Best false 9 in the world 2022/2023

Best false 9 in the world 2022/2023. A false 9 is one role that has been introduced in modern football. Many teams have succeeded due to this tactic of having a false nine. It depends with which type of false 9 does the team have and how best he can play in that position. Unlike a permanent number 9, a false nine can come back to support the midfielders or switch to Wings at some point. A false nine position works well in an attacking formation like 4-3-3. A number nine is designed to score goals, with good finishing ability. In the other hand, a false nine is a free roaming striker. In this article, I will take you through the best men false 9 in the world 2022. We have compiled this list per their stats, and records. Without further ado, here are the 8 best false 9 in the world.

Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi is one of the greatest player in the world. He is talented with speed, dribbling, creativity, and more. The player used to play as a winger in Barcelona in most of the games. Besides being a winger, this player can also do well as an attacking midfielder, and false nine. In his current team PSG, Messi has been used as a false nine. He played well with support from top wingers mbape, and Neymar. However, they also switch him to wing position sometimes. This player is absolutely the best false 9 in the world when you check his stats while in that position. He has been offering a number of assists, and he has been creative while in that position.

Image showing Lionel Messi
Lionel Messi

Sadio mane

Sadio Mane is famous for giving everything to his team. While in Liverpool, he was playing as a left winger before the arrival of Luis Diaz in the team. After the arrival of Diaz who is also a left winger, Mane was switched to false number 9. He did an. Incredible job, including scoring goals and giving assists. Thereafter, he was sold to Bayern Munich where he replaced Roberto Lewandoski. Mane is still doing incredibly well in Bayern Munich. He always has a place in the first eleven as he combine forces with best wingers like Lerroy Sane, and Gnabry. He also has support from one of the world best attacking midfielder, Thomas Muller.

Image showing Sadio Mane
Sadio Mane. Image source Bundesliga

Gabriel Jesus

Gabriel Jesus has now become a threat in Arsenal team. He has been playing as winger while in Manchester city, sometimes as a number 9. He was sold to arsenal before 2022/2023 season begun. If you watch arsenal games keenly, you might have seen how this player is on form. Arsenal was struggling before his arrival and didn’t even secure a place in the champions League. Now arsenal is a strong contender of the UEFA champions League. Gabriel Jesus begun scoring since his arrival and giving out assists. It seems like the arsenal playing style of using a false 9 has favoured him. He normally come behind to help in midfield position then go forward to score. At the end of the season, he is expected to be among the top scorers. He is indeed a great false nine who also switch to wing position as well as carry the ball forward.

Image of Gabriel Jesus for identification purposes.
image of Gabriel Jesus

Diogo Jota

Diogo Jota natural position is the left wing before joining Liverpool. He previously suffered from injury as the team suffered a lot in squad depth. Since his arrival, he made a great impact in Liverpool team. He is good in coming back and carrying the ball forward with his great pace. Jota is undoubtedly on of the best false nine in the world right now.

Best false 9 in the world. Image of Diogo Jota for identification
Diogo Jota

Phil foden

Foden is another great false striker. His begun as a midfielder but can also be used as a false nine. When Aguero was struggling in Manchester city, Phil foden was a great back up. He is good in scoring goals and a great dribbler. Before the arrival of Haland, Phil foden also played as a false nine for Manchester city. Pep has also used him in wing position, he is an incredible player.

Best false 9 in the world. Image of Phil foden for identification purposes.
Phil Foden image

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Rehem Sterling

Rehem Sterling used to play as a winger for Manchester city in most of the times. However, at some point he was given a false 9 position since the club didn’t have a specific number 9. Sterling is good in dribbling and also a scorer. After the arrival of Haland, he was sold to Chelsea for good coins. He was used in Chelsea as a false 9 for sometimes before they signed Aubamayang. However, he is also switching to false 9 at some point or in the absence of aubamayang.

image of sterling from Premier league

Roberto Firmino

Liverpool is famous for it’s 4-3-3 position as Roberto Firmino operates as a fall back nine. He knows how to bring the best from this position. He begun his career as an attacking midfielder before his arrival to Liverpool. In the club, he has possessed a false 9 always with great combination of Salah and Mane. That attack was one of the most lethal front three attack in the world. He sometimes starts for Liverpool since Darwin Nunez who was bought to act as permanent number 9 has not performed as expected. Roberto Firmino has a lot impact in Liverpool attacking and can score anytime. He is also good in coming back to help the midfielders as well as holding the ball. He is indeed a great false 9.

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Nabil Fekir

Fekir is a good attacking midfielder and false nine. He is one of the main player for Lyon and real Betis. At some point, top clubs in the world like Liverpool was interested in signing him. The French national team is one of the competitive squad in the world. However, Nabil Fekir managed to make his debut in and secure a place in the team at some point. This player gives the best and he’s one of the best false 9 in the world

Best false 9 in the world. Image of Nabil Fekir for identification.
Nabil Fekir


Those are the best false 9 in the world. However, the above list may be subjected to change. Maybe other great false nine may come up or others in the list may underperform. You can also comment your views in the comment section as far as football is concerned.

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