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8 Tips to overcome fear before a football match

8 Tips to overcome fear before a football match. ,. New signing player faces fear in their first match. Fear does not affect only new player even the big giant. Fear leads to poor performance while in a match. Futhermore one faces things like depression, anxiety, self esteem is lowered , stress and panic. Fear distruct the normal state of mind. Due to fear the player will loose confidence while in match . Sometimes it leads to giving substitutions even to a utility player. In this article we look down into how can one overcome the fear before and even while playing in the pitch:

8 tips to overcome fear in football match
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Making a reasonable expectations

A good player should know his ability. Everyone has got his standards. Don’t expect to perform higher than your standard. A player should be honest and make a valid conclusion on setting goals that he or she can archive at the correct time in the pitch . Be realistic this will help you in terms of giving shots, passes just to mention a few. Being unrealistic will lower your confidence. This is because the goals you have set can’t be archived. This list of 8 tips to overcome fear before a football match wouldn’t be complete without including this point.

8 tips to overcome fear before a football match

Know your mistakes

Making a mistake is not an issue , the huge problem is forgetting the mistake and repeating it again. Once a player makes a mistake fear takes control over. This player loses concentration while playing. Futhermore the player loses confidence. Lastly it induces poor decision making while playing match. To overcome fear at this state you have to accept the situation. Secondly learn from your mistakes this is another way of learning. Lastly never loose hope in that match you can still make it. Once you do this you will be able to get rid of fear. This is another great tip in our list of 8 tips to overcome fear before a football match.

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In life one should learn on how to control his thoughts. Before a game you can be upset by someone or something . This leads to be upset. As you play recall that football is a game to be enjoyed , make it fun. This will help you to be releaved from the earlier attitude. Don’t look down upon your performance and have a negative thoughts to your teammates . This kind of underestimation will make you be worse and more. A player can archive good result by keeping positive thoughts. This is another way of challenging your thoughts. By doing this you will end up performing excellent. It is absolutely one of the 8 tips to overcome fear before a football match.

Bonding in the team

It is said that one man is not an island : this saying always reflects on football team . You can’t play a match alone. Working together in unity and same spirit makes one develop self confidence. This can be archived by listening to them while in the pitch or even in training, making conversation and developing friendship amidist your teammates. Doing this makes one feel like its home. In addition you will enjoy the company while playing.

Be focused on the game

This is another way of eliminating fear . Once in the field ensure that you withdraw your thought from thinking out of the pitch . Stay present ensure you have full concentration in what you are doing at that moment. Ensure you remove your thoughts from destruction . All in all this will help ypu make good decision, in the correct time then finaly do the correct thing . Otherwise if you are not present then a great gown of fear will take control over you. Further you will make continous mistake just because of being absent minded. We had to include this in our 8 tips to overcome fear before a football match.


Once you are a player you can eager another player movement. Great player who have made in football you can fake their move till you make it. This can be done by you watching world competition like the world cup either live in the studium or through coded Pick one player watch his or her body movement, languages and even the styles of play. By this you can boost your self consfidence as you watch them. In addition you can rise up within a twinkle of an eye. No doubt it’s one of the 8 tips to overcome fear before a football match.

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Self motivation

This is also one of the 8 tips to overcome fear in a football match. Everybody always feel the inner voice in mind. A mistake can occur while you play like missing a shot, lossing or giving wrong pass . If you have negative thought like ‘am not perfect will lead to failures and then fear takes control over you. What you need to do is change the negative to positive. Believe that you can do it or we can do it as a team. At this state your confidence will rise. Not only yours even you teammates. Know your strength and weaknesss. What you must know as a plyer is everybody has his or her best side and the bad side. One should know his weakness and look foward on how to strengthen them. On the other side you should know your best part and utilise it maximumly. This will hide your default hence eliminating the fear that might arise deu to shame. Get use to be hit by the ball. This always arises to new players in the pitch. A player should keep in concern that no matter how when you get hit by the ball no great harm shall experience. This might be seen in headball. To eliminate such like do more training on so that you get used to the ball.

8 tips to overcome fear before a football match.


This always help in taking control on your emotions , thoughts and even feelings. Futhermore it improve your soccer skills . This can be done by : look for a silent environment ; close eyes ; concentrate on your respiration; breath in and out gently and deeply; let go of any worry. In conclusion ensure you take hid of the obove tips then wait for result. I promise you will find it positive in the end. It is absolutely one of the 8 tips to overcome fear in a football match.