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6 best strikers in premier League right now

6 best strikers in premier League right now, compiled here. The English Premier League is one of the most competitive league in the world. Some of the best players in the world come from the EPL. Clubs in have been making big signings as some players have also been released to other leagues during the transfer window and now we can see the results. Our focus today will be on best premier League strikers till now. We made our list according to the strikers contribution in the team.

A better striker should not only have good finishing ability but also can assist, and create chance when things are tight. This list have included every striker, it doesn’t matter if one plays as a false nine or permanent striker. We have come up with the overall performance of the players then ranked depending on their impacts on the team. Without further ado, here are the 6 best premier League strikers right now.

Earling Haland

Earling Haland is an incredible player even before coming to Manchester city. He was a fantastic player which made city to sign him at the beginning of 2022/23 season. He has proved his worth by making a great impact in the squad. Haland has scored a lot of goals for Manchester city making him in the frontline of golden boot race. This player waste no chances inside the box. Besides his finishing ability, he can also carry the ball forward with his incredible speed. He is one of the players whose difficult to mark hence a great threat to defenders. He really deserves to open this list of best strikers in EPL.

6 best strikers in premier League, image of Earling Haland.
Earling Haland of Manchester city

Harrie kane

Harrie kane is another wonderful player who has enjoyed a successful career in Tottenham Hotspur. He has always be on the frontline of scoring and making assists for the club. This player was desired by a number of teams but Spurs found it difficult to release him. Indeed, he is a player to keep with his level of consistence. He is currently on the golden boot race, what an incredible player to make this list of 6 best premier League strikers.

Image showing Harrie Kane.
Harrie Kane of Tottenham Hotspur

Gabriel Jesus

Gabriel Jesus was signed to arsenal from Manchester city at the beginning of 2022/23 season. He has proved his worth in the club giving arsenal hopes to return back to the champions League. No doubt that he is the main player for Arsenal improvements. Currently, arsenal is lethal as they held the top 4 position strongly. In fact, there are high chances for them to qualify for the champions League again after more than 5 years. The club is also in the premier League title race. Gabriel Jesus is one of the main players for Arsenal FC when it comes to winning and goal contributions. The player is currently among the top scorers and he’s still scoring. He has been recently called for the world cup. He really deserves to be included in our list of 6 best strikers in EPL right now.

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6 best strikers in premier League, image of Gabriel Jesus.
Gabriel Jesus, one of the best strikers in PremierLeague

Roberto firmino

The world will not forget easily the reign of Mohamed Salah, Sadio Mane, and Roberto firmino. The mentioned players were among the dangerous front three in the world. Currently, Sadio Mane went to Bayern Munich but firmino has stand up out for his club, Liverpool. Roberto firmino has saved Liverpool several times in terms of goals and assists. He is now on top form with his scoring ability and creativity. Recently, there have been a lot of discussions on why he has been left out of Brazil squad for the world cup. According to many, this player has had a great season and deserves a place. Roberto firmino deserves to be included in this list of best strikers in EPL, he is absolutely one of the best.

Image of Roberto Firmino
Roberto firmino of Liverpool

Ivan Toney

Ivan Toney is another incredible forward. He came with his team Brentford from relegation to the premier League. Thanks to his hardwork with the help of team mates to make the club stay in the premier. Toney has been on great form since arriving to the EPL. He has been doing well in scoring goals as well as a playmaker for the team. Due to his performance, he was once called for international duty.

Ivan Toney of Brentford

Alexander Mitrovic

Alexander Mitrovic is a main player for his club, Fulham FC. He made the club to come from relegation to premier League. Now, he is helping the team to perform while in the EPL. He is a top goal scorer for his club and also competing with other players in golden boot race. Mitrovic can score in any team including the big six when given a chance.

6 best strikers in premier League, image of Alexander Mitrovic.
Alexander Mitrovic of Fulham


Those are the 6 best strikers in EPL right now. However, our list may be subjected to change. It depends on how the player may perform. Some players may improve to come up into our list while some may go down. Additionally, If you’re playing FPL, you can try your luck with those players. They make several goal contributions. You can share your views on the comment section and follow our Facebook page falcomdaily updates.

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8 fastest players in premier League 2022/2023

8 fastest players in premier League 2022/2023, compiled here. Individual brilliance is important in team success. Having players who can run faster to get the ball or initiate counter attacks due to their speed is wonderful. Recently, transfers have been made as some premier League team have strengthened their squad with some of the fastest players. Apparently, some players who used to be fast have also been sold out.

Thanks to upcoming players who have also improved in terms of pace. In this list, we have made our research on the fastest players in Premier League. We made our list from statistics of highest speeds recorded in premier League. We have also considered the consistency of the player when it comes to making runs. The following players are still playing for their respective Premier league clubs till now. Therefore, here is the list of 8 fastest players in premier League 2022/2023.

Luis Diaz

When we talk about speed, Luis Diaz deserves to make up this list of 8 fastest players in premier League. The player is consistent in making runs that yield fruits at the end. Luis Diaz can run with the ball and a slow defender can not easily catch him. He was signed in Liverpool during the 2021/2022 season and he has win several trophies with the club, including FA, Community Shield, and more. He is a great player who is always ready to run faster and make impact in the squad.

Luis Diaz, Liverpool

Gabriel Martineli

Gabriel Martineli is a Brazilian professional footballer who plays for arsenal. Arsenal has had a wonderful 2022/2023 season with Gabriel Martineli making great contributions. This player has been on the frontline when it comes to arsenal counter attacks. He has been named severally as the Man of the match, what a player! He is absolutely one of the fastest players in premier League as well as the whole world.

Gabriel Martineli, Arsenal

Mohamed Salah

Mohamed Salah has been enjoying a successful career in Liverpool. He has been of great importance when it comes to speed in the squad. A good number of defenders have been terminated by this incredible player. With his position as a right winger, he normally make runs with the ball In front to yield something great for the club. This player is still one of the fastest players in premier League.

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Mohamed Salah, Liverpool

Kyle Walker

When we talk about 8 fastest players in the premier League. You’ll notice that the list have been dominated by wingers and strikers. Kyle Walker is a defender but he normally makes great runs in case of counter attacks against his team, Manchester city. He has stopped several strikers due to his pace, therefore a great benefit for Pep Guardiola side. This player is always on pep plans when he realises that he is going to face fast wingers in the globe.

kyle Walker, Manchester United

Marcus Rashford

This is another top player who runs faster in English premier League. Marcus Rashford has been doing well even in the past. Though his team, Manchester United begun struggling but Rashford’s speed gave the team a great boost in terms of winning. If you have been watching Manchester United matches, you might have witnessed how fast Marcus Rashford can run to catch up with the ball.

Marcus Rashford, Manchester United

Earling Haland

Earling Haland is currently one of the best strikers in the world according to current ratings. This player was signed to Manchester city in 2022/2023 season from Borrusia dotmund. He is a wonderful striker and currently he is on the frontline of golden boot race. This player has been consistent in scoring goals and his great speed is one of the weapons for his success. He normally enjoy long balls from world class players as he makes great runs to catch up with the ball. His speed has enabled him score a lot of goals for Manchester city. This player really deserves to make up our list of fastest players in EPL.

Erling Haaland, Manchester city

Anthony Gordon

This is another player who can run really fast. Anthony Gordon plays for premio league side, Everton FC. He is a top player who has pace when it comes to running with the ball. This player has recently attracted interest from top clubs like Chelsea, Spurs, on the frontline. His great success comes from his speed and strength. He can run with the ball faster and he doesn’t get exhausted easily. This player is young and he continues to improve daily in his performance. He deserves to make this list.

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Anthony Gordon of Everton

Raheem Sterling

Sterling is a Chelsea player who recently played for Manchester city. He has succeeded a lot in his former club. What makes Sterling a great player is his ability to run with the ball as well as dribble the ball forward. This player can really be a nightmare for slow defenders hence he deserves some credits. Sterling is absolutely one of the fastest player in EPL.

image showing Reheem sterling

Those are the 8 fastest players in EPL. However, the list may be subjected to change since some players may come up while others may improve. Thanks for reading as your comment will be highly appreciated. You can also follow our Facebook page falcomdaily updates.

10 best dribblers in EPL.

10 Best dribblers in EPL. English premier League has produced a number of best dribblers in the world over the past years. The EPL will never forget some of the iconic dribblers like Steve Mcmanaman, Thieri Henry, Eden Hazard, Ryan Giggs, and many more. Today, great dribblers are coming up while some EPL defenders are being terminated by this wonderful dribblers. In this article, falcomdaily have compiled a list of best dribblers in EPL from the records. A great dribbler should be able to make a great number of complete dribbles. After checking from the records, here are the best dribblers in EPL.

A Saint-Maximin

Allan Saint-Maximin is a France player who plays for Newcastle United. He is currently the best dribbler in EPL. He normally troubles the defenders in EPL teams including the big six clubs in EPL. His dribbles are not easy to predict, thanks to his pace and strength. This player in incredible in terms of dribbling and really deserves to open up our list.

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10 best dribblers in EPL. Image showing Allan Sainet-Maximum

Mohamed Salah

Mohamed Salah is an Egyptian player who plays for Liverpool fc He plays as a winger and has achieved a lot for the club. No doubt that Mohamed Salah has contributed a lot for Liverpool success. He is a great dribbler who also has great pace. Sometimes, his dribbles will result to a goal or create chance. This player really deserves to be on this list of best dribblers in EPL.

Image showing Mohamed Salah

Bernado Silva

Bernardo Silva is another wonderful dribbler in EPL. The player knows how to hold the ball in his feet. No surprise that he is one of the 10 best dribblers in EPL. If you are a fan of football and have watched several games of Manchester city. You will notice how Bernardo Silva is gifted with dribbling skills.

Image showing Bernardo Silva

Bukayo Saka

Bukayo Saka is one of the successful youngest players in EPL. He is one of the main players of Arsenal FC. The player has created reputation, and he has always been called to England national team. Many of the chances in arsenal has been created by this incredible player. He is a top dribbler in EPL and many have witnessed.

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Riyad Mahrez

Riyad Mahrez is an incredible dribbler in EPL. He came into limelight in English premier League when Leicester city was promoted. He did an incredible job in the club during the 2015/2016 season. They managed to carry the premier League title with Mahrez being one of the main players. He was then sold to Manchester city where he is still a main player with his wonderful dribbles. He has enjoyed his success in the club with city dominating the EPL title. In the records, Mahrez has made a lot of complete dribbles. He really deserves to be in our list of 10 best dribblers in EPL.

10 best dribblers in EPL. Image showing Riyad Mahrez

Son Heung-Min

This is another world class player in football. Son can dribble the ball very first then score goals. He managed to carry the golden boot in 2021/2022 season. This player has great records of complete dribbles over the years. He deserves to be part of our list.

10 best dribblers in EPL. Image showing som Heung min

Rehem Sterling

Sterling is a main player in Chelsea football club. He begun his Chelsea career in 2022/2023 season. He begun from where he left in Manchester city. Still a great dribbler who scores goals and create chances. He plays for his county, England competing favourably with other top players. Sterling has had a great success in his former club, Manchester city. He is also outstanding in his country, England.


Trosard is a Belgium player who plays for Brighton and Hove Albion in England. He is a great forward who has a great impact in his team. Brighton is one of the toughest upcoming club in England. The team is still troublesome to the big six clubs with Trosard being their main player. He has contributed highly to Brighton success with his wonderful dribbles.

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10 best dribblers in EPL. Image showing Trossard

Winfred Zaha

Winfred Zaha is an Ivory Coast player who plays for England team, Crystal Palace. The player is a great dribbler who attracted big clubs over the past years. He is an admirer of many couches since he normally delivers. Winfred Zaha has wonderful dribbles that results to positive outcome like goals, chances, assists, and more. He really deserves to make up in our list of 10 best dribblers in EPL.

Sancho Jordan

Sancho signed to Manchester United from Borrusia dotmund. Though Manchester United slightly went down but Sancho is still doing a great job. According to statistics, he is among the players who have made complete dribbles. If you watch games that features Sancho, you might see how incredibly he is when it comes to dribbles. He is a great dribbler when the ball is passed to him. We had to include him in this list of 10 best dribblers in EPL.

10 best dribblers in EPL. Image showing Jason Sancho


The above list is our list of 10 best dribblers in EPL. We made our list based on complete dribbles by the above players. However, our list may be subjected to change in case a player has come down or new one may improve.

Preparation for life without AUBAMAYANg as arsenal offer a midfielder plus €55 million to secure a serie A top striker

Reviews from Italy are suggesting that Arsenal are transferring in for brand new alternatives, with the likes of Dusan Vlahovic and Alexander Isak at the radar.

arsenal are going for striker vlahovic from Fiorentina, worth €70 Million

According to different sources like daily mail, Arsenal are equipped to comply with the 70 million Euros valuation of Vlahovic from Fiorentina, but they consider to give a player plus some cash, which could lessen their spending by means of €15 million. Since, Fiorentina values one among Arsenal midfielders (Lucas Torreira).

Dusan might be an awesome addition to the Arsenal squad, being an all time scorer might be delivered up pinnacle along with Bukayo Saka, Gabril Martinelli and Emile Smith Rowe.

Arsenal might also even be able to achieve their hopes for making it to top four at the end, hence return to champions league soccer if all goes to plan.

Westham joins arsenal in a race to secure this £45 million STRIKER

westham has joined arsenal in signing Lille. Striker, Jonathan David. Lille is ready to release him at £45million in this January transfer window.

Nowadays, the Canadian international is performing Impressively in Ligue 1 and looks like he’s honestly going to earn a big circulate before too lengthy.

jonathan David also linked to arsenal

Most these days, there were transfer rumours linking David with Arsenal, but now the daily Mail is also claiming that West Ham are also taking a close study on him this January.
Still, it seems the Hammers are unlikely able to manage to secure this 21-year-old until Lille lower their £45million asking charge.
Arsenal might locate it a little less difficult to pay that sort of money, and it would honestly be a nice investment to replace the suffering Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

West Ham also need greater options up the front, but, having been overly reliant on Michail Antonio throughout the season.
It is going to be thrilling to peer how this develops, however perhaps David Moyes would be tempted to release some players as a way to find the money for purchasing this exceptional younger attacker.

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Aston villa joins arsenal and Liverpool in signing this combative midfielder

Aston Villa are set to tussle with Liverpool and Arsenal amongst others for Swiss worldwide Denis Zakaria, according to reports.

The shielding midfielder is out of settlement come the summer season, leading to widespread questions being asked about his future in the January transfer window.

Zakaria has been deeply connected with the Reds, but in keeping with the each day Mail, Steven Gerrard should hang-out his former club in choosing up their target this month.

The Aston Villa board could be eager to back their man in the marketplace, specially this window – and Zakaria presents a cheap improve who ought to emerge as the linchpin of the Villa midfield in future years.

Spectacular Nakamba, John McGinn, Morgan Sanson and Douglas Luiz are all very capable – however Zakaria could add a combative area and opposition to the quadrant.

Top 7 clubs with most valuable squad. See the position of United, Chelsea, city, AND Liverpool.

Clubs with most valuable squad depends on the class of players signed and their performance. It’s far the best performance of players that help a club to win tittles. This is why top clubs attempt their best to make sure that they’ve extra precious players.

Manchester city is presently the top club with most valuable squad in Europe. Their squad is well worth €1.08 Billion. The squad including treasured gamers like Kevin De Bruyne, Ederson, Bernado Silva, Gabriel Jesus, Phil Foden and Ruben Dias have ensured that Manchester town win atleast one tittle each season. Within the 2020/2021 season they won the premier League League and Carabao cup.

Paris Saint Germain is the second most treasured squad with a squad well worth €990 Million. The french membership has some of the pleasant fowards in Europe. Those are Lionel Messi, Angel Di Maria, kylian Mbape, and Neymar.

The 3rd club with the most valuable squad is Manchester United. Signing gamers like Cristiano Ronaldo, Jadon Sancho and Raphael Verane has raised their market cost. They also finished in the second position during the last premier League season. This club has players worth €911 million.

The 4th club on the list is Chelsea, since making big signings including Romelu Lukaku, Kai havertz, and more others. Also, Chelsea were the champions of Europe last season. The current squad of this club is worth £891.50 million.

The fifth club is Liverpool, which has top class players like Mo Salah, vigil, Mane, and others.  Liverpool’s squad is worth £866.50M.

Number six is Bayern Munich. Their squad is made up of world class players like, Lewandoski,  kimmich, Alphonse Davis, and more others. The squad makes up to a total of £840.50

Finally, number seven is Real Madrid in Spain with players worth £756.00 million. It has best players like Karim Benzema, Vinicius Junior, Modric, and others.

This is the list of are the most valuable clubs in Europe after the 2021 transfer windows. This list may change in case of common reasons like transfer and retirement.

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