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8 tallest strikers/forwards in La Liga

8 Tallest strikers / forwards in la liga, compiled here. In football career various player have made out through it . One can consider height as a factor in soccer but that’s not the case . Being tall or short is not a limiting factor in football . In the football game what we see is skills that you have . The more the skill the higher the standard . In this article we narrow down to how have tall players manage to make it . We look deeply into their records , past team , potential and rating . The below player are a sample of those who have make it in football.

Vidat Muriqi – 1.94

This standard player from Kosovo is the tallest striker in La Liga. Vidat was born in 1994/8/24 and play for Kosovo National team . Currently he plays Mallorca club the striking position . In addition this footballer has played for Lazio, Albania, giresunspor and other just to mention a few . The player has made an honour of being la Liga player of the month.To crown up moriqi is good in speed, he has power and cable of making good shots while playing in the striking position. Vidat has a rating of 77 and potential of 77.

8 tallest strikers/forwards in La Liga.
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Christopher Ramos – 1.93

This is also one of the 8 tallest strikers/forward in La Liga. Playing for Cadiz CF currently , player of Spain national team born in 16/01/1997 .This forward footballer further has played for Lugo ,San Fernando , mercadal , Valladolid , Sevilla FC , and Badajoz. Christopher has a rating of 70 with potential of 71.

Christopher Ramos

Strand Larsen – 1.93

A Norway player born in 06/02/2000. Larsen plays for Celta club in la Liga . In addition he represents also Norway national team .Earlier before strands has played for Groningen and surpsborg . This footballer has made a world record by archiving syrenka cup in 2016 . To crown up Larsen is good in giving attacks and threats to the opponent team . The player has a potential of 82 and overall rating of 73.

Image of Strand Larsen.

Sadiq Umar -1.92 m

A professional player from Nigeria . Currently he play for Real Sociedad. In addition he plays for Nigeria national team. Sadiq was born in 02/02/1997. This age 26 player has made a world account in football history like Olympic games bronze medal , sagunda division and campionato nazainale Primavera . Apart from the above teams he has also played for the like spezia , lavagnese , Roma , Bologna , tarino , ranger , Perugia , Partizan and almaria . This is a great player. Umar has overall rating of 77 and potential of 80. He is one of the 8 tallest strikers/ forwards in La Liga.

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8 tallest strikers/forward in La Liga

Rafa Mir – 1.91 m

This skilled footballer from Spain is also part of 8 tallest strikers/forwards in la Liga. Currently he plays for Sevilla . To add on top even represented the Spain national team . The player has made world account like : summer olympic silver medal , UEFA European under 21 championship ,UEFA Europa league and segunda division . Furthermore the player earlier played for Valencia , Wolverhampton Wanderers , las Palmas ,Huesca , Nottingham forester . Rafa has a potential of 83 and rating of 78.

8 tallest strikers in La Liga, Rafa Mir.

Alvaro Morata – 1.90 m

Alvaro Morata is also one of the 8 tallest strikers/forwards in La Liga. This spanish talented footballer currently he plays for Athletico Madrid. Alvaro was born in 23/10/92. In addition he plays for Spain national team. Apart from that the player has been in Juventus, real Madrid, Chelsea , and Getafe. Alvaro has archive honours like in UEFA champions league are: golden boots , squad of season and team of the tournament this is both in under 19 and 21. Other titles are FIFA world cup and FA cup. Not to forget this player gives out his maximum output with strength and power. Good in making lucky short . Alvaro has a rating of 81 and potential of 81.

Image showing Alvaro Morata

Ante budimiri – 1.90 m

A talented footballer from Croatia is part of the 8 tallest strikers/ forwards in La Liga. He represents for Croatia national team. Currently, he plays for Osasuna in la Liga . Ante has earlier played for Mallorca , Croton, Sampdoria, FC St Pauli,lokomotiva Zagreb . Ante has a potential of 76 and rating of 76.

8 Tallest strikers in La Liga

Ferreira Sousa – 1.90 m

Born in 14/9/1989 in Portugal. Currently he plays for Almeria forward in la Liga Dyego has represented the Portugal national team . Sousa has archive the honour of UEFA nation league. Further he played for Benfica, femalicao ,Shenzen , Braga ,maritime ,tondela , interclube and moto club . This player has a rating of 76 and potential of 76. In conclusion body physical appearance is not a matter in football success . A good player will be spotted according to what he do in the field.

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8 tallest strikers/ forwards in La Liga

Final word

The above player are a good example of the 8 tallest strikers / forwards in La Liga. However, our list may change with time due to common reasons like transfer, new academy players, and more. Thank you for reading and follow falcomdaily updates on Facebook.

10+ tallest strikers in premier League 2023

10+ tallest strikers in premier League 2023, compiled here. Players height has a some impact on players performance, especially for a striker. A striker should have good goal scoring ability and sometimes reaching balls on top is important. Some players have been able to thrive due to their good height hence reaching top balls easily. We have famous footballer strikers, like Christiano Ronaldo who have been good in scoring headers. You’ll discover that many who like scoring headers are somewhat tall. In this list, we have made a thorough research to come up with a list of 10+ tallest strikers in the premier League 2023. First, we compiled a list of all the strikers from the Premier league website then picked the tallest strikers. We then picked from the tallest and ranked then below.

Sasa Kalajdzic – 2m

This is the tallest striker in EPL. He plays for premier League side Wolverhampton Wanderers and Australia national team. Though Wolverhampton has tight competition in the forward position hence you may not see him regularly in games. However, this player is blessed with a height of 2 metres which also helps him in his performance.

10+ tallest strikers in premier League. Image showing Sasa Kalajdzic height

Gianluca Scamacca – 1.96m

Gianluca Scamacca is the second tallest striker in EPL currently playing for West ham player. This player has an incredible height of 1.96, what a great height for a striker. West ham has been doing well in the premier and that indicates how they are good in scouting players. In this situation, I think the height of this player is one of the contributing factor for west ham scouts to select him to be part of the team.

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Image showing Scamacca height

Kieffer Moore – 1.96m

This is another one of the 10+ tallest strikers in EPL. This player has the same height as that of first player in our list, Gianluca Scamacca. That means they both hold the first position of the tallest strikers in premier League. Kieffer Moore players for the premier League side Bournemouth FC which was promoted to EPL at the beginning of 2022/2023 season. I think the height of Kieffer Moore helped him achieve a lot as well as contributed to his team performance. It is incredibly that the other players alongside Kieffer Moore contributed to Bournemouth promotion to EPL. He is a very tall player, hence making him a asset to the team.

Image showing Kieffer Moore body height

Ealing Harland – 1.94m

Ealing Harland is one of the most popular striker in EPL, playing for Manchester city and Norway national team. This Striker is popular due to his great goal scoring ability. He was signed to Manchester city from Borussia Dortmund at the beginning of 2022/2023 season. Since he was signed, Harland have been scoring goals in most of the matches he has played. Now, this player is on the forefront for golden boot race. I think his height has really helped him score such many goals. He has scored a good number of goals from aerial balls. Maybe his height has contributed to his success in Manchester city.

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10+ tallest strikers in premier League. Image showing Ealing Haland height

Alexander Isak – 1.92m

This is another tall striker in EPL. This Newcastle United player has great goal scoring ability. His height has helped him in many occasions, including shielding the ball and pace. Alexander Isak was just signed at the beginning of 2022/2023 season. This player from Sweden was previously playing for Real Sociedad. He is a very tall player and definitely one of the 10+ tallest strikers in premier League.

J. Mateta – 1.92m

Jean Philippe Mateta is another tall centre forward with great height. This player is currently playing for premier League side, Crystal palace. He is a great player and has been given some playing time in the squad. Jean Mateta was borne in France, on 28th June 1997. He is one striker who has been helping his team when needed.

Jean Mateta height

Armado Broja – 1.91m

Amado Broja is one of the Chelsea youngsters, making it to the main team. This player has been doing incredibly while in Chelsea Academy and maybe his incredible height has contributed to his success. Making a senior debut that be part of the team is not easy for many. Chelsea has been able to sign Aubamayang from Barcelona and Broja is a great backup in the attack.

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10+ tallest strikers in premier League. Image showing Armado Broja full body height

Chris wood – 1.91m

It seems Newcastle likes tall strikers and Chris wood is another Newcastle United player in this list of 10+ tallest strikers in EPL. Chris wood have been given some playtime at this mighty team which is coming up strongly.

Image showing Chris Wood height

Carlos Vinicious – 1.90m

Vinicious is a Fulham FC player who plays as a centre-forward. This Brazilian player has been doing well, he has previously scored a number of goals and receiving rewards. One of the popular rewards to this player is the Bola De prata after scoring 18 goals. His great height is one of the tools he has to enable him succeed as a centre forward.

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10+ tallest strikers in premier League. Image showing Carlos Vinicious full body

Aleksander Mitrovic – 1.89m

Aleksander Mitrovic is another Fulham striker with great height. Like many other teams, Fulham also consider height as an important factor when signing players. Aleksander Mitrovic is undoubtedly one of the 10+ best strikers in premier League. I think his height has contributed to his goal scoring ability. A good number of goals of Aleksander Mitrovic comes from his beautiful header. He is currently one of the top contenders for the premier League golden boot. Aleksander Mitrovic also represented well his national team Serbia in the world cup. He is one of the tallest strikers and indeed a great player.

10+ tallest strikers in premier League. Image showing Aleksanda Mitrovic height

Harry Kane 1.88m

Harry kane is also a popular player in premier League, representing Tottenham Hotspur and England national team. Harrie is one striker who have been on the radar of many top tier teams. He has a great height as a striker and has been able to net a lot of goals while in Tottenham Hotspur. He has also been representing his national team England well, also being offered the captain role to lead by example. Today, Harry kane is one of the contenders for golden boot race. In the previous year, he was able to win a couple of best goalscorer. No doubt that this player is an incredible striker with wonderful height.

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Image showing Harry Kane height.

Dominic Solanke 1.88m

Dominic Solanke is an England professional striker, currently playing for AFC Bournemouth. In 2017, this player made a debut to his national team, England. Bournemouth has previously been promoted to England, so incredibly. That means Solanke and his team mates worked hard. We cannot rule out his contribution with his height to the teams success. He is one of the 10+ tallest strikers in EPL.

10+ tallest strikers in premier League. Image showing Dominic Solanke height.

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Final word

Those are the 10+ tallest strikers in premier League right now. However, our list may be subjected into change due to normal reasons. For instance, new player signings, sell of some players in the list, academy players making to senior team, and more. For now, you can consider the above players as the tallest strikers in EPL.