5 football positions/ how to choose your playing position

5 football positions/ how to choose your playing position, compiled here. To be a good player you must know your position. Position are like striking , defence , midfield and winger . Understanding the best position is the key aspect of success in soccer player. Variety of player can not identify their position this leads to their coach doing a research work on it. Once the coach will have to shift regularly in different positions to find you position. At this stage time is wested . A player can take this as a personal. Playing in your position help one to be utilised fully to give a good result. Today we look upon on how can someone can determine his/ her football positions.

This are the key tips of identifying your football positions. Knowing your preference. A good player should know what’s he or she likes to do in the field . This will help you to know your position in football . Further it help to be a utility player. A player can like scoring then the best position is the striking or winger. You can also like giving assist in that case you are a midfielder. Another way you will like to defend ,at that case your are likely be a goalkeeper or defender. Note that avoid doing what you dislike in pitch this leads to poor performance. Football positions and tips to identify the best position Now we look at each of the 5 football positions and how to identify that you can do well in that post.

5 football positions. Goalkeeper in his position
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A player can be scouted as a good goalkeeper by the following qualifications: courageous when approaching the ball , focus , Alert and good concentration. To add on top how can the player work under pressure in the field while possessing the ball.

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The player is cable of making long kicks balls and accurate pass. Do not forget also on bravery. Other attributes to spot a goalkeeper the player must portray leadership and able to make good decisions . This help to read and understand a match , identify weakness then strength the team . A goalkeeper should have good height in order to hold on high balls.


In defense position we have central back, wing defender, sweeper and fullback defender . All this do the role of preventing attacks and scores from the opponent team. A good player for central defense should be a good distributer . In that case , supply of the ball to the wing defender the player is accurate. Portray the art of leadership and able to make a valid conclusion on watching the game. To spot a wing defender the player display characteristics like good acceleration and speed . This position requires high velocity . Good dribbling skills and agility . Here we also consider the dominant foot it will assist to know whether you are in left or in right position.

5 football positions.

On full back defender this plays show characteristics of not losing hope after losing possession , chase the ball . Covering up after central defender. This player is willing and hardworking while playing . The player display the ability to fill open spaces left by the central defender .

Another defender is the sweeper . This is another great position . To scout a player who is good in this position display features like awareness . The player makes a valid decision . Show a good position while in pitch . To crown on top a defender should be physically fit , good height , discipline and a good in intercepting the ball from the attacker.

Midfied position

This is also one of the 5 football position which has a great impact in a soccer team. Let’s look on how to know if your position is the midfield . In midfield position we got central , defending and attacking midfielder . Not to forget first we look on the role of a midfielder . The main role is assisting in creating chances for scores . To spot a central midfielder the player display trait like good in dribbling , shooting and passing . The player also can handle the ball under pressure and good positioning in the pitch. On attacking midfielder should show much since they are play makers . The first key is perfect vison the player has a good view of the field . Technical skills like good speed , accuracy , acceleration and dribbling skills. Traits of good passes towards the strikers.

The last midfielder is the defending midfielder. This player exhibit traits like willing , discipline , awareness and confidence . In addition the player unavail qualities like good speed , able to break a play during an attack and physically fit in terms of strength . To crown up a midfielder should have a good vision of the pitch.

5 football positions. Midfield position


Another position is the winger. In modern football, some people just categories it as midfielder. Though we have separated it since there are some different with central, attacking, and defensive midfielders. A winger is a player who gives attack from the wings. The player give support to the strikers.

This player unavail qualities like good vision and acceleration . In addition the player is good in dribbling with speed , give out good crosses and maintain accuracy while passing the ball. Not to forget the key aspect of the dominant foot it help to identify if your position will be left or right. It is one of the 5 football positions which is very crucial.

Striker position

To finalise let’s move into the striker. It one of the 5 football positions you can consider. A striker is always the finisher of the play. A striker should score or give out assist for other player to attack . To identify this kind of a player or if it’s your position exhibit character like confident and believe in himself or herself that he can do it. Furthermore the player has good speed, handle the ball under pressure and able to control the ball from any direction.

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The player also show a good degree of accurate shoots towards the goal. In general to know your position is the first stairs to climb if you are a footballer. Their are general characteristics like discipline and physical fitness for example are the muscle strength and height . This are a determinants in selecting position . The above tips will help one to understand his or her position.

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