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Living in Austin Texas, pros and cons

Pros and cons you living in Austin Texas, compiled here. You might have been looking for a place to relocate. Maybe you know something about Austin Texas or you have been recommended by a friend and you wish to know more about the place. In this article, I will take you through the pros and cons of living in Austin Texas after doing our research. We have honest pros and cons of Living in texas austin texas below.


Availability of jobs

This is one of the main factor that brings people in Austin Texas. We have several companies that offer jobs in Austin Texas. Some major companies in Austin Texas including Google, Amazon, Samsung, Tesla, IBM, Facebook, and more. This companies will give job opportunities to thousands of people. It is one of the main advantage of living in this city.

Good healthcare services

This is another pros of being a resident in Austin. Being Healthy is a very important part of our lives. Therefore, many people would consider living a place where there is good health facilities. Apparently, Austin Texas will allow you to access good healthcare.

Alternative options to live

This pros simply means that one will not only have the option to live in towns. Austin Texas has also natural resources where one can choose to live closer to them. You can either choose to live in the city or away from the city. Moreover, one has options to select a place that they can afford. We also have less populated areas and natural resources. This place will also give an opportunity to go for a hike.

Living in Austin Texas, pros and cons. Image showing estates in natural resources.

The winter period is not too harsh

We have some regions that experience long winters which are harsh. Austin Texas have winter which are not Harsh and effective. Maybe you are from Canada, Washington DC, and more others. You may be tired of winters that last for long, like six to nine months. Austin Texas can be a great option for you if you don’t like those long winters.

Independent businesses

This is also one of the advantages of living in Austin Texas. We have businesses in Austin Texas, including restaurant, services, and more. If you are a business person looking forward to start a business. Austin Texas can be a great option as a business person.

Music and Fun

This is another pros I had to include in this list. If you are a music fan, Austin Texas will give you what you want. We have popular live performances in Austin Texas for music lovers. We have the Austin city limits which was one of the greatest performance in American history. This performance also changed music in Austin Texas, you can research on it. There are also more other fun things to do in this city. You can visit the Barton springs and splash around. We have cinemas in Austin Texas where you can also watch some of the best films. There are more other forms of fun in Texas and you won’t be bored living in this place.

Living in Austin Texas, pros and cons. Image showing people having fun in Barton springs


Real estate market

This is one of the cons of getting to Austin Texas. Since we have big companies in the region, there is high competition for housing. Don’t be scared by this con but I think you should just be aware of as you prepare your plans. Getting the right home for you in Austin Texas will not be a bed of roses, sunshine, and rainbow. Getting the right home will be a journey for you and it’s normal, I think it’s good to know.

Living in Austin Texas, pros and cons. Image showing real estate in Austin Texas.

Traffic and construction

This is another that is expected in many cities, hence we can also expect in Austin Texas. This con is worth mentioning to prepare you on what you can expect if you’ll choose the place as your new home. There are constructions to cope up with the people moving into the city.

Rising crime rates

The crime rates have risen in some parts of Austin Texas. The police have been working to cub those crimes. Hopefully, those crimes that are increasing gradually will be stopped. You can find out about the best places in Austin Texas where there is less crimes before making decision.

Final word

those are the pros and cons of living in Austin Texas. However, the list may be subjected to change. In case you are impressed, you can Relocate to Austin Texas

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5 best ball handlers in NBA 2022/23

5 best ball handlers in NBA 2022/23, compiled here. Talent, can take you places. But when talent, hardwork and discipline meet, then trust me you’ll be able to achieve anything you want. In the current century, talent can really help someone, with your talent you can be able to access so many things.

Most importantly, not forgetting the fact that you can be sponsored or even be paid. So, if you know that you are talented in something then try as much as possible to cultivate that, so that you can perfect your skills. And if you are a parent or a guardian, then you notice that your child has a talent, please don’t underlook that, try as much as possible to ensure that you help your child realize the power and importance of a talent. In games, most particularly in the basket ball team, the best players are usually recognized and appreciated. Therefore, we have identified the 5 best ball handlers in basketball right now in the NBA. They are as follows;


Kyrie Irving, is an American professional basketball player, he plays for the Brooklyn Nests of the National Basketball Association. In the 2011 NBA draft, he was selected as the Cleveland Cavaliers, with the first overall pick. That’s how he earned the tittle, Rookie of the year. About Irving, he was born in 1992, at Melbourne in Australia.

He’s the father to Elizabeth Azurieh Irving. His journey has been , from Boston Celtics, 2017, Cleveland Cavaliers 2011 and Brooklyn Nets 2019. He has also gained a variety of names, one of them being ankletaker. Irling, used to play college basketball, at Duke Blue devil’s before joining, the cavaliers. It’s an encouragement, to all other individuals to ensure they start small,it is those small steps that will eventually reap great harvest.


James Harden, is an all time amazing basketballer. He is the best of the best, hence we must include him in our list of 5 best ball handlers in NBA. He is also the most prolific scorers, as well as the top scorer of the team . He was born in 1989, at Los Angeles in California, United States. He’s currently in a team known as, Philadelphia 76ers where he’s really doing an amazing job for the team. Enabling them to scale up. His weight is about 100 kg. His love for basketball ball was noticed way back, since he was in highschool at Arizona state, where he used to play for the school for the college basketball.

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He did an exemplary job, hence he was nicknamed Pac 10 player of the year. That was back in the year 2009. And in the same year he was selected, as the third overall pick by Oklahoma city thunder in the NBA draft. It is through this that he played so well that he was named as the NBA sixth man of the year, with the Thunders. Moreover, he helped them reach the National Basketball Association Finals.


Stephen Curry, is an American professional basketball player. He was born in the year 1988, on March 14th in Akron, Ohio United States. He is the husband to Ayesha Curry, and the father to, Riley Elizabeth, Canon W, Jack Curry and Carson Curry. He is currently, a player for the Golden State Warriors of NBA. And his salary is estimated to be around 45.78 Million USD. This is a clear Indication to all the young people that, indeed talent pays , so you shouldn’t be discouraged at all, but rather work smart and perfect your art. Stephen, is regarded as the all time best player and the best shooter in the history of NBA. His track record is full of achievements, he has been named as the NBA most valuable player twice, has won four NBA championships, and received various Star game award.

5 best ball handlers in basketball. Image showing Stephen Curry.


Trae young, is a professional American basketball player, he was born in 1998, in Lubbock Texas, United States. And the child to Candice young and Rayford Young, he weighs about 74 kgs. Trae started his journey way from highschool, where he played College basketball for the Oklahoma Sooners. Overtime he has seen to be making great steps and is currently playing for, Atlanta hawks at the position of point guard. He has been named Ice Trae. In the 2018 NBA draft, he was drafted by the Dallas Mavericks with the fifth pick. Later, he then traded to Atlanta Hawks.

5 best ball handlers in NBA. Image showing trae young.


Luca Doncic, is a Scolevian basketballer. He plays for the Dallas Mavericks of the National Basketball Association. He was born on 28th February 1999, Ljubljana Slovenia, and weighs about 104 kgs. He was first a youth player for union Olimpijia before joining the youth academy of Real Madrid.

He led Madrid to the 2018 EuroLeague tittle wining the Euro League MVP. Consequently, he was named the ACB most valuable player and won back to back, he was also awarded ACB best young player award. He clearly depicted that regardless of your age you can still succeed and be the best.

5 best ball handlers in NBA. Image showing Luka Doncic

Final word

Those are the 5 best ball handlers in basketball. However, the list may be subjected into change depending on the performance of the mentioned players. Other players may also improve to get into our list. You can comment your views below, we will highly appreciate.

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12 best hairstyles ideas for ladies in America 2023

12 Best hairstyles ideas for ladies in USA 2023, compiled here. We have a number of hairstyles ideas, ranging from short, long, black American, blonde, and more. In this article, I have made a research on the best hairstyles ideas in United States. Therefore, it doesn’t matter where you are but the following ideas will help you out to come up with the most beautiful look ever.

If you are preparing to go for a vacation, interview, graduation ceremony, holiday, or more. It is wise to pick the best hairstyle for that particular occasion. Sometimes, picking and changing from one hairstyle to another can be somewhat tricky. That’s why we have come up with the best hairstyles ideas for ladies in United States. Without further ado, here are the 12 hairstyles Ideas.

Blunt Bob hairstyles

This is absolutely one of the 12 best hairstyles ideas for American ladies. The style is flexible and comes with different versions. This hairstyle is also flexible and can work in different colours of hair. For instance, you can try it in your white, black, brown hair and more others. It will absolutely give you the best results as long as you select the latest best version of blunt Bob. In addition to that, you’ll find different types for different shapes of face. You can find them with pictures on

Long hairs, long layers

This is also a lovely hairstyle idea for ladies in United States. This hairstyle is great and also professional. I am sure you have come across one since it’s a popular hairstyle. There are many versions of long hairs, long layers hairstyles. They include, inverted, cascading, long layered with curtain bangs and more. You can research on up to more than 50 versions and pick the one you’ll find best for you.

12 best hairstyles Ideas for women. Image showing long hairs, long layers for American and black American.
American and black American rocking with long hair, long layered hairstyle.

Long and sleek

This is also a great hairstyle idea for ladies. It doesn’t matter which type of hair colour you have. You can use this hairstyle by straighten that long hair to sleek and soft layers. Their are different versions of this type of hairstyle and you can research for the best.

american and black American rocking with long sleek hairstyle. You can get more on Pinterest

Braids hairstyles

There are different versions of braids hairstyle. In fact, it is one hairstyle that comes with as many versions as possible. It is also used by some celebrities and models. Therefore, why don’t you rock like a model with type of hairstyle. The versions including, box braid, Cornrow, twist, weave, and more. You can research about those different forms of braids and pick the best version for you.

12 Best hairstyles ideas for ladies in USA. Image showing types of braids in two different ladies.
Examples of Braids in the pictures. Image from Pinterest

Low bun

The low bun hairstyle is great for any occasion. For instance, you are at home or enjoying your weekend somewhere. Moreover, it can also be used on weddings, and more other occasions. Why don’t you try it during that special occasion. It is a great style that comes with a number of versions. They include, low bun bridal, low bun with a twist, and more others. For weddings, you can use the low bun bridal type.

12 Best hairstyles ideas for ladies in USA. Image showing an American lady with a low bun hairstyle version.
Low bun hairstyle in an American lady. Apparently, you’ll find more versions on Google
12 best hairstyles ideas for ladies in USA. Image showing different types of low bun hairstyle.
Image showing different types of low bun

Afro hairstyles

This hairstyles deserve to be in this list of 12 best hairstyles ideas. Impressively, We have over 200 types of afro hairstyles ideas with photos on Pinterest. Some afro hairstyles can also be used by brides on wedding day. If you are having a great natural hair, you can also try an afro hairstyle that’ll fit your hair. Below are the pictures of some of the best versions of afro hairstyles.

Lady rocking with one version of Afro hairstyle
different types of afro hairstyles. Get more images on Google

The classic Pony tail

There are many ways you can update your hairstyle to ponytail. It doesn’t matter if you have black hair, white hair, oversize hair, and more. In other words, Ponytail is a flexible hairstyle and will do wonders in a different types of hairs. Therefore, you’ll have to do is to select the best type of ponytail for your hair.

image showing ponytails won by different women. Get more types from Google

Easy waves

Easy waves is a perfect hairstyle for all sizes of hairs. It doesn’t matter if you have short, long, or medium hair. You can try easy wave at home even without the use of any heat or equipment. It really deserves to be in the list of best hairstyles ideas for ladies in United States.

12 best hairstyles ideas for ladies in USA
Ladies with different versions of Easy waves

Pixie Cut

If you are tired of Long weaves or hair, try pixie cut. Don’t go for blunt cuts, instead you should try the layered textured pixie cut. The layered will allow your hair to flow and sit with ease, from those luscious locks. It is a great hairstyle if you need to cut some weight with short hair.

Image showing different ladies with Pixie cut.
pixie cut can be worn by different ladies, including blonde

Professional hairstyles

The kind of hair you have can say a lot about you in some Peoples view. It depends where you are and this professional hairstyles can give you a break from negative views. Weather you are a teacher, secretary, or just need a professional look. You can try professional hairstyles from a number of different versions. It’s a great hairstyle idea for ladies in United States.

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French braids

This is also one of the 12 best hairstyles idea for ladies in United States. If you are looking for a way to get those long locks from your face. Then why don’t you try French braids hairstyles to give you a nice look, as well as have some moments with the sun. Additionally, you can rock with this style anywhere, from the clubs, gym, and more. In addition to that, it will also give you a comfortable sleep. It’s one of the easiest hairstyle idea if you’ll master it.

different ladies with French Braids

Dreadlocks and waves

In case you are one of those who find it difficult to commit to dreadlocks fully. You can give a try to half locks half waves hairstyle. The hairstyle has braided top to free your face from hair in one of the most stylish way. Additionally, those waves will give you a chance to enjoy that lovely long hair at its finest.

12 best hairstyles ideas for ladies in USA.
A lady rocking with dreadlocks and waves

Those are the 12 best hairstyles ideas in United States. You can do more research on this hairstyle if it has impressed you. Therefore, you can opt to a different hairstyle in a particular event. Apparently, Some hairstyles above can be made while at home. Just look for tutorials and try them. I wish you all the best.

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