10 tips to improve on heading and score more in football

10 tips to improve on heading and score more, compiled here. In most cases players do use their limbs to play football. Hence they do forget other body parts like chest shoulder and the head. Due to this, a player offence like high boots can occur. Since the player will use the limbs instead of the head in such like balls. All the body part should partipate while playing provided it’s at the correct way of handling the ball.

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In this article we note down how can a footballer improve on heading . This heading part, in most cases individuals are unable to handle the ball in position while playing with it. We have types of drills of heading like defensive and attacking heading techniques. A player should also keep note on health issues before participating in such like drills. The tips below are how to improve on heading:

10 tips to improve on heading and score more goals in football.
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Get rid of fear

To improve on heading one must be brave . Such like player will be seen closing their eyes while approaching a head ball . Mostly it occurs to young players. Further other players who have not been expose to headball will face fear. Removing fear will help you maintain a good approach and make a good contact. This can be done by encouraging them that head ball should not be feared. As a coach you can do practice with the players oftenly this will also remove fear. It is absolutely one of the 10 tips to improve on heading and score more in football.


The key aspect for improving in anything is practicing oftenly. The saying that practice makes perfect does not lie. For one to do this have variety of balls and a player. Stand at at distance. The other players hold the ball with two hands. The player tosses the ball at different positions . This will help you to approach it with different styles. Hit the ball with enough energy . Continuous doing will help you improve in your heading.

Open your eyes

This is also one of the 10 tips to improve on heading and score more in football. Headball depend on key thing like positioning , timing and others for it to be successful. Maintaining sight of the ball will make give a proper positioning and calculate a good timing before having cantact with the ball. If you close your eyes then a great probability of losing connection with the ball can occur. Opening your eyes makes it easy to control the ball to a particular direction.

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Landing technique

For a good player after head ball use both your feet for landing . Automatically when going for a headball most of them you have to jump. On landing things like muscle pull may occur. But when you land with both of the limbs it will help in shock absorption, synchronisation, propulsion of the limb muscle and balancing. Then you resume your playing without any defaults. So try as much as possible to practice on landing with both limbs as you play the headball.

10 tips to improve on heading and score more in football.

Move towards the ball

A good player should jump towards the ball not waiting for the ball to land on his head . How does this helpful to a player. A player will make the first contact with ball before the opponent player. The player also create space for himself and get a good chance to position his head then make a good headball. How can one do this? The player on an approaching headball he or she should jump aiming at the direction of the ball. That is how to attack the ball.

Maintaining balance and jump up to average height

This is also one of the 10 tips to improve on heading and score more in football. For one to make a good headball you have to make a good cordination of your body part. Secondly you have to make a good height with the ball. In that case you calculation of the average height of the ball must track the hieght of the ball. You can not approve the height at which a player should jump. The player can must just have a proper timing of the ball and approximate then make a good jump. In the process of jumping you spread your arms outward. This is how to archive balance while in air. If you make your upper limbs intact with the body then you will loose balance.

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Contact of the ball with head

one should train on using the forehead while playing head ball . On the forehead you will have a good site of the ball. This lead to good positioning and timing . Finally you will hit the ball to a specific direction with appropriate power . In that case this brings that on the forehead is the best part of the head to use while making a headball. You can make a contact with the side part of your head but it will not be effective as the forehead. Lastly you can’t make a headball with the back of your head.

10 tips to improve on heading and score more in football.

Middle part of the ball

Majorly a ball looks circular while it’s in motion. When the ball approaches you you will have a view of a circular figure . Ensure you make a contact with the middle part . At this point you will fully control the ball to your specific direction . When you hit the ball with the side the maximum control will not be archived. We had to include this in our 10 tips to improve on heading and score more in football.

Muscle coordination

While playing headball the kneck muscle should position the head at the correct place and time. The coordination should be amidst the head , kneck and the limbs muscle this will help you make a good timing of the ball. No doubt it’s one of the 10 tips to improve on heading and score more in football.

Good vision

This list of 10 tips to improve on heading and score more in football wouldn’t be complete without including this point. A good player should have a good vision of his surrounding. This will help you to know where to place the ball and the opponent position. To crown up headball is great technique in football . This is another way of winning a game. Try the above tips and look at the impact afterwards.

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