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Odibet bonuses, offers and free bets.

Odibet bonuses, offers, and free bets for both new and loyal customers. First, betting, isn’t a walk in the park, it is challenging like any other form of gambling. To ensure that betters don’t face it rough bookmakers came into place to provide some few betting odds. An example of such a bookmaker is Odibet, one of the most amazing private bookmaker.

This great company is owned by Kareco Holding Limited ,located in Nairobi Kenya. Odibet has a slogan that has helped it to be bigger and better,# Bet extra ODInarily. In the phrase, you can tell that it is a very marketable phrase since it markets the company to all. It has a variety of features that makes it to stand out from the rest betting companies. To be able to understand it well let’s dive into it since we’ve classified their details into subtopics. They include:

Odibet legality and safety

In a country where rules are stipulated, it is the duty of every citizen to abide by them. Thus, ODIBET has legalized it’s activity according to the Betting, Lotteries and Gaming Act Cap 131 of Kenyan laws, it’s license number is 0000116, which was authorized and monitored by the Betting, Control and License Board( BCLB). It has grown over the years, as many individuals keep downloading their app and participating in it, this is usually due to their extensive way of marketing. ODIBET really goes a long way to ensure that it has marketed itself in the industry and the people are aware about it. Therefore it is very safe to use ODIBET as it’s fully recognized by the government of Kenya.

Odibet bonuses, offers on free deposit

Odibet has impressive bonuses, and offers, which attract more customers, both new and existing customers to get cash refunds on their first deposit. This is usually for amounts starting from 49 bob and above, mpesa charges are also included in the refunding system. When paying for the bet you are usually required to pay through their paybill mpesa system. During this process, mpesa transactions cost are catered for by the customer. Therefore,, during the refund process even the mpesa transactions cost will be sent back to the customer by ODIBET. A clear illustration is when you send 200 shillings and the transaction cost is ksh.6, you’ll be refunded ksh.206.

Image  showing Odibet bonuses, offers on free deposit
odibet free deposit bonuses

Odibet bonuses, offers on data bundles

In a society where, almost everything is digitalized, gifting someone bundles is the real deal, since they can now be able to stream the internet with no difficulties. So, when you are a new registered member after making your deposit, you’ll be required to place a bet. Thereafter, if it goes through you’ll get 7mb + 7 sms for free. The real deal happens after this, where you’ll be entered into the draw which takes place daily and the winners get to go home with 2GB data. The data will only be for 48 hours, the winner usually receives a notification message when they’ve won the data and when the duration will elapse.

Visit odibet dashboard with free bundles
login to your odibet account with free bundles

Free bet offer to beginners for promotion

As a way of welcoming the new member, ODIBET will allow you to place a free bet with ksh.30. All you are required to do is to select the bet you want to place. Thereafter, enter the Mobile number used for registration, followed by password then click submit free bet, and boom you’ll be done.

Odibet bonuses, offers on free bet to newbies.
new members to get free bets on odibet

Odibet bonuses, offers – refund 50% lost bets

Such a rare concept right? This is it’s distinguishing factor from the rest, through ODI you can recover half of your money. However,, this is limited to only amounts below ksh.200, thus if you had placed ksh.100 you’ll be compensated back ksh.50. Indeed, better half a bread than no bread at all.

Odibet rend back money/ cashout to lost bets
You Will be refunded on lost bets

Visit Odibet.com


  • • It has good odds.
  • • It enables one to use any affordable amount that they have.
  • • It enables users to recover 50% of the amount they paid, when their bets fail.
  • • It is well designed to enable the consumer to understand how to navigate through the ODIBET website.
  • • It offers free bundles to consumers, thus one can be able to both bet and to get bundles, which can be even upto 2GB, such a mind-blowing deal. • It offers free betting after registration, we’ve talked about this above, and if you read through it you’ll be able to clearly understand how things are done.
  • • It allows fast deposit and withdrawals, through ODI, you can be able to deposit your cash without delays, like wise you are in a good position to withdraw your money easily, so Incase of any emergency you can get your cash and solve your issues out with ease.
  • •You may send withdrawal request at any time, and the process will be done instantly with no delay.


• It is very addictive, we all know this for a fact that, any form of gambling is often addictive.

• It lacks a physical premise to make live bets.

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