8 best self employment courses in Kenya

8 best self employment courses in Kenya. Most of people learn up to higher institutions with hopes of getting employed. Due to inadequate job opportunities, they end up living a jobless life. The issue of unemployment is due to the courses they venture in while in higher institution. Therefore, it’s wise to pick a universal course that you can either employ yourself as well as work for an employer. The most marketable self employment courses in Kenya include, Pharmacy, Electrical Engineering, Nursing, Education e.t.c. When someone undertake one of those courses, he or she may end up getting self employment and earn a living. One can start to run chemist for Pharmacy course or open private schools for Education courses. This article gives you the best self employment courses in Kenya.


Pharmacy is a well known paying self employment course in Kenya .The course being a clinical health science, it is involved in preparation and standardization of drugs. After completion of the course ,one need to gain wider experience and finally apply for license. Being a pharmacist you can use you’re knowledge of medicine to become a research scientist, Medical science liaison among many other profession. Through pharmacy courses, one can open up a Pharmacy and sell medicine to patients. You will also help patients to read doctors prescription.

Pharmacy selling drugs.
pharmacist selling drugs

Electrical engineering

Electrical Engineering is one of good course that help one enter in self employment. One always need to attain a job for two or three years after graduation. This helps one to gain experience. Here one can start a business in solar power installation unit. AS an electrical Contractor you need to get a license first before the job.

Best self employed courses. Electrical engineering fixing an electronic
an electric engineer in action

Nursing course

A nurse can easily venture into self employment. Nursing is one of the best self employment courses in Kenya. As a nurse you can provide individuals with home based care through self employed . Moreover, In-home nurses can also take care older patients who are still living independently .You can also provide for care for those recovering from certain elective surgeries. Furthermore, you can work as nurse consultant, nurse consultant often specialize in certain areas .The areas may include health specialization like fertility consulting, lactation consultation e.t.c

Nurse serving a patient
a nursing offering consultation services

Education courses

Education is also among our 8 best self employment courses in Kenya. Having undergone education training, one can gain management skills and knowledge. The knowledge can help graduates to start up their own schools. Through acquisition of management skills, one can manage the school effectively. One can also use the skills to start up tuition programs which is very beneficial to learners. In addition, one can also start teaching learners through the use of online learning as they earn their income.

A teacher training students in class. Education being one of the best self employment courses.
A Teacher teaching

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Veterinary medicine

Veterinary Medicine is one of the well known paying self employment courses. After the completion of the training, one may gain further skills and experience. Once you have gained the experience fully one can then look for license. The demand for Veterinary service is high. One can work as independent Veterinary service provider or independent cconsultant.

veterinary doctor treating a cow

Mechanical engineering

Mechanical engineers can easily venture in self employment opportunities. This list of 8 best self employment courses wouldn’t be complete without including this course. Once you have completed your training, you would have developed your skills .The skills will help you to work effectively After the experience, the next step is to obtain a mechanics license. When you have obtained the license, you can come up with you business or company easily.

8 best self employment courses. Mechanical engineer fixing a vehicle.

Software Engineering

Software Engineering is among the best courses that easily help one to get self employment. Software engineers work is to develop software. You can sell the developed software to clients and companies. Additionally, one can identify a problem in any software and easily address the issue through designing a new software that is necessary thereby solving the issue. Software engineers can sell software to clients and even to companies, therefore earn income through self employment.

8 best self employment courses. Software engineer creating softwares to sell for companies.
software engineer can sell softwares to companies and clients

Web design and development

Web designers are able to earn more money through self employment. Web design is a well known courses as it enables one to get self employment. Once you’ve completed of the course, you would have acquired the skills and experience. Therefore, the next step of Web designers is to obtain a license. Today, the demand for web designing and development is high, hence it’s a lucrative job .Through the course one can come up with websites and help people to create website. You can also design banners for businesses and earn your income.

8 best self employment courses. Website developer creating sites
web developers and designers can create and sell websites

Those are our 8 best best self employment courses in Kenya. Hence, you now know were you’ll start from if you need a self employed career. some of the above courses can still secure you with jobs to the government. All the best in your career selection.

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You can apply those courses on Students.Kuccps.net or on a specific institution directly.

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