12 best defensive midfielders worldwide 2022/2023

12 Best defensive midfielders worldwide, season 2022/2023. A defensive midfielder plays an important role in modern football. Many football clubs have succeeded a lot since they have some of the best defensive midfielders in the top. Looking at the best clubs in the world and those that dominant in UEFA champions League, a defensive midfielder is a key player.

Defensive midfielders work is to help the defenders then move forward to link ball with the attackers. Therefore, this position is not a joke, it needs strength, good defensive skills and more. We have made our list of 12 best defensive midfielders in the world based on their stats and achievements. Here is the list of 12 best defensive midfielders in the world.

Joshua Kimmich

Bayern Munich is a top team and with players like Joshua Kimmich and others, you’ll achieve more. Joshua Kimmich is like a heart to Bayern Munich. In other words, he is one of their main players. Thanks to his determination and hardwork. He normally contribute a lot in the team’s win. Kimmich has won a number of trophies with Bayern Munich, including the league trophy and UEFA champions League. Today, he is considered as one of the great passers in the league.

Best defensive midfielders in the world. Image of Joshua Kimmich for identification.

Ngolo Kante

Ngolo Kante is a brilliant player who has never go down in terms of performance. He normally have a place in Chelsea squad due to his massive contribution. In 2020/2021 UEFA champions League, he was the talk of the town. Ngolo Kante really delivered a lot for the club as they won the UEFA champions League. He made a great defensive work by breaking attacks. He also has speed with the ball on his feet.

12 best defensive midfielders in the world. Image of ngolo Kante for identification.


Fabihno deserves to be in this list of top defensive midfielders in the world. He has contributed a lot in Liverpool, including the trophies won by the club. This 28 year old defensive midfielder has made many tackles for the club. He has a place in Liverpool squad despite the squad depth in Liverpool team. Fabhino has won many balls for Liverpool, also Brocken attacks. He has won a number of trophies with Liverpool and still determined to win more.

Image of fabhino to identify him.
fabhino from Premierleague


Manchester city has a number of great midfielders and Rodri is one of their top players. He normally has a place in the Manchester city squad. Besides contributing in defensive work, he also help to regain procession for the team. Rodri has really made a lot of achievements with Manchester city, he also won the premier league in 2021/2022 season.

Jude Bellingham

Jude Bellingham is undoubtedly one of the best defensive midfielders in the world. He has delivered a lot for his team Borrusia Dotmund and country, England. Due to his output, many teams have been looking forward to secure his signature, including Liverpool FC. Jude Bellingham is also win a lot of duels besides his sprinting skills.

12 best defensive midfielders in the world. Image of Jude Bellingham for identification

Declan Rice

Westham has really been one of the toughest opponent to a number of teams in the premier league. Declan Rice is a main player in the squad, attracting interest from several clubs. The clubs have tipped westham a lot of money in order to get the services of the play but the club won’t let him go. The club has benefited from Rice, he is a good carrier of the ball and passer. This 23 year old has great energy and composure, more is expected from him.


Casemiro has been a main player for Madrid in a long time. He has played with top players in the world and won a lot of trophies with the club. Last season, real Madrid won the UEFA champions League final against Liverpool. Casemiro has always started for real Madrid during that 2021/2022 UEFA champions League. Being one of the main player in the team, he really deserves to be part of this list.

Image of Casemiro for identifying him.

Marcelo Brozovic

Marcelo Brozovic is an inter Milan player who has been performing incredible in the defensive midfielder position. He is a great playmaker and no other defensive midfielder in Serie A has had more touches than him since 2015. He is a brilliant player who contributed a lot in inter Milan. Brozovic lead his team to win the league trophy with the club in 2020/2021 season.

Best defensive midfielders in the world. Image of Marcelo Brozovic for identification

Sergio Bousquets

Sergio bouquets is one of the best defensive midfielders in the world. He has been great for a long time, sharing the same pitch with world class like iniesta, and Xavi Hernandez. He has great experience in the defensive midfielder position. Today, he is still ranked as among the best with his metronomic passes and fighting for procession.

12 best defensive midfielders in the world. Image of Sergio Bouquets for identification

Aurellen Tchouameni

Tchouameni is an incredible defensive midfielder playing for real Madrid. He is one of the most expensive signings in LA Liga in season 2022/2023. He is a great playmaker, backing up the defensive line as well as moving forward to support the attack.

12 best defensive midfielders in the world. Image of Aurellen Tchouameni for identification.

Thomas Partey

Thomas Partey is also a great defensive midfielder and he relly deserves to be included in this list. He made a great improvement in Arsenal as they almost get into UEFA champions League. However, he got an injury along the way as Arsenal suffered a lot due to his absence. Thomas Partey has returned to arsenal squad in season 2022/2023. He is fit and many are anticipating a lot since he is a great fighter for the team. He normally win possession and stand out when playing against tough opponents.

Kalvin Phillips

Kalvin Phillips is a great defensive midfielder who has been performing well in the past years. In leads United, he was incredibly hence securing a chance to play for his national team, England. He attracted interest from several clubs while in leads United. Currently, he was signed by Manchester city for about 50£ in the beggining of season 2022/2023. He has adapted well in Manchester city and in the coming years, he’s expected to make more achievements with city.

Those are our 12 best defensive midfielders in the world, season 2022/2023. However the list may be subjected to change depending on their stats and achievements. But for now, those are the best defensive midfielders. Time will tell if some will maintain or flop while others may come up. At the end of the season we’ll look at the overall stats as the list may be subjected to change.

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How to goalkeeper rush/move goalie in FIFA mobile

How to goalkeeper Rush/move goalie in FIFA mobile, full process here. Maybe you are enjoying FIFA mobile then discover that you really need to goalkeeper rush. Even in real football, when a goalkeeper moves few yards from the box is very important. In this article, we have done thorough research on FIFA mobile to give you accurate information. We have tried goalie rush ourselves in FIFA mobile latest version, and it has worked for us. Before giving you the procedure of goalkeeper rush, you have to know when to perform it and it’s importance. The following is the best time and importance of goalie rush.

Situations to goalkeaper rush and it’s advantages

The following are some of the situation you’ll have to move goalkeeper and their advantages.

Image from fifa

Goalkeaper rush during one on one situation

You can perform goalkeeper rush during a one on one situation. This is very important and has saved many including experts we have consulted. Your opponents may not be aware of goalkeeper rush and it may caught them off-guard. The goalkeeper will increase the chances of saving the ball when you move them forward from the post. If you know football well, you are aware of this even in real life football. Positioning is very important. Apparently, it has worked and still working for many. Move goalkeeper to cover the space forward and reduce chances of your opponent to score.

Your opponents might be very close in your box but need Goalkeaper to backup defense and collect the ball

Opponent approaching the box will increase the chances of them scoring. You can move the goalkeeper forward to cover space and take the ball if the opponent is in the goalkeeper box. Those are some of the advantages of goalkeeper rush.

How to goalkeaper rush in FIFA mobile. Image showing goalkeaper rush from post during a one on one situation.
goalkeeper rush in such Situations

How to goalkeaper rush in FIFA mobile

Here is the procedure on how to move the goalkeeper from the box. Most people know how to goalkeeper rush in FIFA using pads, using the R3 button. However, many individuals aren’t aware on how to move/rush goalkeaper in FIFA mobile. In FIFA mobile, when you sign up in the game for the first time, you are taken through a tutorial. You won’t be told how to goalie rush in most cases. Therefore, follow the following procedure to goalkeeper rush.


While your opponent is in possession near your box. Automatically, FIFA will bring the defending buttons to replace “pass” and “shoot” buttons. You’ll then slide the “2nd defender” button down. Make sure to slide down and not up to bring your goalie forward/goalkeeper rush. If you are not using buttons, you may try to double tap goalie, though we haven’t tested on non buttons yet. You can try it for your self as you enjoy the FIFA mobile game. Also make sure to upgrade to the latest version of EA Sports for better features and user experience. Thank you for reading our article of how to goalkeaper rush in FIFA mobile. We wish you a good luck, Please follow us on our Facebook page “falcomdaily updates” to know more about FIFA and football solutions.

How to goalkeaper rush in FIFA. Mobile. Image showing new version of FIFA with latest players for some clubs after transfer.
Latest FIFA version

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Report of Elon Musk buying Manchester United

Report of Elon Musk buying Manchester United, everything here. A number of media platforms have been spreading rumours on Elon Musk buying Manchester United. Elon Musk previously bought Twitter, of which the money can be equivalent up to 8 elite clubs.

Elon musk buying United will be a great advantage in terms of finance of the club. However, Elon Musk made a statement on his official Twitter account that he is a fan of United but won’t purchase it. Below is the report of Elon musk on his Twitter official account.

Report of Elon Musk
Elon Musk on Twitter about buying Manchester United

Elon Musk has admitted he is a Manchester United fan but he is not buying the club from Glazers.

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12 ways to make money online in Kenya for free

12 ways to make money online in Kenya for free, get the guide here. In the recent years, we have been having unemployment problems in Kenya. Many youth learners graduated with a certain course but end up being unemployed. Therefore, online jobs have become more popular in Kenya as well as source of income to many. In this article, I will help you through on how you can make money online for free.

Making money for free doesn’t mean you’ll just lazy around and wait for money. It needs hard work as well as being strategic. You may be having a particular skill or something that you love. You’ll notice that your skills may be required in some of the ways listed below. Hence, don’t worry if you have learned a particular course in school but have no job. You can make money online from that knowledge that you have. Without further ado, the following are the 12 ways to make money online for free.

Affiliate marketing

This is one of the ways to make money online without investment. You don’t need any income to do affiliate marketing. What you require is joining an affiliate program and start marketing their products. When you’ve joined an affiliate program, you’ll be given an affiliate link. You can share an affiliate link in your blog or app. Alternatively, You can share your affiliate links with your WhatsApp contacts, on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more social media platforms. If someone purchase a service or product via your affiliate link, you’ll be given a commission. You don’t need any money to promote an affiliate product, but you’ll need enough followers on social media. Some of the popular affiliate programs in Kenya are Jumia, Kilimal, Admitad.com, Amazon associates, and more.

12 ways to make money online in Kenya. Image showing how affiliate marketing works

Promoting peoples products or services in your social media accounts

If you have a lot of followers in your social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and more. You can charge businesses to advertise their products or services in your account. It doesn’t require any money to get started, just look for enough followers and charge per post.

12 ways to make money online in Kenya. Image showing how to market on social media accounts

Make money by sharing your skills or knowledge online

This also a fantastic way to make money online in Kenya for free. If you are having knowledge in karate, football, education, local medicine, and more. You can make money online from that knowledge or skill. You might have been in school then joined clubs like karate club, chess club, music club, and more then earned a certificate. With that knowledge and evidence of your certificate, you can earn money online. You don’t need any investment to earn, just use your experience and skills. To succeed, it requires patience and time. You can market yourself self on social media. Alternatively, you can start your own course in websites like Udemy, and more.


Vlogging is also one of our 12 ways to make money online for free. Vlogging means videos, therefore you will be uploading videos in video sharing platform like YouTube, tiktok, Pinterest stories, Viusasa, and more. In YouTube, you will create a YouTube channel for free then share your videos. Additionally, you’ll need is to be creative in your videos to attract more viewers and subscribers. You can monetize your YouTube channel via advertising networks like AdSense, or join affiliate program for free.

A person taking video for vlogging

Ranking and selling social media accounts

Sometimes you might be an expert in scooping social media followers through your catchy posts. Maybe you have a strategy that you use to gain more followers. Therefore, you can open a social media account and increase the number of followers then sell. This one mainly work in non individual accounts with your own photos. It does well in general accounts with a particular topic. For instance, accounts like football troll, Kenya meems, and more. You can look for market from individuals, businesses, or advertise on some websites.

Get paid to write reviews

You can also earn money without any investment if you are good in writing reviews. You can research about reviews and then write to earn. You can get jobs on review writing sites like reviewstream.com, softwarejugde.com, and more. You’ll earn about 1$ per review, or in some cases you’ll be paid more depending on your reputation, and experience.

Research work

This is also another great way to make money online for free. You can offer research services in anything, like topics, subject, services, and more. You can offer research services to school, lecturer, or more. You can find research works on legit platforms like Upwork, fiver, freelancer, and more.

Social media account manager

If you like spending most of your time on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and more. You can make money without any investment through social media management services. You’ll have to create how you’ll manage social media accounts. Also create the your strategies to manage social media accounts. You may be hired by some businesses that what to grow online presence. No money is required to become social media account manager. You can look for job on fiver, Upwork, and more by creating your account and look for social media management jobs.

Ways to earn on YouTube -100% Effective

Data entry jobs

This is another one of the 12 ways to make money online without investment. You have knowledge in numbers, and have Google and more to make your research. You can learn about data entry, it’s not complicated. You can access data entry knowledge then look for jobs in platforms like fiver, Upwork, freelancer, and more. You can work on data data entry for free as you earn.

12 ways to make money online in Kenya. Image showing someone doing data entry jobs.

Sell ad space on free website

Some blogging platforms like blogger will allow you to create website for free. Impressively, blogger is that, you can apply for AdSense on your free blogger website. Thereafter, you can earn money from your free blogger website.


This is the conversion of audio into written words. It is a light work and you’ll earn your money for free. You’ll only look for jobs and start earning. Apparently, You can find transcription jobs on platforms like transcribe me.

Paid URL shorteners/pay per 1000 clicks

This is also another way to earn money in Kenya for free. You can share some links where you’ll be paid for every 1000 clicks. You’ll have to look for interesting topics that will lead to clicks. The following are examples of link shorteners, short.am, CPMlink.net, linkbuck, and more. However, be aware of fraud links that may lead to hacking of your social media accounts or bank.

Those are the 12 ways to make money online in Kenya. You won’t go wrong with the above ways provided you’ll play smart. Just select the best way that will work best for you.

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10 Best attacking midfielders in the world

10 Best attacking midfielders in the world, compiled here. An attacking midfielder plays a very important role in football. We have several types of midfielders like defensive midfielders, central midfielders, and winger midfielders. In this article, we have mainly focused on attacking midfielders position. Whose role is to help in attacking and sometimes act as the second striker, or helping the main striker.

There have been legends who did very well in this position. We have the likes of Steven Gerrard, Zinedine Zidane, Andres Iniesta, Yaya Toure, and more. Today, a good number of midfielders have come up to replace the those legends. Therefore, we have come up with a research of the best attacking midfielders in 2022/2023. The following midfielders have contributed a lot in their team, either creating chances, making dangerous passes, scouring goals, and more. Here is our list of 10 best attacking midfielders in the world 2022/2023.

Kelvin De Bruyne

Kelvin de bruyne is an incredible attacking midfielder. This player is on form in almost every game. He has been named as the player of the week in EPL several. Besides doing wonderful job in premier League, de bruyne has also did well in UEFA champions League. He was among the players who were nominated for Ballon d’Or 2021/2022. Thanks to his hardwork, with several key passed, and also scoring goals. He is indeed one of the 10 best attacking midfielders in the world 2022/2023.

10 best attacking midfielders in the world. De brune celebrating after scoring goal.
de bruyne, one of the best players in Premierleague

Thomas Muller

Thomas Muller is an experienced player who have been great for a long time. In Bayern Munich, he is one of their main players and has achieved a lot with the club. Thomas Muller has won several champions League, including the 2019/2020 champions League. Bayern Munich has also won the league severally with Thomas Muller contributing a lot. He is good in creating chances as he also score goals for the club. He is absolutely one of the 10 best attacking midfielders in the world 2022/2023.

10 best attacking midfielders in the world. For identification ofThomas Muller

Luka Modric

Modric is a superb player with enough experience in the midfield position. He can play as a central midfielder as well as help the strikers as an attacking midfielder. His passes are accurate, plus his unique way of play. He helped real Madrid win the UEFA champions League last season. He is indeed one of the top attacking midfielders in the world.

10 best attacking midfielders in the world. Image for identification of Luka Modric.

Mason Mount

Mount is a wonderful attacking midfielder in the world. He is one of the youngest players doing well in the premier League. Mason Mount has won the UEFA champions League with Chelsea in season 2020/2021. Mount and his team ware named as the best team of the same season. Many of Chelsea players won different several awards in Ballon d’Or. Mount also received a lot of credits when it comes to team contributions. This player is so outstanding.

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Bernardo Silva

Bernardo Silva is undoubtedly one of the best players in the world. He is good in dribbling the ball forward and help the Manchester city attack. He has his own unique way of playing football. Bernardo Silva had attracted interest from top teams like Barcelona. That means, his talent and skills have taken the hearts of many.

Bernardo Silva in action for Manchester city


Pedri is one of the best youngest players in LA Liga. Since he made his Barcelona debut, Pedri has fit well in the squad as he continues to improve. He has been creative in the attacking midfielder position. He has been creating chances, making key passes, and even scoring goals.

10 best attacking midfielders in the world. Pedri in action for his team Barcelona.

Bruno Fernandes

Bruno fernandes is a top player and has been one of the most talked about player in the previous years. Despite Manchester United coming down, Bruno is still the same. He has stand out, looking at his style of play is beneficial to the squad. However, Manchester United coming down has affected this players stats. He could have been in top three in the list.

Bruno in action for Manchester United
bruno fenandes in action forManchester united

Marco Reus

Marco Reus is also an incredible attacking midfielder in the world. This Borrusia Dotmund player is doing a great job, by delivering s lot to his club. He is great in creating chances as he also score goals for the club. He is absolutely one of the 10 best attacking midfielders in the world 2022/2023.

10 best attacking midfielders in the world 2022/2023. Image showing Reus celebrating his goal.
Marco Reus celebrating his goal for Borrusia dotmund

Philippe Coutinho

Philippe Coutinho has been an incredible player in Liverpool. Thereafter, he was sold with quite a lot of money to Barcelona. He makes up to the list of most expensive transfers in history. He was outstanding and really deserved to be sold for that money. This player is now playing for Steven Gerrard’s, Aston villa. He is now doing well, scoring some important goals for the club. He is also creative in the attacking position. Making key passes, great dribbler, and also creating chances. He is absolutely one of the 10 best attacking midfielders in the world.

Philippe Coutinho under action for Aston villa

Nabil Fekir

Fekir is a top attacking midfielder in the world. This player also made it to his national team. Moreover, he has done an amazing job for his club and considered as the first team player. He is an incredible player who must be included in our list of 10 best attacking midfielders in the world.

10 best attacking midfielders in the world. Image for identification of Nabil Fekir.

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video on how to earn on social media

10 Places to download football/sports highlights

Places to download football highlights and any other sports highlights. YouTube is a popular platform to watch any kind of video. You can find almost any kind of video on YouTube, ranging from funny, educative, sports, and more. However, you won’t be able to download videos directly from YouTube to your phone. For instance, you may be able to watch sports highlights on YouTube but won’t be able to download them. One advantage of YouTube, football highlights are uploaded immediately after the game since it has millions of creators. You might not be able to download those football highlights. Therefore, we have shared a number of apps that you can use to download football highlights. Some of the platforms can be used to download football highlights from YouTube. Therefore, here are the best apps to download football highlights.


This is another fantastic app to download sports highlights ranging from football, basketball, and more. This platform normally have almost every videos from YouTube. Therefore, keep in mind that the videos from the app are from YouTube hence don’t copy in your channel. You can access the platform by downloading the app then look for the highlights that you want. You will find all the highlights that you’ve seen on YouTube. You can even copy a link from YouTube then paste in the app to download the video of the link.

10 places to download football highlights. Image showing how vidmate looks like inside it


Tubidy is a popular platform in the world to download videos as well as audio. You can download football or any other sports highlights from tubidy, either on the app or website. Just open tubidy and type the type of match you want. For instance, if you want to download UEFA final, you can type the two teams that played the final then select the match highlight that you want to download. Tubidy.com

10 places to download football highlights for free. Image showing how tubidy MP4 video format.

Telegram Channels

Using Telegram channels is also a wonderful way to download football highlights. You can join some telegram channels of your favourite sports to access the football highlights. For example, you can join telegram channels of your favourite sports. For football, you may join UEFA champions League, your teams telegram channel and more. In basketball, you may join NBA, your teams telegram and more. In football, we have epic sports, total sportek, UEFA champions League, premier League, and more.


Y2mate is also great platform to download football highlights. The platform normally allows you to download YouTube videos. You can copy a link on YouTube then paste in this platform. You will access the platform and see a place where you can search any video you have seen on YouTube. Just copy the highlight from YouTube and paste in this platform to download. It’s one of the best places to download football/sports highlights for free.

10 places to download football highlights. Image showing how user can copy and paste link from YouTube.


This is also a platform that will help you download sports highlights. You will be able to download highlights from a number of social platforms. You can remove football highlights from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and more using this platform.

10 places to download football/sports highlights for free. Image showing how SnapTube looks like.


Savefrom is another one of the places to download football highlights. You can search for any highlights then navigate into the platform to select your preferred match. This platform will work in YouTube videos, you can download any highlight you have seen on YouTube. Just copy the link from YouTube and paste into the platform. When downloading, make sure to download in form of mp 4 which are videos. Visit SnapTube.net

10 places to download football highlights for free. Image showing apps supported by savefrom.net downloader.


InsTube is a popular app for downloading music and videos. You can also access InsTube via web surfing and download your favourite audio or video. InsTube allows individuals to download videos on up to 100 websites. You can select the resolution that you want as you save the video directly into your device. You can save your favourite sports highlights from YouTube, and more. YouTube normally have all the highlights immediately uploaded after the game. Therefore, with this app, you’ll easily save any highlights to your device.

Facebook video downloader

This is another platform that will allow you to download sports highlights. You can download this app and save every videos from Facebook. Normally, Facebook does not allow you to download videos directly. This app can help you a lot to extract videos from Facebook. Once you find highlights on Facebook but can’t download, use Facebook video downloader.

Image showing how Facebook downloader looks like

Teams app

Some clubs have their own apps where you can access their previous games and download highlights. For instance, in football you can download Chelsea FC highlights from their app.

10 places to download football highlights for free. Image showing football clubs that have released apps where you can download highlights.


Videoder is also one of the best places to download football highlights or sports highlights for free. This app will allow you to download sports highlights from a number of websites. It also allows you to download videos on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and more. You can look for a type of highlight that you want then download with videoder.

Image showing how videorder advertising video download.

Final word

Those are the best apps to download sports highlights into your phone. Some can be accessed on their websites while others will do well on app. I wish you all the best In your download process.

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12 Best songs for snow/winter reels 2022

Best songs for snow or winter season, compiled here. We have endless things to do in winter season. It is one of the best months to many, in some places it’s accompanied by Christmas day. Weather you are indoors lighting some fire, enjoying a ride in snow, dancing in snow, having a video shoot with a lovely dress in snow and more. Why don’t you make a great snow reel while doing those endless activities. In this article, we have put down the best reel songs for snow reels. The following songs will make those reels more catchy, take a look.

Best songs for snow reels. Image showing people enjoying snow to produce reels.

“Midnight city” by M83

This wonderful song deserves to open our list of best songs for snow reels. The song is good from the beginning till the end. Many have loved this song, with at least 376 million views on YouTube since it was released in 2011. The has also at least 11 million Shazams, it’s an incredible song for sure. You can try it out, you will love the results. Many people normally prefer it’s opening instrumental in their reels. Maybe you are riding in a skibob, snow crawler, or more. You can begin your video with a particular wonderful quote then introduce the song

“After dark” Mr kitty

This song is still outstanding despite being released in 2014. You might be needing its opening instrumentals in your snow reels. The instrumentals from the song will work well in snow activities like snowboarding, and more. You can also apply the song in love moments while in snow.

“I’m feeling lucky” Ellen once again

Getting into winter season while still healthy and prosperous is something you should be happy for and celebrate. If you just feel happy for anything, why don’t you use this song in your reels. The song has outstanding beats as Ellen did a great a great job in the lyrics with her lovely voice.

“ Feel good” Polo and Pan

You might be happy for one reason or another. Maybe you are enjoying your holiday to your best or happy for a particular achievement. You can make a great video using this song at the background. The song has a great tune to bring the best from those videos. You’ll like how they sing it, with wonderful voice as you “feel good.”

Mirror Marsa ( I think I’m falling for you)

Dathan This is also a wonderful background song for snow reels. Your viewers will absolutely like it’s instrumentals and tune. You can use it in love scenario or more. You’ll have to be creative to bring the best from this song.

“Your woman” by white town

This song by white town is outstanding. Though it was released in 2010 but what you’ll have to get back to find what you might be looking for. You might be desperately looking for the best beats while riding in snow. Then this song has wonderful opening instrumentals you might love. You may begin with a quote like, “what is this place, this is Heaven” followed by part of the song at the beginning. Trust me, many will enjoy your reels if you’ll use this song correctly.

“My type” saweetie

This 2019 song is also wonderful in creating snow reels. It has up to 137 million views till now on YouTube. Moreover, the song has been popular in many tiktok reels including Snow reels. Weather you are making those lovely dance moves in snow or more, you can incorporate this song. The song will bring the best output if you’ll be creative.

“Love Nwantinti( Remix)” by CKay ft Axel, and dj

Love Nwantinti is a popular song on tiktok. The good thing about this song is that, it can be used in a number of reels. Yes, it can also do wonders in snow reels. The song has a slow and steady tune for a number of activities. Maybe you are walking with your better half in snow, or any other activity. You won’t go wrong with this song at the background of your reels.

Dance monkey by tones and I

This is another perfect song for snow reels. The song has been wonderful since it was released. It has great instrumentals to leave your viewers smiling all the way. Moreover, the song can work in a number of activities, maybe love with partner, taking a video shoot with wonderful dress, and more. You can use dance monkey for the best output.

L’amour, Les beguettes, paris

This song had to be included in our list of best songs for snow/winter reels. This song is the only non English song in our list but it’s fantastic for sure. Everyone will want to hear the wonderful voice in your videos. You can try it out and see for yourself.

“To the moon(Gunnar remix) jnr choi, Gunnar, and sam

When the snow is less, some people may Play outside. Maybe you are practicing soccer, or doing any enjoyable activity. You can use this song, an opening like “sit by my self, taking to the moon…” will do wonders too.

While I shovel the snow by Walkman

This 2010 song by Walkman is also a great for snow reels. Walkman himself made the song while outside in the snow, therefore it is naturally mend for snow scenarios. You can also make it your background song for your snow videos. The lyrics are also great, here is the opening “ well they said, can’t please everyone/ but I am stuck on a winning streak…”

Those are the best songs for snow or winter reels. You can use them on your Tiktok, Instagram, or more in creating catchy background music. All the best.

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10 best tiktok/reel songs for singles 2022

Best tiktok/reel songs for single life

10 Best tiktok/ reel songs for singles or self love shorts. If you are living a single life, you need to be proud of yourself. Don’t be shy with that life, you also have some privileges and time to focus on your self. You should love yourself first before loving others. Whether you are single, patted ways, or searching for the right person. This article has the best reel songs for you. You can use them at the background of your videos about single life. Here are the 10 best reel songs for singles.

Get you the moon by kina

You might have been heartbroken and now you are single. You can pass a message using this song at the background of your reels. Kina’s voice makes this song more catchy and not forgetting its world-class instrumentals. You can try it out in your single life reels, maybe lonely, at the same time optimistic. You will absolutely entertain your viewers with this reel song. This song has at least 5 million Shazams, that’s shows how it has impressed many people. It really deserves to open our list of 10 best reel songs for singles.

As the world craves in by Sarah Cothran

Another wonderful single life reel song. The song is outstanding and I think it’ll never get old on tiktok. The tune will fit well in tiktok reels as far as entertainment is concerned. The original version of this song was released by Matt Maltese. But the cover by Sarah is still a perfect option for your tiktok, Instagram reels. The song is still outstanding despite being released years back, you won’t miss out with this song.

Mirror masa (I think I am falling for yah) by Dathan

You might be single but searching for the right person. You can use this song in your tiktok, or Instagram reels. The title of the song is clear that you have someone who is driving you crazy and started loving them. You can use this reel song to pass the message to that person in a short video then tag them. Moreover, you will also entertain your viewers with the song’s outstanding beats.

Love myself by Hailee Steinfeld

This is also a wonderful reel song for single life or for loving yourself. You can see the title “love myself” will give you a glimpse of what the song is about. This song is about considering yourself first. You don’t need someone else to come and satisfy you. You need to be confident in yourself and should not require someone else to validate you. Therefore, that’s a great message to prove your worth and will also inspire many in your reels.

Sunset by tobias Bergson

This is also one of the 10 best reel songs for singles. The song is worth listening to especially it’s instrumental. Your viewers will enjoy this song in those single life reels. You will stand out on tiktok with this song at the background. The song was released in 2018 but it’s still a wonderful song for single life reels.

Let her go by passenger

This song has been trending for a long time ago. It says how your ex partner will know your love for them only if you leave them go. Sometimes holding on something may cause more pain. Therefore, those who aren’t ready to stay with you, just let them go and they’ll know your worth.

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Thank you next by Ariana Grande

You have Brocken up with your lover and now you are single. This song was mend for you as you overcome those heartbreak moment. You need to accept the fact that nothing was mend to be permanent. Thank you next by Ariana Grande will melt your Brocken heart as you learn to live a single life. It deserves to be in this list of 10 best reel songs for single life.

My type by saweetie

This is a wonderful reel song you can use in your single life shorts. With the a creative video, you need an outstanding background song like this. Being single has many reasons and maybe you have find “your type” yet. This song can be used by single ladies in making their reels.

Single lady by Beyonce

Beyonce is a great artist in the world. This song was released in…. But it’s still outstanding. You can know what the song is about by just looking at the title. Single life have a number of advantages, for example you can leave freely and do what you want. Some people enjoy single life, they can do anything they want without being limited or warned. Apparently, some relationships my be stressful especially when a partner is cheating. This song gives the privileges of single life hence you will inspire many single ladies when using it at the background of your reels.

Stronger by Britney spears

You might have in a relationship with someone who gave you hard time, thinking that you won’t leave without them. This song has the best vibes to show them that you are still “stronger” even without your ex lover. You should love yourself first as always, therefore you can make single life reels with this song.

Those are the 10 best tiktok/reel songs for singles or self love videos. You can use them in your Tiktok, Instagram reels and more. The songs are great and have worked for many tiktokers.

Best websites in Kenya for news, sports, and more

Best websites in Kenya for local, entertainment, and sports news compiled in this article.

Best websites for local news

Here are the best news websites for local news. The following sites are the best in covering local news like politics and elections, county news, education and exams, or any arising topic in Kenya. Some of the sites belong to top television channels in Kenya. Here are the best websites for local news.


Tuko is a popular website in Kenya. It will update you with any new local news in Kenya. Apart from local news, tuko also has some entertainment news. They have a strong online presence, like in Facebook page they have at least 3 million followers. Additionally, they won a certificate of best media platform in 2021. Visit Tuko.co.ke

Best websites in Kenya. Tuko recieving their certificate award of best media website in Kenya


Citizen is a popular television channel from Royal Media services. The television channel Normally has some entertaining local programmes and news topics. They also host powerful people in Kenya to discuss any concerns. Thanks to their experienced and great journalist like Jeff Koinange, and Victoria Rubadili. In social media, citizen has also stand out, including Facebook where they have up to 4 million followers. Visit Citizen.digital

Citizen digital logo for identification

Standard digital

This is another popular media platform in Kenya, covering local news at large. The platform also produces one of the best newspaper in Kenya, the standard newspaper. The standard normally produce well researched local news. They cover news across every county in Kenya. Moreover, the standard newspaper has some top journalist in Kenya. Visit Standardmedia.co.ke

NTV Kenya

NTV Kenya is also a top media platform in Kenya. They have specialised in local news production and also cover news across the globe. NTV Kenya normally has educative TV shows plus great local news They have strong social media presence, where they share any topic in Kenya. You won’t miss local news with this platform, including elections, census, education, and more. They also entertain followers with hilarious cartoons of famous leaders. Visit ntvkenya.co.ke


Kenyans is another top local news platform in Kenya. It offers local news and educative topics. It’s a great platform you can follow on social media and you won’t miss any local news. You will also get some educative topics, like businesses, campus, online jobs, and more. Visit Kenyans.co.ke

Daily Nation

If you are from Kenya, I am sure that you know this platform. The platform has popular news paper in Kenya called daily nation. You will also access their stories on their Facebook page, and website. You won’t miss anything in Kenya with daily nation. Visit Nation.africa

Best websites in Kenya. Photo showing well established daily nation company

K24 news

This is another wonderful platform for local news. K24 covers any local stories from counties to the country at large. You can access their local news on TV channel, Website, or like their social media handles. Visit K24TV.CO.KE


This Media platform has been on the industry for a very long time. It’s a government platform that covers local news in the country. You won’t miss anything with this platform, just follow them on social media. In addition to that, you can watch their TV channel for local news at specific times. In case you are not free to follow their local news on television. You can access detailed information at any time and place in their websites www.kbc.co.ke

Best websites in Kenya. A photo showing citizen digital news reputable team.

The star

The star is a popular media platform in Kenya covering local news. The platform produce their own magazine where you can read any arising issues in the country. You will be able to access news ranging from, education, to politics and more. You can like their social handles to be always updated. Moreover you can access their websites at any time for local news.

Best websites in Kenya for celebrity and entertainment news

Pulse live

Pulse Kenya really deserves to open this list. What makes them one of the best is their regular content. Moreover, pulse also have their entertainment newspaper. The newspaper is normally delivered to fans together with the standard newspaper. It is normally delivered every Friday in the middle of the standard newspaper. In the pulse newspaper, you will be able to access entertainment news from Kenya to the world. It covers stories of your favourite celebrities, and any trendy entertaining topic. Visit Pulselive.co.ke

Ghafla kenya

Ghafla is website have been in the industry for a very long time. They have specialised in entertainment sector, giving it’s fans best entertainment news ever. However, they also post some trending local news. In terms of entertainment, they are a successful platform and also popular in the country. Today, they have been able to get high number of followers on their social platforms. Ghafla has up to one million followers on their Facebook page, making them among the most followed media platform on Facebook. Visit Ghafla.com

Best websites in Kenya. Photo showing outstanding ghafla logo to mean entertainment

Mpasho news

Mpasho is another popular entertainment website in Kenya. Mpasho is consistent in entertainment content, featuring news from Kenyan celebrities. People love stories from celebrities and this site has something for them. The platform have good social presence, with at least 900,000 followers on Facebook. Visit Mpasho

Best websites in Kenya 2022. Photo showing mpasho news logo for identification

Nairobi gossip

This list of best entertainment wouldn’t be complete without adding Nairobi gossip. The platform offers some brilliant entertainment news in Kenya.

Nairobi gossip is a very active platform on social media. Thanks to their loyal fans who always comment and give their views when a trending a trending topic is dropped. You won’t miss anything about celebrities in Kenya and across Africa when you follow this platform. Visit Nairobigossipclub.co.ke


This is also another great entertainment website in Kenya. The name “Kelebrity” was derived from celebs, meaning you’ll enjoy some entertainment news about celebs. The media is growing fast due to their unique style of creating topics. Kenya gossip club This is another entertainment platform you will love. The platform covers entertainment news across Kenya. If there is any trending entertainment news, you’ll be updated. Visit Kelebrity.com

Best websites in Kenya. Logo of kelebrity showing famous celebrities in Kenya
kelebrity logo Facebook

Best websites in Kenya for sports news

In Kenya we have various sports news websites. We have picked the best five for you. Therefore, here are the best sports websites in Kenya. Sports brief This is a top sports website in Kenya. It is a branch of tuko covering sports stories in Kenya and globally. The platform have good Google presence. Also, sports brief have some interesting sports topics for you.


Futa has been in the industry for quite some time. Therefore, this platform is well experienced in sports news. You can access their news via social media, and website. Visit Futaa.com

Best websites in Kenya. Logo of futaa for identification

Daily nation sports

Daily nation being a popular name in Kenya, you might be sure of some great sports news in daily nation sports. It covers sports from Kenya to the world. The platform really deserves to be in this list. You can access daily nation sports on daily nation newspaper, their website on sports category, or like daily nation sports on Facebook. Visit Nation.africa/sports

Sportpesa news

Sportspesa is a popular Betting platform running across the globe. It was founded in Kenya and has grown rapidly to be recognised everywhere. The Betting site have their sports news platform, sportpesa news which runs in Kenya. Sportpesa news have great sports topics for it’s followers. Follow sportpesa news on social media for updates or visit Sportpesanews.com

Sportpesa logo for identification
sportpesa news logo

Mozzart sport kenya

This is a another sports platform from a popular Betting company in Kenya. The platform offers sports news in Kenya and other countries. You won’t miss any sports news in the country with this platform.

Logo of mozzart sport with Kenya flag to mea

Final word

Those are the best websites/ blogs in Kenya. However, the above list may be subjected to change since some blogs may come up.

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10 Best online Jobs in Kenya 2022

10 best Online jobs in Kenya. jobs is highly becoming popular in Kenya. This advancement is due to technology that is over the world, there are more opportunities to make money. one can make money from home whether he or she is looking for a full_time payment or supplemental income, there are a lot of online jobs which are all over and available. The greatest thing about online job is that one can always work from anywhere.

In addition, one can work from anyplace and earn income. The very important thing that one needs is a computer and internet connection. Through the use of computer and internet ,the work is easen especially for those people who want to travel or work from home. Additionally, many of the online jobs offer flexible time to help one work around his or her commitments. This article gives you an overview of the best online jobs that are available in Kenya and how you get and start them. Therefore, here is our list of best online jobs in Kenya.


Blogging is one of the best online jobs in Kenya. Through the use of skills, one can work from home with blogs and get paid. Blogging can increase your earning as you can increase visibility by ranking higher on google search results pages. Furthermore, you can diversify your income streams by monetizing blogs posts. Through the mentality of creating videos ,this is one of the best online jobs that will pay out well in terms of earning.

You can also help students in improving their performance and get well paid through online tutoring. Also you can offer revision classes online from your dwelling place through the Skype or other webs. As long as you are free the chances of making money online are more and endless. You can also earn commissions online by promoting people’s product through online connections.

Image showing blogging and monetisation


This one also deserves to be recognised among the best online jobs in Kenya. You will earn clean money guaranteed from vlogging. we have several platforms for vlogging, like YouTube, Pinterest stories, Viusasa, tiktok shorts, and more. You can create a vlog like a YouTube channel they look for enough subscribers and viewers. Your content matters a lot and be consistent to succeed in YouTube. You can monitize in your YouTube channel through advertising, affiliate marketing, and more. The most common way of advertising is Google AdSense which has helped many to earn money online.

Web designing and development

Another famous freelancing job online is web development. It is one of the job that requires skills .The offers for this job is plentiful although it requires skills. You can get online jobs as a web designer or web developer. You can get registered at sites such as freelancer ,upwork or peopleperhour.Web development gives time to enjoy freely as you cannot be tied down by anyone.Web developers need to have HTML and CSS which are excellent and works with JavaScript frameworks .A skill in wordpress is becoming more popular. You can register on site likes freelancer, upwork or peopleperhour and earn income.

Image on how web development works

Social media influencer

This is one of very lucrative online jobs these days. Social media influencers have abroad followers on social media channels. The social media influencers always promote brands online and free products in return for payment .You need to make your followers to grow by reaching a large number of people to become a potential influencer. Some of the platform of social media where the social media influencer grow in well are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram ,YouTube and Tiktok .To become a social media influencer you need to have a broad platform where individuals from various part of the world can see your content. On addition you need to have attractive personality so that your can attract and entertain a mass of followers. Finally, you need to have knowledge about how brands operates online.

Image showing types of social platform to work as influencer.

Online writing

We have two categories of online writing, that’s academic writing and article writing jobs. I think Online writing deserves to be among the best online jobs in Kenya. In online writing, you can work anywhere, even at the comfort of your home and earn great income. However, the business requires knowledge, passion and creativity so as to succeed and earn money. Here is detailed information about academic and article writing.

Academic writing

In academic writing, you will be doing assignments for clients then get paid. You should have an account like PayPal, Payoneer, and more where you’ll be receiving your money. You can get academic writing jobs in Writerbay , Essayshark, and more.

Article writing

Article writing is an online writing job were you’ll be written articles for clients. You will either write articles for blog or company and get paid. To succeed in article writing, it needs passion, discipline and creativity. The discipline comes in submitting your work, you should also follow the clients instructions and adhere to them. You will need to create an account of Payoneer, paypal or any other for receiving payments. Thereafter, you can get articles writing jobs in Fiver, Upwork, Freelancer and more.

Image showing an article writer at work

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Data entry jobs

Data entry is one of the most famous jobs in Kenya. It makes you earn extra money. More so data entry jobs offers the opportunities of working at home and earn income. Data entry involves inputting information in a computer system. It also involves transcribing audio files or entering data into online forms. It is a straightforward job and it can be the best way to earn money. There is a thriving demand for skilled data entry workers. Therefore if you have basic computer skills and you are looking out for an important way of making cash ,then data entry job could work perfectly for you. The sites where you can find these data entry jobs includes Freelancer and Upwork

10 best online jobs. Examples of data entry jobs in image

Graphics design

An online graphic design job entails coming up visual concepts using computer software. You can also use hand to pass information that inspire and attract consumers. The graphic designers develops the overall layout and production design for different applications for example, advertisements, Magazines and corporate reports. This field requires creativity, problem solving abilities and determination.

10 Best online jobs. Image giving a glimpse of graphics and design works

Selling things online

You can easily sell things like notes, exams, physical products through online selling. Selling things online is one of the best online jobs in Kenya. It is also known as E-commerce. There different ways of doing E-commerce .Firstly, selling on online market such as jumia market, Amazon and eBay, these platforms have to much traffic and you can look for your hours to do marketing. Secondly, you can create your own online stores to market your goods. Therefore you can set up your own prices .You can sell products such as online courses or online coaching. Thirdly, you can start an affiliate marketing business. This type of business requires less capital .The job here is promoting somebody’s product in return of a commission. You need to use different types of platform like Amazon Affiliates Program which is more flexible.

A representation of online selling

Transcription jobs

Transcription entails converting spoken words into written words. Here one can use it to come up with transcripts of speeches, interviews and other audio recordings. Transcription is more valuable method for businesses, journalists and students who need to store information especially from audio sources. It is one of the best online jobs in Kenya to get high payments. The job requires good listening skills to get what the speaker is talking about. These services are often provided by trained professionals. The professionals who have experience in converting audio to text.

10 best online jobs. Image on adverts of transcription jobs and rates.

App development

This is one of the most popular online business in Kenya. App development requires skills and creativity so that one can come up with an App. You need to be more creative in order to attract more consumers. Though it is a job that is more of competition, one need to be an excellent thinker so that he or she can thrive well and earn money.

10 best online jobs in Kenya. Image giving a glimpse of how app development works

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final word

Those are the best online jobs in Kenya 2022. You just need to do enough research to know more about an online course you’re interested. You need to passion, knowledge, and determination to succeed. Moreover, some online jobs will require you to take a course. You can visit an institution for learning a particular online job or from an expert. Moreover, some courses are offered in websites like Coursera.com