Betika Kenya bonuses, free bets, promotions and review.

Betika Kenya bonuses, and review in this article. Betika, is among the top notch private bookmakers in the country. It’s target is usually sports gamblers, since the Kenyan sports is often centered on football, betika has highly specialized on this area in Kenya. Betika Kenya bonuses and promotions include high odds to the players and also it opens doors to big opportunities. However, betika deals with a variety of things like casino games, roulette, slot and card games, among others.

It has a system of hybrid where it can be done virtually, in that regardless of the distance individuals can still participate in it, thus this has widened the choice of preference among many. The currency used is usually, the kenyan money, the owners are usually shops and Deliver limited, since it falls under the private segment. What makes betika to stand out is the fact that it has a mobile app that prevents trafficking in the website, ain’t that amazing? To understand it better we’ll categorize it as follows:

Betika legality and safety

The legality, of any activity is usually done according to the laws of the country, thus, betika is fully a legal activity since it was registered, under The Kenyan Gaming and Lottery Act, Cap 131 moreover, it has a license of operation by BLCLB ( Betting and Licencing Board Kenya), with Licencing number 0000147.

The legal age to participate in it, is eighteen years and above where you’ll be required to fill some documents, so minors are not granted the opportunity to take part in it, this ensures that Incase of any inconveniences caused, Betika won’t be liable as you should follow their terms and conditions.

Betika Kenya bonuses and promotions

Welcome and referral bonus

One is usually entitled to some benefits, once you become a member you’ll be welcomed in a Special way, exactly how they state in their advertisements that you will have some bonuses. Consequently, if you refer a friend of yours to them you’ll get a betika kenya bonus or some discounts from that kind of a warm gesture.

Bet without bundles

bundles are very precious in Kenya. Punters can visit betika without the stress of acquiring bundles. You can now deposit, place bets, withdraw or manage your account without stressing yourself about bundles.

Loyalty program

This is another advantage of beting with this platform. Once you are a member, there are more other bonuses and promotions like the loyalty program. While placing your bets, you will receive points on every bet. The points can be redeemed to allow you to place free bets.

Cashout feature

This is among the best betika Kenya bonuses and promotions. This feature was introduced and has helped many in betika. Have you ever placed a multi bet and thereafter you discover that one last game is going to fail you? Of course it’s so disappointing, the cashout feature has your back. If other bets have gone well then that last bet is going to fail you, you can cashout before the game end. Therefore, you’ll be compensated a potion of your stake or get some profit depending on the performance of your selection.

Jackpots- There are bonuses and promotions here too

Betika, has a variety of jackpots ranging from, daily, weekly to monthly. Where the instructions will be given of how one should participate, then if you make a good prediction you’ll be the winner. Announcements are usually aired out publicly, through their official site, televisions or radios, thus the details of the winner will be given and he will be allocated and rewarded. Therefore, users get to know that the management keeps it’s word and more members can get to join so that, they can try their luck while still have fun enjoying their football games. Betika kenya bonuses on jackpot include participating in weekly jackpot with lower amount of money.

Betika odds and marketing – great betika Kenya bonuses and promotion to increase earnings

As we stated earlier, Betika deals with a variety of games, but since Kenya has peculiar interest for interest, more focus has been given to that. Therefore, it’s usually the busiest sector, this explains why more advancements have been done to it.

Besides betting, it enables the users to also do a variety of activities, like watching football games, when you are not in a position to watch the game through your television, you don’t have to worry as you can stream online, such a brilliant idea! It brings matches from all over, English Premier league, La Liga, French League 1 , Bundesliga and Italia Serie A , to top it all up more virtual games have been introduced to the system to make it lively.

Bets available

It’s vital to know, the kind of bets that you’ll place as a football lover, thus we’ll dive into the types of bet available:

• Single bets- this means that you are placing your bet on a single market only.

• Multiple bets- as the name states, it means that you’ll be able to place bets on a variety of markets, so that your earnings will depend on the result of the games in the market.

Outcomes of games – betika Kenya bonuses and promotions to make money.

Results will always be out, thus it’s vital for us to discuss about this, naturally there are three possible outcomes, a draw from both sides, a win from the away side and eventually a win from the home side. Each outcome has its different odd, thus it’s important for the player to be keen and study the room and learn how they can make the most out of their odds. Since, with good skills out can be able to make good money from Betika.

Pro of Betika

• It has decent and good odds.

• It has impressive and convincing new bonuses to clients.

• It uses an affordable amount to bet with.

• You can access their website freely unlike other private bookmakers.

• With each referral, you’re always sure of a bonus, which is such an easy way of making, thus, this van easily motivate an individual to encourage others to join.

• It has high quality functionality, such a unique concept.

Cons of betika

• The site graphics are poor

• It is addictive, therefore, one can end up loosing a lot of money through it since it’s gambling like any other game.

Common questions on Betika

How to register on betika ?

You can register online on the link then click register. Thereafter, enter your phone number and password then proceed and wait for confirmation message.

What is safaricom and Airtel playbill and account number for deposit?

Business number is 290290 Account number is BETIKA.

Airtel playbill and account number, You’ll chose payment options ‘other’ while the business name is ‘BETIKA’

What are the customer support contacts



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