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5 Best makeup products in Kenya

5 Best makeup products in Kenya, compiled here. Beauty lies on the eyes of the beholder, so they say. However, it’s your responsibility to ensure that you are looking great. In a place where your character is not known, you will be judged by how you dress and how you present yourself. Therefore it’s very vital for you to ensure you look so lovely. Makeup products, are invented to bring that glow out so that you can stand out. If you don’t have the best products, your look may fail you. So it’s usually important for you to select the best of the best products, and those that match with your skin.

If you experience a problem with this, it’s advisable for you to consult a beautician so that they can check your skin type and recommend the suitable item for you. Moreover, makeup products are invented every now and then, so to ensure you have a quality and an authentic product, we’ve established this list to help you out. I hope you’ll enjoy and learn. The following are the 5 best makeup products in Kenya.

Maybelline fit me matte + poreless foundation

5 best makeup products in Kenya, Maybelline products.
Maybelline fit me matte + poreless foundation

This is the go to foundation. Any day any time I’d recommend you to use it, you will never go wrong with this masterpiece. It has been proven to be an authentic and a quality product. It not only beautifies you but also, it brings out more of the natural outlook. So if your aim is to achieve more of the natural rather than the artificial look ,then consider using the Maybelline Fit Me Matte and Poreless foundation.

It’s advantages include:

• It’s lightweight and long lasting, thus you can’t be worried about replacing it mid day.

• It refines pores, this enables it to seal areas in your skin.

• The last output is a smooth natural seamless look.

• It has micropowders, which ensures that the skin shines.

• It has been tested and approved by dermatologists, so you have no worries about it.

• It’s ideal for normal to oily skin.

• It is allergy tested unlike other products.

How to use.

Take a considerable amount of the foundation, then apply to your skin, using your fingers or a brush, until you achieve a good output.


Maybelline Fit me Matte and Poreless foundation, costs about Ksh. 1690. The beauty is that, it will last you for long and give you the best outlook. Buy it here on jumia.

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L.A girl pro- concelor

L.a girl products
L.A girl pro concealer

L. A Girl Pro Concealer, is crease resistant with opaque coverage In a creamy yet light weight texture, it provides a complete natural looking camouflage, below the eyes and covers dark circles around the eyes. At the end, it ensures you have a smooth skin tone. You always apply the concealer, after the foundation to ensure it doesn’t smudge. The main reason for applying a concealer, is usually to hide dark circles and age spots through blending this imperfections into the skin, so that your skin will end up looking young and smooth.

The advantages of L. A Girl Concealer are:

• It’s ideal for all skin types.

• It’s fragrance free.

• It has a built in brush tip, which you can use as an applicator.

• You can wear it for long, since it is crease resistant.

• It is light weight and it’s texture is creamy.

How to use.

Take a controllable amount, apply to the brush applicator then blend it around your eye area until it achieves a soft look.

L. A Girl Concealer costs, Ksh. 450 per tube.

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Rimmel 100% waterproof mascara black

5 best makeup products in Kenya.
Rimmel 100% waterproof mascara black

For the best mascara, you should definitely consider Rimmel as it will deliver. It gives length and volume, lifting every eye lash. It will make your lashes look like the attached ones yet they are natural, you can’t go wrong with this.

It’s advantages are

• It has a fast drying formula.

• It’s waterproof and run resistant.

• The combination of brush and formulation, helps to volumize lengthen and separate the lashes.

How to use

Using the brush, gently apply the mascara above the lashes.

The cost of Rimmel 100% Waterproof Mascara is about Ksh. 1, 150 per tube.

Copy name and click here to buy on jumia

Maybelline Superstay lipstick and Lipgloss

5 best makeup products in Kenya
Maybelline Superstay lipstick and Lifter gloss

Maybelline, produces the best products. Their lip products is not an exception since, this lipstick really lasts for long hence the name superstay. Furthermore, they have a variety of shades so you’ll have to choose the one that you love. For those who want a natural girl vibe, they have the lipgloss that doesn’t necessarily add color to your lips but the shine. Their lip gloss is my favorite, since I can leave the house with no makeup on but only the lipgloss, yet I’ll feel confident and beautiful the entire day. It is absolutely one of the 5 best makeup products in Kenya.

Advantages of Maybelline Superstay Lipstick and Lipgloss

• It is long lasting.

• It has matte finish.

• You’ll get value for the product, since it’s an authentic item.

How to use

Take a good amount of the lip products, then apply to your lips and blend it all together until you achieve the taste you’re looking for.


The Maybelline Superstay Lipstick or Lipgloss is ksh. 1500 per tube, it’s found in online and beauty shops.

Final word

Those are the 5 best makeup products in Kenya. You can purchase them at an affordable price on jumia. Use the products well and they’ll deliver to you.

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4 best shapewears in Kenya

4 Best shapewears in Kenya, list compiled here. In the current world, inventions come day in day out. This is usually in all the spheres of our industry, from food, technology to fashion. Fashion is a key area to focus on, since it determines how we will view ourselves and others. That’s why, it is your responsibility to ensure that you always show up as smart and neat. People are always looking, and how you dress determines how you’ll be addressed.

Due to some uncontrollable circumstances, sometimes we may feel that we do not have the perfect body, or rather our curves are not rightly packed so we may want to adjust it. Thanks to creativity, since now you can actually shape your body, through the use of body shapers. Indeed everything is possible. So, if you are in search for the best and most affordable body shapers, then look no further since we have your back. Below, are some of the best shapewears in Kenya. Take a look.

Best shapewears, image showing an example of a shapewear.

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Women Padded Pants butt lifter, panty body enhancer.

Women Padded Pants Butt Lifter are the real deal. I have no doubt that it will give you the look you are yearning for, since it will be able to both lift and shape your butt. The beauty with it is that, the materials used in making it are quality. Since, it is nylon and spandex material, it’s skin friendly and very breathable, you can be able to stay with it all day long. It is designed for all types of women, whether you have hips, small hips or no hips at all since it’s adjustable.

Such an incredible feature. Furthermore, it has silicone hip pad in the special underpants, which shapes up the butt, to bring out it’s full nature. The beauty of it all is that it is designed to be unnoticeable, you can’t notice it because it seems to be so natural. This shape wear can be worn anywhere, be it in weddings, family reunions, ceremonies, festivals , concerts or any other event, it’s not limiting. You should definitely consider getting it. It costs about Ksh. 940.

High waist trainer body shaper slimming belt

The High Waist Trainer, Body Shaper Slimming Belly Belt, is used to shape the belly area. If you have issues with a protruding belly, that you want to hide or you want to flatten up your belly, then this is definitely it. It has bionic fabric structure, which is so comfortable and breathable, you’ll never struggle with it. On top of that, it has a memory of alloy design which effectively prevents curling, and creates an incredible waistline.

The waistline is so glamorous, to the extent that it will make you feel so comfortable and proud of yourself. It has a feature which allows you, to adjust strong abdomen, and to compress fat while protecting the uterus. So if you’re in your early pregnancy, you shouldn’t be worried since the uterus will be protected at all cost and, you’ll be able to hide the pregnancy. Your waist will be well shaped to ensure you have the correct body type.

It is one of the 4 best shapewears in Kenya. Get it for about Ksh. 800. affordable here on jumia

Adjustable shoulder strap waist trainer vest, double corset

This is another one of the 4 best shapewears in Kenya. Adjustable shoulder strap waist trainer vest, is used to effectively help adjust the waist and the breast. It is designed according to the, ergonomics principle, which is used to help adjust the body fat distribution, this usually gracefully shapes the curves of the body and gives you the perfect body shape your looking for.

In just a matter of seconds, you’ll be having your ideal body without struggling. Consequently, it has a string at the back which you’ll be required to use during adjustments. For best results, one is usually required to adjust it well to what Is fit for their body. There’s also a 3 row hook with a zipper and adjustable straps for more comfortability. You can wear it anywhere, it has no limits to it. A key thing is that, it should be noted that the body wear should be hand washed , any other washing method will destroy it.

It costs about, Ksh.2,000. Copy paste name to buy it here on jumia at an affordable price

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Quick post partum tummy slimming corset belt

After giving birth, it could be hard to be fit again and have our usual body shape. So, to ensure that you do not have a hard time in trying to adjust, the quick post partum tummy slimming Corset Belt will help you out. It enables you to shape up your tummy faster, to a slimmer version. It has the best quality of material, since it’s elastic and adjustable . Moreover, it’s made of the elastic band to shape up your tummy faster with zero side effects. It’s has a back support to ensure you do not have any back aches. You’ll definitely enjoy putting on this shape wear since, it’s very comfortable, has no side effects, adjustable to any size, has the most perfect quality and above all it doesn’t roll up or down. It is absolutely one of the 4 best shapewears in Kenya.

It costs about Ksh. 500 only. Copy paste name to search it here on jumia

Fashion elastic belt corset tummy shaper

Best shapewears in Kenya

This is also a wonderful body shaper for your tummy. This body shaper is very effective and adjustable to different sizes. You can adjust it to small size or expand it but it’ll be more effective when tighter, it depends with your preference. This body shaper will shape your tummy within a short period of time. Moreover, the body shaper is comfortable to variety of clothes types. It also has 4 steel bone for supporting your back hence preventing back pains. You can buy this Shapewear here on jumia at an affordable price.

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Final word

Those are the 4 best shapewears in Kenya. You can get them in both online and offline shops. You can order them online at the comfort of your home and affordable price. Copy name and search here on jumia

7 Best face scrubs in Kenya

7 Best face scrubs in Kenya. We all need a glowing skin or face to look more attractive. One of the best way to take care of our faces is the use of body scrubs. Body scrubs help the skin in a number of ways, including eliminating dead skin cells, removing dark spots, making skin soft, and much more. Here, Falcomdaily will take you through the best body scrubs in Kenya.

We have tried some of the scrubs ourselves and seen the results. We have also tested some of the scrubs in labs, and impressively, some are derived from natural plants. Therefore, nature is also essential your skin and you’ll be taking care of your skin naturally in an indirect way. You will also discover that some scrubs mentioned have good reviews on top shopping sites like jumia. Without further ado, the following are the best body scrubs in Kenya. We have also included the features and descriptions of the scrubs below. Here is our list of 7 best face scrubs in Kenya.

Eden apricot scrub

This is a great scrub for cleansing your face and body. Apricot scrub is equipped with Natural ingredients to give the best results. The scrub will clog pores, smoothen face or skin, remove impurities and blackheads. Those are some of the advantages of using the apricot scrub. Moreover, this scruber will prepare your skin to absorb other skin care products. Apricot scrub can be used in all skin types.

7 best scrubs in Kenya. Image showing apricot scrub

Wokali Sherbet body scrub- honey

Sherbet is another great body scrub for glowing skin. The product will enhance your skin texture by removing dead cells, cleaning your pores, and more. Thereafter, it’ll reveal a smooth, and soft skin with its natural ingredients. You can get the product here on jumia at an affordable price.

Wokali sherbet body scrub- honey

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Nivea skin refining face scrub for women

Nivea is a popular brand in producing skin care products. It has a number of products in the market including, cleansers, body lotion, scrubs, and more. Here I’ll take you through Nivea skin refining face scrub for women. This product will not be tough on your skin but it’ll enrich it with vitamin E. Using this product on regular basis, you’ll be able to get rid of dead skin cells. You can purchase this product on jumia kenya at an affordable price and get it delivered to your doorstep within 2 days.

Nivea skin refining face scrub for women

Cucumber scrub

We also made a research on natural products of taking care of the skin. Cucumber is a perfect natural plant that will greatly improve your skin naturally. Therefore, you can use its scrubber which is somewhat improved and long term compared to original natural plant. This product is recommended in a number of skin types, including oily skin. The product will improve your skin texture and remove impurities. You can apply it twice a week in your skin. Check more features of cucumber scrub here on here on jumia Offered at an affordable price, get it delivered within two days to your doorstep.

7 best scrubs in Kenya. Image showing cucumber scrub

Doctor meinaier body scrub

Dr meinaer is also a wonderful body scrub equipped with vitamin E and more other ingredients. This scrub is suitable for damp or dry skin. It will benefit your skin in a number of ways like smoothening the skin, unclogging pores and many more.

Best skin/face care products in Kenya

7 best face scrubs in Kenya. Image showing Dr meinaer body scrub

Papaya scrub

We all need a beautiful or handsome face, papaya scrub is a great scrub that will enable you achieve a youthful skin. The scrub will rejuvenate your skin for a better look by removing blemishes and many more benefits. The scrub made from natural beauty product, Cucumber and more.

Wokali face scrub lemon

This is also one of the best body scrub in Kenya that really deserves to be in our list. This product has a lot of benefits in your skin, including the removal of aging skin cells. Moreover, it will moisturize your skin and give it a smooth texture. You can try this product equipped with Natural ingredients for a better skin results.

7 best scrubs in Kenya. Image showing wokali face scrub


Those are the 7 best face scrubs in Kenya. You can find them both in offline and online shops in Kenya. We recommend the best online shop, click here to buy on jumia

Best skin/face care products in Kenya

Best skin/face care products in Kenya, compiled here. Every individual wants a skin or face that glows and look younger. No body will want wrinkles, dark spots, and more on their faces. Before looking for the best skin care products in Kenya. You have to know the skin care routine to guide you on how to use some of the products. Some of the skin products require a great skin care routine for them to be effective. The first skin care routine is to cleanse, followed by a preparation product, then nourish, as you protect. The following are the best skin care products to use in every skin routine

Best skin care products in every skin care routine

We have skin routines to follow in order for skin care products to be more effective. I have recommended some of the best skin care products per skin routine. The skin care routine are as follows

  • 1. apply cleanser
  • 2. Apply toner
  • 3. Apply Moisturizer

Here are the products per skin routine.

Best skin/face care products to cleanse

This is the first skin/face care routine. Always begin to apply cleanser. The step helps you to clear excess oil and impurities from the skin surface. Too much oil and impurities can dull skin or clog pores. Additionally, don’t cleanse your face too often or using strong cleansers which may damage your skin protective layer.

Appricot scrub

Best skin/face care products in Kenya
Appricot scrub for dead skin and smoothen face

I have also used this scruber for quite sometime and indeed I saw a big difference. You can also try it and you’ll absolutely see some difference. One advantage of a scruber is that, it can be used by both genders. If you don’t have toner or nourishing product, you can still use it alone and you’ll notice some improvements.

Key features

• Removes dead skin and unclogs Pores.

• Controls oil.

• Removes impurities and blackheads

• It can be applied on every skin type.

• Smoothens skin

Doctor rashel black soap

This soap is also a wonderful cleansing product for your skin. You can wash it in your face for best results. In shops, you’ll buy it for very high prices. I recommend you to buy black soap here on jumia


– It removes dirt.

– Removes excess oil

– Eliminates acne, blemishes, and thinning fine lines.

– It makes make up to remain for long.

Doctor rashel vitamin C facial cleanser

Best skin/face care products in Kenya


• protect skin from sun exposure and environmental damage

• Reduces wrinkles and refines skin texture Garnier even and matte gentle cleansing foam Description

• This product from L’Oréal East Africa is made up of pure lemon to clarify and cleanse skin

• Lemon has a lot antioxidants and vitamin C compared to several Citrus fruits.

• It clarifys and cleanses skin.

Buy it from as low as sh. 521 ON JUMIA

Garnier micellar cleansing water with vitamin C


– Can be used to get rid of makeup and cleanses skin.

– Check steps on jumia on how to use the product. – Not a must to rinse.

– Brightens skin and clear impurities without rinse or harsh rubbing.

– Remove excess oil Copy name on clipboard then search on Jumia, click here, offered at an affordable price. Buy for only sh.372.

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Nivea perfect and matte oil control face wash+ cream + cream- Normal/oily 500ml

Best skin/face care products in Kenya


– Effective cleanses

– Remove impurities

– Apply daily and rinse with lukewarm water.

– Get more features and how to use on jumia here

I also recommend Yourgoodskin refreshing face wash. It’ll also act as a great cleansing agent and I highly recommend. Research more about the product, including features and how to use. You can research more on cleansing tips and how often you can cleanse dry, oily, or sensitive skins.

• Preparation/apply toner

This is the second skin care tip. This stage prepares the skin to receive a particular nutrient or nourishing product. It refreshes skin, add additional layer of protection, act as moisturizer, and more. A toner is normally used at this stage of skin care. Here are some of the best toner in Kenyan market.

Doctor rashel vitamin C essence Toner.

Image of doctor rashel vitamin C essence toner

Has vitamin C and E which act as antioxidants, also protect your skin from premature aging.

Key features

– Reduces wrinkles

– The vitamin C Restores skin natural vibrant.

– Reduces the formation of wrinkles

– It smoothen skin

Luron refreshing face toner alcohol free for all skin types

Image of luron refreshing face toner.

Key features

– Tighten and nourishes skin

– Repairs skin and remove blemishes

– Cleanse skin before use then apply.

– Get procedure to use and properties on jumia. Just Copy name and search here on Jumia. Buy for about sh.659

Simple soothing facial toner + hydrating light moisturizer

Best skin/face care products in Kenya. Image of simple soothing facial toner

– Keep skin fresh and toned

– Approved by dermatologist.

– Also good for sensitive skin Copy product name then paste to search here on Jumia to see more description. You’ll find it at about 1600/=

Cerave hydrating toner

Best skin/face care product. Image of cerave hydration toner

This is a great toner to use in this stage of skin care.


– Has several key features

– Maintain natural natural moisture

– Suitable for all skin types, including dry, sensitive, and more Just copy and search it to buy for about sh.4500. Jumia will offer original price unlike some shops.

Aloe calming toner

Image of aloe calming toner

This is a great toner which has been recommended by dermatologist.

Buy for about sh.2600 Search the product here on jumia and get it within 2 days.

Rose deep hydration toner

Best skin/face care product. Image of rose deep hydration toner.

This is also a wonderful skin toner if you are looking for something to make your skin glow. This is the product to go for, you can get it on jumia at a fair price unlike overpriced shop.

find all products here on jumia with description. The above are some of the best skin/face care products in Kenya to act as toner.

Apply Nourishing product

This is the third stage in skin care routine. This stage is very important since products containing essential nutrients are applied to the skin. The products contain important substances to nourish the skin. Nourishing products range from eye cream, sheet mask, treatment, and more. Apparently, they help in removing wrinkles, dark spots, and more. The following are the best skin/face care products you can use to nourish your skin. Here are some of the brands/products, I recommend the following

Lundborly face serum

Best skin/face care product. Image of the product

This is also one of the best skin/face care product in moisturizing. Check the features below.

Key features

– It smooth skin

– Clear up acne

– Reduces wrinkles and fine lines

Search product and Buy here on jumia

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Nivea mosturizing cream

Key features

– Brand name: Nivea – Size:200 ml

– Top quality.

– Affordable price of 460 Search for product here on jumia

Cerave daily moisturizing lotion and face moisturizer.

Best skin/face care products in Kenya. Image of the product

Key features

– Good for dray to normal skin.

– Offer hydration throughout the day

– Gentle on skin Search and order on jumia for about 1700 shilings.

Lady Diana aloe Vera moisturizing cream with vitamin A, C, and E.

Best skin/face care product. Image of the product

Key features

– Protect and heal skin

– Good for very dry skin

– Use regularly to see better results Get product within two days on at an affordable price of 495

Final word

Those are the best skin/face care products in Kenya after doing our research. Make sure to follow skin care routine and use products regularly for Good results.

10 Best Shapewears for tummy and waist

10 Best Shapewears for tummy and waist, compiled in the article for you. Apparently, many women’s dream is to maintain themselves as they look more beautiful and attractive. Thanks to body shapers for coming into our markets. Body shapewears are mend to control some body parts of women. Just like the way we are able cut our weight off, we can also control our tummy and waist.

One of the ways to control our tummy and waist is the use of body shapers. Body shapers is one of the best ways since it doesn’t involve creams containing chemicals for boosting our bodies then later lead to side effects. In this article, we have done a research for you about the the best shapewears for tummy and waist. We did our research from different sources, including reviews from buyers on Amazon, Ali express and more. We have also consulted professionals and individuals who have tried using those shapewears. If you are looking forward to control your tummy and waist. The following are the 10 best shapewears for tummy and waist in 2022.

Flexees women’s maidenform film foundations hiwaist thigh slimmer

This body shaper will help you in a number of ways, including high waist slimming, and keeping your thighs in shape. Moreover, this product is comfortable in your skin and it’ll also target your tummy. Thanks to its elasticity and the 360° stretch. You’ll absolutely celebrate your curves.

Bali womens Shapewears

This is also one of the 10 best shapewears for tummy and waist. Bali is the brand that produces this type of Shapewear. Make sure to select Bali womens Shapewears ultra firm control high waist thigh slimmer cool comfort faja. This is another awesome waist and tummy control shapewear you can use just like it’s name. Bali will absolutely support your thighs, waist, and tummy. This product will boost your shape and it’s also perfect for different dresses. You can rock with it in almost every occasion like work, wedding, date night, and more.

Tummy control thong for women

This Shapewear name suggests what it’s all about. If you are struggling to reduce your tummy, then this product is for you. The elasticity of this product is great to control tummy hence enabling you to flatten your tummy as well as abdomen. In addition to that, the product is designed to provide support at the back and midsection. Therefore, always keep it safe and avoid rolling it down. You can try it and wear it comfortably all day long without being ashamed of panty lines unlike some. You will absolutely wear it with comfort, a wonderful way to improve on your curves.

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Best thong

This is another great Shapewear for waist and tummy control. You will absolutely wear it with great confident and avoiding embarrassment brought by panty lines. This Shapewear will improve on your curves with it’s thong back and elasticity. It’s a great Shapewear you can purchase today on amazon at an affordable price.

Spanx onCore high waist mid thigh shaper

This body shaper in wonderful for waist and thighs control. If you are looking for something that will cover all over your stomach and sides. A number of clients have positive reviews about this product and the confident they have when wearing it.

Best boyshots

Another one of the 10 best shapewears for tummy and waist. If you are looking for a Shapewear to also target your thighs but many may be too long for your mini skirt. Best boyshots is now the best option you can opt for since it’s in the right shape but will help shape your thighs. Search this Shapewear on amazon online shop.

Shapermit body shaper tummy control panty

This Shapewear is also a great alternative for your tummy. This shapermit body shaper will help compress your tummy. You’ll feel comfortable in this Shapewear as well as avoid panty lines. Moreover, you can wash this Shapewear easily as you enjoy its durability nature.

Buy items at the comfort of your home. Check the Crazy discounts on aliexpress. Available globally

Best for hot weather

Sometimes you may need something that will make you confident even in very hot weather. This Shapewear was designed to make you comfortable in hot weather just like the name suggests.

Best everyday underwear

This is a wonderful Shapewear you can use in improving your waist. You will still wear it in casual wears like rompers, Jean shorts, and more. You will still be confident with this body shaper as you look forward to rock in lovely curves. The Shapewear has been recommended by many experts. You will also notice it has good reviews on amazon

Oncore high waist mid thigh shaper

This Shapewear is also designed for your waist and tummy control. The product goes high to cover the stomach as well as your sides. You can wear it with full confidence, and you can wear it in a number of clothes including fitting dresses.

Final word

Those are the 10 best shapewears for tummy and waist. You can purchase those items on offline and online shops. You can still shop at the comfort of your home with aliexpress. Check this crazy discounts, and gifts for first time users here on

12 best hairstyles ideas for ladies in America 2023

12 Best hairstyles ideas for ladies in USA 2023, compiled here. We have a number of hairstyles ideas, ranging from short, long, black American, blonde, and more. In this article, I have made a research on the best hairstyles ideas in United States. Therefore, it doesn’t matter where you are but the following ideas will help you out to come up with the most beautiful look ever.

If you are preparing to go for a vacation, interview, graduation ceremony, holiday, or more. It is wise to pick the best hairstyle for that particular occasion. Sometimes, picking and changing from one hairstyle to another can be somewhat tricky. That’s why we have come up with the best hairstyles ideas for ladies in United States. Without further ado, here are the 12 hairstyles Ideas.

Blunt Bob hairstyles

This is absolutely one of the 12 best hairstyles ideas for American ladies. The style is flexible and comes with different versions. This hairstyle is also flexible and can work in different colours of hair. For instance, you can try it in your white, black, brown hair and more others. It will absolutely give you the best results as long as you select the latest best version of blunt Bob. In addition to that, you’ll find different types for different shapes of face. You can find them with pictures on

Long hairs, long layers

This is also a lovely hairstyle idea for ladies in United States. This hairstyle is great and also professional. I am sure you have come across one since it’s a popular hairstyle. There are many versions of long hairs, long layers hairstyles. They include, inverted, cascading, long layered with curtain bangs and more. You can research on up to more than 50 versions and pick the one you’ll find best for you.

12 best hairstyles Ideas for women. Image showing long hairs, long layers for American and black American.
American and black American rocking with long hair, long layered hairstyle.

Long and sleek

This is also a great hairstyle idea for ladies. It doesn’t matter which type of hair colour you have. You can use this hairstyle by straighten that long hair to sleek and soft layers. Their are different versions of this type of hairstyle and you can research for the best.

american and black American rocking with long sleek hairstyle. You can get more on Pinterest

Braids hairstyles

There are different versions of braids hairstyle. In fact, it is one hairstyle that comes with as many versions as possible. It is also used by some celebrities and models. Therefore, why don’t you rock like a model with type of hairstyle. The versions including, box braid, Cornrow, twist, weave, and more. You can research about those different forms of braids and pick the best version for you.

12 Best hairstyles ideas for ladies in USA. Image showing types of braids in two different ladies.
Examples of Braids in the pictures. Image from Pinterest

Low bun

The low bun hairstyle is great for any occasion. For instance, you are at home or enjoying your weekend somewhere. Moreover, it can also be used on weddings, and more other occasions. Why don’t you try it during that special occasion. It is a great style that comes with a number of versions. They include, low bun bridal, low bun with a twist, and more others. For weddings, you can use the low bun bridal type.

12 Best hairstyles ideas for ladies in USA. Image showing an American lady with a low bun hairstyle version.
Low bun hairstyle in an American lady. Apparently, you’ll find more versions on Google
12 best hairstyles ideas for ladies in USA. Image showing different types of low bun hairstyle.
Image showing different types of low bun

Afro hairstyles

This hairstyles deserve to be in this list of 12 best hairstyles ideas. Impressively, We have over 200 types of afro hairstyles ideas with photos on Pinterest. Some afro hairstyles can also be used by brides on wedding day. If you are having a great natural hair, you can also try an afro hairstyle that’ll fit your hair. Below are the pictures of some of the best versions of afro hairstyles.

Lady rocking with one version of Afro hairstyle
different types of afro hairstyles. Get more images on Google

The classic Pony tail

There are many ways you can update your hairstyle to ponytail. It doesn’t matter if you have black hair, white hair, oversize hair, and more. In other words, Ponytail is a flexible hairstyle and will do wonders in a different types of hairs. Therefore, you’ll have to do is to select the best type of ponytail for your hair.

image showing ponytails won by different women. Get more types from Google

Easy waves

Easy waves is a perfect hairstyle for all sizes of hairs. It doesn’t matter if you have short, long, or medium hair. You can try easy wave at home even without the use of any heat or equipment. It really deserves to be in the list of best hairstyles ideas for ladies in United States.

12 best hairstyles ideas for ladies in USA
Ladies with different versions of Easy waves

Pixie Cut

If you are tired of Long weaves or hair, try pixie cut. Don’t go for blunt cuts, instead you should try the layered textured pixie cut. The layered will allow your hair to flow and sit with ease, from those luscious locks. It is a great hairstyle if you need to cut some weight with short hair.

Image showing different ladies with Pixie cut.
pixie cut can be worn by different ladies, including blonde

Professional hairstyles

The kind of hair you have can say a lot about you in some Peoples view. It depends where you are and this professional hairstyles can give you a break from negative views. Weather you are a teacher, secretary, or just need a professional look. You can try professional hairstyles from a number of different versions. It’s a great hairstyle idea for ladies in United States.

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French braids

This is also one of the 12 best hairstyles idea for ladies in United States. If you are looking for a way to get those long locks from your face. Then why don’t you try French braids hairstyles to give you a nice look, as well as have some moments with the sun. Additionally, you can rock with this style anywhere, from the clubs, gym, and more. In addition to that, it will also give you a comfortable sleep. It’s one of the easiest hairstyle idea if you’ll master it.

different ladies with French Braids

Dreadlocks and waves

In case you are one of those who find it difficult to commit to dreadlocks fully. You can give a try to half locks half waves hairstyle. The hairstyle has braided top to free your face from hair in one of the most stylish way. Additionally, those waves will give you a chance to enjoy that lovely long hair at its finest.

12 best hairstyles ideas for ladies in USA.
A lady rocking with dreadlocks and waves

Those are the 12 best hairstyles ideas in United States. You can do more research on this hairstyle if it has impressed you. Therefore, you can opt to a different hairstyle in a particular event. Apparently, Some hairstyles above can be made while at home. Just look for tutorials and try them. I wish you all the best.

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10 Best hairstyles for ladies in KENYA 2023

10 best hairstyles for ladies in Kenya, compiled here. Every women, not only young but women of all ages would like to look smart every single time. Looking good doesn’t mean wearing a nice dress alone, also nice looking hairstyles is essential to make you look attractive.

New hairstyles keep on coming each and every year, ranging from stunning short, wigs, braids design, long natural, weaves, and many others. With such a vast number of hairstyles, it can be difficult for you to select the best hairstyle for you. Therefore, we have compiled a list of best hairstyles for Kenyan ladies.

Obviously, you have once visited your stylist, and made a hair style. Hence, it’s undoubtedly that you have idea of some trendy styles. But is you have no clue, you are at the right place to discover the best and trendy styles. You can select a style that will match with the shape of your face and head. Without further ado, here are the 10 best hairstyles for ladies in Kenya that are outstanding in 2023.

Box braids

This is absolutely one of the 10 best hair styles for ladies in Kenya 2023. Even though many hairstyles are coming up but braids will never be beaten easily. Braids are fantastic and we cannot talk about lovely braids without mentioning Box braids. Box braids will make almost everyone to look fantastic. It will absolutely deliver to different types of faces and skin colour. You can check an example of box braids and how it’s outstanding in the image below.

Look fantastic with box braids
box braids hairstyle for black/Kenyan women

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Braided Bob

If you are tired of long braids but you love braids, you can go for braided Bob instead. Just like braids, this hairstyle will protect your hair from damage and also make you look attractive. You can also explore the box braids to your braided Bob. It is one of the best hairstyles for ladies in Kenya 2023.

Best hairstyles for ladies in Kenya
Love braids but tired of long ones, try Braided Bob
Best hairstyles for ladies in Kenya, Braided Bob
Braided Bob, an outstanding Bob hairstyle in 2023

Moving on top

We have a number of women who are blessed with good natural hair. Thanks to some hair oils like virgin hair fertilizer which makes hair grow stronger and faster. If you have good long natural hair, don’t waste you time and money looking for artificial hair and braids. You can curl your natural hair and wear it up. Thereafter, instead of holding with a hair tie, go for gold string, for example, Amandla Stenberg. You will look amazing with your natural hair.

Natural hair with moving on top hairstyle.
Moving on top, best hairstyle to rock with your natural hair

Faux locks

Faux locks is another great ladies hairstyle in Kenya that must be included in the list. This locks are artificial locks but will look like natural dreadlock to any lady. This design can last for long, under proper maintenance, it can take up to 8 to 12 weeks. This design is a perfect option for ladies who want dredlocks. Faux lock has a variety of ways to rock, ranging from bob, half updo, side swept, ban, and also bangs. If you love styles that look natural, you can try faux locks.

Rocking with Faux locks hairstyle.
Best hairstyle to rock your hair with faux lock

Havana twist

This hairstyle is wonderful and I highly recommend to Kenyan ladies. It is simple to install it in your head. You will create the twist using two strands. You can still make the twists thinner by tightening them. It is an admirable hairstyle you can rock with it in 2023.

Havana twist hairstyle
Havana twist, simple hairstyle to install

Marley twists

Marley twists is another best design that will require less maintenance and are protective. The style is flexible to be designed in different ways. If you aren’t sure which one is the best hair to apply in Marley twists, then you can try Marley extensions, which has a course quality. Marley twists extensions have a variety of designs, including crotchet, shoulder length, short, long, bob, and cowrie shells. With good care, Marley twist can last up to 2 months.

Best hairstyles for ladies in Kenya, Marley twist.
Marley twists, easy to maintain and durable

Abuja lines

This style have been trending for the last few years and it seems that it won’t fade anytime soon. So, what makes this design the appropriate option for many modern ladies? Thanks to the variety of Abuja styles that suits different face shapes. Moreover, it has different lengths, colours, and textures which are easy to install. You can visit any beauty shop and look for your desired Abuja style and rock with in 2023.

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Abuja lines hairstyle
Abuja lines, easil to install and fits different face shapes

Bandika lines

This is one of the 10 best hairstyle, as you’ll spend less time and avoid the pulling, chemicals, and heat effects. This lines are in cornrows plaited line form, fixed on the customers head. This style is popular since it’s simple, look very chic and requires less time to fix. Bandika style is also hard to differentiate it from other cornrow styles when it’s installed by a professional. This design also suits occasion, from casual to formal. In bandika, a hairspray is enough to go.

Best hairstyles for ladies in Kenya, bandika lines.
try bandika lines to avoid chemicals, pulling, and heat effects

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Curly wigs

This hairstyle is common in streets of Nairobi and some celebrities also love to wear this wigs. You can search on social media to see different lengths and types. This style is a perfect solution to give a youthful vibe and framing your face. The secret behind making the best solution is to pick a wig that is made from materials that don’t itch and also the one that’ll fit well in your head.

Best hairstyles for ladies in Kenya, curly wigs hairstyle.
live a youthful life with curly wigs

Kinky straight ponytail

This style will grab the attention of many as some may confuse it with natural hair. This hairstyle is ideal for ladies with medium to long hair since hair will be gathered at the back of the head and in the middle. This style will expose your facial features by keeping your hair away from the face. Besides putting it high on the head, one can also go for sides, low over your neck, loose, tight and sleek.

Kinky straight hairstyle with ponytail.
best hairstyle to grab people’s attention with kinky straight ponytail


This is an appropriate selection for those who want their meshes fixed, since they don’t want them loose or struggle to hold. Mohawk has a variety of colours to choose from, and you also have a chance to let them loose if bored with Mohawk. Maybe you can select ponytail with Mohawk. Buy beauty and more other products here on jumia

Best hairstyles for ladies in Kenya. Mohawk hairstyle.

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