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8 Best degree courses for self employment

8 Best degree courses for self employment, compiled here. The main reason as to why, one would want to be equipped with a certain set of skills, is so that he/ she can put it into practice. With putting into practice, comes the idea of making money out of it. This brings up the business idea, with the ultimate goal being to provide service and to make profit.

In universities, those who qualify are usually given their degrees, this degrees are the proof that indeed the individual has the relevant skills. However, as much as most people want to be employed, some actually want to practice self employment. They want to manage their business, and run them according to how they know best. Sole proprietorship, is incredible since, you’ll be accountable to you. There are certain courses, that will enable you to achieve this motive, that is if you want to employ yourself in the field that you’ve studied. In this article, we’ve identified this courses and listed them for you. Enjoy.

Barchelor of Nursing

You’ll never go wrong with nursing. It’s the crème dela crème of the industry. People fall sick every single day, thus your work will be to take care of them. You can be employed at the hospital, or you can start your own clinic. Most people prefer to go through their local clinics, first before going to the hospital, this is brought about due to a variety of reasons. It could be due to monetary issues, since at the local place, it’s quite cheaper, faster services since at the clinics they’ll be attended to very fast, unlike in hospitals where there are huge ques, among other valid reasons. Therefore, with nursing, you can establish, either a clinic or a dispensary which will run smoothly, if you provide quality and affordable services.

Best degree courses for self employment in Kenya.

Bachelor of information and technology

We’re living in a technology based era. Everything is digitalized, this cuts across through almost all spheres, be it communication, education, business among others. This is a clear proof, that with a degree in information and technology you can run your business. Cybers, are all over in our cities, thus, you can decide to open your cyber where you’ll be able to help those who are computer illiterate. Through this, you’ll do a variety of things from typing, printing to managing media accounts. With this chores, comes some good form of payment, that is if you’ll be patient, hardworking and run the business with good ethics.

Besides opening businesses, you can further your knowledge in information technology and learn a specific thing to specialize in. For instance, you can use the knowledge in coding to create websites and apps for companies and yourself. You can earn via apps and sites with your knowledge in coding. Therefore, this course is an asset, it will definitely deserves to be in this list of 8 best degree courses for self employment.

Image showing information technology

Bachelor of pharmacy

Pharmacy, is such a competitive course. With a degree in it, you can practice self employment, through first, applying for a license, so that your business can be registered. The registration process, is vital because through it, your business will be regarded as formally legal. You’ll then open a pharmacy shop, where you’ll be prescribing drugs to your clients, with the skills and knowledge that you got from school. Furthermore, you’ll be able to read the doctors prescription then administer it. It’s such an incredible course , you should definitely consider it. All the best.

Pharmacist arranging drugs

Bachelor in electrical engineering

This one deserves to be on our list of 8 best degree courses for self employment in Kenya. You can be employed or decide to work as a self employed after taking your license. Electricity is used almost everywhere in Kenya hence there is high demand of electrical engineers. You can do professional wiring for buildings then get paid good income. You can still be called in case of any electric fault or in case of any assistance needed. Therefore, professional electrician are needed in our lives as things have changed. You can also fix showers and more other properties that will require your skills.

Best degree courses for self employment. Image showing electrical engineer in action.

Bachelor degree in Veterinary medicine

This is also one of the 8 best degree courses for self employment. This course deals with animals and faming. With your certificate, you can apply for license and become a professional veterinary Doctor as you earn a living. You can open your own place where you’ll be offering consultation services as well as selling animal medicine. You can also use this idea in your own benefit to become a professional farmer. In areas where animal farming is taking place, people with knowledge in artificial insemination, animal diseases, and more are needed. You can be self employed as long as you have received your license.

Best degree courses for self employment in Kenya. Image showing Veterinary Doctor in action

Mechanical engineering

This is also a wonderful degree course for self employment. Mechanical engineering deals with vehicles and related. There are many cars and vehicles that require services. As a mechanical engineer, it is not necessarily to go and look for a job. You can just create your own garage then offer services to vehicles as you generate income. You can also sale vehicles spare parts and get money as a self employed individual. You can consider this course in your list of 8 best degree courses for self employment.

Bachelor of business management

Business management, is an enterpreniual course. You’ll get to learn a lot business skills through this course, you’re guided on the fundamental pillars of the business and the market at large. So, with this skills you can be able to run any type of business, whether, a hotel, a shoe, fashion, shops among others.

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It’s such a diverse field, with the right mindset, and zeal you can be rest assured that with years of experience you’ll be the jargon in the field. Furthermore, you’ll be exposed on processes of legalizing your business, how to register businesses, the procedure used among other fundamental things to use to ensure the smooth running of the business. Most importantly, before graduating, you are taken for an internship, so that you can learn a lot of things directly from the source. You can be an entrepreneur with this course, what you’ll need is capital and a great business idea.

Best degree courses for self employment.

Bachelor of hospitality and tourism

Hospitality, is such an incredible course. You’re usually taught a lot of things, in the recreation field. As much as work is important, rest is also needed, so most people usually go for trips to take a break from realities of life. This is where, your business opportunity comes in handy. With a degree in tourism and hospitality, you can open a restaurant which offers all the services, ranging from food, beddings to relaxation facilities. Trust me, you’ll make a good amount of money with this.

The beauty of it all is that, during attachment process in campus, you’ll be required to work in an actual setting, so this is when you’ll get all the relevant skills and the necessary connections. It’s best if you are pro- active, because with this at hand, you’ll really sail to greater heights. To the extent that when you actually open your own business setting, you’ll be already informed on how to run it smoothly.

Best degree courses for self employment in Kenya.

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those are the 8 best degree courses for self employment in Kenya. You can pick the one that you are passionate with. It also depends if you’ll meet the requirements of those courses. You can apply the courses at Kuccps.com

12 ways to make money online in Kenya for free

12 ways to make money online in Kenya for free, get the guide here. In the recent years, we have been having unemployment problems in Kenya. Many youth learners graduated with a certain course but end up being unemployed. Therefore, online jobs have become more popular in Kenya as well as source of income to many. In this article, I will help you through on how you can make money online for free.

Making money for free doesn’t mean you’ll just lazy around and wait for money. It needs hard work as well as being strategic. You may be having a particular skill or something that you love. You’ll notice that your skills may be required in some of the ways listed below. Hence, don’t worry if you have learned a particular course in school but have no job. You can make money online from that knowledge that you have. Without further ado, the following are the 12 ways to make money online for free.

Affiliate marketing

This is one of the ways to make money online without investment. You don’t need any income to do affiliate marketing. What you require is joining an affiliate program and start marketing their products. When you’ve joined an affiliate program, you’ll be given an affiliate link. You can share an affiliate link in your blog or app. Alternatively, You can share your affiliate links with your WhatsApp contacts, on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more social media platforms. If someone purchase a service or product via your affiliate link, you’ll be given a commission. You don’t need any money to promote an affiliate product, but you’ll need enough followers on social media. Some of the popular affiliate programs in Kenya are Jumia, Kilimal, Admitad.com, Amazon associates, and more.

12 ways to make money online in Kenya. Image showing how affiliate marketing works

Promoting peoples products or services in your social media accounts

If you have a lot of followers in your social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and more. You can charge businesses to advertise their products or services in your account. It doesn’t require any money to get started, just look for enough followers and charge per post.

12 ways to make money online in Kenya. Image showing how to market on social media accounts

Make money by sharing your skills or knowledge online

This also a fantastic way to make money online in Kenya for free. If you are having knowledge in karate, football, education, local medicine, and more. You can make money online from that knowledge or skill. You might have been in school then joined clubs like karate club, chess club, music club, and more then earned a certificate. With that knowledge and evidence of your certificate, you can earn money online. You don’t need any investment to earn, just use your experience and skills. To succeed, it requires patience and time. You can market yourself self on social media. Alternatively, you can start your own course in websites like Udemy, and more.


Vlogging is also one of our 12 ways to make money online for free. Vlogging means videos, therefore you will be uploading videos in video sharing platform like YouTube, tiktok, Pinterest stories, Viusasa, and more. In YouTube, you will create a YouTube channel for free then share your videos. Additionally, you’ll need is to be creative in your videos to attract more viewers and subscribers. You can monetize your YouTube channel via advertising networks like AdSense, or join affiliate program for free.

A person taking video for vlogging

Ranking and selling social media accounts

Sometimes you might be an expert in scooping social media followers through your catchy posts. Maybe you have a strategy that you use to gain more followers. Therefore, you can open a social media account and increase the number of followers then sell. This one mainly work in non individual accounts with your own photos. It does well in general accounts with a particular topic. For instance, accounts like football troll, Kenya meems, and more. You can look for market from individuals, businesses, or advertise on some websites.

Get paid to write reviews

You can also earn money without any investment if you are good in writing reviews. You can research about reviews and then write to earn. You can get jobs on review writing sites like reviewstream.com, softwarejugde.com, and more. You’ll earn about 1$ per review, or in some cases you’ll be paid more depending on your reputation, and experience.

Research work

This is also another great way to make money online for free. You can offer research services in anything, like topics, subject, services, and more. You can offer research services to school, lecturer, or more. You can find research works on legit platforms like Upwork, fiver, freelancer, and more.

Social media account manager

If you like spending most of your time on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and more. You can make money without any investment through social media management services. You’ll have to create how you’ll manage social media accounts. Also create the your strategies to manage social media accounts. You may be hired by some businesses that what to grow online presence. No money is required to become social media account manager. You can look for job on fiver, Upwork, and more by creating your account and look for social media management jobs.

Ways to earn on YouTube -100% Effective

Data entry jobs

This is another one of the 12 ways to make money online without investment. You have knowledge in numbers, and have Google and more to make your research. You can learn about data entry, it’s not complicated. You can access data entry knowledge then look for jobs in platforms like fiver, Upwork, freelancer, and more. You can work on data data entry for free as you earn.

12 ways to make money online in Kenya. Image showing someone doing data entry jobs.

Sell ad space on free website

Some blogging platforms like blogger will allow you to create website for free. Impressively, blogger is that, you can apply for AdSense on your free blogger website. Thereafter, you can earn money from your free blogger website.


This is the conversion of audio into written words. It is a light work and you’ll earn your money for free. You’ll only look for jobs and start earning. Apparently, You can find transcription jobs on platforms like transcribe me.

Paid URL shorteners/pay per 1000 clicks

This is also another way to earn money in Kenya for free. You can share some links where you’ll be paid for every 1000 clicks. You’ll have to look for interesting topics that will lead to clicks. The following are examples of link shorteners, short.am, CPMlink.net, linkbuck, and more. However, be aware of fraud links that may lead to hacking of your social media accounts or bank.

Those are the 12 ways to make money online in Kenya. You won’t go wrong with the above ways provided you’ll play smart. Just select the best way that will work best for you.

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“NTV you are a bunch of jokers” Kenyans slam NTV for announcing this.

NTV is one of Kenya’s top media company. The company has a number of best TV shows including The Trend by Amina. Today, NTV announced on their official Facebook page that they will host ‘master of shembeteng’ tonight on the Trend show. Many Kenyans didn’t like it, some claimed that they were promoting nonsense. Some Kenyans also claimed that a top media company is spoiling our Swahili national language by promoting shembeteng language. Here is the post made today by NTV and some comments from Kenyans.

please leave your views about this action by NTV to air out the programm. Also comment on the reactions of Kenyans. Must read Ruto-Gachagua or Raila-Karua, which duo is the best. A survey was conducted, See the margin between the two.