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5 Best makeup products in Kenya

5 Best makeup products in Kenya, compiled here. Beauty lies on the eyes of the beholder, so they say. However, it’s your responsibility to ensure that you are looking great. In a place where your character is not known, you will be judged by how you dress and how you present yourself. Therefore it’s very vital for you to ensure you look so lovely. Makeup products, are invented to bring that glow out so that you can stand out. If you don’t have the best products, your look may fail you. So it’s usually important for you to select the best of the best products, and those that match with your skin.

If you experience a problem with this, it’s advisable for you to consult a beautician so that they can check your skin type and recommend the suitable item for you. Moreover, makeup products are invented every now and then, so to ensure you have a quality and an authentic product, we’ve established this list to help you out. I hope you’ll enjoy and learn. The following are the 5 best makeup products in Kenya.

Maybelline fit me matte + poreless foundation

5 best makeup products in Kenya, Maybelline products.
Maybelline fit me matte + poreless foundation

This is the go to foundation. Any day any time I’d recommend you to use it, you will never go wrong with this masterpiece. It has been proven to be an authentic and a quality product. It not only beautifies you but also, it brings out more of the natural outlook. So if your aim is to achieve more of the natural rather than the artificial look ,then consider using the Maybelline Fit Me Matte and Poreless foundation.

It’s advantages include:

• It’s lightweight and long lasting, thus you can’t be worried about replacing it mid day.

• It refines pores, this enables it to seal areas in your skin.

• The last output is a smooth natural seamless look.

• It has micropowders, which ensures that the skin shines.

• It has been tested and approved by dermatologists, so you have no worries about it.

• It’s ideal for normal to oily skin.

• It is allergy tested unlike other products.

How to use.

Take a considerable amount of the foundation, then apply to your skin, using your fingers or a brush, until you achieve a good output.


Maybelline Fit me Matte and Poreless foundation, costs about Ksh. 1690. The beauty is that, it will last you for long and give you the best outlook. Buy it here on jumia.

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L.A girl pro- concelor

L.a girl products
L.A girl pro concealer

L. A Girl Pro Concealer, is crease resistant with opaque coverage In a creamy yet light weight texture, it provides a complete natural looking camouflage, below the eyes and covers dark circles around the eyes. At the end, it ensures you have a smooth skin tone. You always apply the concealer, after the foundation to ensure it doesn’t smudge. The main reason for applying a concealer, is usually to hide dark circles and age spots through blending this imperfections into the skin, so that your skin will end up looking young and smooth.

The advantages of L. A Girl Concealer are:

• It’s ideal for all skin types.

• It’s fragrance free.

• It has a built in brush tip, which you can use as an applicator.

• You can wear it for long, since it is crease resistant.

• It is light weight and it’s texture is creamy.

How to use.

Take a controllable amount, apply to the brush applicator then blend it around your eye area until it achieves a soft look.

L. A Girl Concealer costs, Ksh. 450 per tube.

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Rimmel 100% waterproof mascara black

5 best makeup products in Kenya.
Rimmel 100% waterproof mascara black

For the best mascara, you should definitely consider Rimmel as it will deliver. It gives length and volume, lifting every eye lash. It will make your lashes look like the attached ones yet they are natural, you can’t go wrong with this.

It’s advantages are

• It has a fast drying formula.

• It’s waterproof and run resistant.

• The combination of brush and formulation, helps to volumize lengthen and separate the lashes.

How to use

Using the brush, gently apply the mascara above the lashes.

The cost of Rimmel 100% Waterproof Mascara is about Ksh. 1, 150 per tube.

Copy name and click here to buy on jumia

Maybelline Superstay lipstick and Lipgloss

5 best makeup products in Kenya
Maybelline Superstay lipstick and Lifter gloss

Maybelline, produces the best products. Their lip products is not an exception since, this lipstick really lasts for long hence the name superstay. Furthermore, they have a variety of shades so you’ll have to choose the one that you love. For those who want a natural girl vibe, they have the lipgloss that doesn’t necessarily add color to your lips but the shine. Their lip gloss is my favorite, since I can leave the house with no makeup on but only the lipgloss, yet I’ll feel confident and beautiful the entire day. It is absolutely one of the 5 best makeup products in Kenya.

Advantages of Maybelline Superstay Lipstick and Lipgloss

• It is long lasting.

• It has matte finish.

• You’ll get value for the product, since it’s an authentic item.

How to use

Take a good amount of the lip products, then apply to your lips and blend it all together until you achieve the taste you’re looking for.


The Maybelline Superstay Lipstick or Lipgloss is ksh. 1500 per tube, it’s found in online and beauty shops.

Final word

Those are the 5 best makeup products in Kenya. You can purchase them at an affordable price on jumia. Use the products well and they’ll deliver to you.

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4 best shapewears in Kenya

4 Best shapewears in Kenya, list compiled here. In the current world, inventions come day in day out. This is usually in all the spheres of our industry, from food, technology to fashion. Fashion is a key area to focus on, since it determines how we will view ourselves and others. That’s why, it is your responsibility to ensure that you always show up as smart and neat. People are always looking, and how you dress determines how you’ll be addressed.

Due to some uncontrollable circumstances, sometimes we may feel that we do not have the perfect body, or rather our curves are not rightly packed so we may want to adjust it. Thanks to creativity, since now you can actually shape your body, through the use of body shapers. Indeed everything is possible. So, if you are in search for the best and most affordable body shapers, then look no further since we have your back. Below, are some of the best shapewears in Kenya. Take a look.

Best shapewears, image showing an example of a shapewear.

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Women Padded Pants butt lifter, panty body enhancer.

Women Padded Pants Butt Lifter are the real deal. I have no doubt that it will give you the look you are yearning for, since it will be able to both lift and shape your butt. The beauty with it is that, the materials used in making it are quality. Since, it is nylon and spandex material, it’s skin friendly and very breathable, you can be able to stay with it all day long. It is designed for all types of women, whether you have hips, small hips or no hips at all since it’s adjustable.

Such an incredible feature. Furthermore, it has silicone hip pad in the special underpants, which shapes up the butt, to bring out it’s full nature. The beauty of it all is that it is designed to be unnoticeable, you can’t notice it because it seems to be so natural. This shape wear can be worn anywhere, be it in weddings, family reunions, ceremonies, festivals , concerts or any other event, it’s not limiting. You should definitely consider getting it. It costs about Ksh. 940.

High waist trainer body shaper slimming belt

The High Waist Trainer, Body Shaper Slimming Belly Belt, is used to shape the belly area. If you have issues with a protruding belly, that you want to hide or you want to flatten up your belly, then this is definitely it. It has bionic fabric structure, which is so comfortable and breathable, you’ll never struggle with it. On top of that, it has a memory of alloy design which effectively prevents curling, and creates an incredible waistline.

The waistline is so glamorous, to the extent that it will make you feel so comfortable and proud of yourself. It has a feature which allows you, to adjust strong abdomen, and to compress fat while protecting the uterus. So if you’re in your early pregnancy, you shouldn’t be worried since the uterus will be protected at all cost and, you’ll be able to hide the pregnancy. Your waist will be well shaped to ensure you have the correct body type.

It is one of the 4 best shapewears in Kenya. Get it for about Ksh. 800. affordable here on jumia

Adjustable shoulder strap waist trainer vest, double corset

This is another one of the 4 best shapewears in Kenya. Adjustable shoulder strap waist trainer vest, is used to effectively help adjust the waist and the breast. It is designed according to the, ergonomics principle, which is used to help adjust the body fat distribution, this usually gracefully shapes the curves of the body and gives you the perfect body shape your looking for.

In just a matter of seconds, you’ll be having your ideal body without struggling. Consequently, it has a string at the back which you’ll be required to use during adjustments. For best results, one is usually required to adjust it well to what Is fit for their body. There’s also a 3 row hook with a zipper and adjustable straps for more comfortability. You can wear it anywhere, it has no limits to it. A key thing is that, it should be noted that the body wear should be hand washed , any other washing method will destroy it.

It costs about, Ksh.2,000. Copy paste name to buy it here on jumia at an affordable price

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Quick post partum tummy slimming corset belt

After giving birth, it could be hard to be fit again and have our usual body shape. So, to ensure that you do not have a hard time in trying to adjust, the quick post partum tummy slimming Corset Belt will help you out. It enables you to shape up your tummy faster, to a slimmer version. It has the best quality of material, since it’s elastic and adjustable . Moreover, it’s made of the elastic band to shape up your tummy faster with zero side effects. It’s has a back support to ensure you do not have any back aches. You’ll definitely enjoy putting on this shape wear since, it’s very comfortable, has no side effects, adjustable to any size, has the most perfect quality and above all it doesn’t roll up or down. It is absolutely one of the 4 best shapewears in Kenya.

It costs about Ksh. 500 only. Copy paste name to search it here on jumia

Fashion elastic belt corset tummy shaper

Best shapewears in Kenya

This is also a wonderful body shaper for your tummy. This body shaper is very effective and adjustable to different sizes. You can adjust it to small size or expand it but it’ll be more effective when tighter, it depends with your preference. This body shaper will shape your tummy within a short period of time. Moreover, the body shaper is comfortable to variety of clothes types. It also has 4 steel bone for supporting your back hence preventing back pains. You can buy this Shapewear here on jumia at an affordable price.

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Final word

Those are the 4 best shapewears in Kenya. You can get them in both online and offline shops. You can order them online at the comfort of your home and affordable price. Copy name and search here on jumia

7 best football clubs in Kenya

7 Best football clubs in Kenya, compiled here. Football has been existing in Kenya for a long time. In fact, it was introduced in by the colonial government. Thereafter, football has grown over the years and currently it’s one of the favourite and common sport in Kenya. Many individuals are now following the FKF premier League. We have top teams that have been existing since independent. Impressively, more teams have also come up to among the best teams in FKF premier League. We have made our research to come up with the following list of best football clubs in Kenya. We made this list according to the resources owned by the teams, performance in FKF premier League. A great team should be consistent in performance to maintain and attract a large fan base. After making our research, the following are the best football clubs in Kenya.

Gor Mahia

Gor Mahia is a top club in Kenya and really deserves to open up our list. If you talk about popular clubs or Kenyan footbal, Gormahia FC will come in the minds of many. The club has enough resources and a large fan base in Kenya. In fact, it is one of the most supported team in Kenya. It Normally collects about 30 Million gate fee from it’s massive supporters. They also make money from selling their football jerseys. Moreover, Gor Mahia have been performing well over the years. They have won the FKF premier League severally, and also taking part in CAF champions League over the years. This club is absolutely great in Kenya.

7 best football clubs in Kenya. Gor Mahia


This is another top club in Kenya. The club has adequate resources, being sponsored and named after a top brewery company in East Africa. Apart from getting huge amount of money from the brewing company, the club also sells their jerseys worth millions. The club has also been posting wonderful performance in FKF premier League recently. Tusker managed to be the winners of FKF premier League season 2021/2022. This club absolutely deserves to be among the best clubs in Kenya.

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7 best football clubs in Kenya. Image showing Tusker celebrating their FKF premier League trophy.

AFC Leopards

This is the third best club in Kenya. In the previous years, AFC leopards has been competing with Gor Mahia on top spot. The two clubs were competing well and has a famous Derby in Kenya called “Mashemeji Derby.” However, AFC leopards has slightly dropped in terms of performance in previous years. That’s why tusker has managed to overcome as the second best club in Kenya. Hopefully, the winning spirit will be revived in the club soon.

Best football clubs in Kenya. Image showing AFC leopards partnership with betsafe.


This is another top club in Kenya. However, the club has slightly dropped in terms of performance in the FKF premier League. That’s the reason it didn’t manage to be among the top 4 of our list. Though the club has adequate resources for their players, and also gets enough money from it’s sponsors, Betika. In the past, sofapaka have been popular in nurturing players then selling them at a high profit. This club really deserves to be one of the best clubs in Kenya.

Bandari FC

This is another popular club in Kenya. This club situated in costal region of Kenya is very popular. The club has great management that nurture talents in Kenya. Bandari has produced some of the best kenyan footballers in the past. Moreover, this club has good fan base as well as resources for their players. It is one of the oldest clubs in Kenya and has maintained a top spot unlike some that have been relegated.

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Kakamega Homeboys

Kakamega homeboyz has now come up to be one of the best clubs in Kenya. What contributed a lot for this club to make up into our list is it’s great performance. Kakamega homeboyz has been doing quite well in the previous years. Therefore, it has attracted sponsors and attention from fans across the country. The club’s homeground is the Bukhungu stadium in kakamega which was previously renovated by the county government.

7 best football clubs in Kenya. Image showing kakamega homeboyz squad


Kcb is a name of one of the best Banks in Kenya. You can imagine a club that comes from a top bank. The club had to be included in our list of best clubs in Kenya. Besides it’s overall performance, the club has enough resources for its players. KCB has been existing in the FKF premier League for a long time. It is a wonderful club in Kenya.

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Image showing Kcb FC squad

Final word

Those are the 7 best football clubs in Kenya. However, the list may be subjected to change depending on how the teams will perform. Some of the clubs have been great for a long time due to great management and sponsorship. Clubs like Thika United had been doing great in the past years but dropped and now relegated. Though it’s also a great club with enough financial aid and we still have hopes that it’ll bounce back. You can also share your views on the comment section. Falcomdaily will really appreciate your contribution on 7 best football clubs in Kenya.

15 best musicians in Kenya 2023

15 best musicians in Kenya 2023. Which artist have been able to deliver this year. We have compiled a list for you based on the number of songs they have released and have been trending. A best musician should be consistent in releasing hits. Therefore, after conducting our research, we have compiled a list for you. Here are the best musicians in Kenya, list of elite and upcoming artist.

Otile Brown

Otile Brown has been doing well this year and he deserves to open our list of best musicians in Kenya 2023. He has been entertaining fans from Kenya to Africa at large with his great hits. Recently, Otile Brown has also made major collaboration with Harmonize in song called Woman. This song has been trending all over as Otile Brown hard a major role in the song. Previously, Otile Brown has also collaborated with Alikiba, Jovial, and Sinaipei Tande. All those collaborations have succeeded with over 5 million views on YouTube. With his consistence, and creativity we can also expect another great song in the coming future.

Best musicians in Kenya. Image for identification, otile Brown
Otile Brown

Khaligraph Jones

Kgaligraph Jones is another best musician in Kenya and Africa at large. He has released several trendy songs. In 2019, he won the Afrima Award of best male artist in East Africa. Khaligraph Jones is still outstanding, his latest song this year was a big trend on social media, the song is Sifu Bwana. He made a collaboration with famous, and top Kenyan artist, Nyashiski. Kgaligraph Jones has also released other trendy songs like, Wavy with famous African artist, Sakode. Moreover, he made a collaboration with Krisper in the “Ndovu kuu” song. Thanks to this artist for entertaining his fans massively this year.

Best musicians in Kenya. Image for identification of Khaligraph Jones
Khaligraph Jones

Sauti Sol

Sauti sol have been a great artists for a long time. They are among the best musicians in Kenya to the whole Africa. In fact, sauti sol were on another level some years back, by being nominated in awards like The Afrima Awards and more. We can say, they would have maintained the top position but this year they haven’t done much compared to their prime days. There latest trendy song is Nairobi, which was a collaboration between soul generation and Mejja.

Best musicians in Kenya. Image for identifying sauti Sol
Sauti Sol, Instagram


Meja have been in the music industry for a very long time. He has been outstanding this year with at least 5 songs that are trending. His recent songs have been more of collaborations as he also mentored young upcoming artists. He was featured in the following top songs, Usiniharibie moods, usherati with Krispper ft X ray taniua, and more.

Best musicians in Kenya. People to identify mejja


Nyashiski is another great artist with wonderful songs in the market. He has been outstanding in over the years including this year. He made a collaboration with Khaligraph Jones this year in year in the song, Sifu Bwana.

Best musicians in Kenya. People to identify nyashiski


Jovial is a top artist who we must include in our list. The male gender has dominated the music industry in Kenya. However, this lady has struggled to have a place in 2023. Her songs have been trending this year. Thanks to her major collaborations that made her stand out. Jovial and Otile Brown have made collabo in two different songs that became a trend in town. For instance, her song Jeraha with Otile Brown made waves. In addition to that, they previously made a collaboration in another song, such kinda love which also did well.

Image showing Jovial
Jovial, from Instagram

Best upcoming artist in Kenya

A number of artists are also coming up with trendy songs. A best upcoming artist should be consistent in making new hits. Moreover, their music should impress many fans, plus the awards they get nominated or given also matters. In our list of best musicians in Kenya, here is a separate list of the best upcoming artists.


So far, iyanii has been so wonderful this year. He has been releasing heat after heat all for himself. His trending song is Pombe, getting up to 4.5 million views on YouTube. Moreover, Pombe had also a dance challenge on tiktok. Thereafter, he has a second trendy song called Furaha. The song has about 1.5 million views and still counting. Iyanii has also made a first collabo with major artists and it’s pombe remix with Mejja and others.

Best musicians in Kenya. Image of Iyanii

X ray sipangwingwi

This is also a fantastic musician in Kenya. Since he came into limelight, he has never disappointed his fans. His famous hit is sipangwingwi with Trio Mio. Moreover, he has other popular songs that have been trending this year. He also collaborated in Usherati with Majja, and Krispper (Ndovu kuu).  In addition to that, X-ray has been featured in more other songs with major collaborations.

X ray photo
X ray

Krispper (Ndovu kuu)

Krispper has become a talk of the town. He has been featured in trendy songs with top artists in Kenya like Khaligraph Jones, and Mejja. He is very creative and unique in his own way. Krispper really deserves to be in this list of best upcoming artists in Kenya.

Photo showing Krispper
Krispper (Ndovu kuu)

Nviiri the storyteller

Nviiri is also a great upcoming  artist in Kenya. He is from the sol generation and I think you know their reputation in the country. Being mentored by top artists like sauti sol is not a joke, he has something unique. Nviiri won an award of award of the best upcoming artist category in pulse award 2019 December.

Nviiri the storyteller image

Nikita Kering

Nikita kering is a fantastic artist who is coming up at a great pace. In 2019, Nikita Kering won the Afrima Awards of best female artist in East Africa. What a great achievement, she managed to beat top female artists in East Africa like Nandi, and Zuchu.

Nikita Kering image for identification
Nikita Kering, from Facebook

Stivo Simple boy

This is also a top upcoming artist who has proven his worth. Stevo simple boy has been lively this year. He has been the talk of the town with his creative content. His song Freshi Barida really impressed many people, including his fans. He also impressed George Wajakoya (presidential candidate in 2022) Thanks to his hardwork that made him get recognized.

Image of Stivo Simple Boy
Stivo Simple boy

Trio Mio

This boy is also doing a great job in the music industry. Trio Mio is still young and in school but he manages to write great songs. He has made collaboration with great artist like majja, X-ray, and more.

Best musicians in Kenya. Image of Trio Mio
Trio Mio

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Chris Kaiga

Kaiga is also a fantastic upcoming artist in Kenya. In 2019/2020 was his year since he came to limelight at that period. He released a song called Zimenice which was a great trend. In addition to that, he released another one called Chain Chain. What a successful artist he’s been with all those songs trending all over. Chris kaiga was nominated for the pulse music award, category of best upcoming artist in 2019. Chris kaiga has made collaboration with Nyashiski in a song called Hapo Tu. He is a wonderful upcoming artist for sure.

Chris kaiga image
Chris kaiga


Ssaru is also another hope for female gender. This year, Ssaru has represented the female gender well. Ssaru has made major collaborations with top artists in Kenya. Some of the trending songs she have been featured in, including Kalale. Ssaru gained a lot of popularity from that trendy song featuring top artists in Kenya.


Those are the best musicians in Keny today. However, the list may be subjected to change depending on their future performance.

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10+ best YouTubers in Kenya

10+ Best YouTubers in Kenya, compiled here. A good number of Kenyans have succeeded on YouTube and others are also coming up. People don’t have to rely on screens in order to become popular and also make income. In fact, YouTube has exposed many young talents and creativity. We have determined a successful YouTuber by a number of ways.

In our list, We have picked the YouTubers who came into limelight without relying on screen but YouTube alone. A best YouTuber should also be consistent in content by uploading catchy videos regularly. The number of subscribers is also a factor we’ve considered while compiling our list. So, who are the best YouTubers in Kenya? Here is our research of the 10+ best YouTubers in Kenya.

Mungai Eve – best YouTubers in Kenya. She’s among the hardworking content creator.

Mungai Eve deserves to open this list of best YouTubers in Kenya. We have picked her since she is consistent in uploading catchy content. Her content normally trend on YouTube, and within a short time she gets a vast number of views. Her YouTube channel is one of the most updated in the country. Her main channel, Mungai Eve has at least 585 subscribers.

Best YouTubers in Kenya. A photo showing Eve Mungai for some people to identify her face.

Mungai Eve is still counting in terms of online presence due to her hard work and creativity.

Crazy Kennar – best YouTubers in Kenya. Among the most hilarious content creators

Crazy Kennar is a popular YouTuber in Kenya and has been on industry for a long time. Crazy Kennar grew from scratch on YouTube to become a popular individual in Kenya. People love his funny, engaging, and creative content. Crazy Kennar knows the types of content Kenyans want. He also make catchy videos more frequently hence giving fans new content regularly. Crazy Kennar has more than 532,000 subscribers in his YouTube channel.

Best YouTubers in Kenya. A photo showing Kennar with his funny look ready to act.

Flaqo Raz – best YouTubers in Kenya. Great to act different roles in one video

Flaqo Raz is also a fantastic YouTuber producing content that is full of comedy. His content is unique and creative, he never disappoint. He make simple content about African home and African parents. People love content that involve them and Flaqo has it. You can’t Imagine this YouTuber has four roles in one video. He normally act as a father, mother, and two siblings (boy and girl). He acts those roles perfectly and won’t even notice easily his one guy acting all of them. Moreover, Flaqo is also consistent in uploading new content.

Best YouTubers in Kenya. A photo showing Flaqo Raz acting with top tiktoker Azziad Nasenya.

Mulamwah – best YouTubers in Kenya with much experience in Industry

Mulamwa is popular person in Kenya. He not only stand on YouTube, he has also make waves in his social media platforms, like Facebook, and Instagram. He normally breaks records in social media likes after uploading a post. This great YouTuber normally produce videos full of comedy. He is also consistent and has been on the YouTube industry for a long time. Mulamwa has also been featured in the best stand up comedy industry in Kenya, Churchill Show. Today,he has a great number of followers in social media. He has now secured a job in radio milele due to his funny nature. He is proud on how he has a influenced many, he also says how the president of Kenya, Dr William Ruto follows him.

A photo showing Mulamwah real face

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Thee Pluto – YouTuber who introduced loyalty test content in Kenya

Thee Pluto came up with one his creative content of testing loyalty among couples. He is a great content creator and many have loved his videos. Thee Pluto content is full of entertainment and fun. Many have fallen for his content of sanitising couples and testing their loyalty. After coming up barely 2 years ago, thee Pluto has at least 554k subscribers in his channel, Thee Pluto Show. He is undoubtedly among the best 10+ best YouTubers in Kenya.

A photo showing Thee Pluto for identification by some visitors.

Henry Desagu – YouTuber who succeeded to become brand ambassador for companies

Henry Desagu is a popular YouTuber in Kenya. Many love his content due to his sense of humour. He never disappoint his fans with his funny contents about daily struggle. Henry Desagu has been used as a brand ambassador by some companies. He also earns money from endorsements and partnership. In his channel, he has at least 660k subscribers.

A photo showing Henry Desagu for identification

Lynn Ngugi – best YouTuber for Kenyan stories

Lynn ngugi is also a great YouTuber in Kenya who is growing fast. Initially, she was working for a top media platform in Kenya called Tuko. In tuko, she had specialised in content creation, featuring stories of kenyan celebrities, and lifestyles of some kenyans. Lynn ngugi used to create wonderful stories for tuko media. She was among the main people who lifted tuko media into YouTube limelight. Due to her great interviewing skills, and experience.

Best YouTubers in Kenya. Photo showing independent Lynn Ngugi building her own channel.

Lynn Ngugi, decided to create her own YouTube channel. Her YouTube channel is growing very fast, she has 465k subscribers till now. Moreover, she is consistent in content creation, her videos get thousands of viewers daily. In the coming years, Lynn ngungi might be a great YouTube content creator even in East Africa at large. Ngugi has great interviewing skills and creative, she’s still growing in her own channel, Lynn Ngugi. Thanks to her consistence in uploading content.

Wajesus family – among the best family on YouTube

The Wajesus family have also taken over online presence on YouTube and other social media platforms. The Wajesus family is considered as among the best celebrity couples in Kenya. They are popular in YouTube and previously they have been a talk of the town in a number of top media platforms in Kenya like tuko.co.ke The Wajesus family have more than 550k subscribers on YouTube.

Best YouTubers in Kenya. A photo showing the Wajesus family.

Victor Naaman – hilarious YouTuber who have interacted with great people in the country.

Victor naaman is a great YouTuber in Kenya. He has been on YouTube for a long time. He also make content that is full of comedy and drama. He has also met great people through his comedy, including the president of Kenya, William Ruto. Moreover, a video interview between him and presidential aspirant 2022, George Wajakoyah was trendy in Kenya. He has also collaborated with top comedians in Kenya including Mulamwa. He deserves to be among the 10+ best YouTubers in Kenya.

Best YouTubers in Kenya. Photo showing Victor Naaman in action.

Mwalimu Tom – best YouTuber with content about high school teachers and life

Our list of best 10+ YouTubers in Kenya wouldn’t be complete without adding this guy. Mwalimu Tom is also one of the funniest YouTubers in Kenya. He normally act as a teacher in his channel, featuring Sammy Kioko. Mwalimu Tom is good in producing content that is full of humour together with Sammy Kioko and others. Mwalimu Tom has been featured in programs like “The real househelps of Kawangware.” He is a successful YouTuber indeed.

A photo showing mwalimu Tom for some people to identify him.

Vinnie Baite – best YouTuber in Kenya to give audience funny stories

In this new generation, almost everyone knows Vinnie Baite. He is a popular YouTuber in Kenya due to his unique content. People love his stories from his “Story za Jaba” on YouTube. Vinnie Baite is a successful YouTuber and his talking skills and uniqueness have secured him a job in one of the best radio stations in Kenya. Vinnie just grew from scratch on YouTube and now a radio presenter. He also has loyal fund who love him and his content.

A photo showing Vinnie Baite common shirt to make his videos more funny.

Other great YouTubers in Kenya are Cartoon Comedian, TT commedian, Miss Trudy,(Mike wako) Onsongo comedy, and Wabosha Maxine.

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8 best self employment courses in Kenya

8 best self employment courses in Kenya. Most of people learn up to higher institutions with hopes of getting employed. Due to inadequate job opportunities, they end up living a jobless life. The issue of unemployment is due to the courses they venture in while in higher institution. Therefore, it’s wise to pick a universal course that you can either employ yourself as well as work for an employer. The most marketable self employment courses in Kenya include, Pharmacy, Electrical Engineering, Nursing, Education e.t.c. When someone undertake one of those courses, he or she may end up getting self employment and earn a living. One can start to run chemist for Pharmacy course or open private schools for Education courses. This article gives you the best self employment courses in Kenya.


Pharmacy is a well known paying self employment course in Kenya .The course being a clinical health science, it is involved in preparation and standardization of drugs. After completion of the course ,one need to gain wider experience and finally apply for license. Being a pharmacist you can use you’re knowledge of medicine to become a research scientist, Medical science liaison among many other profession. Through pharmacy courses, one can open up a Pharmacy and sell medicine to patients. You will also help patients to read doctors prescription.

Pharmacy selling drugs.
pharmacist selling drugs

Electrical engineering

Electrical Engineering is one of good course that help one enter in self employment. One always need to attain a job for two or three years after graduation. This helps one to gain experience. Here one can start a business in solar power installation unit. AS an electrical Contractor you need to get a license first before the job.

Best self employed courses. Electrical engineering fixing an electronic
an electric engineer in action

Nursing course

A nurse can easily venture into self employment. Nursing is one of the best self employment courses in Kenya. As a nurse you can provide individuals with home based care through self employed . Moreover, In-home nurses can also take care older patients who are still living independently .You can also provide for care for those recovering from certain elective surgeries. Furthermore, you can work as nurse consultant, nurse consultant often specialize in certain areas .The areas may include health specialization like fertility consulting, lactation consultation e.t.c

Nurse serving a patient
a nursing offering consultation services

Education courses

Education is also among our 8 best self employment courses in Kenya. Having undergone education training, one can gain management skills and knowledge. The knowledge can help graduates to start up their own schools. Through acquisition of management skills, one can manage the school effectively. One can also use the skills to start up tuition programs which is very beneficial to learners. In addition, one can also start teaching learners through the use of online learning as they earn their income.

A teacher training students in class. Education being one of the best self employment courses.
A Teacher teaching

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Veterinary medicine

Veterinary Medicine is one of the well known paying self employment courses. After the completion of the training, one may gain further skills and experience. Once you have gained the experience fully one can then look for license. The demand for Veterinary service is high. One can work as independent Veterinary service provider or independent cconsultant.

veterinary doctor treating a cow

Mechanical engineering

Mechanical engineers can easily venture in self employment opportunities. This list of 8 best self employment courses wouldn’t be complete without including this course. Once you have completed your training, you would have developed your skills .The skills will help you to work effectively After the experience, the next step is to obtain a mechanics license. When you have obtained the license, you can come up with you business or company easily.

8 best self employment courses. Mechanical engineer fixing a vehicle.

Software Engineering

Software Engineering is among the best courses that easily help one to get self employment. Software engineers work is to develop software. You can sell the developed software to clients and companies. Additionally, one can identify a problem in any software and easily address the issue through designing a new software that is necessary thereby solving the issue. Software engineers can sell software to clients and even to companies, therefore earn income through self employment.

8 best self employment courses. Software engineer creating softwares to sell for companies.
software engineer can sell softwares to companies and clients

Web design and development

Web designers are able to earn more money through self employment. Web design is a well known courses as it enables one to get self employment. Once you’ve completed of the course, you would have acquired the skills and experience. Therefore, the next step of Web designers is to obtain a license. Today, the demand for web designing and development is high, hence it’s a lucrative job .Through the course one can come up with websites and help people to create website. You can also design banners for businesses and earn your income.

8 best self employment courses. Website developer creating sites
web developers and designers can create and sell websites

Those are our 8 best best self employment courses in Kenya. Hence, you now know were you’ll start from if you need a self employed career. some of the above courses can still secure you with jobs to the government. All the best in your career selection.

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You can apply those courses on Students.Kuccps.net or on a specific institution directly.

Top 10 best national girl schools in Kenya 2023

Best 10 national girls schools in Kenya. A successful institution will seek balance between academics and co- curricular activities. In other words, besides achieving good results, best national schools have unmatched approaches to developing other abilities .they have became the most preferred in provision of quality education and excellence. They have a reputation of being a center of excellence in Kenya. Every girl sitting KCPE exams has a dream of getting admitted to one of these national schools. Following are the top 10 best national girls schools in Kenya.

Alliance girls high school

This school deserves to open our list of best 10 girls national school in Kenya. Alliance girls is a public national school located in Kiambu. being founded in 1948 by the alliance of protestant mission hence named the alliance.

Its is the first institution of higher secondary education for African girls in Kenya. It emerged top in the 2011 KCSE examinations. Today, the school is still among the best schools in Kenya. Visit Alliancegirlshigh.sc.ke

Top national school in academic over the years.

kenya high

This school started in 1910 as a Nairobi European school. In 1931 it became a girls institution for only European however in 1961,the management admitted the first African girl. It became a multiracial education Centre. Since it has been a regular feature in Kenya’s most diversified schools.

In 2020, it topped in Kenya national exams, it attained a mean score of 10.467. This school has been consistent in performance. Last year, it was the second best school in the country. You can consider this school located in Nairobi as your school of choice. Visit Kenyahigh.ac.ke

Best performing school in the recent years with academic friendly environment.

Maryhill girls national school

Located in Thika, it was founded in 1933 by some great missionary women. It acquired its name from Mary the mother of Jesus and the hill they are standing on their location. It has a student population of 1616 students currently.

It offers seventeen subjects under the 8-4-4 system. In 2018 it had a performance index of 76.826[ A-]making it one of the best. Visit Marryhillgirls.ac.ke

Moi girls Eldoret

Its an outstanding elite institution and among the top national high schools in Kenya. Established by Europeans to cater for white settlers. It aims to prepare students make a positive contribution to the community development and achieving values of patriotism, self esteem, self confidence adaptability and teamwork with sense of purpose and self discipline.

in the past ten years there performances have rivaled some of the traditional academic giants. In 2020 I emerged the second with a mean score of 9.65 points this has made them the best among the best. Visit Moigirlseldoret.ac.ke

Pangani girls national school

It started in 1932.its was first named Duchess of Gloucester after prince Alice. Since the introduction of the 8-4-4 system, Pangani girls high has been performing extremely well. It is an ideal spot for KCPE top achievers.

It has the top best teachers in Kenya. Combining with the best institutional facilities this has made it became unstable giant as far as academic excellence is concerned. Their best overall performance was in 2020 KCSE exams where they achieved a permanency index of 9.56. it has a vision of developing students academically socially spiritually and morally. Its driven towards providing education with adequate skills for the holistic development of the girl child to excel in the highly competitive world. Its founded on truth and excellence visit Panganigirls.sc.ke

Best girls national school for developing students academically, socially, and spiritually.

Nakuru girls national school

Established in 1920’s exclusively for the children of the white settlers. However currently its a national school where every girl wishes of getting a spot. Its a center of distinction in per suit of educational excellence. It aims at providing comprehensive teaching, learning and talent maturing environment through hard work resilience and integrity. Its best performance was seen I 2019 when the school attained a mean score of 9.52.it always stands to be the best.

Best girls national school for teaching and naturing talents.

St Brigit’s girls high school – kiminini

St Brigit’s, kiminini is another top girls national school in Kenya. It is situated in saboti constituency, Trans nzoia county. The school have been performing well over the years. In addition to that, the students have good discipline. It recorded a mean of 9.47 in the last KCSE results.

You won’t go wrong if you make this your school of choice. Undoubtedly, this school has grown and now considered as among the best girls national schools in Kenya. It managed to be on top twenty nationwide with a mean grade of 9.47

Top 10 girls national school with discipline and cool environment

Loreto high school Limuru

Loreto high is a popular school in Kenya. This national school is located in Kiambu county. In 1936, this school was founded by Catholic missionaries from Ireland. The school has enough learning resources and their performance is also incredible. Visit Loretolimuru.sc.ke

Best girls national school with enough learning resources

Asumbi girls high school

Asumbi high school is another top girls national school in Kenya. This school founded in 1936 is situated in homabay county. Surprisingly, the institution started as a lower boarding primary school and has grown fast to become a top national school.

The school attained a mean of 9.569 in last year national exams. Visit Asumbigirlshigh.sc.ke

Best girls national school that developed faster.

Kipsigis girls national school

Kipsigis girls is another giant when we talk about best girls national schools. This school established in 1955 is located outside Kericho town. This school is among the best schools in rift valley part of Kenya as well as in the whole country.

In last year’s KCSE exams, kipsigis girls recorded a mean of 9.08. Therefore, this school has proved it’s consistency over the years. It is a great choice, surely you won’t regret. Visit Kipsigisgirls.sc.ke

Final word

The above schools are our best 10 national girls schools in Kenya. There is tight competition but this are the best schools today. You have seen the schools post great performance. We have not selected according to last years kcse results alone. Also in the past years, this schools have been outstanding. Lastly, I wish you a good luck in your education.

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The Richest football clubs in Kenya 2023

The richest football clubs in Kenya, know the latest rank. Normally, football is loved by many, often when there are matches in the field. The field will be crowded since most individuals will come to spectate, even if it’s being aired out on televisions, many people will be glued on their screens just to know how the match is going down.

The radio gang also isn’t left behind, they often do a good job to ensure the local Individual can enjoy the game. Thus, those individuals who are talented are often picked and grouped into clubs, this clubs make a lot of money through football since a player can even earn upto ksh. 100,000. Let’s sample and analyze some of the richest football clubs in Kenya:

Gor Mahia football club – the richest football club in Kenya with estimated net of 60 million

Research shows that, Gor Mahia is the richest football club in Kenya, it has an estimated worth of upto sixty five million. It makes upto thirty million songs in the gate, during matches when people come to watch their games. It has such a massive audience during it’s matches, what a great support to this great team. Moreover, it has a sponsorship contract from Tuzo Kenya, with this at hand they are able to make upto twenty nine million from selling their shirts. Such a lucrative job opportunity.

To top it all up, they own a piece of land, as we all know, land appreciates thus they can be able to make more money from it in future, Kogalo has stated that they’d love to build a stadium using that land which is worth four million Kenyan shillings. Indeed Gor Mahia deserves to top our list of the richest football clubs in Kenya.

Gor mahia brand new bus. It's a financially stable and one of the richest club.
Gor mahia with an attractive brand new bus.

AFC Leopards football club – The Richest football club in Kenya with loyal fans

AFC, is one of the best football clubs in Kenya, actually it lies in the same group as Gor Mahia, the two claim to have the largest fun base group in the country. It has an estimated worth of fifty two million shillings.

Additionally, it had sponsorship deal with the sugar manufacturing company, known as Mumias Sugar, then moved to sportpesa. Today, this club has signed sponsorship deal with one of the top betting companies in Kenya, betsafe. Betsafe has offered everythig to the club. Assets are one of the best things one can invest in, thus AFC, has a bus which is estimated to be around six million, this helps them to cut out transport fees as much as possible, since they’ll be able to travel from one place to another with their own means of transport. Their jersey business is also doing great, enabling them to make upto two million with around twenty five million from gate fees. Clearly they are eating with big spoons from football.

One of the richest football clubs in Kenya with their new shirts having sponsors betsafe signature.
AFC Leopards with their new home shirt with betsafe signature.

Tusker football club – one of the richest football club in Kenya and 2021/2022 FKF champions

Tusker, also one of the richest football clubs in the country. The team has an estimated worth of about forty five million shillings, it has its sponsorship from the reknown East African Breweries Limited in Kenya. It’s name was derived from that brewing company, they have generated a slang name from the company service, also known as ‘ the brewers.

The liquor makes upto thirty million, while the sale of jerseys making upto one million. Tusker, also sales their players off with a profit, like the other year the team made upto four million from selling Brian Mandela to Santos football club in South Africa. This is a win- win situation, since both parties benefit, the player is connected to a good team, the team receives a good player who will take the game to the next level, and the home team receives money to welcome other new footballers and to develop on its own as a whole. In addition, other home team members will be encouraged to play better, so that they can also be connected to bigger international teams in future.

Tusker has many young young players in there first team, some are given a chance to play for some minutes as substitutes and others full time. This is incredible to develop and use young talents. Impressively, tusker won the 2021/2022 Kenya premier League title. What an achievement from tusker since it’s their 13th title.

Richest football club in Kenya winning the 13th FKF Premier League title.
Tusker FC, 2021/2022 FKF premier League champions

Sofapaka football club – The club that nurture and sale unknown players

Batoto Ba Mungu, as they are often referred to are doing a good job, they make upto fifty million shillings. the club has overtime built strategies on how to get more fans which has been consistently working, they sell their gate tickets upto five million from the spectators. Furthermore, they have a sponsorship with betika, betting company which is estimated to make upto 50 million a year.

What makes them to stand out, is the fact that they get unknown players, nurture them into ideal footballers then later offload them with a profit to a better football club which will help them grow. With this mechanism, local talent is usually spotted and supported until it achieve it’s highest goal.

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visit www.betika.com

One of the richest football clubs in Kenya sponsored by top betting company, betika.

Thika United football club – Top club with great sponsors, Brookside dairy

As the name states, you can clearly tell where this club is situated at. It is based at thika, it has an estimated worth of about twenty million shillings. Like the top football clubs, Thika united also had a sponsorship which is from Brookside dairies in Kenya. With the sale of jerseys being a noble entrepreneurship business in the sports field, the team has also ventured into it, it makes upto one million shillings from this business. Therefore, the team has been able to organize itself so that it can grow bigger and better. Consequently, the team does an amazing job of absorbing local talent and putting it into great use.

Most often we may fail to recognize or rather take for granted the talent that our children have. So, to curb this the team decided to make it their obligation to ensure that they, help their local talented footballers.

Thika United shirt with brookside dairy

To wrap it all up It’s crystal clear that indeed football pays. You can check for yourself on those networth of the richest football clubs in Kenya and their great sponsors.

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Best betting sites in Kenya 2023

Best betting sites, this article has it all. what is betting? Betting is an act of being preoccupied with the aim of pleasure mostly games of chances. Betting site is an online gambling site which offer a variety of games for betting, an example is football and others. The best betting site is rated by the following ways: modes of depositing and withdrawal of money,range and variety of sports that the site offer, ability to offer live streaming, giving chances to ongoing promotions, and the odds offered by the site.

Moreover, we recognize the sites that offer attractive bonuses, registration and withdrawal processes should be easy and quick. Lastly, the live betting availability and legalization by the Kenyan government you’ll be sure that the site will stay. Here is our selection of the top betting sites in Kenya.

BETIKA – enjoy cash out and other offers

Betika is undoubtedly the most popular website in Kenya today. It used to be sportpesa but Betika has spread their roots. The company is currently supporting some local talents and clubs. The president of football Kenya federation, (Nick Mwendwa) unveiled Betika as the sponsor of football Kenya federation super cup. It also renewed it’s sponsorship with sofapaka in 2020, and also supports many young talents in Kenya. The betting site has the following advantages. You can transact mobile money via both safaricom M-pesa and Airtel money.

You can browse on betika site using your line for free. Thanks to the platform for introducing the cash out feature. Additionally, it provide referral odds to first time user and attractive odds. It’s easy to use and operate hence friendly to their users, wide range of sporting event and mega jackpot are offered. Visit Betika.com

Bettika Best betting site for offers image
browse on betika for free

ODIBET KENYA- best betting sites for free bets plus bonuses

This is another popular betting site in Kenya, introduced in the year 2018. The site has spread roots and every gambler in Kenya knows odibet. The site is popular since it also supports local talents. The site supports mobile transaction hence no worries about depositing and withdrawal. Once you register on this platform, you will be entitled for a free bet of about 30 shillings.

You can also bet with the lowest amount of money as possible. Moreover, odibet has also introduced the cash out feature to its customers. The site is licensed by the betting control and licensing board of Kenya, therefore your money is not at risk. You can register today in odibet to enjoy great bonuses, free browsing bundles, and more. Visit Odibet.com

Best betting site, odibet user friendly dashboard.
regester to get free bet of sh.30

BETIN KENYA – best betting site with 50% welcome bonus

Betin is another great betting site in Kenya. Once you register, you will receive a 50% Karibu bonus. Betin supports mobile transactions, deposit today 99 shillings and you’ll receive sh.10 deposit bonus. The site offers live betting and a variety of sports, including casino, and virtual matches. You can also consider this on top of your list when looking for the best betting sites. Visit betin.info.ke

enjoy 50% welcome bonus with betin

MOZZART BET -best betting platform with good live sports

This is also one of the best betting sites in Kenya, it is owned by a former mp known as Musa of elda ravine in Kenya .The betting site offer the following to it’s credentials customers. First, it allows low deposit ,offer good live sport , attractive bonuses and multi football odds. Thanks to the daily mega jackpot offered by the site. However, the site has less variety of sporting event choices but it is a great betting site. Visit Mozzartbet.co.ke to register

Mozzart bet, live sports with ease

BETWAY- best betting sites with weekly promotions

The site is own by a super group known as the betway group . It is a online gabling site known globally. It was founded in the year 2006. The site is one of the best betting platform because it has several advantages to its customers. it accept m-pesa and aitel money as abmode of payment,availability of weekly promotion payout ,football odds are evenly sorted thus including the Kenya premier league,24/7 working hours operation. However the site has difficulty in offering customers support. To register, Visit betway.co.ke

Betway, Best betting site dashboard
betway for weekly promotions

BETPAWA – best betting sites with attractive bonuses

This is another popular site for punters in Kenya. Many have positive feedback due to the platform bonuses and customer services. To get the bonuses, make sure to check their website regularly. If you encounter any problems, you can contact the customer support using your safaricom, or Airtel number or you can text them online. The site supports mobile transactions making it easier to deposit and receive your winnings. This site is great, hence you can consider it in your list. Visit betpawa.co.ke

BET365 -best betting sites with vast sporting games

Bet365 is among the best betting sites in Kenya, it has attractive offers. Denise Coates is the founder of this site .The company is situated in United kingdom .Denise as the biggest shareholder owns the company with his brothers known as John and Peter. The headquarters is situated in England. The site is private and was founded in the year 2000 .

The number of employees are 5538 and the operating income is £767 million .The site offer the following services to it’s users, variety of sporting games eg football, presence of market. Also, the company operate in 24/7 working condition,the site is among the best in sport revenue it also provide support to teams. in addition to that, it provides many ways of depositing and withdrawal. The disadvantage is that the site does not offer many promotions compared to other betting site. Visit Bet365.com

Best betting site, bet 365 dashboard
best sport revenue with bet365

MEGAPARI – best betting site with attractive promotions and bonuses

It was founded in the year 2019. The origin is from Western Europe .The headquarters is located at Crysanthou mylona .The CEO of megapari is called Julia . The site offer gamblers with the following services, Games which are secure and safe, registration is simple and fast. Moreover, it has a fast payment and attractive odds.

Services are offered faster without delay. Broadcasting matches are offered .Presence of attractive promotion and bonuses which are constant. Variety of sporting games and 24 /7 operation working system .The player is given a chance to cash. However, the site has limited offers of sporting event choices and a complicated website. Visit www.megapari.com

enjoy faster services with megapari

MELBET- best betting site with a variety of deposit and withdrawal options

Malbet was founded in the year 2012 by a company known as Alenesro limited .The headquarters is located at Perseusweg 274A,Curacoa .The CEO of the site is called Rostislave Kishenkov. What makes MALBET one of the best betting company, it provides a wide range of betting market,Takes little time to process the payout i.e maximum 15 minutes. In addition to that, It has many withrawals and depositing options, has huge bonuses. Moreover, the site offers a variety of promotions, and daily live sports events, has 24/7 working operation hours . Though the site is good, it has a poor live streaming. Visit m.melbet.ke

fast payout with malbet

GGBET- best site with great live streaming

This betting company was founded in the year of 2016 . It offers the following sevices to it’s guarantee customers, attractive bonuses and range of promotion. To watch competitive games, it supports live streaming, and has the best live support plus a good biodeversity in sports markets . However, GGBET does not support cash out and has limited list of sport books. Visit the site on ggbet.com

enjoy a range of promotions in GGbet

BET WINNER- best betting site with attractive odds

The platform was founded in the year 2018. The headquarters is located at limassol and cyprus . It owned by mikiti holdings limited.

They offer the following services to their guarantee customers, best of stream European sporting,the site offer lerxeriuos and attractive odds. Has an easy depositing and withdrawal through m-pesa ,capable of making up to 4 live games that players can watch simultaneously. The site does not support Airtel money and consume too much time during withdrawal. Visit Betwinnerkenya.com

bet winner for attractive odds

M-BET – site with good bonuses

This is another great betting site you can try out. It offers the following services to it’s users, presence of free bets , modes off depositing and withdrawal can be done through m-pesa or Airtel money services. Moreover, it has good bonuses in multiple stakes and availability of daily jackpot . However the site has a small range of sport market . Visit m-bet.co.ke

Best betting site USD code
Best betting site with multiple stakes and good bonuses

22 BET – also deposit with debit and credit cards

The site offer the following services to it’s users, it accept many modes of depositing and withdrawal including credit and debit cards. Additionally, live sporting games are broadcasted in bulk. The site has football jackpot and attractive bonuses . One limitation is that, the site consume a lot of time during loading. Visit m.22bet.co.ke

Best betting site image for jackpot
enjoy debit and credit cards deposit

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10 Best hairstyles for ladies in KENYA 2023

10 best hairstyles for ladies in Kenya, compiled here. Every women, not only young but women of all ages would like to look smart every single time. Looking good doesn’t mean wearing a nice dress alone, also nice looking hairstyles is essential to make you look attractive.

New hairstyles keep on coming each and every year, ranging from stunning short, wigs, braids design, long natural, weaves, and many others. With such a vast number of hairstyles, it can be difficult for you to select the best hairstyle for you. Therefore, we have compiled a list of best hairstyles for Kenyan ladies.

Obviously, you have once visited your stylist, and made a hair style. Hence, it’s undoubtedly that you have idea of some trendy styles. But is you have no clue, you are at the right place to discover the best and trendy styles. You can select a style that will match with the shape of your face and head. Without further ado, here are the 10 best hairstyles for ladies in Kenya that are outstanding in 2023.

Box braids

This is absolutely one of the 10 best hair styles for ladies in Kenya 2023. Even though many hairstyles are coming up but braids will never be beaten easily. Braids are fantastic and we cannot talk about lovely braids without mentioning Box braids. Box braids will make almost everyone to look fantastic. It will absolutely deliver to different types of faces and skin colour. You can check an example of box braids and how it’s outstanding in the image below.

Look fantastic with box braids
box braids hairstyle for black/Kenyan women

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Braided Bob

If you are tired of long braids but you love braids, you can go for braided Bob instead. Just like braids, this hairstyle will protect your hair from damage and also make you look attractive. You can also explore the box braids to your braided Bob. It is one of the best hairstyles for ladies in Kenya 2023.

Best hairstyles for ladies in Kenya
Love braids but tired of long ones, try Braided Bob
Best hairstyles for ladies in Kenya, Braided Bob
Braided Bob, an outstanding Bob hairstyle in 2023

Moving on top

We have a number of women who are blessed with good natural hair. Thanks to some hair oils like virgin hair fertilizer which makes hair grow stronger and faster. If you have good long natural hair, don’t waste you time and money looking for artificial hair and braids. You can curl your natural hair and wear it up. Thereafter, instead of holding with a hair tie, go for gold string, for example, Amandla Stenberg. You will look amazing with your natural hair.

Natural hair with moving on top hairstyle.
Moving on top, best hairstyle to rock with your natural hair

Faux locks

Faux locks is another great ladies hairstyle in Kenya that must be included in the list. This locks are artificial locks but will look like natural dreadlock to any lady. This design can last for long, under proper maintenance, it can take up to 8 to 12 weeks. This design is a perfect option for ladies who want dredlocks. Faux lock has a variety of ways to rock, ranging from bob, half updo, side swept, ban, and also bangs. If you love styles that look natural, you can try faux locks.

Rocking with Faux locks hairstyle.
Best hairstyle to rock your hair with faux lock

Havana twist

This hairstyle is wonderful and I highly recommend to Kenyan ladies. It is simple to install it in your head. You will create the twist using two strands. You can still make the twists thinner by tightening them. It is an admirable hairstyle you can rock with it in 2023.

Havana twist hairstyle
Havana twist, simple hairstyle to install

Marley twists

Marley twists is another best design that will require less maintenance and are protective. The style is flexible to be designed in different ways. If you aren’t sure which one is the best hair to apply in Marley twists, then you can try Marley extensions, which has a course quality. Marley twists extensions have a variety of designs, including crotchet, shoulder length, short, long, bob, and cowrie shells. With good care, Marley twist can last up to 2 months.

Best hairstyles for ladies in Kenya, Marley twist.
Marley twists, easy to maintain and durable

Abuja lines

This style have been trending for the last few years and it seems that it won’t fade anytime soon. So, what makes this design the appropriate option for many modern ladies? Thanks to the variety of Abuja styles that suits different face shapes. Moreover, it has different lengths, colours, and textures which are easy to install. You can visit any beauty shop and look for your desired Abuja style and rock with in 2023.

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Abuja lines hairstyle
Abuja lines, easil to install and fits different face shapes

Bandika lines

This is one of the 10 best hairstyle, as you’ll spend less time and avoid the pulling, chemicals, and heat effects. This lines are in cornrows plaited line form, fixed on the customers head. This style is popular since it’s simple, look very chic and requires less time to fix. Bandika style is also hard to differentiate it from other cornrow styles when it’s installed by a professional. This design also suits occasion, from casual to formal. In bandika, a hairspray is enough to go.

Best hairstyles for ladies in Kenya, bandika lines.
try bandika lines to avoid chemicals, pulling, and heat effects

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Curly wigs

This hairstyle is common in streets of Nairobi and some celebrities also love to wear this wigs. You can search on social media to see different lengths and types. This style is a perfect solution to give a youthful vibe and framing your face. The secret behind making the best solution is to pick a wig that is made from materials that don’t itch and also the one that’ll fit well in your head.

Best hairstyles for ladies in Kenya, curly wigs hairstyle.
live a youthful life with curly wigs

Kinky straight ponytail

This style will grab the attention of many as some may confuse it with natural hair. This hairstyle is ideal for ladies with medium to long hair since hair will be gathered at the back of the head and in the middle. This style will expose your facial features by keeping your hair away from the face. Besides putting it high on the head, one can also go for sides, low over your neck, loose, tight and sleek.

Kinky straight hairstyle with ponytail.
best hairstyle to grab people’s attention with kinky straight ponytail


This is an appropriate selection for those who want their meshes fixed, since they don’t want them loose or struggle to hold. Mohawk has a variety of colours to choose from, and you also have a chance to let them loose if bored with Mohawk. Maybe you can select ponytail with Mohawk. Buy beauty and more other products here on jumia

Best hairstyles for ladies in Kenya. Mohawk hairstyle.

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