6 best strikers in premier League right now

6 best strikers in premier League right now, compiled here. The English Premier League is one of the most competitive league in the world. Some of the best players in the world come from the EPL. Clubs in have been making big signings as some players have also been released to other leagues during the transfer window and now we can see the results. Our focus today will be on best premier League strikers till now. We made our list according to the strikers contribution in the team.

A better striker should not only have good finishing ability but also can assist, and create chance when things are tight. This list have included every striker, it doesn’t matter if one plays as a false nine or permanent striker. We have come up with the overall performance of the players then ranked depending on their impacts on the team. Without further ado, here are the 6 best premier League strikers right now.

Earling Haland

Earling Haland is an incredible player even before coming to Manchester city. He was a fantastic player which made city to sign him at the beginning of 2022/23 season. He has proved his worth by making a great impact in the squad. Haland has scored a lot of goals for Manchester city making him in the frontline of golden boot race. This player waste no chances inside the box. Besides his finishing ability, he can also carry the ball forward with his incredible speed. He is one of the players whose difficult to mark hence a great threat to defenders. He really deserves to open this list of best strikers in EPL.

6 best strikers in premier League, image of Earling Haland.
Earling Haland of Manchester city

Harrie kane

Harrie kane is another wonderful player who has enjoyed a successful career in Tottenham Hotspur. He has always be on the frontline of scoring and making assists for the club. This player was desired by a number of teams but Spurs found it difficult to release him. Indeed, he is a player to keep with his level of consistence. He is currently on the golden boot race, what an incredible player to make this list of 6 best premier League strikers.

Image showing Harrie Kane.
Harrie Kane of Tottenham Hotspur

Gabriel Jesus

Gabriel Jesus was signed to arsenal from Manchester city at the beginning of 2022/23 season. He has proved his worth in the club giving arsenal hopes to return back to the champions League. No doubt that he is the main player for Arsenal improvements. Currently, arsenal is lethal as they held the top 4 position strongly. In fact, there are high chances for them to qualify for the champions League again after more than 5 years. The club is also in the premier League title race. Gabriel Jesus is one of the main players for Arsenal FC when it comes to winning and goal contributions. The player is currently among the top scorers and he’s still scoring. He has been recently called for the world cup. He really deserves to be included in our list of 6 best strikers in EPL right now.

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6 best strikers in premier League, image of Gabriel Jesus.
Gabriel Jesus, one of the best strikers in PremierLeague

Roberto firmino

The world will not forget easily the reign of Mohamed Salah, Sadio Mane, and Roberto firmino. The mentioned players were among the dangerous front three in the world. Currently, Sadio Mane went to Bayern Munich but firmino has stand up out for his club, Liverpool. Roberto firmino has saved Liverpool several times in terms of goals and assists. He is now on top form with his scoring ability and creativity. Recently, there have been a lot of discussions on why he has been left out of Brazil squad for the world cup. According to many, this player has had a great season and deserves a place. Roberto firmino deserves to be included in this list of best strikers in EPL, he is absolutely one of the best.

Image of Roberto Firmino
Roberto firmino of Liverpool

Ivan Toney

Ivan Toney is another incredible forward. He came with his team Brentford from relegation to the premier League. Thanks to his hardwork with the help of team mates to make the club stay in the premier. Toney has been on great form since arriving to the EPL. He has been doing well in scoring goals as well as a playmaker for the team. Due to his performance, he was once called for international duty.

Ivan Toney of Brentford

Alexander Mitrovic

Alexander Mitrovic is a main player for his club, Fulham FC. He made the club to come from relegation to premier League. Now, he is helping the team to perform while in the EPL. He is a top goal scorer for his club and also competing with other players in golden boot race. Mitrovic can score in any team including the big six when given a chance.

6 best strikers in premier League, image of Alexander Mitrovic.
Alexander Mitrovic of Fulham


Those are the 6 best strikers in EPL right now. However, our list may be subjected to change. It depends on how the player may perform. Some players may improve to come up into our list while some may go down. Additionally, If you’re playing FPL, you can try your luck with those players. They make several goal contributions. You can share your views on the comment section and follow our Facebook page falcomdaily updates.

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Best makeup products in Kenya

Best makeup products in Kenya, compiled here. Beauty lies on the eyes of the beholder, so they say. However, it’s your responsibility to ensure that you are looking great. In a place where your character is not known, you will be judged by how you dress and how you present yourself. Therefore it’s very vital for you to ensure you look so lovely. Makeup products, are invented to bring that glow out so that you can stand out. If you don’t have the best products, your look may fail you. So it’s usually important for you to select the best of the best products, and those that match with your skin.

If you experience a problem with this, it’s advisable for you to consult a beautician so that they can check your skin type and recommend the suitable item for you. Moreover, makeup products are invented every now and then, so to ensure you have a quality and an authentic product, we’ve established this list to help you out. I hope you’ll enjoy and learn. The following are the best makeup products in Kenya.

Maybelline fit me matte + poreless foundation

Maybelline fit me matte + poreless foundation

This is the go to foundation. Any day any time I’d recommend you to use it, you will never go wrong with this masterpiece. It has been proven to be an authentic and a quality product. It not only beautifies you but also, it brings out more of the natural outlook. So if your aim is to achieve more of the natural rather than the artificial look ,then consider using the Maybelline Fit Me Matte and Poreless foundation.

It’s advantages include:

• It’s lightweight and long lasting, thus you can’t be worried about replacing it mid day.

• It refines pores, this enables it to seal areas in your skin.

• The last output is a smooth natural seamless look.

• It has micropowders, which ensures that the skin shines.

• It has been tested and approved by dermatologists, so you have no worries about it.

• It’s ideal for normal to oily skin.

• It is allergy tested unlike other products.

How to use.

Take a considerable amount of the foundation, then apply to your skin, using your fingers or a brush, until you achieve a good output.


Maybelline Fit me Matte and Poreless foundation, costs about Ksh. 1690. The beauty is that, it will last you for long and give you the best outlook. Buy it here on jumia.

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L.A girl pro- concelor

L.A girl pro concealer

L. A Girl Pro Concealer, is crease resistant with opaque coverage In a creamy yet light weight texture, it provides a complete natural looking camouflage, below the eyes and covers dark circles around the eyes. At the end, it ensures you have a smooth skin tone. You always apply the concealer, after the foundation to ensure it doesn’t smudge. The main reason for applying a concealer, is usually to hide dark circles and age spots through blending this imperfections into the skin, so that your skin will end up looking young and smooth.

The advantages of L. A Girl Concealer are:

• It’s ideal for all skin types.

• It’s fragrance free.

• It has a built in brush tip, which you can use as an applicator.

• You can wear it for long, since it is crease resistant.

• It is light weight and it’s texture is creamy.

How to use.

Take a controllable amount, apply to the brush applicator then blend it around your eye area until it achieves a soft look.

L. A Girl Concealer costs, Ksh. 450 per tube.

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Rimmel 100% waterproof mascara black

Rimmel 100% waterproof mascara black

For the best mascara, you should definitely consider Rimmel as it will deliver. It gives length and volume, lifting every eye lash. It will make your lashes look like the attached ones yet they are natural, you can’t go wrong with this.

It’s advantages are

• It has a fast drying formula.

• It’s waterproof and run resistant.

• The combination of brush and formulation, helps to volumize lengthen and separate the lashes.

How to use

Using the brush, gently apply the mascara above the lashes.

The cost of Rimmel 100% Waterproof Mascara is about Ksh. 1, 150 per tube.

Copy name and click here to buy on jumia

Maybelline Superstay lipstick and Lipgloss

Maybelline Superstay lipstick and Lifter gloss

Maybelline, produces the best products. Their lip products is not an exception since, this lipstick really lasts for long hence the name superstay. Furthermore, they have a variety of shades so you’ll have to choose the one that you love. For those who want a natural girl vibe, they have the lipgloss that doesn’t necessarily add color to your lips but the shine. Their lip gloss is my favorite, since I can leave the house with no makeup on but only the lipgloss, yet I’ll feel confident and beautiful the entire day.

Advantages of Maybelline Superstay Lipstick and Lipgloss

• It is long lasting.

• It has matte finish.

• You’ll get value for the product, since it’s an authentic item.

How to use

Take a good amount of the lip products, then apply to your lips and blend it all together until you achieve the taste you’re looking for.


The Maybelline Superstay Lipstick or Lipgloss is ksh. 1500 per tube, it’s found in online and beauty shops.

Final word

Those are the best makeup products in Kenya. You can purchase them at an affordable price on jumia. Use the products well and they’ll deliver to you.

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best shapewears in Kenya

Best shapewears in Kenya, list compiled here. In the current world, inventions come day in day out. This is usually in all the spheres of our industry, from food, technology to fashion. Fashion is a key area to focus on, since it determines how we will view ourselves and others. That’s why, it is your responsibility to ensure that you always show up as smart and neat. People are always looking, and how you dress determines how you’ll be addressed.

Due to some uncontrollable circumstances, sometimes we may feel that we do not have the perfect body, or rather our curves are not rightly packed so we may want to adjust it. Thanks to creativity, since now you can actually shape your body, through the use of body shapers. Indeed everything is possible. So, if you are in search for the best and most affordable body shapers, then look no further since we have your back. Below, are some of the best shapewears in Kenya. Take a look.

Best shapewears, image showing an example of a shapewear.

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Women Padded Pants butt lifter, panty body enhancer.

Women Padded Pants Butt Lifter are the real deal. I have no doubt that it will give you the look you are yearning for, since it will be able to both lift and shape your butt. The beauty with it is that, the materials used in making it are quality. Since, it is nylon and spandex material, it’s skin friendly and very breathable, you can be able to stay with it all day long. It is designed for all types of women, whether you have hips, small hips or no hips at all since it’s adjustable.

Such an incredible feature. Furthermore, it has silicone hip pad in the special underpants, which shapes up the butt, to bring out it’s full nature. The beauty of it all is that it is designed to be unnoticeable, you can’t notice it because it seems to be so natural. This shape wear can be worn anywhere, be it in weddings, family reunions, ceremonies, festivals , concerts or any other event, it’s not limiting. You should definitely consider getting it. It costs about Ksh. 940.

High waist trainer body shaper slimming belt

The High Waist Trainer, Body Shaper Slimming Belly Belt, is used to shape the belly area. If you have issues with a protruding belly, that you want to hide or you want to flatten up your belly, then this is definitely it. It has bionic fabric structure, which is so comfortable and breathable, you’ll never struggle with it. On top of that, it has a memory of alloy design which effectively prevents curling, and creates an incredible waistline.

The waistline is so glamorous, to the extent that it will make you feel so comfortable and proud of yourself. It has a feature which allows you, to adjust strong abdomen, and to compress fat while protecting the uterus. So if you’re in your early pregnancy, you shouldn’t be worried since the uterus will be protected at all cost and, you’ll be able to hide the pregnancy. Your waist will be well shaped to ensure you have the correct body type.

It is one of the best shapewears in Kenya. Get it for about Ksh. 800. affordable here on jumia

Adjustable shoulder strap waist trainer vest, double corset

This is another one of the best shapewears in Kenya. Adjustable shoulder strap waist trainer vest, is used to effectively help adjust the waist and the breast. It is designed according to the, ergonomics principle, which is used to help adjust the body fat distribution, this usually gracefully shapes the curves of the body and gives you the perfect body shape your looking for.

In just a matter of seconds, you’ll be having your ideal body without struggling. Consequently, it has a string at the back which you’ll be required to use during adjustments. For best results, one is usually required to adjust it well to what Is fit for their body. There’s also a 3 row hook with a zipper and adjustable straps for more comfortability. You can wear it anywhere, it has no limits to it. A key thing is that, it should be noted that the body wear should be hand washed , any other washing method will destroy it.

It costs about, Ksh.2,000. Copy paste name to buy it here on jumia at an affordable price

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Quick post partum tummy slimming corset belt

After giving birth, it could be hard to be fit again and have our usual body shape. So, to ensure that you do not have a hard time in trying to adjust, the quick post partum tummy slimming Corset Belt will help you out. It enables you to shape up your tummy faster, to a slimmer version. It has the best quality of material, since it’s elastic and adjustable . Moreover, it’s made of the elastic band to shape up your tummy faster with zero side effects. It’s has a back support to ensure you do not have any back aches. You’ll definitely enjoy putting on this shape wear since, it’s very comfortable, has no side effects, adjustable to any size, has the most perfect quality and above all it doesn’t roll up or down. It is absolutely one of the best shapewears in Kenya.

It costs about Ksh. 500 only. Copy paste name to search it here on jumia

Fashion elastic belt corset tummy shaper

Best shapewears in Kenya

This is also a wonderful body shaper for your tummy. This body shaper is very effective and adjustable to different sizes. You can adjust it to small size or expand it but it’ll be more effective when tighter, it depends with your preference. This body shaper will shape your tummy within a short period of time. Moreover, the body shaper is comfortable to variety of clothes types. It also has 4 steel bone for supporting your back hence preventing back pains. You can buy this Shapewear here on jumia at an affordable price.

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Final word

Those are the best shapewears in Kenya. You can get them in both online and offline shops. You can order them online at the comfort of your home and affordable price. Copy name and search here on jumia

Best degree courses for self employment

Best degree courses for self employment, compiled here. The main reason as to why, one would want to be equipped with a certain set of skills, is so that he/ she can put it into practice. With putting into practice, comes the idea of making money out of it. This brings up the business idea, with the ultimate goal being to provide service and to make profit.

In universities, those who qualify are usually given their degrees, this degrees are the proof that indeed the individual has the relevant skills. However, as much as most people want to be employed, some actually want to practice self employment. They want to manage their business, and run them according to how they know best. Sole proprietorship, is incredible since, you’ll be accountable to you. There are certain courses, that will enable you to achieve this motive, that is if you want to employ yourself in the field that you’ve studied. In this article, we’ve identified this courses and listed them for you. Enjoy.

Barchelor of Nursing

You’ll never go wrong with nursing. It’s the crème dela crème of the industry. People fall sick every single day, thus your work will be to take care of them. You can be employed at the hospital, or you can start your own clinic. Most people prefer to go through their local clinics, first before going to the hospital, this is brought about due to a variety of reasons. It could be due to monetary issues, since at the local place, it’s quite cheaper, faster services since at the clinics they’ll be attended to very fast, unlike in hospitals where there are huge ques, among other valid reasons. Therefore, with nursing, you can establish, either a clinic or a dispensary which will run smoothly, if you provide quality and affordable services.

Best degree courses for self employment in Kenya.

Bachelor of information and technology

We’re living in a technology based era. Everything is digitalized, this cuts across through almost all spheres, be it communication, education, business among others. This is a clear proof, that with a degree in information and technology you can run your business. Cybers, are all over in our cities, thus, you can decide to open your cyber where you’ll be able to help those who are computer illiterate. Through this, you’ll do a variety of things from typing, printing to managing media accounts. With this chores, comes some good form of payment, that is if you’ll be patient, hardworking and run the business with good ethics.

Besides opening businesses, you can further your knowledge in information technology and learn a specific thing to specialize in. For instance, you can use the knowledge in coding to create websites and apps for companies and yourself. You can earn via apps and sites with your knowledge in coding. Therefore, this course is an asset, it will definitely deserves to be in this list of best degree courses for self employment.

Image showing information technology

Bachelor of pharmacy

Pharmacy, is such a competitive course. With a degree in it, you can practice self employment, through first, applying for a license, so that your business can be registered. The registration process, is vital because through it, your business will be regarded as formally legal. You’ll then open a pharmacy shop, where you’ll be prescribing drugs to your clients, with the skills and knowledge that you got from school. Furthermore, you’ll be able to read the doctors prescription then administer it. It’s such an incredible course , you should definitely consider it. All the best.

Pharmacist arranging drugs

Bachelor in electrical engineering

This one deserves to be on our list of best degree courses for self employment in Kenya. You can be employed or decide to work as a self employed after taking your license. Electricity is used almost everywhere in Kenya hence there is high demand of electrical engineers. You can do professional wiring for buildings then get paid good income. You can still be called in case of any electric fault or in case of any assistance needed. Therefore, professional electrician are needed in our lives as things have changed. You can also fix showers and more other properties that will require your skills.

Best degree courses for self employment. Image showing electrical engineer in action.

Bachelor degree in Veterinary medicine

This is also one of the best degree courses for self employment. This course deals with animals and faming. With your certificate, you can apply for license and become a professional veterinary Doctor as you earn a living. You can open your own place where you’ll be offering consultation services as well as selling animal medicine. You can also use this idea in your own benefit to become a professional farmer. In areas where animal farming is taking place, people with knowledge in artificial insemination, animal diseases, and more are needed. You can be self employed as long as you have received your license.

Best degree courses for self employment in Kenya. Image showing Veterinary Doctor in action

Mechanical engineering

This is also a wonderful degree course for self employment. Mechanical engineering deals with vehicles and related. There are many cars and vehicles that require services. As a mechanical engineer, it is not necessarily to go and look for a job. You can just create your own garage then offer services to vehicles as you generate income. You can also sale vehicles spare parts and get money as a self employed individual. You can consider this course in your list of best degree courses for self employment.

Bachelor of business management

Business management, is an enterpreniual course. You’ll get to learn a lot business skills through this course, you’re guided on the fundamental pillars of the business and the market at large. So, with this skills you can be able to run any type of business, whether, a hotel, a shoe, fashion, shops among others.

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It’s such a diverse field, with the right mindset, and zeal you can be rest assured that with years of experience you’ll be the jargon in the field. Furthermore, you’ll be exposed on processes of legalizing your business, how to register businesses, the procedure used among other fundamental things to use to ensure the smooth running of the business. Most importantly, before graduating, you are taken for an internship, so that you can learn a lot of things directly from the source. You can be an entrepreneur with this course, what you’ll need is capital and a great business idea.

Best degree courses for self employment.

Bachelor of hospitality and tourism

Hospitality, is such an incredible course. You’re usually taught a lot of things, in the recreation field. As much as work is important, rest is also needed, so most people usually go for trips to take a break from realities of life. This is where, your business opportunity comes in handy. With a degree in tourism and hospitality, you can open a restaurant which offers all the services, ranging from food, beddings to relaxation facilities. Trust me, you’ll make a good amount of money with this.

The beauty of it all is that, during attachment process in campus, you’ll be required to work in an actual setting, so this is when you’ll get all the relevant skills and the necessary connections. It’s best if you are pro- active, because with this at hand, you’ll really sail to greater heights. To the extent that when you actually open your own business setting, you’ll be already informed on how to run it smoothly.

Best degree courses for self employment in Kenya.

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those are the best degree courses for self employment in Kenya. You can pick the one that you are passionate with. It also depends if you’ll meet the requirements of those courses. You can apply the courses at Kuccps.com

8 fastest players in premier League 2022/2023

8 fastest players in premier League 2022/2023, compiled here. Individual brilliance is important in team success. Having players who can run faster to get the ball or initiate counter attacks due to their speed is wonderful. Recently, transfers have been made as some premier League team have strengthened their squad with some of the fastest players. Apparently, some players who used to be fast have also been sold out.

Thanks to upcoming players who have also improved in terms of pace. In this list, we have made our research on the fastest players in Premier League. We made our list from statistics of highest speeds recorded in premier League. We have also considered the consistency of the player when it comes to making runs. The following players are still playing for their respective Premier league clubs till now. Therefore, here is the list of 8 fastest players in premier League 2022/2023.

Luis Diaz

When we talk about speed, Luis Diaz deserves to make up this list of 8 fastest players in premier League. The player is consistent in making runs that yield fruits at the end. Luis Diaz can run with the ball and a slow defender can not easily catch him. He was signed in Liverpool during the 2021/2022 season and he has win several trophies with the club, including FA, Community Shield, and more. He is a great player who is always ready to run faster and make impact in the squad.

Luis Diaz, Liverpool

Gabriel Martineli

Gabriel Martineli is a Brazilian professional footballer who plays for arsenal. Arsenal has had a wonderful 2022/2023 season with Gabriel Martineli making great contributions. This player has been on the frontline when it comes to arsenal counter attacks. He has been named severally as the Man of the match, what a player! He is absolutely one of the fastest players in premier League as well as the whole world.

Gabriel Martineli, Arsenal

Mohamed Salah

Mohamed Salah has been enjoying a successful career in Liverpool. He has been of great importance when it comes to speed in the squad. A good number of defenders have been terminated by this incredible player. With his position as a right winger, he normally make runs with the ball In front to yield something great for the club. This player is still one of the fastest players in premier League.

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Mohamed Salah, Liverpool

Kyle Walker

When we talk about 8 fastest players in the premier League. You’ll notice that the list have been dominated by wingers and strikers. Kyle Walker is a defender but he normally makes great runs in case of counter attacks against his team, Manchester city. He has stopped several strikers due to his pace, therefore a great benefit for Pep Guardiola side. This player is always on pep plans when he realises that he is going to face fast wingers in the globe.

kyle Walker, Manchester United

Marcus Rashford

This is another top player who runs faster in English premier League. Marcus Rashford has been doing well even in the past. Though his team, Manchester United begun struggling but Rashford’s speed gave the team a great boost in terms of winning. If you have been watching Manchester United matches, you might have witnessed how fast Marcus Rashford can run to catch up with the ball.

Marcus Rashford, Manchester United

Earling Haland

Earling Haland is currently one of the best strikers in the world according to current ratings. This player was signed to Manchester city in 2022/2023 season from Borrusia dotmund. He is a wonderful striker and currently he is on the frontline of golden boot race. This player has been consistent in scoring goals and his great speed is one of the weapons for his success. He normally enjoy long balls from world class players as he makes great runs to catch up with the ball. His speed has enabled him score a lot of goals for Manchester city. This player really deserves to make up our list of fastest players in EPL.

Erling Haaland, Manchester city

Anthony Gordon

This is another player who can run really fast. Anthony Gordon plays for premio league side, Everton FC. He is a top player who has pace when it comes to running with the ball. This player has recently attracted interest from top clubs like Chelsea, Spurs, on the frontline. His great success comes from his speed and strength. He can run with the ball faster and he doesn’t get exhausted easily. This player is young and he continues to improve daily in his performance. He deserves to make this list.

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Anthony Gordon of Everton

Raheem Sterling

Sterling is a Chelsea player who recently played for Manchester city. He has succeeded a lot in his former club. What makes Sterling a great player is his ability to run with the ball as well as dribble the ball forward. This player can really be a nightmare for slow defenders hence he deserves some credits. Sterling is absolutely one of the fastest player in EPL.

image showing Reheem sterling

Those are the 8 fastest players in EPL. However, the list may be subjected to change since some players may come up while others may improve. Thanks for reading as your comment will be highly appreciated. You can also follow our Facebook page falcomdaily updates.

10 best dribblers in EPL.

10 Best dribblers in EPL. English premier League has produced a number of best dribblers in the world over the past years. The EPL will never forget some of the iconic dribblers like Steve Mcmanaman, Thieri Henry, Eden Hazard, Ryan Giggs, and many more. Today, great dribblers are coming up while some EPL defenders are being terminated by this wonderful dribblers. In this article, falcomdaily have compiled a list of best dribblers in EPL from the records. A great dribbler should be able to make a great number of complete dribbles. After checking from the records, here are the best dribblers in EPL.

A Saint-Maximin

Allan Saint-Maximin is a France player who plays for Newcastle United. He is currently the best dribbler in EPL. He normally troubles the defenders in EPL teams including the big six clubs in EPL. His dribbles are not easy to predict, thanks to his pace and strength. This player in incredible in terms of dribbling and really deserves to open up our list.

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10 best dribblers in EPL. Image showing Allan Sainet-Maximum

Mohamed Salah

Mohamed Salah is an Egyptian player who plays for Liverpool fc He plays as a winger and has achieved a lot for the club. No doubt that Mohamed Salah has contributed a lot for Liverpool success. He is a great dribbler who also has great pace. Sometimes, his dribbles will result to a goal or create chance. This player really deserves to be on this list of best dribblers in EPL.

Image showing Mohamed Salah

Bernado Silva

Bernardo Silva is another wonderful dribbler in EPL. The player knows how to hold the ball in his feet. No surprise that he is one of the 10 best dribblers in EPL. If you are a fan of football and have watched several games of Manchester city. You will notice how Bernardo Silva is gifted with dribbling skills.

Image showing Bernardo Silva

Bukayo Saka

Bukayo Saka is one of the successful youngest players in EPL. He is one of the main players of Arsenal FC. The player has created reputation, and he has always been called to England national team. Many of the chances in arsenal has been created by this incredible player. He is a top dribbler in EPL and many have witnessed.

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Riyad Mahrez

Riyad Mahrez is an incredible dribbler in EPL. He came into limelight in English premier League when Leicester city was promoted. He did an incredible job in the club during the 2015/2016 season. They managed to carry the premier League title with Mahrez being one of the main players. He was then sold to Manchester city where he is still a main player with his wonderful dribbles. He has enjoyed his success in the club with city dominating the EPL title. In the records, Mahrez has made a lot of complete dribbles. He really deserves to be in our list of 10 best dribblers in EPL.

10 best dribblers in EPL. Image showing Riyad Mahrez

Son Heung-Min

This is another world class player in football. Son can dribble the ball very first then score goals. He managed to carry the golden boot in 2021/2022 season. This player has great records of complete dribbles over the years. He deserves to be part of our list.

10 best dribblers in EPL. Image showing som Heung min

Rehem Sterling

Sterling is a main player in Chelsea football club. He begun his Chelsea career in 2022/2023 season. He begun from where he left in Manchester city. Still a great dribbler who scores goals and create chances. He plays for his county, England competing favourably with other top players. Sterling has had a great success in his former club, Manchester city. He is also outstanding in his country, England.


Trosard is a Belgium player who plays for Brighton and Hove Albion in England. He is a great forward who has a great impact in his team. Brighton is one of the toughest upcoming club in England. The team is still troublesome to the big six clubs with Trosard being their main player. He has contributed highly to Brighton success with his wonderful dribbles.

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10 best dribblers in EPL. Image showing Trossard

Winfred Zaha

Winfred Zaha is an Ivory Coast player who plays for England team, Crystal Palace. The player is a great dribbler who attracted big clubs over the past years. He is an admirer of many couches since he normally delivers. Winfred Zaha has wonderful dribbles that results to positive outcome like goals, chances, assists, and more. He really deserves to make up in our list of 10 best dribblers in EPL.

Sancho Jordan

Sancho signed to Manchester United from Borrusia dotmund. Though Manchester United slightly went down but Sancho is still doing a great job. According to statistics, he is among the players who have made complete dribbles. If you watch games that features Sancho, you might see how incredibly he is when it comes to dribbles. He is a great dribbler when the ball is passed to him. We had to include him in this list of 10 best dribblers in EPL.

10 best dribblers in EPL. Image showing Jason Sancho


The above list is our list of 10 best dribblers in EPL. We made our list based on complete dribbles by the above players. However, our list may be subjected to change in case a player has come down or new one may improve.

7 Best face scrubs in Kenya

7 Best face scrubs in Kenya. We all need a glowing skin or face to look more attractive. One of the best way to take care of our faces is the use of body scrubs. Body scrubs help the skin in a number of ways, including eliminating dead skin cells, removing dark spots, making skin soft, and much more. Here, Falcomdaily will take you through the best body scrubs in Kenya.

We have tried some of the scrubs ourselves and seen the results. We have also tested some of the scrubs in labs, and impressively, some are derived from natural plants. Therefore, nature is also essential your skin and you’ll be taking care of your skin naturally in an indirect way. You will also discover that some scrubs mentioned have good reviews on top shopping sites like jumia. Without further ado, the following are the best body scrubs in Kenya. We have also included the features and descriptions of the scrubs below. Here is our list of 7 best face scrubs in Kenya.

Eden apricot scrub

This is a great scrub for cleansing your face and body. Apricot scrub is equipped with Natural ingredients to give the best results. The scrub will clog pores, smoothen face or skin, remove impurities and blackheads. Those are some of the advantages of using the apricot scrub. Moreover, this scruber will prepare your skin to absorb other skin care products. Apricot scrub can be used in all skin types.

7 best scrubs in Kenya. Image showing apricot scrub

Wokali Sherbet body scrub- honey

Sherbet is another great body scrub for glowing skin. The product will enhance your skin texture by removing dead cells, cleaning your pores, and more. Thereafter, it’ll reveal a smooth, and soft skin with its natural ingredients. You can get the product here on jumia at an affordable price.

Wokali sherbet body scrub- honey

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Nivea skin refining face scrub for women

Nivea is a popular brand in producing skin care products. It has a number of products in the market including, cleansers, body lotion, scrubs, and more. Here I’ll take you through Nivea skin refining face scrub for women. This product will not be tough on your skin but it’ll enrich it with vitamin E. Using this product on regular basis, you’ll be able to get rid of dead skin cells. You can purchase this product on jumia kenya at an affordable price and get it delivered to your doorstep within 2 days.

Nivea skin refining face scrub for women

Cucumber scrub

We also made a research on natural products of taking care of the skin. Cucumber is a perfect natural plant that will greatly improve your skin naturally. Therefore, you can use its scrubber which is somewhat improved and long term compared to original natural plant. This product is recommended in a number of skin types, including oily skin. The product will improve your skin texture and remove impurities. You can apply it twice a week in your skin. Check more features of cucumber scrub here on here on jumia Offered at an affordable price, get it delivered within two days to your doorstep.

7 best scrubs in Kenya. Image showing cucumber scrub

Doctor meinaier body scrub

Dr meinaer is also a wonderful body scrub equipped with vitamin E and more other ingredients. This scrub is suitable for damp or dry skin. It will benefit your skin in a number of ways like smoothening the skin, unclogging pores and many more.

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7 best face scrubs in Kenya. Image showing Dr meinaer body scrub

Papaya scrub

We all need a beautiful or handsome face, papaya scrub is a great scrub that will enable you achieve a youthful skin. The scrub will rejuvenate your skin for a better look by removing blemishes and many more benefits. The scrub made from natural beauty product, Cucumber and more.

Wokali face scrub lemon

This is also one of the best body scrub in Kenya that really deserves to be in our list. This product has a lot of benefits in your skin, including the removal of aging skin cells. Moreover, it will moisturize your skin and give it a smooth texture. You can try this product equipped with Natural ingredients for a better skin results.

7 best scrubs in Kenya. Image showing wokali face scrub


Those are the 7 best face scrubs in Kenya. You can find them both in offline and online shops in Kenya. We recommend the best online shop, click here to buy on jumia

7 best video editing apps for free without watermark

7 best video editing apps for free without watermark, compiled here. There are a lot of video editing apps on Google play store. When it comes to selecting the best video editing app, we look at a number of features offered. One of the best features is using an app that won’t print watermark in your videos.

Many people don’t like the watermark of the brand/app on their videos. However, a few apps comes with the mentioned features. Most of the time, this feature is considered a premium feature in some apps like Viva video. Therefore, we have compiled a list of best video editing apps for free without watermark. If you are a video creator, Youtuber, Tiktoker, and more. Check the following apps for creating video’s that are free from watermark.

1. Youcut video editor

This app really deserves to open this list of 7 best video editing apps for free without watermark. The app comes with a lot of features for free.

7 best video editing apps for free without watermark. Image showing You cut app.

Key features

– Has many features for free, ranging from music, video trimmer, join many videos, background music and more.

– It’s free of charge without watermark and banner ads.

– The app is user friendly.

– Split videos into two separate videos.

– Export quality videos you can use on your Tiktok, Instagram, and YouTube account.

– Has video cropper feature

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2 Video editor- video Guru

This is also a great app to edit videos free of change without stamping watermark. This app has impressed many, imagine an app that has 4.6/5 stars from 2 million reviews. You can check it’s ratings on Google play and download if the features will impress you.

7 best video editing apps for free without watermark. Image showing how video editor- video guru looks like.

Key features

• Video crop

• Trim videos, compress, and adjust speed

• Good video quality without watermark

• Combine videos for Tiktok, YouTube, and more accounts.

• Offer different transition effects on videos

3. Filmir

This is another video editing app for free without watermark. The app comes with a number of features for free, they include, adding filters, transitions, effects, and more. Filmir is a great place to get premium look in your videos.

Key features

• You can import unlimited number of photos and videos.

• The transition between videos is smooth and unique.

• Has several fonts hence your text will stand out. • One great feature is no ads at all to interrupt.

• You can ad music in your existing file with just a simple search.

• You can get rid of watermark by going Pro or watching an ad.

• You can shoot videos using the app then edit

4 Qick

Qick is also a wonderful to edit your videos for free without adding watermarks in your videos. The app comes with a number of great features without necessarily purchasing the premium version. You can download this app on Google play store and access those great features. You will discover that the app has great ratings on Google play with a lot of downloads. The following are the key features offered by the app.

Image showing how quick app looks like.

Key features

• You can add as many photos and videos from the gallery, cloud storage and more.

• No watermark is left in your videos

• Can trim, rotate, and change video speed.

• You can add background songs in your videos for free.

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5. FilmoraGo

FilmoraGo is also one of the best app to edit videos for free with stamping watermark. The app will enable you to create a number of videos using a number of free features. The videos are of great quality to share on Instagram, Tiktok, YouTube, and more.

7 best video editing apps without watermark. Image showing how FilmoraGo looks like.

Key features

• Loaded with a lot of free features.

• It is beginner friendly.

• It allows you to make high quality videos.

6. Video editor no – watermark and CU

You can just look at the name of this app. The app has promised to offer videos that are free from watermark. You can download this app and create lovely videos as you share on that vlogging platform. The app has more other features to its clients. It deserves to be in this list of 7 video editing apps without watermark.

Key features

• Can split or combine videos.

• Remove unwanted parts on your videos

• Offer smooth transitions between videos

• Add your own logo in your videos

• Can record and add your voice or commentaries

• Crop videos to emphasize or remove some elements.

7. Video maker music video editor

This app is wonderful in creating lovely videos that are free from watermark. If you are creating a video or slideshow together with your lover, this app has Ideal features. It can also create videos to use in vlogging. The app comes with wonderful features as follows

7 best video editing apps for free without watermark

Key features

• Smooth transitions in your videos.

• Offer great animation effects in your videos

• Has great materials to use in your valentines day.

• Compress your video like professional without losing quality

• Can merge different videos or images

• Can trim video to remove unwanted parts.

• Offer Music that are licensed hence making videos popular.

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Those are the 7 best video editing apps without watermark. We have made our research from Google play store ratings. We have also installed some of the apps and tried for ourselves. You won’t go wrong with the above apps.

7 best football clubs in Kenya

7 Best football clubs in Kenya, compiled here. Football has been existing in Kenya for a long time. In fact, it was introduced in by the colonial government. Thereafter, football has grown over the years and currently it’s one of the favourite and common sport in Kenya. Many individuals are now following the FKF premier League. We have top teams that have been existing since independent. Impressively, more teams have also come up to among the best teams in FKF premier League. We have made our research to come up with the following list of best football clubs in Kenya. We made this list according to the resources owned by the teams, performance in FKF premier League. A great team should be consistent in performance to maintain and attract a large fan base. After making our research, the following are the best football clubs in Kenya.

Gor Mahia

Gor Mahia is a top club in Kenya and really deserves to open up our list. If you talk about popular clubs or Kenyan footbal, Gormahia FC will come in the minds of many. The club has enough resources and a large fan base in Kenya. In fact, it is one of the most supported team in Kenya. It Normally collects about 30 Million gate fee from it’s massive supporters. They also make money from selling their football jerseys. Moreover, Gor Mahia have been performing well over the years. They have won the FKF premier League severally, and also taking part in CAF champions League over the years. This club is absolutely great in Kenya.

7 best football clubs in Kenya. Gor Mahia


This is another top club in Kenya. The club has adequate resources, being sponsored and named after a top brewery company in East Africa. Apart from getting huge amount of money from the brewing company, the club also sells their jerseys worth millions. The club has also been posting wonderful performance in FKF premier League recently. Tusker managed to be the winners of FKF premier League season 2021/2022. This club absolutely deserves to be among the best clubs in Kenya.

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7 best football clubs in Kenya. Image showing Tusker celebrating their FKF premier League trophy.

AFC Leopards

This is the third best club in Kenya. In the previous years, AFC leopards has been competing with Gor Mahia on top spot. The two clubs were competing well and has a famous Derby in Kenya called “Mashemeji Derby.” However, AFC leopards has slightly dropped in terms of performance in previous years. That’s why tusker has managed to overcome as the second best club in Kenya. Hopefully, the winning spirit will be revived in the club soon.

Best football clubs in Kenya. Image showing AFC leopards partnership with betsafe.


This is another top club in Kenya. However, the club has slightly dropped in terms of performance in the FKF premier League. That’s the reason it didn’t manage to be among the top 4 of our list. Though the club has adequate resources for their players, and also gets enough money from it’s sponsors, Betika. In the past, sofapaka have been popular in nurturing players then selling them at a high profit. This club really deserves to be one of the best clubs in Kenya.

Bandari FC

This is another popular club in Kenya. This club situated in costal region of Kenya is very popular. The club has great management that nurture talents in Kenya. Bandari has produced some of the best kenyan footballers in the past. Moreover, this club has good fan base as well as resources for their players. It is one of the oldest clubs in Kenya and has maintained a top spot unlike some that have been relegated.

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Kakamega Homeboys

Kakamega homeboyz has now come up to be one of the best clubs in Kenya. What contributed a lot for this club to make up into our list is it’s great performance. Kakamega homeboyz has been doing quite well in the previous years. Therefore, it has attracted sponsors and attention from fans across the country. The club’s homeground is the Bukhungu stadium in kakamega which was previously renovated by the county government.

7 best football clubs in Kenya. Image showing kakamega homeboyz squad


Kcb is a name of one of the best Banks in Kenya. You can imagine a club that comes from a top bank. The club had to be included in our list of best clubs in Kenya. Besides it’s overall performance, the club has enough resources for its players. KCB has been existing in the FKF premier League for a long time. It is a wonderful club in Kenya.

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Image showing Kcb FC squad

Final word

Those are the 7 best football clubs in Kenya. However, the list may be subjected to change depending on how the teams will perform. Some of the clubs have been great for a long time due to great management and sponsorship. Clubs like Thika United had been doing great in the past years but dropped and now relegated. Though it’s also a great club with enough financial aid and we still have hopes that it’ll bounce back. You can also share your views on the comment section. Falcomdaily will really appreciate your contribution on 7 best football clubs in Kenya.

How to add subscriber button to YouTube videos

How to add subscriber button to YouTube videos, compiled here. To succeed in YouTube channel, you have to be quick in uploading videos for your subscribers. In other words, YouTube need consistence in order to succeed. Therefore, you can look for a way to add subscriber button automatically to your videos.

This process will save time as well as improve on the number of subscribers. In this article, I have steps you can follow to add subscriber button to YouTube videos. Let’s dig in Steps to add subscriber button on YouTube videos Before getting into the steps of adding a subscriber button in your YouTube videos. Let me take you through the requirements first.


• PNG, Gif, or Image of small size, we recommend 150 by 150 pixel.

• Image should be 1mb or less.

• Good browser like Chrome. A browser that should allow you to switch to desktop view. • Good Internet connection.

• Login credentials of your channel.

Step 1-log into your YouTube channel

Go into your browser to log into to your YouTube channel. Don’t use the mobile app since it doesn’t have some of the features of this process. You can log into your channel in YouTube website www.youtube.com

Step 2 -change to desktop view in phones

If you are using a mobile phone, you can change into desktop view so that it can look like a desktop. The desktop view in chrome browser is situated on three vertical dots at the top right corner. Move down and pick desktop view, it’ll reload to make it look like a desktop/computer. This will allow you see every feature, so you’ll click your profile picture at the top right.

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Step 3 – Go to your channel page

After clicking on your profile picture, it’ll show you different options. Pick the first option which is named as “Your channel.”

Image showing where you'll find "you channel" button.

Step 4 – customization page

On your channel, you’ll gain access to a new page where you’ll select “Customization channel.”

How to add subscriber button on YouTube videos. Image showing customization page

Step 5 – Branding

You will gain access to the customization page where you’ll switch to “Branding.” Check from the image below.

How to add subscriber button on YouTube. Image showing Branding.

Step 5- choose video watermark

You can then scroll down and Choose “Video watermark” option. Here you can ad your gif, or image that will be displayed in your videos. Upload your image of the right size and click done.

How to add subscriber button on YouTube.

Step 6 – select image

Another step is to select the image you’ll use as subscriber button. You will be given a preview of how your image will look like in your videos.

Step 7 – select display time

Here you can pick how long the subscriber button will be displayed in your videos. You’ll have options like the entire video, at the beginning, at the end, or select your custom time. It depends on what you want.

Step 8 – publish

Once you’ve done the above steps including your preview. It’s time to publish your subscriber button in your videos.

What you need to know

• When selecting the image to use, make sure to avoid images that will lead to copyright claims.

• You can create your own images using tools like canva, or take free ones Google.

• You can try PNG or Gif as your watermark subscriber button for Better results.

• The subscriber button won’t reflect immediately. You can wait for about 48 hrs to 3 days.

• A watermark subscriber button will take you one step ahead.

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