5 football positions/ how to choose your playing position

5 football positions/ how to choose your playing position, compiled here. To be a good player you must know your position. Position are like striking , defence , midfield and winger . Understanding the best position is the key aspect of success in soccer player. Variety of player can not identify their position this leads to their coach doing a research work on it. Once the coach will have to shift regularly in different positions to find you position. At this stage time is wested . A player can take this as a personal. Playing in your position help one to be utilised fully to give a good result. Today we look upon on how can someone can determine his/ her football positions.

This are the key tips of identifying your football positions. Knowing your preference. A good player should know what’s he or she likes to do in the field . This will help you to know your position in football . Further it help to be a utility player. A player can like scoring then the best position is the striking or winger. You can also like giving assist in that case you are a midfielder. Another way you will like to defend ,at that case your are likely be a goalkeeper or defender. Note that avoid doing what you dislike in pitch this leads to poor performance. Football positions and tips to identify the best position Now we look at each of the 5 football positions and how to identify that you can do well in that post.

5 football positions. Goalkeeper in his position
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A player can be scouted as a good goalkeeper by the following qualifications: courageous when approaching the ball , focus , Alert and good concentration. To add on top how can the player work under pressure in the field while possessing the ball.

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The player is cable of making long kicks balls and accurate pass. Do not forget also on bravery. Other attributes to spot a goalkeeper the player must portray leadership and able to make good decisions . This help to read and understand a match , identify weakness then strength the team . A goalkeeper should have good height in order to hold on high balls.


In defense position we have central back, wing defender, sweeper and fullback defender . All this do the role of preventing attacks and scores from the opponent team. A good player for central defense should be a good distributer . In that case , supply of the ball to the wing defender the player is accurate. Portray the art of leadership and able to make a valid conclusion on watching the game. To spot a wing defender the player display characteristics like good acceleration and speed . This position requires high velocity . Good dribbling skills and agility . Here we also consider the dominant foot it will assist to know whether you are in left or in right position.

5 football positions.

On full back defender this plays show characteristics of not losing hope after losing possession , chase the ball . Covering up after central defender. This player is willing and hardworking while playing . The player display the ability to fill open spaces left by the central defender .

Another defender is the sweeper . This is another great position . To scout a player who is good in this position display features like awareness . The player makes a valid decision . Show a good position while in pitch . To crown on top a defender should be physically fit , good height , discipline and a good in intercepting the ball from the attacker.

Midfied position

This is also one of the 5 football position which has a great impact in a soccer team. Let’s look on how to know if your position is the midfield . In midfield position we got central , defending and attacking midfielder . Not to forget first we look on the role of a midfielder . The main role is assisting in creating chances for scores . To spot a central midfielder the player display trait like good in dribbling , shooting and passing . The player also can handle the ball under pressure and good positioning in the pitch. On attacking midfielder should show much since they are play makers . The first key is perfect vison the player has a good view of the field . Technical skills like good speed , accuracy , acceleration and dribbling skills. Traits of good passes towards the strikers.

The last midfielder is the defending midfielder. This player exhibit traits like willing , discipline , awareness and confidence . In addition the player unavail qualities like good speed , able to break a play during an attack and physically fit in terms of strength . To crown up a midfielder should have a good vision of the pitch.

5 football positions. Midfield position


Another position is the winger. In modern football, some people just categories it as midfielder. Though we have separated it since there are some different with central, attacking, and defensive midfielders. A winger is a player who gives attack from the wings. The player give support to the strikers.

This player unavail qualities like good vision and acceleration . In addition the player is good in dribbling with speed , give out good crosses and maintain accuracy while passing the ball. Not to forget the key aspect of the dominant foot it help to identify if your position will be left or right. It is one of the 5 football positions which is very crucial.

Striker position

To finalise let’s move into the striker. It one of the 5 football positions you can consider. A striker is always the finisher of the play. A striker should score or give out assist for other player to attack . To identify this kind of a player or if it’s your position exhibit character like confident and believe in himself or herself that he can do it. Furthermore the player has good speed, handle the ball under pressure and able to control the ball from any direction.

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The player also show a good degree of accurate shoots towards the goal. In general to know your position is the first stairs to climb if you are a footballer. Their are general characteristics like discipline and physical fitness for example are the muscle strength and height . This are a determinants in selecting position . The above tips will help one to understand his or her position.

How to choose a night vision security camera

How to choose a night vision security camera, compiled here. Nowadays, it is easy to keep an eye on what is going on at home, workplace, school, and any other places. This is due to the availability of security cameras or CCTV in the markets. The market of security cameras have been expanding over the years. We also have night vision security cameras which are many people’s favourite.

If you are one of the people who prefer night vision security cameras, then you are at the right place. In this article, I am going to take you through guidelines on how to choose a night vision security camera. Let’s dig in.

How to choose night vision security camera

What are night vision Camera

It is important to know how to choose a night vision security camera, but what is it. We can take you through about a night vision camera here. In simple terms, a night vision security camera is a cameras type that has the ability to see in low light or even in no light conditions. This cameras use infrared (IR) led illuminators to see after they’ve emitted invisible light. The camera can produce clear images or videos from low light environments using the invisible light.

We have colour night vision camera which have the ability to capture coloured videos at night. The colour night vision camera have special infrared technology that give them this ability.

Types of night vision camera

The night vision security camera is divided into three types. They include colour night, IR night vision, and starlight night vision. Every type of camera have special technology that supports them, therefore yielding different effects.

Consider the table below as you are looking on how to choose a night vision security camera. The table below shows the comparison of the three types of night vision security cameras.

How to choose a night vision security camera

Black & White Vs colour night vision camera, which one will suite you?

Are you about buying a colour night vision security camera instead of black and white. There are important points here you’ll have to know first before making your decision. Below are the 5 factors that are important in your decision making process.

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Image quality

Night vision security camera of high quality can capture colourful footages as well as black and white videos. Some of the examples including spotlight cameras and starlight night as mentioned above. In most cases, people prefer colour night vision since they’ll require more details like colour of vehicles, clothes, and more. Apparently, those details are very crucial when it comes to police investigation. On the other hand, a black and white camera will only help you to identify the things happening and how the surrounding like people, and other things look like. Therefore, if you only want to monitor things like livestock, and other things that don’t involve people. Then you can still go for a black and white security camera as it’ll still satisfy your basic needs.

Image from Google.

Long range night vision

When it comes to long range, the black and white (infrared) night vision camera will cover long range compared to colour night vision. For instance, if you use them in 100 feet distance, black and white mode will give you clearer images as compared to colour mode. Colour night vision will only capture images on specific distance limit of about 30 to 50 feet. In some cases, a number of cameras have both spotlights and IR LEDs to make things better in terms of long distance footages.


In terms of price, starlight security camera may be a little costly compared to other security cameras that don’t have the starlight image sensors. In terms of price, the infrared cameras are considered to be most affordable and common. The cameras are black and white and are still an option at night. Basically, the colour night vision camera is expensive than black and white night vision camera.

Installation scenario

Places like driveways, entrances, front and backyards are some of the key places where colour night vision will work better. However, you can still use the black and white camera on some areas where much attention is not needed.

Key features to consider when choosing night vision camera

A number of factors will affect your choice of selection. The features below are important for a top high-quality security camera.

How to choose night vision security camera

Super aperture

Security cameras with super aperture are the best option due to their large lens opening. Therefore, this will allow more light to get into the image sensor. In simple terms, super aperture will yield brighter and clearer images. Super aperture will enhance the quality of the images. It is one important factor to consider while choosing the best night vision camera.

High resolution

This is another key factor to consider when choosing night vision camera. The security camera should at least have a resolution of 1080p (1920 × 1080). When the night vision security camera has more resolution, it will be able to record more clearer footages. Some simple but critical details like license plates number, and facial details can be captured.

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Long range

Long range means how far or the distance your night vision camera can be able to capture at night. A great night vision camera should be able to see a distance of at least 30 feet. We’ve tested night vision cameras like Reolink Go Plus & Reolink Argus 3 pro which can see up to 33 feet. We have RLC- 823A 190 feet & RLC- 810A 100 feet go up to 190 feet.


It is also referred to as multidimensional digital noise reduction.

The essence of this technology is to remove image noise. It also compensates image distortion caused by colour bleeding errors by extrapolating and image distortion. This basic performance are important for a quality night vision camera.

Wide field of view

A surveillance camera with a wider angle of view will automatically capture more objects or area. This point is important in our article how to choose a night vision camera. Therefore, go for a night vision camera with a wider field of view.

How to choose night vision security camera

Final Word

The above are our tips on how to choose a night vision security camera. You can consider the points while selecting your security camera. Also, always remember that the place you want to put your night vision security camera will also help you determine the best option.

Don’t go for more if you want to keep your night security camera in places with less visitors.

Top 10 Football exercises to improve on Dribbling

Top 10 football exercises to improve on dribbling, compiled here. Football is not considered only as a talent but also as an ability . Variety of footballers are not born with the talent though they still make it .

Excersise or drilling is not only for physical fitness but also can take you skill to a higher standard. It is further important since you can maintain the ball from the opponent hence increasing ball possession.

You can be a perfect player when you have passion and desire to know it. Complete dribbling is amidist the key factors that makes one become a fabulous player. Dribbling goes hand in hand with ball control, you can even check on some top dribblers in the world. The big deal is being determine and a having ambition . Today we jot down the technical exercises and drill to prove on your ball control techniques. Below are the 10 football exercises to improve on dribbling.

Ensure a small distance between the ball and your feet

This is to help you be closer to the ball and have a good control over it. Moreover the opponent will face challenge to intercept it’s easy to make a move when you the ball is near than when it’s far. To clear up it’s simple to change directions.

Small distance between the ball and feet

Practice ball shuffling

This is a skills of passing the ball in between your feet. This guarantee one to be perfect in Balancing , quick movement and changing direction even though the ball is under your feet . Further one is able to learn how to protect the ball. It is absolutely one of the 10 football exercises to improve on dribbling.

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Top 10 football exercises to improve on dribbling
Image from Google.

Minefield dribble

This is a vital point in our top 10 football exercises to improve on dribbling. A technique that helps improve balance and tangle movement . One can practice using cone placed randomly in flat field . Try moving with the ball in between the cones but not touching them . In addition try to use all the parts of your feets.Make sure also you improve on your speed . To crown it assist in changing direction randomly.

Image showing minefield dribbling.

Foot tapping

This is also an important point to include in this list of top 10 football exercises to improve on dribbling. player should do more of the technique. In a climbing motion gently touch the top of the ball with the base part of your feet . One will make an advancement in balancing and strengthen the leg muscles. To add one can account on relativity position of the ball and his body which is an aspect in ball control.

Top 10 football exercises to improve on dribbling.

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Practice juggling

Amidist the key exercise in football this is one of them. This skills helps one to be able to improve on ball control in motion and displaying your free styles .Incase of an incoming ball from any direction then one is able to control it .

Use your hand and hold the ball to a variable height . Release to your kicking leg. Torse it back to the height of your hand. Do it twice . Next move is do it twice with your kicking leg and once with your weak leg . Finalise with both your legs doing it twice in each.

Top 10 football exercises to improve on dribbling, image showing juggling.

Straight line dribbling

Practice dribbling in a straight line from one point to another. Make a reasonable distance between the two points like a minimum of 10 metres to a maximum of 20 metres. Consistently pardon the exercise. You can go further challenging yourself in by placing cones, then move in between them in a wave like manner. As you make the moves try to increase your speed. It is absolutely one of the top 10 football exercises to improve on dribbling.

Top 10 football exercises to improve on dribbling. Image showing straight line dribbling.

Stepping over and rolling over

The fabulous techniques that help one to have a good ball possession. For one to get this skill use your kicking leg to move the ball nearer your body, finalize by moving your same foot towards the front of the ball, that’s is stepping over. Rolling over you will have to use the base of your foot and hold the ball gently on top. Then make a move in any direction. We had to include it our top 10 football exercises to improve on dribbling.

Stepping over and rolling over

Exercise on making Gentle contact of the ball

This is also one of the top 10 football exercises to improve on dribbling. Ball control does not require much power like taking free kicks shot . Just a variable power is enough, this is to ensure that the ball is just beneath you while making a move. During the practice one should do often, at the beginning it is slow but as one keeps on doing their is some advancement. Try to use all the parts of your feets while making this touches. Do this often so as you get used to it.

Top 10 football exercises to improve on dribbling

Peripheral Vision

The lower edge is better than using general vision. Mainly a player should practice this since it assist you to have a good look of the field . Once an opponent is approaching it’s easy to detect from any side as you control the ball. Furthermore one is able to shoot towards the opponent goalie. Training peripheral vision require more effort in order to archive it. It is absolutely one of the 10 football exercises to improve on dribbling.

Practice to Guard the ball

This is one of the exercise that one should do mostly. Use your body to protect the ball from the opponents. You can shield using the arm ,leg and shoulders. To add you ensure that the ball is far away from the opponent defenders. No doubt it’s one of the top 10 football exercises to improve on dribbling.

Top 10 football exercises to improve on dribbling, Image showing guiding the ball.

To improve more higher practice to combine all the exercise

This point is also important in our list of top 10 football exercises to improve on dribbling. This will ensure that all your moves are accounted for . Use all the part of your feet . Attempt using both legs while making the different moves. Once you do this their is a higher probability of improving.

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Essential things required to use

This are the things that will help you in your training. They’re like:

First aid kit and medics

In addition to that, you can even have an ambulance. This will help in the case of occurence of accident. During practice session accident which lead to injuries do occur. This requires an immediate response. It is absolutely one requirement when practicing top 10 football exercises to improve on dribbling.

Have cones

Place cones to initiate your movements . It will help in discovering new moves further one is able to perfect the skills . In conclusion once a player start doing this exercise he or she is not just improving but also becoming successful in his career.

Players are not shown the technique for improving during exercise. This has led to stagnation of skills for a long period of time. Try this one of our top 10 football exercises to improve on dribbling and see the changes.

15 Football Exercise to improve on strength

15 football exercise to improve on strength, compiled here. For a footballer to be successful their are key things that the player should have , amidst this we look down on strength . To apply or use the different techniques like tackling, shooting, dribbling, running you have to practice and attain strong muscle . The above techniques require delivery with a great power.

To maximise the power output you have to increase on your strength. Numerous footballers only take part only aspects of skills required but do not often do exercise that increases strength. Due to this they can’t play a full match hence making the coach to do a substitute during a match. This are the 15 Football exercise to improve on your strength as follows:

One foot squats

This is amidst of the exercise that one gains two advantage at once. You can do this by standing on one leg, raise the other to the hieght of your waist, bend your standing leg slowly. Do it to the lowest point that you can, at that position stay for a while, finally then raise up. Do this repeatedly and to both the legs . This will help you in improving the power on your feet muscles. Further you also improve in balancing while running.

15 football exercise to improve on strength
Image from Google.

Push up with medicinal ball

Push up is considered as one of the best way to increase on strength . This technique you have to have a medicinal ball although is a push up. Place on the floor. Hold the ball and your feet on the floor. Move slowly downwards till you touch the ball with your chest . Finally move back to the starting point slowly. This style help one improve on the body muscle like the arms and chest. Furthermore it help in maintaining body shape.

Image showing Push up with medical ball

One foot deadlifts

This is an exercise that help the thigh muscles . Apart from that one is able to increase stability when standing with foot. This exercise require dumbbells. Lift one leg from the behind. Make it straight and move your upper body downwards slowly. Make sure your hand hold the dumbbells and they are stretch forward. Let your body form a T figure . Finalize slowly by retreating back to the starting position. Do this oftentimes . Not forgetting the other leg also.

Image showing One foot deadlift exercise

Glute bridge

This is also one of the 15 football exercise to improve on strength. Towards unlocking the great power of the glute then this is the best exercise. In addition doing this their is an improvement of core stability. To archive this ,look for a flat ground. Lie down with your back , make sure your feet are flat to the ground and knees raised up. Slowly lift your waist up till to the highest level. Finally lawyer back to the initial position. Do the exercise repeatedly. This will increase your strength.

15 football exercise to improve strength


Another way for one to increase on strength do a lot of jumps. Their are two types of jumps which are: broad and tuck jumps. This exercise take this formula ,to do a tuck jump stand on feet ensure the toes face forward and your legs apart. Make your body to be on the heels.

Move down slowly in a squat manner, then jump as high as possible. On the other hand to do a broad jump move your hands. Bend your knees and straighten your back. Make a jump . While landing make sure you land in an athletic manner. Once you do this jumps often your muscles strength increases.

Image showing jumps exercise

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Side lounge

Mostly people focus on lateral exercise. This amidst the exercise that increases the power required during a match. It’s simple, Just spread your legs apart twice your shoulder width. Shift your body weight towards one of your limb. Try to move the furthest distance you can. Then slowly shift to the other limb, do this continuously.

15 football exercise to improve on strength

Prowler exercise

Towards archiving maximum strength on the upper part of the body then this is the best. How to do this one is required to have a prowler and loads. Add load on top of the prowler. Position your self at an angle of 45 degrees. Make sure your shoulders and arms are on each pole. Steps on your heels and push forward. It is absolutely one of the 15 football exercise to improve on strength.

15 football exercise to improve on strength
Try like in picture without weights/loads

Chest press

This is an exemplary exercise that increases your body power. To do this your require two dumbbells. First lie on the ground with your back or even a raised structure but must be flat. Hold the dumbbell with your hand. Push up then breath. Gently move back to the starting position. This will help to increase the chest muscles. We had to include it in our 15 football exercise to improve on strength.

Bicep curl

Toward acquiring a faster mascular growth this is the best exercise. How to do this . First stand firm and straight . Hold two dumbbells with your palm facing upward. Bend your elbow. Then slowly move back to the starting position. Do this equally to both hands. If you don’t have dumbbells, you can use one hand as load. The hand you want to exercise will face upwards and another hand on top of it as shown in the image. Make sure you move the hand you want to exercise up, and the other hand on opposite. Make sure you apply some power on the opposite hand that is on top so as to oppose the other hand.

Image showing biceps curl exercise
bicep curls without equipments.

Backpack push up

People do simple push as a daily activities. This is another way of improving your push up technique. As it’s name suggests you have to add weight on your back during the push. Just do a normal push up but ensure you have a negligible weight at your back and that’s how it’s simple.

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Box squats

This is one of the 15 football exercise that execute all the knee deficit . A player gains more power on the knee muscle . To do this stand with your feet in a walking manner. Then place the dumbbell on your shoulder . Gently squat to the lowest position. Then move back to the initial position. Alternatively, you can still do the exercise without the dumbbell as shown in pictures below.

15 football exercise to improve on strength
15 football exercise to improve on strength

Nordic hamstring curl

One of the exercise that is good for increasing strength. To do this one is required to have dumbbell. Kneel then place the dumbbell on your feet. Slowly move the upper body towards the ground. Gently bend your knees as the dumbbell resist your weight. The upper body part will be lifted up slowly till to your initial position. You can do without equipments with the help of an individual as shown in the picture below.

15 football exercise to improve on strength

Balgarian split squat

We had to include this exercise in our list of 15 football exercise to improve on strength. Archiving good strength on one leg is important during running and the rest. To do this hold two dumbbells. Stand with one leg. Place the other on a raised surface behind you . Bend the standing foot, move till you archive the lowest distance. Retreat back to your starting position. Do it to the other foot also. Check examples in the pictures below.

Image showing Bulgarian split squat exercise
15 football exercise to improve on strength

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Chinese side bend exercise

This is another perfect way of increasing strength. To do this ,stand with your feet intact. Ensure your shoulder are square. Then bend to one of the side of your arm till to the lowest position you can. Gently retreat back to the starting position. Do it also to the other side. Furthermore one can use dumbbells to make more effective. Either you can hold them in you palm or place it on your shoulder. It is absolutely one of the 15 football exercise to improve on strength.

Image showing Chinese side bend exercise

Pass plate exercise

This is another great exercise in our list of 15 football exercise for increasing strength power . Firstly lie down with your back. Then hold a plate weight with your hands. Make your hand straight, then shift the position of the plate to any direction slowly as you straighten your hand.

In conclusion

Those are the 15 Football exercise to improve on strength. All the mentioned techniques will help one to increase on their strength. Take note that use a negligible weight that you can handle. To crown everything this exercise also improve one health status.

How to remove advertisements on dream league game 2023

How to remove advertisements on dream league game 2023, compiled here. Dream league is one of the most popular football games today. It has millions of downloads from Google play and a number of positive reviews. No doubt that dream league game has a lot of fans who are currently using it. If you are enjoying using this game and you are tired of advertisements. In most cases, you may encounter video ads during the half time break of your game.

Some individuals normally switch of their data in order to avoid those video ads on half time break. But falcomdaily will give you a permanent solution to avoid those video ads. Before I take you through the steps to remove advertisements on dream league game, here is what you need to know about advertisements.

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What you need to know about advertisements

It is important to know some things about those advertisements in DLS Mobile game. The following are the points to note;

  • Some video adverts will earn you some coins.

You may be looking for a way to earn more coins on your dream league game. You can select a video advertisement on the game which earns you some coins.

  • You can get rid of ads on dream league without ad blockers.

This is what I am going to help you do, getting rid of video ads without installing ad blockers. Some ad blockers may not work and you’ll also require data and space in your device to install ad blockers.

  • You can get rid of personalized ads that come after half time of every matches on DLS.

This is what I’ll also be helping you do in the steps below. Therefore, Follow the steps below keenly.

How to remove advertisements on DLS 2023/24

Here are the steps on how to remove advertisements on dream league game. Apparently, adverts normal disrupt gamers at half time break when playing DLS.

Step 1 Access your dream league game then go to your team. Example on screenshot below.

How to remove adverts on dream league game.
Image from Dream league game.

Step 2 Locate the settings icon on top left corner like in the image below.

The settings icon has been circled in our screenshot below. Step 3 After accessing the settings, you can go to advanced settings at the bottom right corner.

Step 4- You’ll see the headings, Sign in with Google, personalized ads, and personalized notification.

Locate personalized ads which is on. You can switch it to off and you’ll have removed the advertisements.

How to remove adverts on dream league game.

Final word

Those are the steps on how to remove advertisements on dream league game. Once you have competed the steps above, you won’t be distracted by those video ads during half time breaks. In case you see one, then go back and make sure that you’ve switching off.

18 Significance of vulcanicity to human activities

18 Significance of Vulcanicity to human activities, compiled here. Vulcanicity is the process through which solid, liquid, or gaseous materials are forced into the earth’s crust or onto the earth’s surface due to high temperature and pressure. Before digging into the 18 significance of vulcanicity to human activities, let’s look at the causes of vulcanicity.

18 significance of vulcanicity to human activities
Image from Google.

Causes of vulcanicity

Faulting it creates cracks or fissures which allows the movement of materials under high pressure and temperature.

High temperature it causes solid rocks to change into molten materials.

High interior pressure– it is released during the process of earth movements. Water coming into contact with hot materials beneath hence it turns into gaseous form.

Earth movements/ plate movements the crust is weakened hence giving way to magma.

The above are some of the causes of vulcanicity. We can now look at the 18 significance of vulcanicity below. Let’s begin with the positive significance of vulcanicity.

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Positive significance of vulcanicity

  1. The features resulting from volcanic process like volcanic plug, geysers, volcanoes, and more. They offer scenic beauty which attracts tourist hence earning the country foreign exchange.
  2. Vulcanicity can lead to production of geysers and hot springs which can be harnessed to produce geothermal power. The power can be used in both domestic and industrial purposes.
  3. Vulcanicity leads to rock metamorphism hence producing valuable minerals for mining.
  4. When volcanic rocks undergoes weathering process, it may produce fertile volcanic soils which can be used in farming. For example, tea, horticulture, coffee and more.
  5. Volcanic rocks like phonolites are valuable raw materials for building and construction.
  6. The windward side of volcanic mountain receives heavy orographic rainfall. Therefore, it encourages settlement as well as farming.
  7. Volcanic lakes are sources of fish. Therefore, they act as sources of food/fish. It’s absolutely one of the 18 significance of vulcanicity.
  8. Some mountains formed from vulcanicity are forested and ice capped. For example, Mt Kenya forming catchment areas for rivers. Therefore providing water for industrial, agricultural, and domestic purposes.
Volcanic process forming features

Negative significance of vulcanicity

In our list of 18 significance of vulcanicity to human activities, below are the negative significance.

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  1. Volcanic eruption causes the loss of both human and animal lives.
  2. Vulcanic eruption may also lead to destruction of properties, i.e buildings, transport networks, and more.
  3. Lava flow may bury minerals
  4. It may also result into emission of poisonous gases that may result into death.
  5. It causes tsunamis/sea waves that may drown coastland or island.
  6. The leeward side of volcanic mountains may experience shadow effects on the leeward side hence causing dryness which will discourage agriculture.
  7. Volcanic features like volcanic mountains, may create barrier to transport and communication hence making it expensive.
  8. Volcanic landscape form rugged nature which discourage settlement and agriculture.
  9. Lava flow may also cover agricultural land
  10. Eruption of volcanic ash and dust into the atmosphere may affect air transport.
18 significance of vulcanicity

Final Word

The above are our 18 Significance of vulcanicity to human activities. You can share your views on the comment section and in case you need help in geography and mathematics. You can find us in our email address falcomblog@gmail.com

10 effects of earthquakes to human activities

10 effects of earthquakes to human activities, compiled here. Earthquake is a sudden and rapid movement, shaking, trembling of the earth’s crust caused by shock waves that originate below the surface of earth. Earthquakes have different sizes from the weak ones to those that are violent enough to affect human lives. Mild earthquakes are referred to as tremors. We have a number of effects of earthquakes as follows.

10 effects of earthquakes to human activities

Let’s go through the 10 effects of earthquake as follows with some of the real life examples. Below are our, 10 effects of earthquakes to human activities.

Destroy buildings

This is a common problem we had to include in our list of 10 effects of earthquakes to human activities. Earthquakes may make buildings to collapse. Normally, buildings are investments of people and also give shelter to human beings. Therefore, when the buildings are destroyed, it’ll affect human beings life. Many will loss their shelters and investments after the damage of those buildings.

10 effects of earthquakes to human activities
Image from Google.

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Damage infrastructure

When we talk about infrastructure, we talk about roads, water pipelines, gas lines, oil pipelines, and more others. When oil pipelines are broken, it may make oil to spill on the environment. Oil spills may lead to contamination of water and soils. Brocken gas lines may make gas to escape and can cause fire outbreak and explosions.

10 effects of earthquakes, image showing damaged infrastructure.

Loss of lives

The world have experienced several earthquakes over the years as thousands of lives have been lost. A good example is the earthquake that occurred in Turkey and Syria on 6th February 2023. The earthquake had a death toll surpassing 50,000 individuals. It is absolutely one of the 10 effects of earthquakes to human activities.

Restricts the development of towns

This is another great effect of earthquake. We have towns that have gone down in terms of development due to earthquakes. When an earthquake occurs in a town, a number of buildings and infrastructure will be destroyed hence limiting more buildings to be built. Besides that, a lot of resources and money is used to rebuild infrastructure and buildings that have been initially destroyed by earthquakes. Some investors may also avoid towns prone to earthquakes.

Turkey- Syria earthquake

May trigger landslide and rockslides

When large rocks and part of the earth situated uphill are subjected into earthquakes. They may be forced to dislodge and roll down to the valleys. Rockslides and landslides cause death and destroy properties downstream.

Trigger tsunamis

Surely, one of the most hazardous effect of earthquakes are tsunamis. Tsunamis mostly come about when earthquakes occur in oceans, sea, and other large water bodies. One of the most popular tsunami that occurred in the world is in 11th march 2011. That tsunami was experienced in the coast of Japan and it claimed lives of about 18000 individuals.

May cause fire

Earthquakes may also lead to fire outbreak. Normally, fires are linked to brocken electrical and gas lines. Earthquake may break electric and gas lines which may lead to fire outbreak. Moreover, the earthquake may also destroy water pipes which will limit the supply of water to extinguish the fire.

10 effects of earthquakes, image showing fire outbreak.
Fire outbreak after an earthquake

Can result into floods

Earthquakes of high magnitude may make dam walls to crack. Thereafter, the dams may collapse after sometimes making water to flow into the nearby areas hence resulting into floods.

Leads to liquefaction

Liquefaction is a process where the soils become saturated hence loosing it’s strength. Loosely packed Sediments with high water content may be subjected to constant shaking hence loosing their strength. When liquefaction occurs, it may make buildings and structures on liquefied soils to collapse or sink in the ground. An example of liquefaction is the earthquake in 1692, Jamaica. The earthquake resulted into devastation of Port Royal town. It is absolutely one of the 10 effects of earthquakes to human activities.

Raise or lower the sea level

This is also one of the 10 effects of earthquakes to human activities. Earthquakes may lead to displacement of sea flow hence lowering or may even rise the sea level. When sea level is lowered or raised, it may result to either emergence or submergence of coasts respectively.

Final word

The above are the 10 effects of earthquakes to human activities. Some places have experienced strong earthquakes earthquakes that really affected the lives of many. However, minor earthquakes or tremors have no dangerous effects. You can also share your views on the comment section.

12 solutions to aridity and desertification

12 solutions to aridity and desertification, compiled here. Aridity is the state of land being deficient in moisture, therefore leading to scanty vegetation or no vegetation at all. It is common in regions that receive rainfall below 250mm every year. Such areas have total evaporation exceeding the amount of precipitation received.

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On the other hand, desertification is the steady and slow encroachment of large areas of barren land covered with sand onto formerly productive agricultural land. Aridity and desertification have several causes as follows;

12 solutions to aridity and desertification.
Image from Google.

Causes of aridity and desertification

insufficient rainfall


relief barriers

Human activities and more.

12 Solutions to aridity and desertification

Here, we are going to look at the 12 solutions to Aridity and desertification. The solutions are as follows;

Image of aridity and desertification
  1. Afforestation and reforestation programmes. This will help to prevent soil erosion and improve catchment area through evapotranspiration.
  2. Controlling livestock numbers in drought prone areas/ controlling grazing/adopting zero grazing/ organized ranching.
  3. Irrigating the dry lands.
  4. Introducing energy saving technology to minimize overreliance on wood fuel hence reduce deforestation.
  5. Opting to alternative energy sources like water and solar which won’t pollute the environment.
  6. Setting up laws and legislation against industrial emissions in order to control it.
  7. Introduce suitable farming methods or growing of crops that are drought resistant.
  8. Adoption of soil conservation measures like contour ploughing, terracing, planting cover crops and more.
  9. water efficient technology; the water efficient technology can be promoted in industries, households, and agriculture. They include, drip irrigation, water-efficient appliances, low-flow faucets and more. This will help to reduce water consumption hence combat Aridity.
  10. Desalination ; desalination technology like distillation, and reverse osmosis can help to convert water from saltwater into freshwater. Therefore, providing offering an alternative water source for arid regions situated near coastal areas.
  11. Education and awareness ; awareness on the importance of suitable water practices, water conservation, as well as impact of aridity can help to encourage change of behaviour.
  12. International co-operation; this can be achieved through co-operation international organizations and neighbouring countries. Moreover, a country can also co-operate with experts in water conservation and management. This will help in sharing knowledge, technology transfer, and joining hands to address the issue of aridity and desertification from regional to global scale.

Final word

The above are the 12 solutions to aridity and desertification. You can share your views on the comment section. In case you need more help, you can reach us in the email address falcomblog@gmail.com

12 significance of folding to human activities

12 Significance of folding, compiled here. Folding is the bending of Crustal rocks either upwards or downwards due to compressional force. Before taking you through our 12 Significance of folding. Below are some of the features resulting from folding:

Features resulting from folding

Ridge and valley landscape

Synclinal valley Rolling planes

Inter-mountain plateau

Fold mountains

Those are some of the examples of features formed from folding. Let us now get to the 12 Significance of folding below. Positive significance of folding In our list of 12 Significance of folding, I will begin with the positive significance as follows;

12 significance of folding
Image from Google.com

Positive significance

1) Folding results to formation beautiful sceneries. For example, snow capped mountains attract tourists hence earning the country foreign exchange.

2) Fold mountains may act as water catchment/sources of water hence providing water for domestic use/irrigation/industrial use.

3) The windward slopes of fold mountains receive a lot of rainfall that enhances agricultural activities.

4) Folding process exposes valuable minerals like petroleum and coal. Therefore, it makes mining easier and reduces the cost of mining.

5) Through metamorphism process, folding leads to formation of valuable minerals. The valuable minerals can be sold to earn the country foreign exchange.

6) Fold mountains are often forested. The forest provide timber for building and construction/ wildlife habitat/ aesthetic/ medicinal.

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The above are our positive significance of folding in this list of 12 significance of folding. Let’s now take a look at the negative significance of folding.

Feature formed from folding

Negative significance of folding

1) The leeward slopes of fold mountains create rain shadow effects resulting into aridity. Therefore, this will discourage crop farming/agriculture due to low rainfall.

2) Folded landscape leads to rugged terrain which discourage settlement since it’s expensive and difficult to construct houses on such landscape.

3) Features resulting from folding may act as barriers to transport and communication. Generally, it is difficult and expensive to construct roads and communication lines on rugged terrain.

4) Fold mountains may create fog conditions which may reduce visibility hence leading to aircraft accidents.

5) Folding process may lead to burying of some valuable minerals hence making exploitation difficult.

6) Folding may lead to fracturing of rocks, hence resulting to earthquakes or volcanic activities which may result to destruction of properties and loss of life.

12 significance of folding to human activities

Final Word

Those are our 12 significance of folding in human activities. You can share your views on comments. We have teacher/experts in geography and mathematics you can reach us via our email address falcomblog@gmail.com for more information.

15 significance of faulting to human activities

15 significance of faulting to Human activities. Faulting is one of the internal land forming processes taught in geography. I will be taking you through the significance of faulting to human activities. Before that, you have to know the meaning of faulting. What is faulting Faulting is the cracking or fracturing of the brittle crustal rocks due to tectonic forces (tensional and compressional). Faults are cracks or fractures that develop in the crust when subjected to tectonic forces.

Image showing faulting process.

Features resulting from faulting

1) Fault scarp / escarpments

2) Block mountain /Horst / fault blocks

3) Rift valley

4) Tilt blocks

5) Fault steps

The above are some of the features formed through the process of faulting.

Now let’s see the 15 significance of faulting and how those features formed affect human activities.

15 significance of faulting and features formed to human activities

Below are the positive and negative significance of faulting and it’s features to human activities.

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15 significance of faulting to human activities.

Positive significance

  • Faulting leads to formation of features like Horst mountains and Rift valley that form beautiful sceneries. The beautiful sceneries will attract tourists, hence earning the country foreign exchange which will support the countries economy.
  • Faulting will lead to formation of lakes that will act as sources of water for both domestic and industrial use.
  • It will also lead to displacement of rocks, therefore exposing minerals that are mined.
  • Faulting leads to formation of block mountains that receive rain on the windward side. The rain will then give rise to rivers that will provide water for domestic, agricultural, and industrial use, also may generate H.E.P in presence of waterfalls.
  • Faulting creates deep faults which may act as passage for steam jets. The steam jets may be utilized to produce geothermal power.
  • The block mountains resulting from faulting may receive heavy rains on the windward side. The rains may encourage growth of dense forest which provide timber for building and construction.
  • When faulting occurs across a ridge, it may provide a dip which could form a mountain pass where transport and communication lines can be constructed.
  • Faulting leads to formation of fault scarps where springs occur at the foot of fault scarps, attracting settlements.
  • Vertically faulting across a river may cause a waterfall which may be used to generate H.E.P

The above positive significance are among our list of 15 significance of faulting to human activities. Now let’s look at the negative significance of faulting.

Negative significance

  • Subsidence of the land due to faulting may lead to loss of lives as well as destruction of properties.
  • Faulting may change direction of rivers or even make them disappear. This may interfere with agriculture to farmers who depend on those rivers.
  • Faulting will result to uneven land surfaces as a result of faults, therefore disrupting transport and communication networks.
  • It may change the river direction hence causing floods downstream.
  • Fault lines are centres of earthquakes that may lead to loss of lives and destruction of properties.
  • It leads to formation of Horst mountains that receive low rainfall on leeward side, hence discourage agriculture.

The above is our 15 significance of faulting to human activities. You can comment your views below. We also have teachers in geography, in case of any problem. You can feel free to reach us via our email, we can also teach on map work. Our email is falcomblog@gmail.com

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