10 Best songs for baby shower short videos/reels

10 Best songs for baby shower, compiled here. This is one of the most ordained party in the human life cycle. Family and friends pay heed to lionize the oncoming birth of a new baby and flower the mother to have good wishes and love .This party help in providing support emotionally to the mother . Gift and other items are also brought to the mother that will help to take care of the new born baby . For the party to be enjoying music is one of the key parts to be done . Music entertain the guest and also strengthen the relationship between the mother and baby. This are some of the best song to played in such a party.

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Count on me – Bruno Mars

On of the songs which embraces the theme of baby shower. The massage of bruno mars as the artist of this song is to show friendships and giving hand to people out there keeping in mind also that there are people who care for you . in fact just from the rhythm it brings a huge impact on people feeling . The song makes the bond between the mother and the child to strong . The mother also feel that the care from the outside people. it is absolutely one of the 10 best songs for baby shower.

Haven’t met you yet – Michael buble

This is amidst one of the 10 best songs to be played on baby shower party . Michael buble brings a clear theme of caring breech out a great support through his lines . This song creates a strong bond between the child and the mother ,giving the mother hopes that one day when the child grow will work hand in hand with the mother . It also bring out the virtue of unity . surely Michael brought an astronomical impact to the outside people. Hence this song should not miss to played in a baby shower party.


Blue – Beyonce

One of the songs that brings out a great change on people in a baby shower party . Beyonce the R&B singer brings clearly the feeling of being love , happiness and having fun with the one you adore the most . The mother’s love to child hardens ,also playing with the child impart a close relationship between the two. Mostly this will make one to find beauty and imperfection to the mother. The mother also feel honored. Surely this songs have enlightened many in this generation.

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Never grow up- Taylor swift

This is one of the songs that’s has a huge impact in a baby shower party . Taylor swift the American singer brings out how dependent she is towards the other partner. Taylor swift brings out the strong bond between the mother and the child . The massage of this songs is how the people will care for each other even if the outside world will be against it . The songs also bring out clear how the outside world is cruel but he can’t leave the child to be scolded. The song show the kind of support that ones need in life.

Welcome to the world – Nicolette Larson

This is one of the touching song in a baby shower party. The song demonstrate the good hospitality that the newborn is provided with. Also the parents are happy to receive a gift from heaven. According to Nicolette Larson she shows how the world is beautiful. This songs strengthen the mother bonds to child as it brings out the theme of caring , giving hand , protection and other values . This song has a great impact on the outside world in a baby shower party.

Baby – beauty

A song that shows how valuable someone is in life. The parent are eagerly waiting for the gift from heavens . They have a great expectations hence they have started to make plans for the newborn . This songs increases the bond of love and caring of the mother to child even though the child is not born. Lisa schettner a song writer from French show how delightful parents are when expecting new born babies . In a baby shower party the attendees are touch emotionally when hearing this song.

The one thing – Shakira

Amidst the song that brings feelings in a baby shower party. Shakira an artist from Colombia says how she is happy when having the best gift of her life. She also admits how lonely and purposeless she was before but now she has found the right gift in his life. This songs hardens the bond between the mother to child in a baby shower party . This show how a child is a very good gift that a parent is proud of in life.

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Beauty in the world – Macy Gray

This is also one of the 10 best songs for baby shower. Macy gray a song writer from America has made a touch of emotion from her lyrics . In her lyrics she brings out how the outside people mock them and celebrate their failure . But she comes out in clear to a positive side of the world. she tells the child to focus on the beautiful side of the world . Gray encourages the child by giving a hand when in troubles . The song show how parents are a good company to the newborn even though the world is cruel . Even though the outside world comes out to mock them in their shame it does not matter to them.

The one who loves you most – Brett dennen

Parental love is one of the greatest thing a child enjoy the most . The child feels valuable even in the public when given love from parent .Brett dennen an American song writer brings out the parental love in his lyrics. He says even when the world looks down and criticize you I will be their to stay with you . He also admits how he love the most.

Upside down – Jack Johnson

A song that brings a great impact in a baby shower party. Jack johnson an American singer in his lyrics he demonstrate how it feels when you are with the one you love . The child feels valuable since there is a protector even at worse situation. In broad enough songs has tremendous significance in a baby shower party. Songs not only keep a baby shower party gorgeous it also bring out core values that is good in human life. Those are just but a few there are many songs also which are fit in a baby shower party.

The above are the 10 best songs for baby shower short videos/reels. You can try try them out to make your short videos more interesting. To get the best output, you’ll have to be creative.

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