps to add subscriber button on YouTube videos Before getting into the steps of adding a subscriber button in your YouTube videos. Let me take you through the requirements first.


• PNG, Gif, or Image of small size, we recommend 150 by 150 pixel.

• Image should be 1mb or less.

• Good browser like Chrome. A browser that should allow you to switch to desktop view. • Good Internet connection.

• Login credentials of your channel.

Step 1-log into your YouTube channel

Go into your browser to log into to your YouTube channel. Don’t use the mobile app since it doesn’t have some of the features of this process. You can log into your channel in YouTube website

Step 2 -change to desktop view in phones

If you are using a mobile phone, you can change into desktop view so that it can look like a desktop. The desktop view in chrome browser is situated on three vertical dots at the top right corner. Move down and pick desktop view, it’ll reload to make it look like a desktop/computer. This will allow you see every feature, so you’ll click your profile picture at the top right.

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Step 3 – Go to your channel page

After clicking on your profile picture, it’ll show you different options. Pick the first option which is named as “Your channel.”

Image showing where you'll find "you channel" button.

Step 4 – customization page

On your channel, you’ll gain access to a new page where you’ll select “Customization channel.”

How to add subscriber button on YouTube videos. Image showing customization page

Step 5 – Branding

You will gain access to the customization page where you’ll switch to “Branding.” Check from the image below.

How to add subscriber button on YouTube. Image showing Branding.

Step 5- choose video watermark

You can then scroll down and Choose “Video watermark” option. Here you can ad your gif, or image that will be displayed in your videos. Upload your image of the right size and click done.

How to add subscriber button on YouTube.

Step 6 – select image

Another step is to select the image you’ll use as subscriber button. You will be given a preview of how your image will look like in your videos.

Step 7 – select display time

Here you can pick how long the subscriber button will be displayed in your videos. You’ll have options like the entire video, at the beginning, at the end, or select your custom time. It depends on what you want.

Step 8 – publish

Once you’ve done the above steps including your preview. It’s time to publish your subscriber button in your videos.

What you need to know

• When selecting the image to use, make sure to avoid images that will lead to copyright claims.

• You can create your own images using tools like canva, or take free ones Google.

• You can try PNG or Gif as your watermark subscriber button for Better results.

• The subscriber button won’t reflect immediately. You can wait for about 48 hrs to 3 days.

• A watermark subscriber button will take you one step ahead.

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10 ways to get free safaricom bundles in Kenya

10 ways to get free Safaricom bundles in Kenya, process to get with evidence of images here. Safaricom is a top company is Kenya founded in the year 1993. Safaricom has grown over the years to be used widely in Kenya. Today, safaricom has at least 36 million customers, using the line in calling, internet, sending money and more. Safaricom has come up with services for its loyal customers and also new clients. One of the best offers from safaricom is offering free internet bonuses. In this article, we have compiled a list of 10 ways to get free safaricom bundles in Kenya. Therefore, with a safaricom line you’ll get free internet bundles via the following ways.

New safaricom line

This is one of the best way to receive free safaricom bundles. Safaricom being a top company in Kenya and working tirelessly to get new customers. They have special way to welcome new members by giving free bundles to new safaricom lines. You can even buy a second safaricom line to get their free bundles for new lines.

Download the M-pesa app – ways to get free internet by Using app

Safaricom m-pesa is a popular way to send money in Kenya. Safaricom users who register in the m-pesa app for the first time are awarded free bundles. Make sure you download and install, then register your safaricom number in this app. You will be awarded free 500 bundles and sh.100 in your safaricom line and M-pesa respectively.

Safaricom advertising M-pesa app for customers.

Safaricom Zuri bundles – ways to get free internet through referal

This is also among the 10 ways to get free Safaricom bundles and access free internet. Safaricom Zuri is a programmed WhatsApp number to offer safaricom services. Users can access safaricom services via this number. Safaricom users are able to manage subscriptions, check balance, buy minutes, and more using the number. Impressively, you will be awarded 50 mbs when you refer someone to use safaricom zuri. Just text safaricom Zuri on WhatsApp, it will automatically reply. On the main menu, pick option 5(tell a friend) as shown in the image below. You can refer as many people as possible, and you’ll get 50 mbs per referral.

Get free bundles from Safaricom Zuri. Advert of Zuri by Safaricom company

Birthday bundles – Guarantee birthday bundles for Safaricom users

If you are a user of safaricom line, you will be able to enjoy a number of their offers. Safaricom normally gives guarantee birthday bundles to their customers. The bundles will be given to your main safaricom line, the first line you registered with your ID. When you are almost celebrating your birthday, make sure your safaricom line is active. You will be awarded 1 GB birthday bundles.

Evidence of customer's message for getting free birthday bundles.

Download Safaricom app

Apart from downloading the M-pesa app, you can also get free bundles from safaricom app. You will have to download and install the app in your phone. Thereafter, make sure to register on the app with your safaricom line. You will be awarded free bundles in your safaricom line after registering in this app.

Free nyakua bonuse data

Nyakua is one of the latest offers from safaricom. You can access this offer by dialling *544# then pick option 0 which is nyakua bonus. In “nyakua bonus,” you can either check your target, daily spend, free data balance, and more. All you need to do is subscribe in nyakua then reach your daily target to get the free bundles. They will give you a target, of which you can also check in “nyakua bonus.” Let’s say you have a target of 150mbs, you’ll have to reach that daily target then you’ll be given free 150mbs. All you have to do is buy bundles then attain nyakua target to receive free bundles. You can check from the image below.

Ways to get free Safaricom bundles, Safaricom advertising nyakua bonus offer.

Baze bonus

Dial *544# then select Entertainment bundles on option 6. Thereafter, You will choose option 0 which termed as “unlock baze bonus.” Here you’ll need 10 shillings credit then you’ll be awarded baze pass to enjoy 500mbs free on daily basis. The free 500 mbs will be given to you for the next 3 days. Thereafter, you can choose to continue subscribing and enjoying baze bundles for 10 shillings daily or opt out.

Ways to get free Safaricom bundles. Advertisement of base free bundles and the popular local programs to watch.

Viusasa data pass

Dial *544#, and choose Entertainment bundles on option 6. After loading USSD, pick option 7 which is named as Viusasa. The Viusasa option will direct you to another page where you’ll select the free data for the mentioned options. You can select Soaps data pass, elimu data pass, or news data pass. You will be awarded free 100 mbs to watch your favourite topic from the mentioned options. Note that the data can only be used on Viusasa. Thereafter, you can access the selected topics for free on Viusasa

Ways to get free Safaricom bundles, image showing options to choose from.
Topic you can select for free bundles

Free 50 mb opera mini data – Guarantee for latest opera mini version

Opera mini is a popular app in Kenya. In this app, you can browse, or read news. You will also get free 50 mbs safaricom bundles and access some sites. All you have to is download and install the latest version of opera mini app. When you open the app, you’ll automatically be awarded free 50 mbs on daily basis. Check the 50 mbs reward from opera mini below. The reward is guaranteed to safaricom line users. However, the free bundles from opera mini will work well on specific sites. Just to mention a few, including odibet, sportybet, Facebook via opera mini, and crypto currency via opera app.

Ways to get free Safaricom bundles, advertisement of Safaricom and opera mini partnership to give free daily bundles.

Free Facebook – access Facebook free mode with Safaricom line

This is also a fantastic way to access free internet via safaricom line. Individuals with safaricom line can browse on Facebook app without bundles. Though you will need bundles to see videos and some images. But it’s a great way to access posts, chart, or comment on Facebook without data bundles.

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Safaricom offers free 500 minutes to its clients, See how to you to access the free minutes

The main mobile service provider of Kenya, Safaricom, has come up with finger licking offers to it’s clients. The network offers a massive amount of free minutes. The mobile network operator speaking through the official Twitter page, you can enjoy the luxurious freedom to speak comfortably with loved ones, close friends, families and relatives, from the 500 free minutes provided. I clarified that I could do it myself. You can also take a look at the procedures established for accessing the service.

photo of safaricom Chief executive, Peter

Take a look at all the requirements for accessing free minutes. To get your minutes, the mobile service providers cited that you can dial *400#on your Safaricom line. Then, subscribe to Safalicom’s home fibre. You’ll be good to go. Therefore, “Imagine getting your minutes maximum of 500 minutes, who will be the first person to call?

Thank you for reading, please comment and follow us for more information.

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