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8 tallest strikers/forwards in La Liga

8 Tallest strikers / forwards in la liga, compiled here. In football career various player have made out through it . One can consider height as a factor in soccer but that’s not the case . Being tall or short is not a limiting factor in football . In the football game what we see is skills that you have . The more the skill the higher the standard . In this article we narrow down to how have tall players manage to make it . We look deeply into their records , past team , potential and rating . The below player are a sample of those who have make it in football.

Vidat Muriqi – 1.94

This standard player from Kosovo is the tallest striker in La Liga. Vidat was born in 1994/8/24 and play for Kosovo National team . Currently he plays Mallorca club the striking position . In addition this footballer has played for Lazio, Albania, giresunspor and other just to mention a few . The player has made an honour of being la Liga player of the month.To crown up moriqi is good in speed, he has power and cable of making good shots while playing in the striking position. Vidat has a rating of 77 and potential of 77.

8 tallest strikers/forwards in La Liga.
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Christopher Ramos – 1.93

This is also one of the 8 tallest strikers/forward in La Liga. Playing for Cadiz CF currently , player of Spain national team born in 16/01/1997 .This forward footballer further has played for Lugo ,San Fernando , mercadal , Valladolid , Sevilla FC , and Badajoz. Christopher has a rating of 70 with potential of 71.

Christopher Ramos

Strand Larsen – 1.93

A Norway player born in 06/02/2000. Larsen plays for Celta club in la Liga . In addition he represents also Norway national team .Earlier before strands has played for Groningen and surpsborg . This footballer has made a world record by archiving syrenka cup in 2016 . To crown up Larsen is good in giving attacks and threats to the opponent team . The player has a potential of 82 and overall rating of 73.

Image of Strand Larsen.

Sadiq Umar -1.92 m

A professional player from Nigeria . Currently he play for Real Sociedad. In addition he plays for Nigeria national team. Sadiq was born in 02/02/1997. This age 26 player has made a world account in football history like Olympic games bronze medal , sagunda division and campionato nazainale Primavera . Apart from the above teams he has also played for the like spezia , lavagnese , Roma , Bologna , tarino , ranger , Perugia , Partizan and almaria . This is a great player. Umar has overall rating of 77 and potential of 80. He is one of the 8 tallest strikers/ forwards in La Liga.

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8 tallest strikers/forward in La Liga

Rafa Mir – 1.91 m

This skilled footballer from Spain is also part of 8 tallest strikers/forwards in la Liga. Currently he plays for Sevilla . To add on top even represented the Spain national team . The player has made world account like : summer olympic silver medal , UEFA European under 21 championship ,UEFA Europa league and segunda division . Furthermore the player earlier played for Valencia , Wolverhampton Wanderers , las Palmas ,Huesca , Nottingham forester . Rafa has a potential of 83 and rating of 78.

8 tallest strikers in La Liga, Rafa Mir.

Alvaro Morata – 1.90 m

Alvaro Morata is also one of the 8 tallest strikers/forwards in La Liga. This spanish talented footballer currently he plays for Athletico Madrid. Alvaro was born in 23/10/92. In addition he plays for Spain national team. Apart from that the player has been in Juventus, real Madrid, Chelsea , and Getafe. Alvaro has archive honours like in UEFA champions league are: golden boots , squad of season and team of the tournament this is both in under 19 and 21. Other titles are FIFA world cup and FA cup. Not to forget this player gives out his maximum output with strength and power. Good in making lucky short . Alvaro has a rating of 81 and potential of 81.

Image showing Alvaro Morata

Ante budimiri – 1.90 m

A talented footballer from Croatia is part of the 8 tallest strikers/ forwards in La Liga. He represents for Croatia national team. Currently, he plays for Osasuna in la Liga . Ante has earlier played for Mallorca , Croton, Sampdoria, FC St Pauli,lokomotiva Zagreb . Ante has a potential of 76 and rating of 76.

8 Tallest strikers in La Liga

Ferreira Sousa – 1.90 m

Born in 14/9/1989 in Portugal. Currently he plays for Almeria forward in la Liga Dyego has represented the Portugal national team . Sousa has archive the honour of UEFA nation league. Further he played for Benfica, femalicao ,Shenzen , Braga ,maritime ,tondela , interclube and moto club . This player has a rating of 76 and potential of 76. In conclusion body physical appearance is not a matter in football success . A good player will be spotted according to what he do in the field.

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8 tallest strikers/ forwards in La Liga

Final word

The above player are a good example of the 8 tallest strikers / forwards in La Liga. However, our list may change with time due to common reasons like transfer, new academy players, and more. Thank you for reading and follow falcomdaily updates on Facebook.

10 tips to be a good penalty taker in football

10 tips to be good penalty taker in football, compiled here. Mojorly penalty is amidst the method for determining winner in a football match that ended draw. At sometimes if one of the team slips and go against the rules the opponent team is given a penalty during a match.

This will serve as a punishment and an additional advantage to the other team. Penalty shout out has been a challenge to players. Variety of player have made a decision of not taking a penalty shot. This has been brought by not being given the tips of being a good penalty taker. Today we narrow down to tips on how to perfect your penalty skills. Below are our 10 tips to be a good penalty taker:

10 tips to be a good penalty taker in football.
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Practice is the key for being a good penalty taker

This point deserves to open our list of 10 tips to be a good penalty taker. The saying that practice makes perfect gives out a clear picture of becoming a good penalty taker. One has to consistently do penalty session as many times as possible. During this session of practice one can do several techniques example:

Do when blind folded

This is amidst a good way of doing penalty shots. This will help to take your penalty kick to high standard. Further it will help in increasing your approaches placements of shot and mechanism during a penalty kick.

Practice a times of destruction.

This one is absolutely one of the 10 tips to be a good penalty taker. One can do this by practicing with goalkeeper who like mocking or sorounded the by people who makes fun of him. Another way is when their is loud music and rainy weather. This will help you to be prepared for anything during a penalty shot.

Try practicing with mocking goalkeeper or sorounding.

Try different steps and approaches

To enhance your skills in a penalty kick your need to look for a good approach that is comfortable with you . During this session you determine the number of step and a good approach for your self. At most try doing penalty shot while tired. This will help to take shot after you had a tiresome match. In most games penalty shoot out are taken at the end of the game. At this period your body needs a rest yet their must be a penalty shot to determine a winner . If you practice after exercise you be used to this condition. This point really deserves to be in our list of 10 tips to be a good penalty taker.

practice repetitive shot

This are shot that one do them continuous .Mark your spot of shot in goal post. Try to have at mostly three spot at the goal Practice more often to perfect your shots . This will help to make easy decision when time to take a penalty shot. Once you do this it help to increase your focus and potential. Further Constant practice make one be determine and capable of taking penalty shot at any instant.

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Hold the ball and place it by yourself

Rub your hands to the ground to feel any obstacles like rock,clumps and others that might be at the point. This will help you to account for the height the ball is placed . Do not allow the goalie referees or any other do this for you. In addition it help to account for the approach of the ball.

10 tips to be a good penalty taker in football.

Prepare mentally

This is also one of our 10 tips to be a good penalty taker. A player should have a positive attitude and ambition. This will help to avoid obstruction from the public . Take a deep breath to reduce stress collect your thoughts and be confident. To add on top think of what will happen if you score. Mental preparation also help one to focus on one spot i.e corner post.

Make a decision

A good player should decide on which of his or her repetitive shot that is suitable. You have to apply the shot that you are comfortable with. Aim at one spot of the goal. Once one puts focus on one spot make sure that the goalkeeper will not be able to save. The spot that your mind has already decide don’t try to change. To crown up have a good vision of the two goal post. We had to include this point in our 10 tips to be a good penalty taker in football.

Move backward like three or four steps

Taking many step back is not a guarantee of having a great shooting power. When you are far away from the ball you will have to lower your speed in order to get the correct time for taking the shot. Once your lower your speed this will lower the power that is required for shot. The short distance will make you have a correct approach towards the ball furthermore your focus and point of shot will not be distorted. It is absolutely one of the 10 tips to be a good penalty taker in football.

Strike with power

The penalty taker should use the instep mostly. Make sure the non kicking leg is a few more inches from the ball, this will give your a gold approach of the ball with your kicking foot. Some players prefer using the laces which is also a good way of making a kick. This way you will have more power but a less accuracy. Another might desire to have a high shot, what you need to do is make sure your last step is nearly towards the ball place your foot low enough then strike. The point really deserves to be on our 10 tips to be a good penalty taker.

10 tips to be a good penalty taker in football.

This shot are done when one is aiming at the top corners mostly. In addition another player might aim at shooting curved or ground balls, this is easily done through the instep of your foot what you need is to have an appropriate approach and strike hard.

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In conclusion

The above is our list of 10 tips to be a good penalty taker in football. A penalty kick is amidist the way of winning a match . If a match ends by a draw still we need to find a winner , this is where a penalty shot comes in . If the player does not have tips the probability of loosing a match at this point is high . The tips above if one apply them he or she is sure of giving a good outcome during penalty shoot out.