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8+ Best high schools in Nairobi Kenya to learn

8+ Best high schools in Nairobi, compiled here. Nairobi not only serve as the capital city of Kenya, but also we have come to realize that in terms of education sector, Nairobi has got best schools that compete even outside the country. Parents or guardians should prefer their children to join one of the high schools that is located in Nairobi hence good outcome . This are some of the 8+ best high schools that have pulled interest of both parents and even learners.

8+ Best high schools in Nairobi Kenya (boys’ high schools)

We will start this list with the best boys schools in Nairobi Kenya. Below are the best boys schools in Nairobi Kenya.

Nairobi school

Nairobi school is one of the 8+ best high schools in Nairobi as well as the whole country. It is a boys’ school and a boarding school located near Kangemi. Offering compulsory subject,technical and humanities thus giving a learner wide range field he may have interest on. Its well structured with buildings that facilitate learning process .It has been producing best candidates, some in the top position in the national examination .The school is also a force to recon with on matters co-curricular activities giving it many to prefer it.

8+ Best high schools in Nairobi Kenya. Image showing Nairobi high school infrastructure.

Starehe boys high school.

Here comes nice dreams when talk about Starehe Boy’s center national school, even the school name brings a clear image of its look out. Starehe has persistently produced great scholars all over Kenya and outside as well. Its has been ranked for long time among best performing and top schools in Kenya. Starehe has stand out not only in academia but also in co-curricular activities. It has a center for talented boys aims at offering homely support.

8+ Best high schools in Nairobi Kenya. Image showing wonderful environment of Starehe boys school.
image from Facebook

Lenana high school .

Lenana school is a national school in Nairobi, Kenya that accept students who do well from primary. The school routinely has a best look out in national exam where by it has been ranked as one of the best performing schools in Kenya ,It has been since ranked highest in the category of schools with large environment thus learners and teacher are able to carry out scientific research within the compound. Rugby talented learner never regret to join Lenana school. It has produced best team in rugby that has won many trophies even internationally. Many former students have gone on to represent national team in international tournaments. Thus it natures students talents other than classwork.

Strathmore high school .

This is also one of the 8+ best high schools in Nairobi Kenya. Strathmore is a boy day secondary school in Nairobi.it has been one of the recently best performing school nationwide. Each year when we come to result announcements by the ministry of education. The school is always among the top schools with it’s students being mentioned among the best. Its well equipped with very competent management team. And also have qualified and experienced teachers providing positive learning environment that benefits students. In terms of co-curricular activities, it’s not left behind hence helps students to explore various interest.

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Image showing great facilities of Strathmore school.

8+ Best high schools in Nairobi Kenya (girls high schools)

Here we will take you through the best girls Schools in Nairobi Kenya. Let’s get the ball rolling.

Kenya high school

Always for every opportunity that comes around, girl child was never left behind, talk about undefeated shining, competitive school well known as Kenya High. This the richest school that every parent desire that one day her daughter will join. Why? this is a public girl’s school that has never missed on top three schools in the country lately. it also produce top students in the country. furthermore, ninety percent of their candidates always achieve a direct entry mean grade to universities. It also well represented in co-curricular activities where their students perform better beyond the country, this is a dream fulfilling school.

8+ best high schools in Nairobi Kenya. Girls with Uniform of Kenya high school.
Image showing wonderful gate of Kenya high school.

Pangani school

Pangani is a prestigious national girl’s school popularly known across the country. As an academic giant, it has held a good run in academic performance for so many years even producing one of the top ten best students in the country. Some former students are the great politician and managers in many offices .Thus being a school that produce great people to the society, nation and even outside the country. Pangani has an association that emphasize on providing wholesome education to students, building them emotionally, physically as well as intellectually. Has a good administration and teaching staff that cooperate well to uplift the girl child academically. They also participate in sports, music and other co –curricular activities. Hence it deserves to be one of the best school in the country.

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8+ Best high schools in Nairobi Kenya. Image showing wonderful infrastructure of Pangani girls.

Starehe girls high school

When comes like brother to sister think of Starehe girls high school that has pulled many girl’s desire to join. This is a school of high class level where top girls from primary school being admitted join. Here, girls are being sharpened further hence giving out high competition to best boys school and other high schools when it comes to Kenya national exams.

This school helps bright girls from poor backgrounds where they support them to fullfil their dreams. The girls in starehe never fail to be among the top best students. Other than the academics ,they take part in sports, music, clubs activities, and after school programs thus providing an opportunity to build team work skills, bond with other students and explore various interest. It’s well structure allowing teachers to create a framework for what they want their students to learn and how they should go about doing so. It is absolutely one of the 8+ best high schools in Nairobi Kenya.

8+ Best high schools in Nairobi Kenya. Image showing lovely building of Starehe girls.
Starehe girls students celebrating their school

State house girls high school

State house girls high school is also one of the 8+ best high schools in Nairobi. The school has maintained a good run in performance at Kenya National Examinations. It has also been producing top students in the country. It’s a girls boarding and extra county school but have best qualities comparing it to some national schools. It is well equipped with experienced teaching staff, who always work hard to ensure learners have sharpened their minds plus positive behaviour. It offers co- curricular activities such as drama, various types of sports activities. Activities outside academics help those learners who have talents that are important besides classwork.

Best high schools in Nairobi Kenya. Image showing girls from statehouse girls presentation.

Buruburu girl

Majority are aware that Buruburu girls is in Nairobi . This is one of the best performing schools in Nairobi and also in the whole country. Having great number of students being admitted also turn out in large qualifying to universities. It’s well structured for better accommodation of students alongside school staff members. The school is also a force to recon with matters co-curricular activities . All these has been achieved as a result of good facilities for learning. When given a chance here you’ll never regret in future as it’s has been a center for girl’s bright future. It is absolutely one of the 8+ best high schools in Nairobi Kenya.

Best high schools in Nairobi Kenya. Beautiful facilities of Buruburu girls.
Best high schools in Nairobi Kenya. Image showing buruburu girls infrastructure.
image from Google

Final word

Those are just a bunch of who have dominated for many years to mention in terms of best in academic, in featuring talented learners on other than class work and also structural outlook. Thus giving many parents including learner get attracted there. They have shown and have no signs to lower back but even improve better than before. All the best in your academic progress.

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Top 10 best national girl schools in Kenya 2023

Best 10 national girls schools in Kenya. A successful institution will seek balance between academics and co- curricular activities. In other words, besides achieving good results, best national schools have unmatched approaches to developing other abilities .they have became the most preferred in provision of quality education and excellence. They have a reputation of being a center of excellence in Kenya. Every girl sitting KCPE exams has a dream of getting admitted to one of these national schools. Following are the top 10 best national girls schools in Kenya.

Alliance girls high school

This school deserves to open our list of best 10 girls national school in Kenya. Alliance girls is a public national school located in Kiambu. being founded in 1948 by the alliance of protestant mission hence named the alliance.

Its is the first institution of higher secondary education for African girls in Kenya. It emerged top in the 2011 KCSE examinations. Today, the school is still among the best schools in Kenya. Visit Alliancegirlshigh.sc.ke

Top national school in academic over the years.

kenya high

This school started in 1910 as a Nairobi European school. In 1931 it became a girls institution for only European however in 1961,the management admitted the first African girl. It became a multiracial education Centre. Since it has been a regular feature in Kenya’s most diversified schools.

In 2020, it topped in Kenya national exams, it attained a mean score of 10.467. This school has been consistent in performance. Last year, it was the second best school in the country. You can consider this school located in Nairobi as your school of choice. Visit Kenyahigh.ac.ke

Best performing school in the recent years with academic friendly environment.

Maryhill girls national school

Located in Thika, it was founded in 1933 by some great missionary women. It acquired its name from Mary the mother of Jesus and the hill they are standing on their location. It has a student population of 1616 students currently.

It offers seventeen subjects under the 8-4-4 system. In 2018 it had a performance index of 76.826[ A-]making it one of the best. Visit Marryhillgirls.ac.ke

Moi girls Eldoret

Its an outstanding elite institution and among the top national high schools in Kenya. Established by Europeans to cater for white settlers. It aims to prepare students make a positive contribution to the community development and achieving values of patriotism, self esteem, self confidence adaptability and teamwork with sense of purpose and self discipline.

in the past ten years there performances have rivaled some of the traditional academic giants. In 2020 I emerged the second with a mean score of 9.65 points this has made them the best among the best. Visit Moigirlseldoret.ac.ke

Pangani girls national school

It started in 1932.its was first named Duchess of Gloucester after prince Alice. Since the introduction of the 8-4-4 system, Pangani girls high has been performing extremely well. It is an ideal spot for KCPE top achievers.

It has the top best teachers in Kenya. Combining with the best institutional facilities this has made it became unstable giant as far as academic excellence is concerned. Their best overall performance was in 2020 KCSE exams where they achieved a permanency index of 9.56. it has a vision of developing students academically socially spiritually and morally. Its driven towards providing education with adequate skills for the holistic development of the girl child to excel in the highly competitive world. Its founded on truth and excellence visit Panganigirls.sc.ke

Best girls national school for developing students academically, socially, and spiritually.

Nakuru girls national school

Established in 1920’s exclusively for the children of the white settlers. However currently its a national school where every girl wishes of getting a spot. Its a center of distinction in per suit of educational excellence. It aims at providing comprehensive teaching, learning and talent maturing environment through hard work resilience and integrity. Its best performance was seen I 2019 when the school attained a mean score of 9.52.it always stands to be the best.

Best girls national school for teaching and naturing talents.

St Brigit’s girls high school – kiminini

St Brigit’s, kiminini is another top girls national school in Kenya. It is situated in saboti constituency, Trans nzoia county. The school have been performing well over the years. In addition to that, the students have good discipline. It recorded a mean of 9.47 in the last KCSE results.

You won’t go wrong if you make this your school of choice. Undoubtedly, this school has grown and now considered as among the best girls national schools in Kenya. It managed to be on top twenty nationwide with a mean grade of 9.47

Top 10 girls national school with discipline and cool environment

Loreto high school Limuru

Loreto high is a popular school in Kenya. This national school is located in Kiambu county. In 1936, this school was founded by Catholic missionaries from Ireland. The school has enough learning resources and their performance is also incredible. Visit Loretolimuru.sc.ke

Best girls national school with enough learning resources

Asumbi girls high school

Asumbi high school is another top girls national school in Kenya. This school founded in 1936 is situated in homabay county. Surprisingly, the institution started as a lower boarding primary school and has grown fast to become a top national school.

The school attained a mean of 9.569 in last year national exams. Visit Asumbigirlshigh.sc.ke

Best girls national school that developed faster.

Kipsigis girls national school

Kipsigis girls is another giant when we talk about best girls national schools. This school established in 1955 is located outside Kericho town. This school is among the best schools in rift valley part of Kenya as well as in the whole country.

In last year’s KCSE exams, kipsigis girls recorded a mean of 9.08. Therefore, this school has proved it’s consistency over the years. It is a great choice, surely you won’t regret. Visit Kipsigisgirls.sc.ke

Final word

The above schools are our best 10 national girls schools in Kenya. There is tight competition but this are the best schools today. You have seen the schools post great performance. We have not selected according to last years kcse results alone. Also in the past years, this schools have been outstanding. Lastly, I wish you a good luck in your education.

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