10 best center backs in EPL

10 best center backs in epl, compiled here. In the English Premier League, defenders fall into four main categories, center back, sweeper, full back, wing back among others. With each position, there are the required functions of the players in it. In this article, we will majorly focus on Center back. In this, the function of the players is to, block shots, make tackles, interception, clearances and to compete for the ball aerially on the ground.

If you’re probably wondering, who are the best center backs in the English Premier League, then worry no more. Simply because, I have your back, in this article we will go through the best players and discuss them in detail, so as to enable you to understand each concept very well about the players, The 10 Best Center Back Players in the England Premier League include:

Virgil van dijk

Virgil van dijik, is among the 10 best defenders ever. He has to top this list. His skills are more than amazing. Virgil, belongs to Liverpool, he has brought great victory to the team, ever since he was given the position of the center back. This can be clearly seen, by the fact that Liverpool matched mancity in clean sheets, moreover there was even the concedation of goals. Although Liverpool, didn’t make it to win the Premier League, atleast they tried this was by the effort of none other than Virgil Van Dijk. Recently, Vigil Van Djke has also been named as one of the 2022 FIFPRO men’s world XI. What a player, he also has one champions League trophy in his trophies. He has been nominated severally to the balon d’Or and also being mentioned as best defender.

Image of Vigil Van Djke
Best center backs in EPL.

William Saliba

William Saliba is also another great center back in the EPL. Since being part of the Arsenal FC first team player. He has been able to make a great impact in the team, including several cleansheets and maintaining the teams title race in 2023. William Saliba really deserves to be among the 10 best defenders in EPL currently. He normally has no pressure when having the ball and also he has accurate passes which makes his one great asset as a defender. In 2022, William Saliba was called in the France national team to represent them in the world cup.

Best center backs in EPL. Image showing William Saliba.

Ruben Dias

Ruben Dias, belong to the Manchester City team. Overtime he has continued to proove that, he is the best when it comes to the position of the center back. The same Twitter test that was done, gave him 84.9 which shows that indeed he is among the best. What impresses me more about him is the fact that, he is so calm, and the most composed center back in the world. Ruben is actually capable of stopping any and all attackers in the game, there’s just something about calm and composed people.

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They often end up exemplary well in their tasks, as they are not under any pressure. This skill is what sets him apart from the rest, it’s very rare to get composed players in the current system, most are always under pressure or rather in a hurry. This is usually evident during the last minute of the game, so finding one who can maintain calmness is so impressive.

10 Best center backs in EPL. Image of Ruben Diaz.

Raphael Varane

It seems that the France center backs have dominated the EPL. Raphael Varane is another France player currently representing Manchester United FC really impressed in the world cup. He has experience in several competition including world cup as he has reached two world cup finals, what an achievement. He won one of the world cups, and in addition to that he has several champions League trophies, la Liga, among others.

Ibrahim Konate

Though Liverpool is now struggling in the EPL compared to previous years but Ibrahim Konate is a wonderful player. In other words, he is still an impressive center back who is good in pressuring the opponent strikers. He is a strong player who is also good in driving the ball forward even though acting as a center back. Ibrahim Konate represented the France national team in the world cup 2022 Qatar till the finals. He has won several trophies with Liverpool and also reached the UEFA champions League final season 2021/2022.

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Image of Ibrahim Konate

Manuel Akanji

This is another incredible central defender in EPL. With the reputation of Manchester city defenders, Manuel Akanji has managed to compete his place in the squad. He has benched some of the greatest defenders in Manchester city squad. This player has continued to be impressive in defending as Manchester city has managed several cleansheets. He is absolutely one of the best central defenders in EPL.

10 Best center backs in EPL. Image of Manuel Akanji.

Thiago Silver

Thiago Silver, turned 38 in September. He clearly is aging like fine wine, the older it gets the sweeter it becomes. Through him we can attest that, the older you get the more wiser you become. He belongs to Chelsea team, and has helped the team to achieve quite a lot. He has one of the best brains, when it comes to football matters. Through a test that was undertaken in the twitter check, he was given 89.0, this depicts that indeed the guy has potential.He might not be the fastest, but trust me his efforts can be seen, as he was ranked the third in the Premier League for progressive distance carries. Making it to the list, is first an attempt that should not be taken for granted, and now him being the third despite his age, is something that should not be taken for granted. Thiago Silver, is an asset, he will definitely rise in the best football center backs in the Premier League years to come, I have no doubt about that.

Image of Thiago Silver.

Christian Romero

Christian Romero is plays for Premier League side, Tottenham Hotspur and Argentina national team. He is absolutely one of the great center back in EPL. Christian Romero managed to represent his national team in the world cup 2022 Qatar. Impressively, he went on to win the world cup trophy alongside his team mates. He is a great central defender who is keeping his team on top.

10 Best center backs in EPL, image showing Christian Romero.

Aymeric Laporte

Aymeric Laporte, he consistently remains to be the best left footed center back in the English Premier League. This is clearly evident through his work, you don’t need to be told, as it’s easily noticeable. Through a random test check that was done in Twitter, he was given a 92.7, when they were grading most passes per 90 center back in the EPL last season. Isn’t that incredible? The guy has potential, if he continues with his Passion and working smart, then I have no doubt that he will make drastic excellent levels in his football career.

Image showing Aymeric Laporte.

Tyrone Ming’s

Tyron Ming’s is also one of the 10 best center backs in EPL. He is an England player representing the Premier League side Aston Villa. This player has managed to represent the England national team severally though not in the big six teams.

Final word

Those are our 10 best center backs in the Premier League. However, there are more other great center backs in epl but the above mentioned make our list for today. You can share your thoughts on comments, and we will highly appreciate your views.

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